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Oh it happened. Hype approaching maximum.




Oh wow! A full blown Sequel! This will be fun! I hope Twilight goes Evil or insane :pinkiecrazy:

Favorite it. Like it. Track it. Read it. In that order.

you will answer all of my questions with total honestly


As for the chapter itself...

I think I once said something to the effect of this being one of the greatest fanfictions, as well as one of the greatest stories, I have ever read. I still stand by that. Your ability to craft deliciously erotic scenes, yet simultaneously fill each action with raw, believable emotion is something I cannot help but gawk in wonder at.

My only hope is that the antagonist of this sequel will be the logistics of the harem, and just the consequences that would naturally come about from Twilight's actions. The weakest part of the original was definitely the parts where Twilight had a direct opponent in the form of Celestia, since the best conflict comes from Twilight's own internal struggle with her growing power.

So, yeah. The only criticism I can offer is a single spelling error and an urging that we don't have another counter-hypnotist running around. Other than that, I eagerly await the further adventures of Empress Twilight Sparkle.

Been waiting a good long while for this to crop up. Looking forward to reading this tomorrow! (I sadly have work in the morning, and need to sleep. :fluttershysad:)

Miss Snowfeather never existed. I could hardly publish without using a pen name.

That's one good way to use your time

Can't wait for more

Man i am so glad this this story is back. I like the idea of slowly going mad with power and her letting in her darker instincts.

I hope she gets a updated version of her caped Mistress outfit, maybe something akin to a evil overlord look or something that is both menacing but Princessy or Emperess like...IDK...I don't come up with designs.

I am so curious how this will all pan out, Twilight now has a Harem and a Castle, and also a entire world to rule. Bet the stress will get to her. Wonder if she'll take any anger out on her friends. She can you know

I felt a very strong giddiness while reading this entire chapter knowing that Twilight has won and now it's all about dealing with the consequences, too many stories end on the high note and never bother to show what happens after the main story. Also that bit in the author's notes about adding more ponies has my heart all aflutter :heart:.

And like you said Twilight is now realizing some of the logistical problems of her harem, specifically trying to keep everyone happy but just not being able to be everywhere. Most of the Mane Six also have family and responsibilities back in Ponyville that they can't ignore, and obviously Celestia and Luna have to be in Canterlot ruling the country which means Twilight may have to divide her time between Ponyville and Canterlot.

It was very satisfying seeing Celestia be punished especially with how frustrating it is that even being under The Charm she manages to manipulate Twilight. In the end though Celestia seems like the real winner here because all she really wanted was for Twilight to ascend, winning the battle at that point wasn't important and now she can basically just continue to do her princess duties and enjoy Twilight's punishments.

I liked that you had Twilight and her friends pay attention to Twi's newly improved body (it's always been my headcanon that ascension to being an alicorn meant at least a larger and more curvaceous body), and because of that I suppose while Rarity is designing outfits for Zecora and Trixie she'll need one for Twilight as well.

I'm ecstatic to see how Twilight manages to deal (or not deal) with managing things and what other possible ponies she'll be tempted into... tasting :twilightsheepish:.

So just as an FYI you can link this story with the original one. All you need to do is input the story ID into the Prequel ID box and it'll make this story a sequel to FIMC (BTW FIMC ID # is 238368)

I have never wanted a horse to get dominated as much as I do right now.

7102846 I wonder how dark Twilight will go...maybe play favoritism to keep the harem in like. Play one off against the other that sort of thing

7103004 Dark Twilight? If you mean like becoming a evil tyrant or something I don't think Twilight is going down that path anymore, she's already won and has plenty of ponies watching over her that she cares for who will tell her if she's slipping too far.

I haven't even read this but I've already favorited it. Time to dig in! ... tomorrow.

Twilight paused, then nodded. Her hand fell to her side, and she carefully took out a tiny scroll, marked simply 'Celestia'. Unrolling it, she focused on the small, cramped writing, and began to read. "All commands I have given you are ended. Here are your new orders. You know that you belong to me. You want to obey my commands. Obeying my commands is arousing. You find it very easy not to be jealous of the other ponies I own. You will not say 'awaken' without my direct and immediate command. You will not use any variant of the charm without my direct and immediate command. You will not seek to deceive me. If you find any loopholes in the orders I have given you that allow you to act against me, you will report them to me instead of using them. If I am placed into a focused state without my full and informed consent, you will recast the charm upon me, order me to be free of any orders given under the charm, and release me from the spell."

