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. . . Is it wrong I want a sequel to this?

7433294 definitely not.

2. Chrysalis uses Celestia to trap Twilight and Luna, then deepens them by using them to reinforce each other. Twilight wants this to happen, Celestia, Celestia wants this to happen Twilight

Awesome job, this is a really good one.

Please tell me that there is a Sequel in the making, I just got to see what happens to Luna, Cadence and Twilight now that Celestia has been captured by Chrysalis. Of course I would LOVE to see what would happen to Shining Armor and the Mane 6 too, would they become Chrysalis sex slaves or to Changeling Drones?

Hmm lets check the tags...

Tags: anthro, mind control, bad guy wins, seduction, corruption, humiliation, dirty talk, so much lying, futa, paizuri, sex.

Wait what was that

mind control, bad guy wins, seduction, corruption, humiliation, dirty talk, so much lying, futa, paizuri, sex.

It can't be.....


Oh my god this has sex!
(In all actuality this is amazing and can't wait to read)


Ok that actually made me laugh way too hard

I'll pass on this one, thanks. Bad Guy Wins does absolutely nothing for me.


Going to agree. The overwhelmingly vast majority of anything involving Celestia x Chrysalis is always a submissive and defeated Celestia. Really that tends to be the case with almost anything involving her and after all these years it's starting to get a little insulting.

Still, it was written nicely for what it is. Just, really tired of the 'villain wins, Celestia ends up a broken broodmare' sort of scenario. Never happens to Luna.

I believe there is one flaw in Chrysalis' plan.
Celestia still has the command to believe everything Twilight says about Chrysalis so if Twilight were to say that Chrysalis couldn't be trusted, Celestia would believe her and turn on Chrysalis who would now be against both Twilight and Celestia.

Still a good story so have a thumbs up.

While others want a sequel where Chrysalis manages to get the other princesses under her control, I'd kind of like to see a sequel where Twilight manages to turn the tables on her, and ends up becoming the new ruler of Equestria.

And so Equestria entered into an unparalleled age of peace. And sex.

But mostly peace.

Well, 51% peace.

7434087 Sequel fuel hopefully?

most excellent

Holy shit Wintermist. That is all I can say. Holy shit.

7434075 Overwhelming mass majority? So far all I have found on this site is just Celestia having a submissive relationship. Or a secret one. Never much else though. Although I like to believe they could be lovers if written well enough.

Sequel please!:scootangel:

I'd rather have more friendship is mind control, but this could be turned into a series as well.

Well done.

7434939 Chapter 34 of FiMC:C is over 10K words so far! Took a week to take part in the Fapstravaganza, and now, right back to Consequences.


Good to know. The stories I'm following hit a slow patch all at once. Looking forward to it.

New Wintermist story!
I love it! It's always great to watch Celestia go from pristine Goddess to degraded sex slave. Chrysalis is cute when she's being evil.

I like the way you think!

"Oh..." whispered Celestia, staring at the thick shaft with rapt desire. "It's been so long... it's so, so beautiful..." Briefly tearing her attention away long enough to look up at her owner, she gasped, "Please, may I touch it?"

I think that's the idea.


Art and stories. On this site and off. If that's all you've seen you haven't been looking or here very long, friend! I've seen a handful of stories where otherwise is the case, and even fewer art pieces. It'd be nice to see some table-turning for once.

This is a nice story overall, just. Well, I already gave my thematic complaint, no use going on about it.

7434075 there are a few with a winning celestia and sub cryssie like "the cost of asylum" by Reykan (I think he made another one as well like that) and royal consort by snowbird (even though it't not really a clop story) but the majority is as you say unfortunately.

My Google-Fu must have weakened , since I can't seem to find the uncropped version of that cover art. :facehoof:


Those are two of which I was speaking about as the 'few', yeah. Almost no one writes about or creates art about a triumphant Celestia, in comparison to her being beaten down, defeated, dragged through the mud, raped, or murdered. Or having to be some damsel while Luna flies in to save the day every time.

Being a sun-worshiper is hard!

7435318 ~coughs Try rule34-beta, then a post id something like 834320. Theoretically.

Just another vote to continue this with sequels.

Thank you for you theorical help , it would potentially be a big help were I to be searching for something like that. :twilightsmile:

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7435219 I suppose I haven't been looking, just came across stuff. Celestia/Chrysi is one of my favorite ships so maybe its best I have not come across stuff like that yet.

You know, seeing the whole "so much lying thing", I thought that meant that Tia was just playing along (for a variety of reasons).

I'm honestly surprised that it didn't turn out this way... yet.

Still, excellent smut, may I ask for more?

And the oddest thing is that at least to date Celestia is the only character in the show who has never given up. Even in her defeat by Chrysalis she did not give into despair, throughout all the conflicts she has remained strong-willed unlike Luna whom has thrown in the towel multiple times yet she is often depicted as the strong-minded one.

Praising the sun is hard but someone's gotta do it!

I see this story for what it is though, and it is certainly written well enough even if I do agree with you in that it is a bit unoriginal. What id really like to see is more non-futa Chrysalis domination, which oddly enough is rare as hens teeth seeing how a insect queen should be the very hight of a female. But everyone just puts a dick on her.

You should do another one with two different characters.

I do hope that eventually chrysalis and Celestia fall in love.

Amazing stuff!

Chrysalis as a character never particularly interested me until now. Sigh, and now I want more...

As usual, your stuff is amazing.

And now I want this continued. I need to see Chryssy take down Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor...and maybe Twilight...

And I think Hypnosis is now one of my new fetishes. Welp.

7438773 ~oh no, how awful

Great stuff

A fine addition to your collection!

7438773 Sub or Dom, though? Or do you just like to observe :trollestia:

7440975 The way it should be.

This fic is proof that God does exist. In a form of a writer who creates sexy pony fiction. Truly, my answers have been answered.
위대한 이야기.

This story was perfect in all the ways. I really love how Chrysalis takes it slowly at first and twists her words to bring Celestia under her spell. We really need more stories like that.
Also, I too petition for a sequel to this.

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