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Writer of long, character-driven smut of astounding filthiness, lesbian mind-control a speciality. Short-Fic Commission Slots Now Closed

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Gah, I've gotta head out so I don't have time to read this just yet (always the way).

Will there be more chapters to follow? Only it's marked incomplete.

7264106 Eventually, yes. Probably not for a while, though.

It's here!

Might want to make a blog post of FiM:C to let readers know about this. Always go for free advertising to a favorable audience, especially on topics that put off general readers.

Welp, that's a Like, Fav, Track & Watch, great job.

Though, I take it this is a one-shot that you may continue someday?

Good stuff, and looks like trixie messed up the plan abit but can still work in her favor. can you have AJ target Rarity next?

7264349 Decided to take your advice, and put out a blog post. Hopefully it doesn't annoy any regular readers :twilightoops:

7264356 Pretty much! I have FiMC:C to get back to for a while, but the next time I need to take a break, it'll probably be to add more to this.

7264394 Rarity may feature in this fic's future. Someone's got to make the outfits.

For some reason, I wasn't following you before. Let's fix that, shall we?

For some reason, I was think Zacora at the end there.:applejackunsure:

Thanks for that blog post, I may have missed this otherwise. I wasn't following you for some reason, even though I've read all three previous stories you published here. That has been remedied.

Not entirely in love with Appledom or the breastcontrol stuff, but you write awesome hypnoslave Rainbow Dash.

Huh, for some reason I thought it was going to be Starlight Glimmer at the end there.

Regardless this is hot and I shall enjoy the fappenings that come from it.

So I'll admit, my thoughts were, in perv land, that these were going to be something like Twilight fully uses her charm to play with AJ's head for our amusement.
I partly agree with Arzoo, when he says he's not to fond of dominate AJ and breastcontroling. It's not written badly. I've most of us just grown very used to Sub-AJ from FiMC. Good to see subby RD introduced into the story so early in the story. A sure taste of things to come.

Well...withdrawal symptoms in 3... 2... 1...
And now... we wait.


And another upvote/watch for this story!

Looking forward to how this story progresses, whenever you get around to it. :twilightsheepish:

Despite the best part of FiMC being the way you introduce questions of culpability into the standard hypnosis story, the fact remains that you write excellent clop.

God this is so good. Applejack's transformation sequence was out of this world, really great stuff.
It's definitely interesting to get a dominant Applejack, since she so rarely occupies that role in clop, especially mind-control. I like it though, it's something unique and fun.

Flabbergasted to see a dislike party on this.

7266585 It seems to happen a fair bit. Maybe it's the anthro, maybe the mind control, maybe both. A couple of my other stories got sledgehammered when I first put them up, too.

That can trigger some folks.

It could also be the announced-in-advance rewrite of somepony's sexual orientation. Tends to make people even more uncomfortable than the usual brainwashing stuff.

Me, I'm a little sad it looks to be another all-lesbian bash, but it's still written very well and sexy. :twilightsmile:

7267060 I can see how that tag might cause someone to go 'nope', but thought I'd better include it since it's a big part of the scene. As for the all mares, all the time, that tends to be a feature of the smut I write for fun.

Oh no no, I'm absolutely convinced adding it was the right thing to do!

But, like with the Flash Sentry tag, it'll draw downvotes simply for having it. Still better than not having it, because people will otherwise start complaining in the comments section about how they were 'misled' and such bullsh—ahem, I meant to say, they were not prepared.

Seriously. I've seen that happen. The existence of Flash without his tag (because there were already five other characters tagged) was enough for someone to rip into the story.

7267162 Good grief. Why do people hate that poor character so much?

...well, because of the ham-fisted, zero chemistry approach to giving Twilight a love interest. But that's no excuse for making that level of fuss.

Honestly, I kinda like Flash. The people who claim he has no character are wilfully ignorant; he's got more than Marble Pie and at least as much as Ember. Apparently the story committed the unforgivable sin of having Sunset, who this person wanted to read about, and Flash, in a relationship again. Which is ironic, since there's canon evidence they did care for one another and could work again if they tried.

