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Announcing Version 2.0 of the Flutteshy Companion Mod · 1:20am May 2nd, 2017

*The Pony Companion Project*

I will be starting with the Revamp of the Fluttershy Companion Mod, Project "Kindest of Hearts"
*Ending Slides
*A Revamped Personal Storyline for Fluttershy
*A Revamped Skill System
*New Dates Scenes
*Animal Companions for Fluttershy
*New conversations
*And More
I also plan on revamping the Old World Blues and Lonesome Road segments, as they were always a bit rushed out.

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I'm just a consumer of Pony Fanfiction. The closest thing I got to making it was making the Fluttershy Companion Mod for Fallout: New Vegas


 Just shout loud enough and someone will do something about it.

Interesting idea.:pinkiecrazy:

but I can't fix those

Well at least in case of the ugly blue I can help, I created a group 'Give us back green, please!' in the forum there, a nice user posted a solution how you get back green in your browser for Fim with using Stylish.

One thing would interest me about you by the way, you are here since 2012 but no own stories by you, did you never write one or did you deleted them sometime?

Certainly I have several small issues, like the blue replacing green. Or the search system, but I can't fix those, but I can make suggestion. And thanks again. I focus, mainly, on the communications issue because that I might be able to effect. Just shout loud enough and someone will do something about it.

I know and I am glad you are pointing it out at his post. As the head behind Fim he should know better than using Discord for discussing updates.

My mein issue would be the replacement of green with blue more and more by the way.:raritywink:

  • Viewing 125 - 129 of 129
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