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Set in an alternate timeline. Fluttershy encounters a strange creature in the woods. After realizing the animal is injured she tries nursing it back to health only to discover she has one of the most dangerous and powerful mages ever to inhabit Equestria in her care.

Story idea is from alarajrogers.

Cover art by the amazing C-Puff who kindly gave me permission to use it.

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Awesome! Can't wait for you to add Fluttershy+more chapters. This story has potential, so please keep writing! ^.^

Very intriguing and exciting! Can't wait for more-- please continue this story. :D

Ohhh, this sounds exciting! Wonderful job!

And so begins another fluttercord ride, with Wooly at the wheel. I am ready for the adventure, El capitan. I love it already. Hopefully Alara will too. I know I will be here to write crack-like reviews for you!

This sums up how I feel about this story

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Another Fluttercord story begins my decent into madness needing more and more until I finally make one month's later but I never publish it finally I look in my feed and another chapter is posted...but its 2,000 words -_-:pinkiecrazy:

I love it already! How quickly "I'm bored; give me a challenge," becomes "too much challenge; make it stop!" Poor ol' Discord.

I'm glad such an amazing writer got a hold of this idea. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

Good story so far! Will follow. :twilightsmile:

Take your time! I enjoyed this.

Oohh, I'm hooked! I found this idea fascinating when Alara posted it, but I'm even more excited to see it written down, and by you, too. Oh, and good luck on the interview!

More you beautiful bastard

I ate this up like candy and I'm just so incredibly excited for this. And once again, you add all these zoological elements to it and it flows so smoothly and really gives us a look into Fluttershy's way of thinking without having her say anything outright. And Harry. I freaking LOVE Harry.

So glad to read more from you Woolly. I'm so excited for this!!!

I always love how,thoughtful and unorthodox your stories are. Can't wait to journey with you on this one. And find out what they shot into his head, yeesh... One of the crystals of the tree of harmony?

I'll be waiting here for a,month, then. Good luck with the interview!!

This story is awesome. I love hurt Discord and Fluttershy fics. :heart:

Oh, he is a sapient being Fluttershy, and a dangerous one."


Great chapter!

THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please oh please continue to write more chapters! With Discord recovering and now able to speak, there's so many interesting things that can happen next. And I can't wait to read about them.


I always love how,thoughtful and unorthodox your stories are.

Thank you, but this one isn't actually my idea. Alara Rogers came up the basic plot outline and I'm filling in the fine details/doing the writing.

And find out what they shot into his head, yeesh... One of the crystals of the tree of harmony?

The answer to your question is in the new chapter. :)

Love this story! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

omg, this is amazing!! cute Harry Potter reference btw ;) I love the pace this is going at and can't wait to see when Discord wakes up!


Hee, I was hoping someone would pick up on that reference. I'm convinced that in an alternate universe Twilight Sparkle and Hermione Granger know each other. ;)

Lol, I was so deeply into this that it was a surprise when I reached the end of the chapter... What... But no... I need more.... I can tell this is about to get amazing!


Hopefully it will be less than a month this time before the next chapter is out! Paperwork for my new job is taking longer than expected, so I might have more writing time after all!

I'll read it later, my friend sent me here to your story so I hope it good :ajbemused:

Can't wait for the next chapter. BTW, can you make him say more stuff? Also, who's the romance category for? Fluttershy/Seth, or something else?


The romance tag is for Fluttercord, but I'm going to be building up to that slowly. (This isn't a spoiler, I've been pretty open about what kind of fic this is, though hopefully there will be a few surprises.) I'm hoping with this fic that the journey will be as interesting as the destination. In all my other fics Discord is crushing on Fluttershy already. In this one I get to do it from scratch.

Discord hasn't mastered speech yet as he's only woken up from brain surgery, so "Shy" is the first word he's spoken in over 1000 years.

Well, we've finally gotten a word out of him. I wonder how long before we'll get that sass and snark back. Likely a while. Based on the memory problem, and the end of the prologue mentioning he began to forget everything, there's a lot to go through.

I do totally get that feeling, though. I only had surgery once, and it was minor, but I was still knocked out. The wake up was a blurry bliss, is what I remember.


Believe me, writing him without the sass and snark is SO HARD, but I'm being good and not rushing things for the sake of the story.

