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Just a Brit who likes writing fics about ponies (with a very high percentage chance of Trixie turning up).


An episode I actually want to talk about · 1:37pm September 24th

Spoilers for yesterday's episode in Health of Information follow.

To take up space for those who haven't seen it yet. Hi, been awhile! Thanks for the follow and sorry I quit out on you arguably making it to still be so pretty pointless really. Well not to those still pissy about All for You who are still looking to have a go even now years later as they can sod right off.

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Thank you for the fave on Dense as Diamonds. Please enjoy your purple marshmallow fluff. :raritywink::twilightblush:

I loved your story All for You. Can't wait for the sequel!


The fimfiction server has been messed up all day.

Also probably a good thing as I sent it in a weird mood at work yesterday and it's barely coherent at best :derpytongue2:

I also didn't mention the thing I actually meant to actually tell you about. Don't know if you've read my recent blog about revisiting By Royal Command once more, but as part of that I've also now included a plug for your Waiting for Celestia in the story description :pinkiehappy:

(Admittedly I should have done that ages back, but hey)

I keep getting server errors when I try to access your message. You can email it to me at jb393204 (at) gmail.

Thanks for adding my story Certain Advantages to your bookshelf! I'm glad that you could enjoy the piece... despite all of the bungholery!:trollestia:

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