That actually contains a huge loophole....
All it takes is for Celestia to believe that controlling Twilight is in Twilights best interest, then she can use loopholes in the orders. She then can, for example, use a different spell (or brute force) to force Twilight to give consent and order to be charmed, then alter her orders however she wishes, and then use Twilight to free herself of the charm.
...hmm. I really hope that's intentional and will be used later.
Empress Twilight is really hot, but also incredibly annoying.

THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL FINALLY CAME!! (and so have I hehehe :twilightblush:)

I have to be honest, literally that first few sentences of the first chapter took my breath away, in more ways than one! :raritywink:

Oh my goodness you have no idea how long I've been waiting for Celestia to get what she had just gotten. And I have to say that I KNEW IT!! SHE WAS A VOYUER and a secret masochist. There are too few fics with Celestia as the sub and Twilight as the Dom, so that's even more reason to love this story. It's really hot seeing Celestia being the kind of feisty sub, and who can blame her? Manipulating others comes second nature to her at this point. It is going to be so so very satisfying when Twilight reaches the point where Celestia can't manipulate her anymore, I just can't wait!

Ahh, the logistics of the harem, that's always the problem isn't it? I just wonder how long Twilight will last before she caves in?

I'm getting pretty nervous for the next chapter since it's a confrontation with Luna and I think at this point I'm more terrified than Twilight. But still I can't wait for it as well as more Celestia punishment. GIVE THAT WHITE HORSE WHAT SHE DESERVES AND MORE TWI!!!!

Ahhhh... yeah... that's the good stuff. It's been a long couple of months.
Oh what I'd give for a time-machine for the next chapters.

7102711 Good spot, thank you. I've fixed that typo.

7102910 Set it as a sequel, thanks. Didn't notice that box.


I wonder if the other 27 people are just reading this..... or is jacking off... hmmm

I remember saying something to the effect that Twilight, to me, didn't seem to have to confront her own decisions in a satisfying way at times.

Let's see where this leads!

Jesus fuck, this is good.

Now before I begin, there is one thing I must post. My reaction to this now being a thing.

Stop. Stop. Safety first.

Smart move.

"Celestia, you will remember all memories that have been hidden from you, and return any of your memories that have been modified to their original form. Tell me if there are any means for you to free yourself from my control. Tell me if there is anything you have kept from me which you believe I should know now, or would wish to know now."

VERY smart. No wonder I like calling you Purple Smart.

"No. There is another. The main vault is a distraction."

How very interesting.

Much the same as Twilight felt. "Is that why you didn't accept my offer to submit to me?"

Celestia nodded slightly, as she droned her monotone answer. "Yes, but not the only reason. I am responsible for my ponies. I cannot willingly relinquish the duty to protect them."

It really is the little touches that make this fantastic.

Twilight paused, then nodded. Her hand fell to her side, and she carefully took out a tiny scroll, marked simply 'Celestia'. Unrolling it, she focused on the small, cramped writing, and began to read. "All commands I have given you are ended. Here are your new orders. You know that you belong to me. You want to obey my commands. Obeying my commands is arousing. You find it very easy not to be jealous of the other ponies I own. You will not say 'awaken' without my direct and immediate command. You will not use any variant of the charm without my direct and immediate command. You will not seek to deceive me. If you find any loopholes in the orders I have given you that allow you to act against me, you will report them to me instead of using them. If I am placed into a focused state without my full and informed consent, you will recast the charm upon me, order me to be free of any orders given under the charm, and release me from the spell."

You think of everything.

Twilight blushed abruptly. "I - I'm not trying to set up a new Empire or anything. I don't want to be in charge like that. Just of a few special ponies I care about."

"You will find that you are in charge 'like that', Empress. You are a Princess, now. With all the power, longevity, rights and responsibilities that come with it." Celestia's tone was gently amused.

Even charmed she's capable of screwing a little with her old pupil.

"You really don't have to keep calling me Empress."

You just told her to...

"The Empress of the Veiled Isles. Oh, don't look like that. I was keeping an eye on you, and you weren't very good at hiding it."

A wave of heat swept over Twilight as she felt every part of her body try to blush at once. "You knew about that?" she asked in a small voice. "You've... read it?"

The divine ruler of the sun smirked.

A sudden premonition hit Twilight, and her mouth fell open. In appalled tones, she breathed, "You didn't."

"I did," Celestia replied calmly. "Miss Snowfeather never existed. I could hardly publish without using a pen name."

