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Extremely good, can't wait for more <3

I've been searching so long to find a story like this one.:pinkiehappy:
Keep up the great work!:eeyup:
Would you mind writing Princess Cadence's changelingbirth scenes, please?:twistnerd:
Birth Fetish is one of my kink.:twilightblush:

Looking forward to see more, really enjoyed the first chapter.

Yessssss, still extremely good and I love it. The ball worship bits were extra good, Twilight's mind immediately being put into a haze~ And over the top cum inflation is great, too.

Still hoping I might get to see that thing I asked about, too <3

I feel like luna knows what going on and she may be colluding with chrysalis, or she just let it happen and planned to take the Queen place as the mistress. Nightmare moon may still live within luna or a remnant of influence that survived the purge. We Will see if luna still has what it stake to be a dominatrix, and we may end up seeing a battle of dominance......or not we still don't know what the future hold.

I can't wait to see how this all comes Crashing down around Chrysalis in the end, after all you would think that LUNA would figure it out and find a way to stop her and make sure that she never can do this again.

so it looks like celestia and luna might get 2 or 3 chapters for fucking there brains out and crisy will end up on the throne with them being cum dumps at her feet

Do you have the source for the cover art?

Here: https://derpibooru.org/images/1379863
I slightly edited it to remove irrelevant and nsfw details.

oh goodness yes i loved this so much; thank you

i thing gleaming shield R63 shining armor should of been added sense that is also a royal and would make it so no resistance is possible in undoing her work

Cadance is finally shown her proper place.

She should feel honoured.

'who as wearing a dress' - was

'At seemed like a pony' - It

'the connected balls making' - the plump/massive/etc. balls making

'chuckle at how enthralled the supposedly unshakable alicorns were so easily enthralled by her not-even-hard stallionhood' - chuckle at how the supposedly unshakable alicorns were so easily enthralled by her not-even-hard stallionhood

'Chrysalis crouched down at set her second broodmare' - down and set

One left.

'before the her sister started' - remove the

That ending was... Weird.

'sleeping in naivete the night' - sleeping in naivete during the night

'it was what she did' - it was that what she did

'in a state one would generally state to be of sleeping' - generally say to

10667788 10667748 10667718
Thank you, Razzy. I just went ahead and fixed those errors.

Thanks for the fic! It was good. That ending tho....

I wish for another story with Luna being plowed more by Chrysalis

If you wanted a request, it’d be best to PM me with some more specifics.
I do have an idea for a sequel of this where the rest of the Elements as well as Shining Armour get captured too, though that likely wouldn’t have much focus on Luna.

If all you want, though, is just Chryssi pounding Luna, I may be able to work that into something else (don’t quite any ideas for anything else just yet).

During lunas enslavement and use as a sex object and how her mind is both still resisting and breaking which would lead to her unleashing nightmare on her

Hmm, that’d probably work best as an alternate ending of sorts.
I suppose I will see what I can do with it.

wished a bit for alternative chapter, where Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon before Chrysalis split her into Luna and Nightmare Moon with the help of the others, where Chrysalis made them both into broodmares or only Luna, where NMM make a deal with Chrysalis, that she can Have Equestria, but NMM can have her endless night and some fun time with Celestia

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