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This story is a sequel to Mending Hearts:Fluttercord

Discord and Fluttershy are enjoying marital bliss, however Discord quickly learns that love is more chaotic than chocolate filled cotton candy clouds. His patience is tried many times in their marriage, but in the end his love for her shines through. Who ever said love didn't come with a little bit of chaos?

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Omigosh! So much fluffiness in the last chapter.

atomicpuffin did you forget to mark this story complete and i liked Book Two of this series hope they is more in the future

Oh my gosh this was so cute!!! <3

Not bad. Although, the part where Discord helps the princesses and Fluttershy faints at the spa (the spa) sounds all too much like DoD.

I bet you read it.

Other than my complaining, it was solid. No glaring grammar mistakes, no slow story, no. You got it down.

"Well, looks like the baby is going to take after daddy in every way!"
Discord watched his wife eat her food and thought miserably to himself,
Yeah...that's what I'm afraid of…

That screamed DoD.

She hadn't lied, but she hadn't told him the complete truth either.

I've done this before. Protecting a friend's secret from a friend is harder than you think.

I command you to make this a book! Just kidding. But seriously, make this a book.

5349971 :rainbowlaugh: um ok I'll get right on that after LOP :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

You are really good at giving people heart attacks. I LOVE IT!!!!:pinkiehappy:

In the two chapters before I couldn't stop crying:raritycry::fluttercry: But I am greatful for a happy ending

IT'S SO FRICKIN CUTE!!!! :raritydespair::raritydespair::heart::pinkiehappy::heart::heart:

Oh, Discord... you bucked up. :ajbemused::derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:

I guess pegasi and drconequui have needs to. :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

"What?! Discord wait, what do you mean so am I!? Discord!"

Waite, what? :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

At the beginning I feel really disgusted. First and second char looks werry similar to DoD, and I don't like when someone write like others and (in my opinion) stealing other people's ideas. But I give a chance to this story, I read and read, and I found something! I like it. So, first impression was really bad, but second... :raritystarry:
Really good work!

then chocolate rain began to chase them

I always wondered what the song they listened to was. I'm going to take a guess and say it's this one:


I knew Fluttershy was Immortal.

Spike and Applejack

Damnit I don't know if it was brought up in an earlier but this story just lost a small bit of my respect. A small bit!!!

Still like this story though.

Great story looking forward to the next one.

Well that's kinda weird and also, kinda scary that an unborn baby already has magic and is using it from within it's mommy's tummy.

I'm with Discord on this. She was two hours overdue from calling him and walked back. No wonder he was freaked out and upset.

6663137 Same here. I just can't fathom why there are people who ship this. :facehoof:

I nearly cried at this chapter. it hurts so much to read his pain.

SQUEE!!!:pinkiehappy: Whenn Fluttershy first got the spots, I thought that it would be something bad. REAL BAD. But then she smiled, and oneway or the other, I knew what was going on.:twilightsheepish:

"What was that? Is it supposed to do that?" That part was HILLARIOUS!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Wooo!!! First Comment!!! Any way, Awww!!!:rainbowkiss:

First again? Well, this is a cute and unique fluttercord moment!s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/5b/c9/b2/5bc9b25b42395d411dc47948d63dad9e.jpg
Hope she comes. :ajsmug:

Very quick, maybe it is just me. idk. anyway, here is my picture for the comment!:fluttershyouch:

Almost made me cry. Almost.:fluttercry: happy tears and sad tears for fluttershy.

6762191 It is because Spike saved AJ from the timberwolves in 'Spike at Your Service'. Which is actually a really good episode.

7938602 I personally find that episode to have lots of flaws. But that's just my opinion.

But no one's talking about the Rarity and Fancy Pants pairing? The guy has a wife for goodness' sake.

I loved your story. I was crying through most of it. Very good!

Im having "Cupcake's" flashbacks.


She ran her hoof over the soft bedding of the crib, picked up a few of the toys he had created, most of which were different stuffed animals. He took great joy and pride when she started admiring the paintings along the blue walls.


For them to have a stable relationship and for Dissy dear not to go crazy over her death she'd have to be immortal! I mean DUH! Heheh wat I'm sayin' is she HAS to be immortal! It only makes sense.:trollestia:

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