To be fair, if she tried to write without a pen name, short of a few ponies, very few would give her honest critique and give her honest opinions on it.

"You wrote the dungeon scene."

"Which one? Though yes, all of them."

"You wrote the scene in the guard tower. The one with the three colts, and the off duty guard captain, and the.. the mess..."

"I had it acted out."

Celestia, you Magnificent Bitch, I read your BOOK!

"You're enjoying this," Twilight accused her, glancing back at the Princess.

An irrepressible smile curved Celestia's lips. "Of course I am. It appears I've made my own undoing. Oh, dear."

This really is what makes this a fantastic story, it's more than just clop, it's a story, clop just happens to be integral to the story.

"I considered sending out two ponies with the charm, each to wait for an unpredictable time, then to charm others, teach them how to cast it, and send them back here to reawaken me. It would be impossible to know who was coming. I considered having myself charmed to look in a secret place some time from now, where I would have planted a message to myself. I even considered charming your parents or brother to charm you, when you did not expect it."

... Damn

"I did none of these. I considered the risk of teaching the charm to ponies that might fall into the hands of others, let alone the charm that was tuned to affect myself, as far too great a risk. Especially when I did not believe you could win. As for using your family against you, I was ashamed to have even thought of it. I would not do such a thing."

Thank goodness.

Twilight gaped. "You - you - even then, you were not just trying to manipulate me into ascending as an immortal Princess, you were thinking about the kind of sex we'd have afterwards? Are you serious?"

Celestia shrugged a bare shoulder, with a look of mock modesty.

There is nothing I can say that can make this scene any better, this is amazing.

She had won, more completely than she'd dreamed possible. She had absolute control of both Princesses, and she just couldn't wait to play with them both together. The sun and moon rose and fell at her command. She was the avatar of magic. She could feel the fresh power bubbling within her, replenishing the reservoirs she'd drained with the titanic, transformative act that had conquered Celestia. She felt drunk with power, enthralled with the possibilities.

Then I highly recommend you sober up, drunk of ANYTHING is never good.

Dashing across the room, she threw herself at Twilight, almost knocking her off her feet, and clung tightly. "Hey, hey, hey, did you do it, is it all done, why did that take so long, is it all finished, are you going to have a party with us, you should have a party with us!"

*laughs* Calm down, motor mouth!

"Darling, it would be my utter delight to create something for you! Oh, your stripes, your curves, so bold, so sensual! You will be the most magnificent mare in Canterlot when I have finished with you. If my Lady desires it, I can even create something fitting for Trixie. I wouldn't want her to shame you with her tawdry carnival outfit."

Trixie immediately dropped to one knee before Twilight and stretched out her hands before her. "Mistress, please forgive the slutty and submissive Trixie for allowing herself to be distracted from listening to your perfect voice by one of your boorish lesser pets." She glanced up at Rarity, a smug smile on her lips.

Rarity coloured, drawing herself up, before she curtseyed deeply before Twilight. "Oh no, forgive me, my Lady, I understand that your wonderfully generous rehabilitation of this criminal isn't nearly complete yet, and she can't be expected to show the grace that normal ponies would."

Girls, girls, you're both pretty.

A squeaking, metallic sound came from the hallway.


Celestia's soft lips were parted around a bright red ball gag, dampness flecking her chin as she couldn't entirely suppress her drool around it. Her cheeks were flushed deep pink, her eyelids lowered. A wide leather collar was wrapped around her slender neck, with prominent D-rings at front and back. A chain led back from her collar to a long clothes rack, which she was towing behind her. Her bare feet were soundless on the stone, but the small castor wheels of the clothes rack gave a final squeak as she towed it through the doors, then came to a stop.

WELL then. You don't waste any time, do you Twilight?

Finally, a very small, very sincere whimper of lust escaped Rainbow Dash's lips, and she whispered, "Princess Celestia...?"

The very same.

Another silence, filled with ponies not daring to say a word. Dark blushes marked each of the enslaved ponies staring with terrified awe at the scene. It was left to Rarity to finally clear her throat, and ask in a voice little louder than a whisper, "My Lady - Twilight - is the Princess... unhappy with this situation?"


"I'm waiting for my answer, Princess." There was only one answer Celestia could give, and it was delicious to watch.

The white alicorn's bare foot slapped against the ground. Once, twice.

Technically, she's incredibly light pink, but, semantics, anywho, :c2.staticflickr.com/8/7160/6562466345_44a2812a69.jpg

"I love Princess Celestia," Twilight said lightly into the hush. Her eyes turned to Celestia, and she repeated more fondly, "You are the most incredible pony, Princess. You're my teacher, and my friend, and so much besides. I would never do this if I made you unhappy. I want to spend a lot of time with you, now that we're together."

