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I'll be gone for a while... · 3:05am November 24th

Hello everybody...

I'd like to reiterate and further explain the situation I mentioned in my previous blog.

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Ok no rush do what you haft to do:twilightsmile:

I've been very busy with a lot of other projects in and outside of FIMfiction. Some of these projects are almost complete so I should have a bit of free time.

My main focus in terms of stories is The Nameless Queen, but if I have enough time, I'll try writing a new chapter for Daughter of the Sea, I just can't say when it will happen :applejackunsure:

When will we see another chapter of daughter of the sea:rainbowhuh:

Take a look at her commission website. There, you'll find a link to her DA :raritywink:

Will consider it, been thinking I would need a OC of myself, just hadn't found a cool idea to use until recently. Does she have a deviantart by chance?

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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