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Just looking around for some Fics to read. In some cases I will occasionally place some stories here for others to find!

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Hey thanks for the fave and the follow! I'm glad you liked my story :pinkiehappy:

Hello and thanks for visiting my web page! Feel free to look around, see any stories you like?
However, As you can see I have a small collection of stories for now but in due time it will grow.
Who knows? Maybe I'll even think about adding one of your stories for other people to find?:ajsmug:

Hey, thanks for following me! :pinkiehappy: I'd love to hear your thoughts on my stories or recommendations of good stories to read. :twilightsmile:

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Short Summary of me:

Hello! And welcome to my webpage!

I list cool and interesting fan fictional stories that is yet to be noticed by the community! If there is an interesting story you would like me to check out, feel free to Pm me and with luck, maybe you will have a chance to be listed in the story file I have created. Do note that I Might review your story at the end of your story. Frequently, the review might include criticism but I am simply giving you a constructive feed back, any words that you think might be offensive in your view is just me expressing the flaws in your story. Not in a way that I am rudely and offending you and your story, it is just me expressing the things that you need to improve that was seen as a weakness or a small problem in your story, so that you can improve in anyway possible. So no hard feelings just me acting kind!:twistnerd:

Facts about me and why I created a Fimfiction account:

As you might have seen, I have begin cataloging many stories into a list in my webpage, why you ask? I'll answer this as short as possible,

When I was younger, I am inspired to be a Writer. I have dreamed that one day I might write a story, a fanfictional one at least, but due to my first language not being English. It was exceptionally difficult to correctly write proper English, let alone During my youthful years I have scoured the internet for a place to start improving my grammatical and speaking in English. That cause me to stumble upon Fimfiction, a lush and active place for writers to create stories of My Little Pony(Created by Hasbro). In my eyes this was a Gold mine, a rich place to improve my English by looking at how the Writers write thier stories. During my time in Fimfiction I have stumbled upon many stories, stories that had potential in them. Yet, they are unnoticed. Simply left in the dark, not recognized and hidden from the users that could've read them. This was problem in my mind, so as a loyal Fimfiction reader I had to fix this. How you ask; by making a catalogue of stories for people to find them.

Eventually, I created a Fimfiction account to solve this predicament hence G3AR B0X was born! Afterwards begin my long journey to list good stories that was needed to be known by the community. Maybe even make a story of my own. This sums up the summary past of my anonymous days (Yes.... I am that one anonymous guy who reviews random stories mysteriously.). So that's practically my history in Fimfiction as of lately!

If you are still reading until this point then I'm sincerely grateful for reading my experience in my past life in Fimfiction. You can help me out by telling people of my webpage so they can easily help the stories that need more attention.

You can also ask me to include your story in my list, it is the least I can do. Consider it as a way for me to say thank you for reading this entire summary


Stories with hidden potential