It really is the little things.

affectionate sadism

Ain't that a contradiction in terms.

Her hand slid up Celestia's cheek with profound affection, before she abruptly smacked Celestia's bare breasts twice, with a one-two back and forth of her hand. "You also took over my mind, made me have sex with Cheerilee, and Vinyl, and Nurse Redheart, and that time you made me strip naked and praise you. Not to mention Diorite and Chert. I do intend to put you through a lot of punishment, Princess."

Which I'm sure she's looking forward to as much as we are.

Quite clearly, telling Celestia that was not going to make this any less intimidating for Rainbow. She hesitated several times, as she jerkily pushed the words out. "Sure. Sure. I'm gonna - play with - your - tits. Princess." Rainbow swallowed.

This is very interesting, we're so used to the brash confident pegasus so seeing her unsure and stammering like this is very entertaining. Really shows how much of an effect she has on others when even bound, gagged and sorta stripped, she still intimidates Rainbow, it's like she's afraid this is all an illusions she's afraid to shatter.

Rainbow's pale blue hand settled on the heavy curve of Celestia's breast, covering her stiff nipple. A disbelieving, shaky whimper escaped Rainbow, and she murmured mostly to herself, "She's warm..." Her pink eyes flicked up to Celestia's, as if expecting judgement, or terrible punishment, or instant annihilation, but the divine pony's eyes remained lidded, barely open, focused on Twilight.

Well, she IS a mammal, warm blooded and stuff, and the Princess of the Sun, a massive fireball in the sky so I should imagine so, yes.

A wicked smile curved Twilight's lips, and she reached out to wrap her fingers around Celestia's tail, a soft, yet tangible billow of pastel colours. With a silent count to three, she pulled firmly.

"Mmmmrhh!" Celestia gasped into her gag, a sound of surprise mingling with a long moan. Her body arched, thrusting out her chest, burying Rarity's face between her breasts.

Twilight, you are GLORIOUS!

Reaching out to take hold of her intricately coiffured mane, Twilight gently and irresistibly pulled Rarity's head back. Yielding to the pressure, Rarity gasped, her dazed blue eyes turning towards Twilight. Abruptly, awareness seemed to sink home, and a brilliant flush darkened her cheeks.

"Go and get dressed in your veils, Rarity," Twilight told her affectionately. Asking her for the exact details of what Celestia tasted like could wait.

You're enjoying this a LOT I can tell.

Twilight's gaze fell to the coil of Applejack's lasso at her side. Yes.

I'd ask why she has it, but, I supposed you never know when it can be useful.

Applejack's eyes were wide, and she didn't seem able to tear herself away from the sight. "In Celestia's name... Ma'am, are you sure?"

Oh certainly.

It was hard to tell whether Applejack thought those were the very best or the very worst words she'd ever heard, but it was definitely one of the two.

If I were her, I'd pick best.

"Can you - make her, uh, kneel? She's kind've tall."

She is, isn't she?

"I love the way she looks, Applejack. She's just delightful. I should dress you like this every day, shouldn't I Princess?"

I sincerely doubt the readers would mind.

"Sure! I am amazing at stroking wings to make you feel good. If I wasn't such an incredible flier, I'd call it my best talent."

As usual, your ego is most entertaining, Rainbow.

Twilight resisted the urge, finally ordering in a low, soft voice, "Fluttershy. Go get stripped and leashed, puppy." Other ponies had yet to take their turn.

You tease.

Applejack stood beside the veiled fashionista, fully suited up now. She stood taller in her knee high boots, her body wrapped slickly with glistening black material. The corset squeezed her tightly, baring her stomach through a heart-shaped cut-out, and exposing her forced-out tits. Elbow-length gloves completed the look, decorated with jingling padlocks. She stood stiffly at attention, her ripe nipples jutting stiffly and a distant, glazed look of arousal on her face as she gazed at Twilight, plainly aching for orders.

Lovely, very lovely.

"Yaaay! It's my turn, it's my turn! Thank you, Master! What should I do? Should I tickle her? Can I tickle her? Is that what it's my turn to do? Ooh! Is she going to be the dinner table, like you said? Well, I said it, but you didn't say I couldn't have a Princess dinner, so can I? Huh? Please?" Pinkie hopped forward and looked into Twilight's eye from an inch away, with a huge, earnest smile.