Hmm. By the by, Twilight's library is still around here, so it's before Tirek's attack. It could be after she met Flash in the other world. Meaning, Sunset could work as a distraction so Twi's free to become Applejack's mindslave.
XD I know, it's a whack idea.

7267214 The opening scene is set in Twilight's castle; it's totally post-Tirek. The library in question is the new library within her castle. Still.. now you mention Sunset, the idea of involving her is kind of tempting.

In a small, anonymous shack on the edge of the Everfree Forest, a small crystal lay in a blue hand. Deep within the facets, a spark of red light glittered. "Hah! The spell is active!" Shaking the gem, the voice added more peevishly, "This should be glowing blue, but... whatever. It worked! Soon, Twilight Sparkle, you will deliver to her all of your pathetic friends. You have humiliated the Great and Powerful Trixie for the last time!"

And this got interesting.


It doesn't help that his introduction was in the first EQG movie, and frankly the whole high school thing in general was dumb. Now we're just kind of used to it, but it still barely makes sense, and I think half the reason it's OK is that Sunset makes for a good character... And some people just like the excuse for "anthro" of a sorts.


I'm trying to think of what traits he has besides "likes Twilight" but I'm drawing a blank.

Aw, dammit! Why do I keep missing stuff like this? That's just embarrassing.

Really, now? How about,

He's sarcastic.

He's adorkable.

He's corny.
"We should decorate it with the sheet music to my song 'Love in a Flash'."

He's vain. See above. Also:
"Watch the hair, man!"

And despite that, he's still willing to make a total ass of himself for the girl he likes.
Yup, that's going to shave off a few hundred coolness points right there.

Those are all scenes from the movies and shorts. Plenty material to work with.

This is amazing. Need more of this!

A nice sideline. I approve.

I do hope you come back to it eventually.

A very fun ride so far.

While it may be hard to top your brainwasher!Twilight (who is seriously, ridiculously hot), it seems Applejack will at least be giving her a run for her money. XD

I would read the fuck out of this. If you doubled down on this I think it could make a spectacular series ... once you're done Friendship is Mind Control, of course.

Now that I think about it, AJ is the hardest to imagine as a dom. I guess it's because her Element is honesty, and forcing ponies goes against that nature. It should be interesting

When I saw this, I was like, "how could Winstermist create something sexier than Friendship is Mind Control?" Then I was like, FAPPING INTENSIFIES

Only managed to get a quarter of the way through or so, looking forward to reading the rest. Love it so far! Keep up the amazing work, can't wait to see what you come up with for future chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Definitely tracking this in the future. The way you described her gradual changes and submission was divine. I do wonder how Trixie will fare if AJ decided to reach her.

I just hope morality doesn't ruin this story. It was awful in Friendship is Mind Control. Mind Control sex is better if you dont have the other person's permission.

7290194 Not to worry; morality has nothing to do with this one.

7290194 Really? I thought it did the story good that Twilight didnt just go around enslaving everypony because she could (unlike celestia did). I think it made the story more interesting to see if she can uphold her newfound moral or not^^ Plus, the scene where she dominated Luna without using any magic or commands was, imo, the hottest scene I hve read on this site yet^^

Your story has already been replicated as hypno-text on some picture edits to be found on Derpibooru. If that's not an admission of your skills, I don't know what is!

7304426 ...can you pm me a link? I did a manip of the art that this story is tagged with, and put it up on a different site. It might be the manip has been copied.

Hmmm. That's also a possibility. I'll send you a link.

7304426 Found it! If you follow the source tag, that was indeed me.

So, is there a timetable or schedule for this one? Just curious because I'd love to see more, and you've gone kinda silent on it

7382308 The short answer is that there probably won't be any updates soon. This piece was a little diversion from working on 'Friendship is Mind Control: Consequences' when I ran aground on some writer's block, but I'm trying to progress that story, primarily. On the other hand, I do really like this one, so I will probably add more now and then.

:twilightblush: wonder how they're gonna handle going out in public now that there's an irresistible urge to strip because its hot.

I demand freedom of warship.
Wait... I messed up, right?

No, I didn't. I want a warship to blast some changelings.

Why is this in recent updates?

7754411 I accidentally published the new chapter this morning, then pulled it back. The new chapter will be released this evening at 6pm GMT.

Released! For real, this time!

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