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This sneaky fox, always clad in a blue mask and gloves, has long been a bane of unwary travelers with loose accouterments.


By day, Rarity works as an immensely talented fashionista with a knack for fitting customers into amazing outfits. By night, she takes on the identity of the fanficiton author extraordinaire known as 'SilentRainbows' on PISfiction. Silent, an obsessive fanmare of 'My Little Human: Progress Is Scientific', has a knack for steamy shipping, fitting characters into the most erotic situations. She playfully chats with her followers, but one other author in particular, going by the name 'The-Big-Humie' or TBH, has a talent for leaving sweet comments and writing tender scenes that leaves her swooning.

Rarity can't take her budding friendships and possible romance very far, feeling so odd towards these semi-anonymous users that still represent real flesh and blood ponies. She sets up a clandestine get-together between some of PISfiction's most prolific authors. She vows to herself to find TBH and turn these online erotic fantasies into a wonderful reality.

I came up with this fanfic out of a request by RandomPerson. It's currently rated 'teen' for 'not yet'. The excellent story 'The Moony Maiden' by Dubs Rewatcher in particular gave some great inspiration, as did many other stories, too many to name. Thanks for reading.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 158 )

I am scared of this fic, very very scared. Will put under "Read Later."

I was actually tempted to write something like this but instead of Rarity, Lyra would be the main focus. That and I would of made parodies of Knighty and Poultron just to make it more hysterical.

But you beat me to it. Oh well.

Good job, well done.


A Swiper story?

Laaaaaaame :rainbowkiss: :trollestia:

455317 I agree with you, these stories are pretty damn scary. And I'm also a fan of Horror. :applejackunsure:

Oh, and this is to the author:
Your weird and downright creepy role reversal stories are not welcome here.

I must confess I giggled, and at a few points, empathized.

description, was thinking about something esle, now is having the same feeling from watching shed.mov :rainbowderp:

Well, this is certainly a creative way to provide insight into the mind of a FIMfiction author... I was not aware that you authors have such a complex relationship with your readers. The Downton Abbey reference made me smile, as it's one of the few non-animated shows I am a fan of (this doesn't make me a faget does it?); I have thought that if someone wrote a pony crossover, it would make for an interesting and different story. Good job so far, I'll be tracking to see what happens!

Unlike everyone else here, I grin evilly with evil joy at these kind of role reversal fics. Elton?! U mad? Love the opening to the show - it's not a complete mirror image of MLP. Love that Sweetie Belle doesn't like it. I like the choice of Rarity as the viewpoint character - she is creative enough to be the kind of person to write fanfiction, yet has the right personality to be nervous and embarassed about it.

And pony-in-guyville stories sucks! Truly, totally!:ajbemused:

It was decent. Not really my cup of tea, so i won't be tracking it. Good luck though on your future chapters.

i liked it. i've always liked role reversals. though the, uhm, implied shipping that's about to happen is a bit, uh, not my cup of tea? oh, not that i mind shipping! uhm, but the fact this is essentially a humorous mirror to this website and the community therein makes the soon-to-be Rarity-Somepony shipping a bit, uh, ew ... for me. because ... well, uhm, i mean ...


This... Is written perfection of my average FiMfiction experience. I could say that it's good, but it's simply better than that.
In the words of a great author, "Favorited with extreme Prejudice."

I don't see what's gotten everyone so up in arms over this. It's a well-written story with an intriguing premise, good characterization, and an excellent representation of this very website. My only complaint is that that Me Gusta face should've probably been ponified. Oh, and apparently Discord is free? And kept harmless by Pinkie Pie? Yeah, a bit more detail there would be nice.

Faved and tracking. I look forward to seeing who else in the humie community, and what Rarity's friends think of her fandom.

This could be interesting, watching.

A satire that's as soft as a pile of lace-coated pillows covered with marshmallows scares you guys?

"Oh, you..."


>con-firmed for non-faget

Thanks very much for reading! :heart:

The Rarity shipping is going to be with a certain pony that's well-known to the mane cast face-face, and it's going to be very heavily on the 'tender and romantic' side.

Well at lest this is not happening to me!


Though it is a good satire. I feel that romantic stuff is not my cup of tea. Also posted that before reading, looking back it was stupid of me.

