When Bon Bon decided to pull some strings and get Lyra appointed as the Maiden of Morsels, an old and no longer used position as part of the castle staff, she only did it as a favour to her wife, knowing her passion for food. She did not expect the unicorn to take it as far as she did. Still, Lyra herself seemed to quite enjoy her situation.

A giftmission for White-eyed Vireo, who also came up with the title. Cover art done by EqlearQ.

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Man I’d feed Bon Bon until she looked like that.

That mare sure likes to eat!

Maiden of Morsels

What is that position for?

Very good read. You did a great job portraying utterly decadent hedonism. And this is (as far as I can tell) your first weight gain story, but it’s got better grammar and punctuation than 90% of the other WG stories on the site.

Any chance you or the commissioner could upload the full-resolution version of the cover art to Derpibooru?

It’s explained in the story. The Maiden of Morsels is the pony who tests all food in the palace for poisons before it’s given to the Princesses.

The artist seems to have undergone a name change, oddly enough. You can upload the cover yourself if it's not there already, just make sure you link to this story as the source. The version used here as the cover is already the full version I received.

And to think, saying that Lyra is Bon Bon's wife is actually canon now!

Wonderful job. There are some really good descriptions here, especially talking about Lyra's mindset as an absolute hedonist and completely giving into her urge to eat. I'm surprised that I wasn't able to find any more weight gain/fat fics in your gallery considering how well this one came out.

What is a gift commission? Is it a commission you buy for someone else?

Precisely that. The user who actually paid for it has asked to remain unknown.

This is fucking excellent. God damn.

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