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\m/ I like the devil's music (and his beard). Hide your daughters etc. I mostly write Discord stuff, because nobody parties like a trickster god.


"How do I know you're real Fluttershy?"

Discord struggles with accepting reality when four of his senses have been stunted for so long.

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Very well played.
Also very original:eeyup:

I'm not crying...I've got something in my eye! *sniffles*

...I wish you'd write more with this story. It's a BRILLIANT idea! A BRILLIANT start! I love this! And...the feels... :pinkiesad2:

A thousand d'awws. :twilightsmile:

I've read a tiny handful stories mentioning the idea of Discord thinking all that happened, with the reformation, being in his head. I love them more than I should. You can't be trapped in stone for a thousand years and are just peachy-keen once you're freed. None I could think of were so... emotionally heavy, though. I needed a minute afterward. Vulnerable Discord is such a punch to the gut.

This is the cutest, most touching thing I have read in a long time. Surprisingly enough, this is only the 2nd fic that I've read that touches on the topic of Discord thinking nothing is real. Bravo!

I've always found that whole solipsistic argument fascinating; prove to me you're not a figment of my imagination.

Well told story, bravo.

Hmm was it inspired by "Light Rain" perhaps? :pinkiehappy:

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That's the way I've always seen it. How can anyone be in solitary confinement for centuries and be okay? I would so not be okay. What's also amazing is that despite his urge to cause chaos he has no desire to kill anyone. I mean, okay, children's cartoon, but Tirek and Sombra at least have the implication that they would capable of killing, and Tirek tried to blow up Twilight's home with her in it.


The idea of Discord losing his grip on reality because of the statue was a headcanon I had before I read Light Rain and comes from the idea that lengthy solitary confinement and sensory deprivation would literally destroy anyone's grip on sanity. Also, the idea that a being that could create ANYTHING would doubt his own sanity was something I pondered back when I watched Discord as Q on Star Trek TNG.

However, I have to admit that Alara's stuff is a huge influence on me, and I'm pretty sure some of her stuff subconciously seeps into what I write. For instance, the "you cannot go against nature" theme was something she had written, then I realized I had also written it, and I honestly cannot tell one way or the other if it was something that influenced me and I just don't remember it. I left a panicked message on her wall because I was worried she would think I had copied her.

The "Tirek felt Discord up in a dark alley" line she used was totally the inspiration for Still Remains though, which remains one of the few stories I actually feel 100% proud of.

Deep and adorable:pinkiehappy:

I'd be 100% proud of this one if I'd written it, it's so powerful! The being who can do almost anything being almost completely incapacitated is a hell of a dent to the status quo, one which will take many story arcs to recover from. There's so much room in this for more stories and I want them all.


Thank you!

I used to think Discord got through it by going into stasis, until the episode Keep Calm and Flutter On, where he point blank says: "Being turned to stone doesn't keep me from hearing every word Celestia says."

Scary, man.

Poor Discord. He's very lucky Kindness is his best friend.

Also, this story...I...I NEED TO HUG DISCORD.

Such a different take on discord, and a very possible one. I think the disparity between discords usual attitude and his PTSD like self in this story lends it a kinda melancholy feel to me. Discord is hurt, badly.

I liked the tie in of the gala and fluttershys resolve to help Discord. Its very iin character for her.

Well done.

Whoa. That was just powerful. Bravo!

Everything you write is amazing. Dude, just...HOW?!:raritystarry:

I'm crying:fluttercry:

Oh my...this story is so beautiful:heart::applecry: It's so tragic yet hopeful, bittersweet yet uplifting. Unlike most tragic MLP stories or tragic Fluttercord stories, there's a message of light through the darkness in this one. It reminds me of those stories of people with Alzheimer's or schizophrenia. They struggle to keep their grip on reality, try to have a normal life, and show their loved ones that they care for them. While the loved ones try to stay strong for them, try to help them in any way they can by showing them how much they love them. This my friend, brings Fluttercord to a whole new level...Bravo:heart:

I love this, it was very tender and touching. Would you consider writing a follow-up? He did confess his love for her after all ;) And I agree, 1000 years of being conscious and not being able to DO anything would drive anyone mad. It's a wonder Discord didn't want to end Equestria when he was released, and that these little moments of confusion are all that is left.


It's also what happens to people when they suffer from sensory deprivation. Discord gets bored very easily, so the statue must have been abject hell for him. I do wonder if part of the reason Celestia freed him was because she knew it was so cruel and didn't want him to suffer. She's not a tyrant, after all (despite how some people love to write her). He's essentially a massive childlike being with far too much power, and because he didn't listen to reason (he's Discord) he had to be placed in stone.


I love this, it was very tender and touching. Would you consider writing a follow-up? He did confess his love for her after all ;)

It seems a lot of people want me to continue this story, but I'm not entirely sure how I would end it. He loves her desperately, because no one has ever been so selfless and kind towards him, but conversely because no one has ever been so selfless and kind towards him, he can't quite believe it's real. If she loved him back he'd probably think he was imagining it.

How ironic Discord is on the receiving end of Fluttershy's compassion after he originally brainwashed her into a sadistic bully.


Yes, if she truly was a bully she'd be telling him to "suck it up" and that "he got himself into this mess."

Would also add that Fluttershy has been a cruel bully without Discord's help, but it's not in her nature for it to be permanent.

As it stands, he's at her mercy, and he's just (incredibly) lucky that her friendship is genuine and she is a kind and forgiving person. She's also a kind and forgiving person that sets boundaries, so she's not going to let Discord take advantage of it.