I'm actually a fan of what if stories tracking this for more updates

ill keep this simple

*ahem* MOOOOOOOAAAAAAR!!!! :flutterrage:

I will now blow your minds with logic. Swiper wrote US as the ponies, and the PONIES as us(with the exception of the mane six). Fight that logic.:trollestia:
All seriousness aside, awesome story. I will now play the waiting game until it updates.
The waiting game sucks.

I couldn't help but think of this when I saw the show's title.

Anyway, I hope you keep at it.

"You're the bane of my internet existence, No_Limit_Coltcuddler!"
I'll use this line some point in my life I promise.

Judging from the author's talent for audience-insert, this story... has every right to make me a bit nervous. Especially because I'm here by PM'd request.

Now to dinner, reading and opinionizing on my return.

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Rarity let out a soft moan for a split-second.

Notifications: 24

Rarity burst out with a sugary "Squee!"

I know all of this feel

"This is shipping with Elton? The flamboyant one? And it's not m/m?"

Everything looks great so far, it took me a few seconds to remember anything in italics were inner thoughts. Meaning I became quite confused when Rarity said one thing then another.

Also it feels weird to have them prodding at us, it ain't natural I tells ya.

I'm happy that you liked it. :rainbowkiss:

And, yeah, this is very, very, very close to a pure autobiography of myself. I feel glad that it's not being flamed; I was afraid of that. :yay:

Okay. So I got as far as the start of "Blitzkrieg Bop" - and I actually had to cue the song before continuing. This is the first time I have actually succumbed to songfic.

>odd sense of this starting to seem like work

>Notifications: 24 / Rarity burst out with a sugary "Squee!"
Sssthh. Ouch, you've got me there.

>Rarity already posed her hooves against her belly, making little circles in her warm fur.
No comment.

So, yeah. This is pretty much what it's like to be a fic writer. We even secretly live in Equestria. No complaints. More please.

And if this is some kind of coded confession... (deep breath)
Let's hold on to what we have, chapter by precious chapter, but I'm a free bird not to be caged. As terrible as it is to break you heart, I hope it's kinder now than to let you catch me editing some other guy's fic.


Good lord. Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Bill Nye the Science guy... all in a band? We need this show. Right now.

So yes. Ignore my previous comment. This had me in tears from laughing. *Favorited*

Thanks to everyone to reading! I hope to hammer out the other chapters this upcoming week! :rainbowdetermined2:

Don't forget that it also contains Keith Moon, Kate Nash, and Joey Ramone-- and that they have a rocket car! :rainbowwild:

I have roughly $3.50 in small change. It is yours if you convince all of those humans to Mage PiS.


Sorry, but the My Little Human show is about science, through and through.



Now there's a site you can't say the name of without it sounding dirty...

I am disappoint that this isn't an animated series. I would watch the FUCK outta that show. It'd be one of the best things to come out in years.

FIRST!!! :pinkiehappy:
great chapter

Oh the joys and terrors of internet RAEG and DRAMA!

Why are the first bunch of comments so negative? Did they even read it?

Oh god TAW

Oh, real life meet-ups. When they're good, they're very good. But when they're bad...

Anyway, Rarity's difficulty in tearing herself away from PISfiction is... well, embarrassingly familiar. I look forward to seeing which pony you decide to put with which pseudonym.

Nice jab and parody of the community, you even included the all the little details like the authors and comments. Also nice show idea it's like the Best of Rock meets Bill Nye and Happy Days. I only wish my knowledge of music were greater so I could better point out the references.
Looking forward to seeing how this little shindig turns out.

Wow, you really hate passive voice, don't you? :duck:

I just realized...

FIMFiction = PISFiction

FIMFiction: Pronounced fim fiction.

PISFiction: Pronounced piss fiction.

Therefore: FIMFiction = piss.

You truly are a genius. And dat self parody...

I really like how you are creating a parallell that isn't a close duplicate!

There aren't enough of these stories. At least not in the rabble I'm seeing.

That's certainly emotional and deep. Hope things go better for her at her party.

i like the whole concept... but Rarity write a fanfic with... THAT stuff in it.... :rainbowderp: right....... i'll pass

Awwwwwwwwwwwww... :fluttercry:

Thanks for giving it a chance, at least.

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