I adore the way you write Pinkie, her sheer almost child-like exuberance is great

Twilight sighed happily, leaning back into her adoring slaves, a smile rising to her lips. Shaking her head with a soft giggle, she murmured, "Oh, Pinkie. How can anyone take anything seriously around you?"

"Reckon you kept her corked up quiet too long, Ma'am," chipped in Applejack from behind her.


"Oh, that's just delicious," murmured Twilight, sighing languidly as Applejack's hand replaced Rainbow's hand on her bare breast, while the pegasus tugged down Twilight's dress a little more to bare the other. "I could chain you to a wall, and give all my toys instructions to touch you however they wanted. All these years, Princess, watching in secret, but never being involved, never being touched. I really think I have to help you make up for lost time."

Please do.

Twilight turned her head towards Trixie, unable to stop herself grinning at the outburst. "I never said I was going to let all of you touch Princess Celestia."

You troll!:rainbowlaugh:

Celestia shifted her shoulders slowly, her breasts shifting slightly under their bondage, and raised her eyebrows slightly as she gazed at Trixie. Perhaps only Celestia, under the depraved and humiliating conditions she was in, could manage to convey polite, dismissive interest.


Twilight giggled to herself, though very quietly, so as not to disturb the scene. Even under her current constrained circumstances, the Princess still knew how to manipulate ponies into acting the way she wanted. Especially a walking ball of ego like Trixie.

Oh yeah. And it's great.

"I may be able to do something with her costume, my Lady, if you'll allow," Rarity interjected.

I have no doubt about that.

"You enjoy the hard touch of her hand on your curves? You shall receive the punishment you richly deserve!"

This being in rhyme makes it work even more, than and reading this in Zecora's voice.

Zecora's eyelids flickered, sliding half closed, and a longing groan escaped her as she pushed back against her Mistress. "Seeing you control others is something I truly enjoy, and now I witness the Princess made into your toy. Now she moans with every blow, and so my lust does ever grow."

THis is so hot.

Squeezing her eyes shut for a moment as a pulse of arousal rushed through her, Twilight leant up and breathed into Zecora's ear, "Celestia's mind is completely under my control. I can make her humiliate herself however I want. "

Innit grand?

"I enjoyed each of your contributions to Twilight's game. Thank you." She nodded graciously to the hesitant, awkward medley of meek thanks in return, and went on, "Twilight. If I may dress, it would be best if I return to overseeing the castle. Ponies will be returning now that the evacuation is lifted, and they will want to see I am safe. They will also want to see you, in time. Rumour is spreading as we speak."

Again, it's the little touches.

Applejack broke the silence, with a breathed, "I didn't dream that, right? Y'all saw that. All that."

VERY real.

"Did I ever! The Princess has the squoshiest ass!"

I am relatively certain that isn't a word.

"How about a word for the hottest thing, and also the scariest thing ever? Terrorboner?" Rainbow asked, shaking her head.

Terrorboner. Imma use that.

Sighing, Twilight watched her go. There were tensions in the harem now, ones she was going to have to resolve.

Oh yeah.

"Thank you. I feel a lot better knowing you'll help her feel at home. That's what Apples do best, isn't it?"


Of course Luna wouldn't have had a problem with anything she'd just seen.

We'll have to see, won't we?

I still want a redoing of what Twilight did to Applejack in chapter 4 in the 1st story but on a wider scale with a few changes here and there. Thank you.

Keep up the good work.


I second that!

God damn, man! 14,000+ words?! Don't have time to read it yet, but eagerly awaiting the point where I will.

I needed this fic in my life...

And now I need more of it, damnit.


It isn't consent if you're forced in any way, magically or physically. You can't really give consent while under duress, I believe.

Oh yes finally, i cant wait for more, this is a awsome story:twilightsmile:

But once Celestia becomes aware of this loophole, she'll be compelled to tell Twilight of this as per

If you find any loopholes in the orders I have given you that allow you to act against me, you will report them to me instead of using them.


But once Celestia becomes aware of this loophole, she'll be compelled to tell Twilight of this as per

If you find any loopholes in the orders I have given you that allow you to act against me, you will report them to me instead of using them.

