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Just a Brit who likes writing fics about ponies (with a very high percentage chance of Trixie turning up).


It was never supposed to end like this.

Princess Cadance has saved all of Equestria from the changeling threat. What comes next isn't going to be half as easy.

One wedding may be cancelled, but a new engagement has begun.

Massive thanks to my pre-readers/ideas tasters: Bronetheus and RK_Striker_JK_5. Go check out Night Errantry and Spanner in the Works for two great fics that are well worth your time.

Warning: This is an attempt to make the Cadance/Chrysalis ship work, without too much darkness (though there will be some), or it leading to an inevitable bad end. If you hate this idea, believe that Cadance ending up with Chrysalis is automatically a bad end regardless of circumstances, or just think it's plain impossible to pull off then please move on as this fic is probably not going to be for you.

Still if you want to see if this pretty cracky ship can somehow be made to work, and have some fun along the way, then this just might be the fic you are looking for.

If you still hate the concept enough that you feel that you have to hit the dislike button, then fair enough, but if you find something else objectionable then please post a comment, or basically I'm going to assume that you're just disliking the ship rather than the story and ignore you.

The Sex tag is there for some of the humour, some implication to off screen activities, and a few bits on screen that while are no where near the mature rating do push things somewhat compared to the rest of the fic. If you're wondering where the Comedy tag went I decided while I do believe there's a lot of fun and amusement to be had, I can see why it might mislead some readers as some of the events are taken more seriously that you'd expect from an all out comedy.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 378 )

You're welcome, and oh dang. This... is gonna hurt. poor Shining... I'd feel more sympathy if you had a distinct personality, mind. :trollestia:

Wow ... interesting story, and I can't wait to see what in the 7 hells of Tartarus just happened to Shining Armor.

Could it be? Do my eyes deceive me? The one ship the legends spoke of? Cadalis Chrysadence Chrysalis/Cadance? Is it real?
Please, dear author, do go on. Without the bad end thing, would you kindly.

Also, someone should get on that Twilicorn/Cadance as well. Just sayin'.

It looks like Cadance picked up Shining's feelings toward her and swapped them with Chrysalis'. Chrysalis now loves Cadance the same way SA did and SA reviles Cadance as his hated enemy.


I'm really not planning to add a Dark or Sad tag to this one, so you don't need to worry about that :twilightsmile:

Oh I do know the timing is bit a suspect, but I swear that this coming out on the same day as the IDW comic with how Shiny got together with Cadance, really is just an amusing coincidence.

This is going to be quite interesting.

It is a little messed up that Shining got the short end in all this, hopefully Cadence will learn the consequences of what she wrought...or else...:flutterrage: since there's no dark or sad tags I'm guessing everything's gonna be fine in the end :pinkiecrazy:

I always thought Cadence's mind magic made her horrendously dangerous. So she swapped her feelings towards Shining Armor and Chrysalis in her mind and then took Shining Armor's feelings towards her and put them in Chrysalis, which somehow led to his feelings towards Chrysalis replacing his to Cadence... or are those Chrysalis's original feelings towards Cadence he's experiencing?

Though I always thought the episode should have ended with Shining Armor and Cadence not getting married because he'd been pursued by Chrysalis through their whole relationship, I can't deny that Love-Eater/Love-Mage makes a lot of sense, really, Enough sense that I do have to wonder why she didn't go after Cadence from the start. Maybe Chrysalis can only take female forms (or is only willing to do so) and didn't think that would work on her? That might be true in this fic, anyway, since she stayed female.

I know. It's just hard to care about him because he's a cardboard cut out. Chrysalis got the most character development of the new characters introduced that episode and she didn't get that much.

Sorry I didn't get around to doing a more thorough treatment of this chapter. I've been massively busy, then massively sick. It's looking good though! You really are a wonder at making unique, oddball ideas work. :pinkiesmile:

Blame a poster named anowack on a forum I regularly frequent who was musing about doing a Twilicorn/Cadance shipfic called Addicted to Love, and then deciding with that title it'd work better swapping out Chrysalis for Twi'. So yeah totally his fault for sticking the idea of trying to make this ship work in my head in the first place.

You're welcome? :twilightsheepish:

Well. That escalated quickly. I am intrigued by this scenario and curious as to what kind of spell Cadance cast. Please continue.

eh ship off Shining with one of the other mane 6 well 5 considering twilight is out and we can call it even. Thinking Applejack or Rainbow Dash.

3258575 I think I know what type spell cadance cast and I don't think its to much of a spoiler to say it was a love transference spell. She took the love shining armor had for her and gave it to Chrysalis. This would mean that Cadance no longer loves shining armor and Shining armor thinks of cadance how Chrysalis thought of Cadance.

Uhm, I think you forgot the AU tag...

Other than that, very interesting start. Too few stories out there explore Cadance's love magic and its implications and applications.


No worries man, and I hope you're feeling better soon.


