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It always sucks when fetish stories get vote-bombed by early birds who just DV on principle of the premise rather than execution. Clearly mind worm clop is just too darn good for all these casuals.

I hope the votes don't discourage you from continuing this, it's very promising so far!

Really good so far. It kinda reminded me of another story I read not too long ago (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/240267/intermediate-host , check it out if you haven't already, it's really great ... in a dark, fucked-up kind of way :pinkiecrazy:). I'm interested to see where this is going. I just hope that RD isn't so brain-dead that we can basically consider her dead at this point, cause I think there's still some potential with the worm controlling her some more.

invaded by the grosses bug in the history of the universe,
RD leaned forward to shakily stand up but he paused.
Her arm lifted itself... the dropped.
Dash' s relentless fingers finally relented.

That was good and slightly disturbing... I'd like for it to take more time disabling the body next time though... And maybe some pain during the first stages while everything in there is not yet lubricated in its painkillers. Also, too bad the dude didn't use her main hole =P

You could turn this into a full-length feature fic when someone finds Dash and attempts to help her only for the parasite to infect more humans and potentially maybe even become a bit smarter (not simulating the being but rather waiting for the right time to attack or carefully guiding it to do something specific) and thus even infect the real Twilight when she comes through the portal to try helping with magi or something.
Other than that I have no idea what you are asking for... That is of course if you aren't planning to make this fic a collection of one-shots featuring different parasites =)

I honestly expected the worm to infect Homeless Dude while he f*cked Rainbow. But it didn't, it instead triggered her final change, if you will.

Does this worm only affect females? That is to say, mares originally, since Rainbow Dash had some conflicting imprints in her mind that imply this thing originally comes from Equestria? For that matter, is it an artificial creation? Considering its apparent and rather specific MO (capture girls and turn them into near-literally empty-headed f*cktoys for males) it could very well be the brainchild of some demented Unicorn sorcerer out for poon.

I would love to see Twilight infested by a parasite, but keep some of her mental faculties, and become a bit of a "queen bee" as it were. A bit like Twilight's Plant Problem, but I do love this so far. Mind parasites are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me :twilightsheepish:

And what is the other one? I'm honestly interested now cuz it must be really good =P

What stops you from just leaving and not reading any further chapters if you didn't like the first one instead of leaving comments in an attempt to stop any more chapters from being made? For that very same reason, why did you read it in the first place if you're not into stuff like this?
This is decently written and deserves every single upvote it gets and none of the downvotes it already has. If you don't like fetish clop then just leave and never return. No one really cares about your opinion since it is unfounded by anything other than your own emotions.
I find the title and story description to be amazing. It contains a warning to deter any trolls/"knights in shining armor" like you and informs the reader of who the victim is. What in the world are you complaining about here?

6252180 I was this fic from, like a year ago. I can't remember its full name, but I know it had 'Peach Schnapps' in it. It was basically your standard clop fic, with the chapter being, in order: Rainbow Dash+Pinkie, Spike+Rarity+Fluttershy, and Twilight+Futa!Appljack. I removed it from my favorites, though, since I realized I didn't really care too much for it.

6252180 Yeah, I've always viewed clop as fairly utilitarian. I mean a romance fic can have some fancy shmancy artsy title because people read romance fics for their artistry... but people read stuff like this for... other reasons... So I always feel like it's probly just better to let people know what's in it, what characters, fetishes etc.

Anyway thanks for reading~

Holy hell I am so glad a story like this is being written. I love mind control stories and there's something about the idea of actual brain modification that really gets my motor going. It's so invasive and... unstoppable. Totally futile to fight it since it's happening on an actual physical level and can't be resisted.

I'll be watching this story with great interest. Can't wait for updates. Would love to see if it goes beyond the Mane Six. Maybe somehow to Celestia herself? This parasite moving up the chain until it gets to a figure like her would be hot as hell.

The age of consent in Japan is 13! M-maybe Canterlot High is a Japanese boarding school!

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You're probably not the sort of person who cares, but it's generally bad etiquette to make a bunch of comments in quick succession (especially if someone else hasn't commented after you yet). In the future, just edit your original post with new stuff, so you're not spamming the comment section with disposable one-line comments.

Too bad we haven't seen much of human Twilight yet. It could be fun if she got a case of a more subtle mind worm settling in that big brain of hers and twisting her thoughts in such a way that she's forced to see her dog Spike as her alpha and master, while also doing dog-like acts. Spike barks, she drops to all fours against her will, he rolls on his back and she has to wrap her lips around his doggy dick... let's see her get any work done that way.

You could also switch out Twilight for Fluttershy and make her submissive to all the bigger animals in the shelter. There's bound to be enough potential lovers around a dog kennel to keep Fluttershy (and the worm) occupied.

Rarity could be made to cut out the areas of her clothes that cover her private parts and breasts so that she parades them for all to see when she goes outside. Maybe she's forced to mutilate every design of hers that way, with the worm force-feeding her thoughts that 'mares' like her aren't supposed to cover themselves up in the first place.

Applejack... what if the parasite makes her stick apples up her snatch and/or dry hump apple trees until she finds a particularly fitting treebranch? Oooh, and how about it torturing her with perverted fantasies about her brother, until a really expensive car pulls up and out steps Blueblood, student president of Crystal Prep, and her new (unknowing) owner? It would destroy her to be forced to play the needy bimbo for a prissy, whiny snob like him!

And Pinkie Pie could find herself even less capable of respecting other peoples' personal space. Instead of a hug, she dives for the crotch; she bounces in a way that emphasises her breasts and smooshes them in other peoples' faces; she gives them sloppy french kisses and pulls their hands up to rub all over her body like she's desperate for petting, all the while not knowing why she's being a creeper.

Sunset should be the last, if this mind worm truly is from Equestria. She'd have the most chance of knowing what it is, after all.

First i recommend not to read the spoilers part by thos easy grossed out!

If you would like suggestions or ideas. In the next chapter you could make Dash now mindless, broken body lay in the hospital and the rest of girls would visit her and one - lets say Pinki or AJ would stay in Dash room for the night and the parasite would leave Dash body to invade her friend. And you could make the 2nd infected be forced to fuck RD while being controlled by it. That sound good and sexy to me! (well my fetish is a soft necrophilia and mind-control/sleeping sex so i tried to tame myself with the gross stuff :P )
Or alternatively you could make the parasite reproduce in RD than the young can leave her body and got somehow carried out by the rest of the girls out of the hospital, thats opens up a lot of scenarios you could use. I just would love to have a scene when one freshly infected fuck a body of one with the mind totally gone (i would say dead one but i think its not your kink :P ) Mmm... if you decide to continue it i may ge one commision i have planed for this month made from one of the scenes, i really like this story! :D

(add more ass and boob play!!! xP )

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