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All my little dashies And Fans All ALWAYS welcome!

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I really doubt that anyone is all that active in this group anymore, but I just saw it and I figured it'd be a good place to put in my fifth installment. Not to sure what happened with DashieFan258's, but as far as I know, I'm the only user on Fimfiction that's successfully completed a fifth installment for the My Little Dashie series. And the ratings aren't bad either. I'm still making small adjustments, AKA grammar, and word flow and the rare misspelled word. But anyway, feel free to take a look at it.

Hello! I'd like to be updated on this too! If you need my skype to get ahold of me just shoot me a message! :rainbowkiss:

Hey, just thought you guys would be interested in this but uh... i am currently working on a fifth installment of the my little dashie series.

u really need 2 make more of #4 ajd200:rainbowderp:

I already did

Hey guys just wondering if you wanna join this group instead.

Ok I need to update SKYPE but then we can fo it up:twilightsmile: PS do you have a you tube account?

where and when do we start i have skype so i have a couple ideas and also a couple other story ideas

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