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About Third Wheel · 8:26pm Dec 31st, 2019

Head at the bottom for commission details.

Hello there. Since you're here, you either clicked on the link in my bio or opened my user page, so I assume you want to know more about me. First off, let's put the proper soundtrack on:

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Aside from her, Dirty Little Secret is also great. Cloplestia is good too from what I've read of their work.

Who are your favorite clop writers on this site? I've read Wintermist and her stuff's the best I've ever seen.

It was that one, yes.

"Rumbling's New Home"?

Thank you. And a sequel will happen at some point, if I can manage to get back into writing properly again.


Just read "At Her Kings Service" and it was a good read, hope you'll make a sequel whenever you feel like it

Just for a moment. It'll be back up shortly.

Did your latest story get nuked?

Well, you're not wrong.

Such lewd fics out of a user with such a wholesome avatar.

Well, it’s still nice, as Long as you disliked the story:twilightsmile:

So this is awkward. That was actually a misclick on my part, I meant to scroll down the page and my touch screen disagreed. Unfortunately, Fimfiction's notifications system cares not if a story was removed from a folder. Sorry.

Thanks for the fav:rainbowwild:
Getting a fav from quite a recognised user is cool

And it might not be the only one from what I've been told.

Now I’m just sad that I have to wait until the contest judging begins before I read it! :raritydespair:

I am not her by the way. Nor anywhere as good. But she does seem to like some of my stuff. Speaking of Wintermist though, I suggest you keep your eyes open during the next half an hour or so.

Well I’m glad I randomly clicked to see who this guy is...

Turns out I had a few fics in my read it later list. And then when I found out that you’re totally not Wintermist -- one of the extremely few authors I actually follow here ... well... I had to add a bunch more to my read it sooner list! ^.^

Understandable. I'm just one of the people in the comments offering my input on this, my votes shouldn't count more than others'. The results will be determined as a whole, right now it looks like the character will disguise as a unicorn. I just wanted to throw my own ideas out there. Although, it should probably be best to keep discussion confined in the comments of the fic, so simply reply to me there from now on. In fact, you should probably copy this comment you made here onto there, so others see it too.

Thanks for the input. Don't worry, I knew going forward that I DESPERATELY needed an editor so I am looking for one, also for the image, that had already been their when I sent it in for approval.
So I wish to respond to your answers here so as to not influence the other commenters this early.
1.Understandable that the MF looks interesting. While being more masculine, it would still have breasts(though with a larger penis) and would take some more physical features from their father.
2.Shining simply felt like I would be giving myself to much of an advantage. Like you said their is a lot of knowledge in his head and with ten changelings at my call, that felt a little OP. Also I simply felt it would be to stereotypical.As for Thorax, I plan on elaborating later but Chrysalis simply really dislikes him, so he's out.
3.Understandable shape-shifting in or out of the bedroom could lead to all kinds of fun. Besides that way Chrysalis would keep those skills and then we would need to spend more time with mother dearest once we have a stable love supply to have her teach us and that can lead to some fun.I almost feel dirty writing that.
4.Both nice ideas and Love the male one.:trixieshiftright:
5.While a dragon could be fun that might be to noticeable at this point. Maybe once the Friendship school starts we could do that but until then probably not.
6. Yeah its the mountain that Fluttershy ran the dragon out of. If more people keep asking for it I plan to use it and for the changelings we sent to explore further in to find some Diamond Dogs along with the treasure the dragon left behind(not all of it obviously.). As for the Forest, that was my preferred spot, though I feel the Elements would end up investigating if to many who wandered in didn't come out.
7. Don't worry Zecora is in on my list. The only question will be WHEN?.
8. Take your time, I expected this one to take the longest.

Third, I just recently had my first work approved.
Due to it being inspired by Infiltration I was hoping you would consider giving it a read and letting me know what you think.

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