You're missing the point. This only covers loopholes that allow Celestia to act against Twilight. I am talking about the case where Celestia believes that she acts in Twilight's best interest even if Twilight herself would disagree.. E.g. being a thousand-year-old ruler she may, very rightfully, believe that Twilight should not wield the power of the charm and would be better of having her sex harem of willing slaves back in Poniville, or even having all the memory of the whole event erased and reset back to how she was before she discovered the charm, only now with more fool-proof instructions against regaining her memory and a better cover story, or heck, just being charmed into eternal unconditional happiness, wherein she'd sit and stare at the wall all day for the rest of her immortal lifespan.
  Since she is not acting against Twilight, she is under no compulsion to report this loophole, as it does not allow Celestia to act against Twilight, nor any other loophole she finds while pursuing this course of action (since if she were to try to use the other loophole against Twilight, she'd have to report it, and any loophole that is covered by "report loophole" clause is not a loophole by definition).

Oh, there's also a hilarious sort-of-doublethink loophole, where Celestia can use someone to magically persuade her (without this particular charm) that it's in Twilight's best interest to be instantly burnt into ash, which is in intself not against Twilight directly or indirectly, but merely changes Celestia's opininon on what is best for Twilight.
And then nothing is stopping her from doing exactly that....
Whether or not it falls under "report loopholes"would depend exactly on how much changing one's opinion of what is best for Twilight would be a means to an end.


It isn't consent if you're forced in any way, magically or physically. You can't really give consent while under duress, I believe.

 That's a moot point anyway. Once allowed to act covertly and seek loopholes in these rather loose set of commands, she can easily find a way to remove them entirely, or force Twilight to do so, e.g. via proxies.

i wonder if twilights "pets" will follow there dreams still or are there dreams dead? i worry for the girls family like rarity sister and applebloom

What would be Twilights treatment of Celestia, if Zecoras great grandfather was a giraffe, and she inherited little but his tongue? Especially with certain alterations to the throne to give it a nice comfy zebra butt cushion?

Trixie though, far too much topping, trying to demonstrate her abilities through noise instead of action, and doninant actions also means she effectively needs crushing, not just breaking, unless she wishes to constantly go against that which she herself is declaring.

Simplest way to start is one per night through the week and a day at the weekend together, with a full weekend per month and a week per year?

Oh maaaaaaan that is a gooooood chapter. Nicely done.
I am intrigued as to the crises you gone pose in htis book.

AWWWWW YISSSSS. I've been waiting for this to come out. Can't wait to read it tonight.

7103977 Probably the biggest thing keeping Twilight somewhat grounded is that she genuinely cares about her friends (and even Trixie) and values their lives and personalities apart from being her slave - so, while she may get caught up and not notice herself monopolising somepony's attention, when it's brought to her attention, she'll give them time for their other obligations.

And, while it's fun to play out orgy scenes, she also likes hanging out with her friends when she's not in Empress Twilight mode, so I have trouble seeing her giving that up...

My only complaint is that Twilight is pretty restrained about abusing the charm now. Focusing Rarity, Focusing Fluttershy, and A Reasonable Request were my favorite chapters.

Oh well. I trust things will get out of hand sooner or later.


Comment posted by Omnishifter deleted Apr 8th, 2016

Y'know, if Trixie ever got the short end of the attention stick, she could always use Twilight's countermeasures against her.

"Trixie, I'm busy"
"So you're busy, hmmm?"
"Fine, Trixie didn't want to have to do this. TRIXIE LOVES YOU!"
"Um, that's good to hear"
"Nono, Trixie means, TRIXIE 'DOESN'T' LOVE YOU... Trixie is a lying slut, spank her as the whore she is"
"Oh dear"

Twilight couldn't bear to let Trixie suffer like this, and assuming Trixie is just the teensy bit masochistic, she'll revel at being spanked by Twilight. Twilight would be unable to stop herself at giving just one spank :p

It will be very amusing to watch Celestia influencing Twilight's actions from her position, with just her words.

For example, here is a way for Celestia to 'convince' Twilight to be put under the influence of the charm once again... even if Celestia wouldn't be the one doing the charming.

Step 1: Tell Twilight about how she could use the charm in creative ways to enhance her friends' scenarios. Triggers, playing with memories and sensitivity tricks are just child's play; the charm can also be used to make scenarios that would normally be impossible happen in the minds of the subjects. The imagination of the controller is the real limit for this charm.

Step 2: Wait until the 'impossible scenarios' are a well ingrained part of Twilight's games with her friends/slaves. Tell Twilight that she also wants to be included in those, and enjoy the results.

Step 3: Mention that she would have liked to use the charm on herself that way long ago, but she couldn't because the design of the charm and the lack of people she trusted with it.

Trixie is a cute pony/human... when she wants to be

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