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  • 108 weeks

    I leave for a few hours and suddenly everybody's posting stories about guns!? Wtf did I miss?

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  • 139 weeks
    Quick Update

    I got a new computer and had to get all of my data transferred from my old one, so forgive me that I wasn't able to get any work done the last few days. Honestly I feel like I'm starting to go down the past of those fake people who say they are making or developing something for the attention or money and never follow through with it, but I swear chapters are coming! Thank you for your time.

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  • 165 weeks

    Hey guys, It's me. Yeah I know, I haven't really been posting anything new recently, or really posting anything really. That's for a few reasons, so I'll just go through them one at a time.

    The first reason is obviously the year in general and more specifically Covid. It's taken a lot of time away from my hands and made it much more difficult.

    The second one is applying and searching for college, which I will be attending next year, so that's also taken time out of my schedule.

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  • 200 weeks
    My plan for MLP: The Game

    So, as you know if you have read the recent chapters, the focus of my story has shifted greatly in terms of the powers and characters that it focuses on. I wanted to explain my idea here.

    1) I wanted to have an arc where we see the impact that our main character has had on others from the main cast, especially Twilight. This is mostly going to be from the perspective of her and the companions she has made upon her journey.

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Weapons? · 6:47am Jan 25th, 2022

I leave for a few hours and suddenly everybody's posting stories about guns!? Wtf did I miss?

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