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285485 Yeah... kinda old and moldy now.

/) and i never cry this story moved me so much that i couldn't let them just die so i started writing mld 5 i have three chapters up i hope everypony likes it :rainbowdetermined2:

284882 not all that shiny now are we?

I'm new here. See? I'm still shiny.

It was one of my faves. I read it at work on a lunch break and had to fight the tears. It was a little maddening... I didn't expect it to hit me like it did, but it did.

that was such a sad story...
It was 11:30 p.m and i cried very hard in my pillow and when i looked back at it it was soaked with tears.
I coulden't sob very hard though. because i would have woke up my parents doing so.
So sad..... But a good fanfic none the less...


281284 Just because the man killed himself dosen't mean we should suddenly have this new found need to follow/read his stories. Fair enough it's tragic when something like that happens but honestley a small part of me thinks he just wanted attention, a very very small part.

When I read My Little Dashie... let's just say it made me cry so much I haven't been able to cry on any sad fic for around a month now.

I feal "dad's" pain. I totaly understand and feal his sorrow and enmtyness that he got in his heart.

I will never forget the fic. It stole my ability to cry.

281448 If you are wondering about me saying my blog post. search for Dark Castle on this site, and check his blogs

(I get emotional)

281282 Oh I'm not following... I just found that very sad and set it as my blog... A Brony Man tear was shed...

281281 I have already made a small difference (You didn't follow him)
now let it grow

281277 Thanks man... Thats my new blog....

281274>>281241>>281217 READ MY LATEST BLOG POST AND DO AS I SAY
He shall be missed


281232 Um, yes they have.

281217 Not yet my friend.. Not yet...


265391 Just realized this?

Anyone suggest a fic which follows Rainbow Dash back into Equestria? Someone must have done one.

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