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Progress of the next chapter of TDATP2 · 3:49pm Saturday

Well, I just finished the writing of it:yay: So the main content stand, and I know where everything is going.:twilightsmile:

So the next step is to edit it, not by my editor for gramma and such, but by me for dialog of the show char that comes into play this time. I want to make this chapter believable and sounding fitting for your entertainment. Whoever the char may be...

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I think a progress bar could be a good idea · 9:00pm Aug 29th, 2017

I finsihed writing chapter 25 now. :yay:

Now the long process of finding an editor can start. :raritydespair:

Anyhow, the chapter is 6984words long and should come up with some interesting plot changes. After loosing my last editor, I decided to shorter the story a bit, so the speed which the plot develops will increase a bit too.

Sorry for the longer time without update:twilightsheepish:

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Wow, hadn't expected that. Apologie accepted.:twilightsmile:

And I can see why you was unhappy with it, for me it was simple unclear that chapter 6 had a new author, I thought it was the same author who drasticly changed his story, which made me ask why. Knowing there was a 5 years pause and a change in writer, it is comepletly understandable.

Hello again,
I’ve had time to reflect on what I wrote below and you are right, I apologise. I am sorry for the petty comments I made.

I already had felt upset about something else that had occurred in my day before you messaged the first time on my Discord server. I then felt attacked when your first message was that you were disappointed with the chapter I’d written in ‘Luna Switched’. However, I shouldn’t have projected those feelings onto you so I apologise.

Well done for putting a continuous effort into learning and writing in a foreign language, and for proving that your efforts pay off by having stories in English that have been featured.

I wish you every success going forward and will learn from this experience ,
All good things,

Alright, we can both move on, after I set one thing right. The rewiew was requested. Maybe it was a miscklick, or some other error occured and it is fine, but I took it from the review groups main folder, so a request it was.

Anyway, I move on to the next one in line as you requested and wish you the best with the story and your audiodramas. :twilightsmile:

Let this be an end to it then; a review was not requested. I don’t want one. Please move on to someone willing and worthy of a review who has asked for one.


You do realise that that is a praise? English is not my first language and I do not notice such errors on my own. But interesting ideas is a praise for the story your team has written non the less.

And I don't rememebr you said I should not, you said you do not request it anymore. I really wonder why you are so hostile all of the sudden? Quit following me, mock about my lack of english, what is your problem suddenly? If you don't want me to write that review why didn't you just say so? I don't know at all why you are angry with me now?

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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