I did think about it including that tag I'll admit. I really don't think it's a big enough proper shift from the show canon to merit it though.

That's a interesting way. Gonna wait for more

Story Approver


shift from the show canon

Yeah, you need that AU tag

I am now fully confused but rather intrested...please take me further into the maddness:pinkiecrazy:

I am excited for this to continue.

Ok this is really good and that says a lot from me. I stay clear of mare on mare shipping but this is very good and will get a like and fave from me. I can't believe I said that either but damn this is very good stuff!

Ohhh... this is unique. Let's see where it goes.

One thing that I forgot to say yesterday: By starting the story this way, you have a reasonable divergence from canon but you've put extra obstacles in your path as far as happy romance goes-- you'll have to convince the audience that Cadence isn't just sacrificing herself and Chrysalis isn't just being taken advantage of, deal with the reactions of the other cast members, and so on.

You did a good job with Random Elements, so I look forward to seeing you meet the challenge.

Chrysalis X Cadence? :rainbowderp: Well I'm all aboard. That sounds amazing, and I don't really give a damn about Shining Armor. The sacrifice is totally worth it. Probably going to dump big feedback on this soonish.

What a shipping pair that is uncommon?
Your got to be kidding me.

sarcasm was posted just now

All of my yes, screw Shining Armor. Please continue.

Ugh... Pinkie giggling and cracking jokes really turned me off of this.

shinny has NEVER hit me as a smart one but JEEZE:twilightoops:


But that's what Pinkie ALWAYS does. :derpyderp2:

I am really hoping those three are all right. Also, they're parrots. Brilliant. :moustache:

C'mon, Celestia, don't be mean. Having a princess seduce the enemy leader is the perfect way to eliminate a threatening opponent. It's like you never played Medieval.
Overall, good second chapter, although a bit lacking in Chrysalis/Cadance-interaction. That's the only issue that needs addressing imho.

3273551 cadence cast a spell that turns all his hatred onto her. Its actually very common in stories with magic in them.

everytime with chrysy involved, celly is written as a total :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:ch.


Yeah I know this one was decidedly lacking in the Chrysi, still there's a whole bunch of balls being thrown up in the air this chapter that needed set up, and there is going to be a lot more of her and Cadance coming up.

3276929 You better not take me serious on this specific issue. You could spend the next chapter only writing both their names, and I'd still complain that it is not enough.

you kind of put me off with celestia's behaviour at the end, but ill see where it goes

Uh oh, Celestia is upset. Wonder what Luna will have to say.

I don't like Celestia being made into a bitch but oh well I guess I will see what happens.


If it helps consider that she's only just got out of that cocoon so she's not in the best of moods anyway, add on that Chrysalis was trying to conquer and enslave her city, that Cadance has done something ethically dubious at best, and that's even without the additional back story which is coming later to explain why she's not keen on changelings in the first place I think you can see why she's not exactly feeling the little miss sunshine thing at the moment :trollestia:

Still, I’d prefer to give even Discord a chance to redeem himself, over one of the changeling progeny that resulted from their arrogance]

Canon foreshadowing everybody![/Dr. Nick voice]

Well, something's certainly got Celestia all riled up and it's not just being humiliated and defeated in the seat of her power. At least she's still got enough self control to stick to her usual policy though "as long as nobody's hurt it's fine" isn't the word of someone ruled by irrational hatred- though those feelings probably make her not really concerned with the effects of Cadence's actions on Chrysalis.

Fortunately, Cadence has a handy reason for Chrysalis not to get executed (princess pardons make as much sense as presidential) and seems to be against just undoing the spell after imprisoning her.

“What would you have had me do? Embrace him and just hope that everything fixed itself miraculously by some kind of unseen before magic?”

Yeah, pretty much that exact thing you just described there, that's what should've happened. Oh well, I guess a little shipping is in order, huh?

I find it odd how so many readers can't seem to accept that Celestina's patience or forgiveness is endless, I mean, come on, other than these fics she has almost no personality.

It is a bit odd, considering she hasn't even done anything except state she doesn't like Changelings. She's letting Cadence shelter Chrysalis and says that there's no problem as long as no one is hurt. It's not like she suddenly did something evil, just indicated she's got a grudge.

If a mare is in love with another mare, she's gay.
If a mare is in love with Gleaming Shield, she's pony.

If a stallion is in love with a mare, he's straight.
If a stallion is in love with Gleaming Shield, he's equine.

If anything, Celestia is showing remarkable restraint and non-bitchiness by refraining from blasting Chrysalis into a smoking crater.

32800773278566 You all knows what happens when you piss off an alicorn? Celestia doesn't want Cadance to turn into another Luna and become Nightmare Love or would it be Nightmare Heartbreaker?


Well yeah, but she doesn't know that does she :raritywink:

Love Swap heh? :twilightoops:

My mentor lost her kindness again... :facehoof:

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