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More and more stuff on Fimfiction got blue instead of green, (Story chapters, the bar at the top, links in Pm's, etc:pinkiesick:) we don't want that! Give us back green, please:pinkiesad2:

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I want banners back

I like the way it looks. I read on dark theme though. It's just the links that look a bit off.

Also, the word was overkill, not overhaul :twilightsmile:


The dark theme is not an overhaul if you have eyes that are light sensitive. If it weren't for the dark theme, I wouldn't be able to spend nearly as much time on here nor would I have so much work done either.

There is now a threat by alkarian which explains how you get stylish and set some stuff back to green :pinkiehappy:

It is an extend for the browser, Opera has it. I don't know about the others.

I installed it and then downloaded the Fim-stylesets in green colour. So the top bar is green again:yay: Sadly not the links and other stuff.

There was the link in the discuss about Knighty's post:

Through stylish? What does this mean? How do I activate the dark theme?

Stylish is great... Dark theme is overkill, few lines of CSS work just fine

a, a:hover { color: #4f8822; }
a.chapter-read > i {
color: #4f8822 !important;

Who cares of what color it is

Getting around blue links is beyond easy. Just use the FimFic dark theme through Stylish and you'll still have green it is a whole lot easier on the eyes.

Could they also bring back the character icons? I would really like that.

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