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Chapters is out, Artwork is split in two places · 7:41am April 28th

[Adult story embed hidden]

New chapter is out! If you was curtious about the capital of the Kirins, that is the chapter for you! Also with some influence of my fans :raritywink:

The normal SFW artwork is in the chapter as always, the NSFW is on ym Discord Server in the NSFW channel:twilightsmile:

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Heh thanks. :p

True, true it is but a short time for one old as you. 😋

Happy anniversary:trollestia:

Also, one year is nothing in the live of a 4000+ years old dragon:rainbowwild:

Mmhmmm I mean we have known each other what, almost a year if not longer now? XD *giggles*

*innocent Dragon noises* I thought it was time to make it official :rainbowwild:

Only barely starting to watch me, eh? 😋 *chuckles*

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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