I do totally get that feeling, though. I only had surgery once, and it was minor, but I was still knocked out. The wake up was a blurry bliss, is what I remember.

I know, right? They need to find out how to bottle that feeling!

I think my favorite part of this particular chapter is the switching viewpoints. We got a lot of Discord's viewpoint in this one. I know it's not the first instance of it in this story, but I felt that it was a lot more than the other ones, and it really gave us a great picture of how it felt to be him...as he's lived as something he's not. Discord acting like an animal instead of himself...You've given us a lot of powerful images to help us imagine it. So far it's given me a lot of different emotions. The way they dealt with Discord was rather savage, and reading about him in this kind of condition makes me pity him while adding a darker side to the kingdom of Equestria. Because even in a kingdom that appears in a little girl's show, there were still instances of war and unrest, especially considering the S5 finale. Imagining an army with no other options, with a crystal as their only hope, makes me think of the Equestria we saw in the finale's AU with Sombra still at power. But this time, we see the aftermath on the antagonist's side, and it's not only devastatingly sad and pitiful, but a little bit scary.
You don't mess with ponies. Ever.
But the darkness of the situation is made less so thanks to Fluttershy, and her compassion and seeing Discord's cautious nature giving into her mercy really makes you...kinda happy. It's basically just an amazing example of what makes Fluttershy important and gifted, and having Discord respond to her gift in this way is something we'd never see in the show. This actually would have been a great way to have Fluttershy reform Discord in the first place, actually. I can see why Alara came up with this and why you loved it enough to write it. It's completely different from what actually transpired in the show, but in the end, it's still the same: Fluttershy will try to reform him. But in this way, it's more gradual and because Fluttershy found him when he was more like an 'animal' and treated him well and cared for him despite his appearance and dangerous behavior, than it only makes sense that Celestia would make him her responsibility and give Discord more of a reason to be attracted to the idea of befriending her.
It just makes so much sense and I don't know, I just really really really really really really really really like this.
And once again, I just really love seeing Fluttershy use her gift and see you, Woolly, use your inner biologist in your writing. That's always a treat to read.

This is the cutest chapter yet. Discord eating soup messily and messing up the bedsheets. Fluttershy talking to him like a person while he just stares at her with a cocked head like a confused puppy.
Discord saying "Shy" as his first word in a thousand years.


Gosh, thank you.:twilightsmile: I'm glad all that came across.

One of the things I'm looking forward to doing in this story that I've not been able to do with my previous ones is write not only the romance, but the friendship from scratch. In all my other fics it's clear to the reader that Discord has feelings for Fluttershy from the start. With this one there's going to be a lot more build up.

(Also, can you tell I have insomnia? It's 3:30am here.)

Another chapter already yay! I think the sweetest thing was Fluttershy including a spoon then being a little sad when he didn't use it. Also she is very brave to be taking care of him alone. Bb

Thank you for the wonderful update! :twilightsmile:

What a sweet chapter. You know, I was actually thinking that Discord's red blood cells would be all over the place, like he'd have mammal red blood cells, bird's rbcs, llamas, lol XD


I did consider it, but in a hospital environment it wouldn't have made much sense.

This is so adorable!!!!!!!!!! Please update SOON!!!! :)

Loved this chapter! I want to see more and who the antagonists are!

I've been under GA twice this past year.

I don't know what they used, but whatever it was once I was awake it was like I'd been given nothing at all. All anesthetic sensations were simply gone in a flash. I know several exist which can be quickly negated by an infusion of another substance which displaces the anesthetic, but even those don't wear off as fast as whatever I got.

Anyway, this seems interesting enough... though I can hazard a guess at who Discord used to be in this story.

6958783 Unless he was a literal universal recipient... of every blood type in the multiverse... DISCORD CAN HAZ ALL DA BLUD!! :rainbowlaugh:


"Need some giraffe, stat. And Llama...what do you mean we've run out of the cameloids?"


I wasn't trying to hide his identity from the reader, but from the point of view of Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane 6. They had no idea who he was until Celestia told them.

Gorgeous chapter! Love the slow build in their relationship and Discord's personality revealing itself. Whatever did happen to Prince Stellarium anyway?

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