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bat ponies... I had a nose bleed when reading the third quarter of this chapter.

Congratz, ya got featured. 7/23/2019

Who is the artist for the photo? I can[t find it via the number.

Yeah, that image number doesn't really help anyone that doesn't have an account with Derpibooru. I actually rather authors not even post the picture number if they don't say who the artist is.


Then go make one. Takes less than a minute, it's free, and if pony porn is your interest (clearly it is if you're here and asking for sauce) then there it all is.

I try to keep the pony porn at about 20% of my total weekly porn intake, so making a Derpibooru account would actually be counterproductive.

Filters are independent from having an account, you can switch to 'everything' without the need for one. Not to mention you can see the picture anyway, and just look at the tags to know the artist. Literally all you need to do to find it is type[thatnumber] in your url bar. Refusing to figure out how Derpi image codes work is kind of willfully ignorant when all it takes is looking once at a single url when opening a picture there.


Third Wheel said it best. This is your own laziness at fault. It's easy and simple to do, you could have literally performed the action to receive the result you want hundreds of times by now. Don't blame the author.


If you look at my previous two comments, you will find absolutely zero blaming / accusatory language. Merely a statement that I lack knowledge about something, and two statements of preference: that I'm trying not to go overboard with pony porn, and that I prefer not seeing the DB number (since I always get very frustrated trying to figure out how to find the picture, and I prefer to look up the pictures by the artist's name on e621 anyway.)

I genuinely appreciate the fact that you, dear author, have told me the best way to find individual pictures. You could have put a little more effort into not being aggressively condescending, though. And you, Aurora, added nothing to the conversation except to call me lazy. Poor form, but I guess that "Love and Tolerate" stuff was a previous generation of bronies ago.

If you two are just going around looking for the opportunity to insult someone or to be offended, like a lot of people in America seem to be nowadays, there are much better places to go for that. Might I recommend looking up some "drama channels" on youtube?

You did not make a statement about your lack of knowledge about something. Instead, you falsely stated that the number is useless if someone doesn't have an account, which illustrates your ignorance but also your unwillingness to ask for clarification, something you could have done under any single fic with Derpi numbers in it. What you did was go around too convinced of your own ideas to even think you might be wrong, without ever considering asking a simple question. If you had just asked how to use the number, I would have explained it to you in a less aggressive manner. But what you did was call my actions towards providing the source useless. Not only that, but you claim you'd rather have writers not put any kind of source than just the number. I wonder if you realise just how selfish that mentality is. The source isn't there for you alone, it's there to give credit to the artist, and if you'd rather let the artists go uncredited than have a source you don't know how to use (and might I remind you that the only reason you didn't know how to use Derpi numbers is that you assumed something and then refused to ask for possibly years, so as I said, willful ignorance) then maybe you should take a moment to consider that the world doesn't revolve around you. Saying that the number doesn't help people without an account is accusatory language, if in a roundabout way. But thank you for insulting me and assuming my nationality, clearly you are a Saint who can do no wrong and if someone points out your self-centred behaviour they're a triggered American looking to get offended.

I'm sorry. Really sorry about how big this misunderstanding/argument/whateveritis got. Comments sections are terrible places to argue and even worse places to deescalate conflict, because tone-of-voice doesn't carry on text.

I do want the author to get credit, but I shouldn't have let my frustration with the derpi website bleed into your story. I would always copy the number provided, go onto the website, paste the number, and it would say something like "oopsie," or "image not found," and I assumed it was doing that because I didn't have an account. I tried the method you suggested and it worked. I really am grateful you showed me that, because that definitely will come in handy in the future.

I also want to apologize for assuming your nationality. I assumed that because you didn't use any British English colloquialisms, words, or spellings that you must have been American, which is presumptuous would be considered a huge insult to a lot of Europeans. And I could have very easily just asked you to say who the author was, rather than post what I did.

I really don't post comments with the intention of angering people, like that "fracturedheart" guy, who himself probably got so pissed off over always getting downvotes that he embraced the dark side and became a troll. Except for trying to convince the authors on this site to start using internally consistent genital-size logic, and a few times when I tried to influence a story away from something I didn't want to happen, like Pony Flash sleeping with a very clearly inebriated mare in a happy-go-lucky adventure story, and me expressing great displeasure with that turn of events... I just try to leave constructive criticism, jokes, theories, related real-world information, and suggestions on where the story could go from its current point.

I come on this site because real life sucks and this place doesn't and I don't want it to suck, too. I have too poor of a constitution to write stories myself so I at least like to contribute in the comments section. I frequently get ass-blasted by downvotes on things that I really feel don't warrant them, which significantly lowers my enjoyment of being on the site, which has probably led to me using more aggressive language.

I don't want enemies on this site, so I apologize again.

Same goes for you, Aurora Dimmet. I first ran into you on that story about Starlight never having been reformed and tricking everyone into making her princess. I swear there must have been some bad blood between us since then, so I also apologize to you for my behavior.

Don't worry about it. I have a tendency to admittedly be somewhat of an asshole myself when I feel like the person I'm talking to isn't someone I want to deal with. I have wasted too much time in my life trying to reason with people who just didn't get it into their heads that they were in the wrong, and nowadays I tend to judge people fairly quickly if they're being an idiot. I don't think it's a wrong mentality to have, if you're being a c*nt on the web you deserve to be called out on it, but it does sometimes lead to misunderstandings. I'm happy we could get this thing over with. I'm not one to hold a grudge, I've never seen much of a point in spending your life hating someone else, so consider this whole thing over, and don't worry about it.


Also, I think it was weird that the spell didn't just turn Butterscotch into a vampony, but actually Dracula himself. Like, the ENTIRETY of who Dracula is.

The commissioner asked, and I quote, for Butterscotch to act "like a Dracula style vampire", so I suppose this means I did a good job with that. Speaking of that what would Butterscotch's batpony name even be? He doesn't get one here because this story derails from canon before that scene, but since Rarity is the one who came up with 'Flutterbat' then I guess a dumb pun like 'Battierscotch'.

I like Butula, pronounced kind of like "Spatula."

Looking forward to more of this :)

Whenever I get enough money Sure.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

I'm working on two different commissions right now, after those I'll return to the next chapter of this, since Gol has already contacted me.

So, it's been almost a year, any news?

The next update to the next chapter (which is currently at 3k words) is next on the queue, once I solve my problems with PayPal.

10343533's that been going?

Next chapter is currently at 4k words, and I'll possibly update it again after my next two commissions are done.

Love that it is back. Especially the Boobjobs/Blowjobs.

You know, I won't be surprised if we find out Fluttershy is a vampire mistress who changed Butterscotch in the firs place.


Um. There is one slight problem with your theory. Fluttershy ain't in this one, Butterscotch is.

Well, I saw Fluttershy flag over there, so I assume she might make her appearance soon.


The author literally wrote that Butterscotch is "Fluttershy" in this one.

Ah, you're right. I missed that. Now it makes more sense that I saw Red Gala instead of Big Mac.

Butterscotch is the typical name for a r63 (gender swapped) Fluttershy.

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