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For all you people who like most of the juicy clop that TAW creates, this is the Club for you!
'Nuff said.

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Completely unrelated but:
I am Lord Ghirahim!!!
I am much more FABULOUS than anyone here.
You, you and yes, even you TAW...

So, if you think you can challenge Fabulousity, step up now.
Also, my fabulous wench:

A Warm Summer's Evening just got posted on EQD, congrats TAW you are now (officially) badass. Oh and BTW most of the guys over there don't know that you are infact a Pegasister, I suggest to clear this up a little bit :rainbowwild:


I'm not offended--though the idea of my person-insert being a stallion is uh, different--it just seems pretty silly to do
but I've never liked meta, so yeah
your story, do what you like!

Well, it's not really shipping with you. It's more of a silly satirical thing with a romantic angle. I don't use the name 'TAW' in there anywhere. I'm having Rarity be a fanfic author that's a composite, and her suitor is also a composite (of different people). Meant more to just be fun.

Sorry if I offended you or anything.


please no

FICEPTION is so fun! :raritystarry:

284158 I laught very hardly at your comment dear sir. I meant my comment as a joke, but sure go ahead and write Fanfics about fanfics :rainbowlaugh:

>But as long as there are no Fanfics about TAW writing Fanfics, I can roll with it I guess

Awwwwwwwww... *blushes*

Well, I sort of did that, in my fic 'My Little Humie: Fanfiction is Social' (although it's incomplete). It's about two sexual-fanfic authors that meet up with each other in real-life and have sexy-times. Rarity is basically me+SilentAuthor+Liquid_Rainbows and a stallion yet to be revealed in the story is TAW.

284065 Wasn't someone just on the Featured Box (or was on the featured box at some point) for doing the exact thing you just said?

284024 i also joined for teh lulz :pinkiehappy:

I know that TAW is awesome, and I'm not questioning it. I didn't want to offend anyone (As you can see I'm in the group as well). I just wanted to point up that I found the idea of a Fangroup rather strange. But as long as there are no Fanfics about TAW writing Fanfics:pinkiecrazy:, I can roll with it I guess :scootangel:

284023 First off, it's not an account, it's a group, which Youtube does not have.
Second, TAW is awesome.
Third, I saw that Michelangelo (no idea if I spelled that right) made one for AbsoluteAnonymous, and I figured that TAW was also cool enough to have her own.
BTW, TAW is now Admin.


I have legitimately no idea why this group exists, but if you guys want to inflate my ego I'm not gonna stop you.

284023 I find this a silly idea, so I joined for the lulz.. if every somewhat decent author gets their own fanclub now, idk if I would agree either..(Though, TAW is REALLY REALLY good, so maybe it is justified here..)
(but this wasnt started by TAW anyway, so I can't blame her or anyone for it, it isnt really self serving if you did not cause it)

I don't know if I should join this group. TAW writes incredibly good stories, but I'm not sure about the idea of a fanclub about a defined author. Shouldn't the ones who like to read the stories just watch the author rather than creating a fanclub? I mean not even Youtube has Accounts dedicated to other accounts.

Hey, peoples!
*looks through list* WHAT? TAW hasn't joined his own group!? C'mon, girl, be cool!

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