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Twilight is VERRRY much not a morning mare. In fact, she doesn't have the energy to start the day unless she has at least two or three pots of the miracle elixir called coffee. One day, without really thinking about it, she casts a spell on her beloved coffee machine. Unaware of this, she goes about her day with her friends.

After a few days, she starts to notice strange sounds coming from the machine. It sounds like... a child's voice?

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Hyper Metal Sonic (or just metal if you want) let himself die after saving the life of the president and falling into the magma river below. Seeing Metal display such a selfless act despite his intended purpose, the gods of his world and another decided to give him a new chance at life. Of course he will be keeping all the abilities from his time as Metal Sonic. Now reborn as Twilights twin brother, Metal will forge a new path in life as Notte the unicorn. (ok so I was reading The Metal Condition by PyraBlue Heart and thought 'man I wonder if a character like metal sonic would actually have a place in a story like mlp givin his anti hero track record.' this story will use Hyper Metal Sonics character from the Sonic The Hedgehog ova movie)

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