Oh wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as sensory deprivation. Either way, you have written a story where someone who suffers at a level like Discord and give them a message of hope through the darkness they have to travel through each day. That deserves my deepest applause. I agree, I don't think she's a tyrant. She may not be my favorite princess, but she's not a bad pony. I agree, especially in context of this story and Keep Calm and Flutter On, she released Discord because she didn't want him to suffer anymore, not to just simply gain an ally or weapon for power. She has compassion for all creatures, even her enemies. I agree with possibleplaytpus, I would love a follow up to this story. And I think it could be possible if you took the angle of Fluttershy realizing her love for Discord, but he doesn't believe her, so she doesn't everything in her power to convince him otherwise. It could take weeks, months, or even years. This may wear Fluttershy down, but her love for Discord never fades away. Then, one day, without warning, he finally believes her.

Aww, I liked this one. Sad but also sweet, and with a hint of hope at the end. Just the way I like sadder stories to go. And an interesting idea for how all that time in stone might affect him. Well done.


Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I don't think anyone could survive 1000 years of having no sense but hearing with their sanity intact. I watched a documentary once where people voluntarily agreed to take part in an experiment where they lived in an underground bunker with no light for a week. All of them started hallucinating, all of them came out with (temporary) memory problems and they all remarked that the world smelled amazing when they came out of the bunker.

Another beautiful story in your great style. :ajsmug:

That was beautiful!

Um, where are you getting this? The only reference to Celestia in the story is referring to the fact that she's the one who wanted Discord released and who asked Fluttershy to reform him.

Making someone suffer a fate worse than death isn't being a dickhole if there is literally no other way to stop them from making everyone else suffer a fate worse than death. I love Discord, but a world where he can do anything he wants with no restraint whatsoever would have been a horrible, horrible place to live, and you don't even need to assume he is any worse than he's shown to be in the series to recognize this. Discord literally stands against the concept of stability and safety. Ponies who were alive when he was turned to stone would likely have had PTSD from his reign for the rest of their lives.

I mean, I recognize that what Celestia and Luna did to Discord was awful... but they had no other choice, and this story doesn't imply that they did. So where are you getting "Celestia is a dickhole?"

This is sad, but it's not a tragedy. A tragedy is

a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character

Yes, there is also something called a tragedy that means just that something very bad has happened, but in the genre sense, the tag tragedy is referring to the first definition. Tragedy was a bit of a mislabeling, seeing how it had a happy/heartwarming ending, and the tone was one of love and tenderness. Sad is enough.

I really enjoyed this story and shipped them a little more because of this story. I know it's not supposed to be romancy, but I still think they're cute together, all the same.


I'm never quite sure what to do with tags, as it seems there's no room for flexibility on some of them. For example, I've written stories that have both sad and comedic moments in them, yet I can't use both tags.

Tags I also wish existed were "drama" and "hurt/comfort."

6185636 And your response is too daunting to reply to, so I'm just going to buckle out, curl up into a little ball, and go hide in that dark corner over there.

There really is no guarantee that what we're seeing isn't all in our heads. is reality truly objective or just an elaborate illusion. is death merely the awakening of one of our fellow dreamers? Are dreams we have just the failure of our minds to continue having this dream. perhaps someone is trying to shake us awake at those times.
Or perhaps that is when "GOD" is sitting at a simple desk, thinking of what to write next for his unpublished book called life. Maybe we are all semi-sentient programs in vastly more complicated video game whose selling feature is "programs" who think and feel, and our world is a constantly updated sandbox for programers to play god in and we can't remeber how the world used to be more primative and different because that line of code has been erased. Or perhaps I'm just that little voice in the back of your brain, sceaming for you to please wake up, but you CAN'T can you? You can't wake up, and because I'm a part of you, niether can I. Who knows. Maybe I'm just going crazy, or maybe you are, or maybe we BOTH already are. We just can't find the exit from inside our heads because we're so deep in we've lost ourselves. Reality is what you make it.

The concept is simple--well, perhaps not simple, but one that has been around for centuries since Descartes--yet the story is lovely. I've read stories where Discord has suffered trauma and nightmares because of the statue, but I've never read one where he distrusted reality itself. Now that you've introduced the idea, I can't believe I've never thought of it before, especially since he has god-like powers.

It's cute and deep stories like this that make me love this site.

Really beautiful story about how friends are what keep us from just being alone forever in our own illusions. :twilightsmile:


Thank you, Jordan. :twilightsmile:

Sweet filly Celestia, this was perfect in so many ways. I love the themes of derealization and the way it's explored, and all the fluffiness and, just... asfdgvfghgjhkgyhjg this is wonderful thank you

Everything about this is perfect and sweet. I like how you chose to keep whether Discord's feelings or romantic or platonic kinda vague; it stresses how strong their relationship is either way,

It's not that often I get to upvote a Discord story, since so many people can't capture his character. You did that very nicely here, and it made such a difference. A fine read.

Very interesting. Well done.

this was absolutely increadibly
thank you so much for this
woow so inspiring

This is one of the BEST, MOST AMAZING Discord stories I've ever read! It was always in the back in my mind when I'm working on my Fluttercord fics about how Discord had to endure a thousand years of that Hell and yet it was glossed over in the cartoons. Well, you wrote the definitive response to that fact and it's perfect!

Nothing I write will measure up but I don't care because this is AWESOME!

Think this is one of the best Discord stories ever written.

This was so sweet, and also makes me feel so bad for Discord. I never thought about him experiencing lasting effects from being turned to stone, but it would make so much sense.

I don't often comment on these older stories but I must say, this is probably my favourite story on this site so far

This is only the second story I've ever seen that took his sense deprivation into account. Unless his chaos could be used internally even Dizzy would go insane.

Honestly, it’s so refreshing to see a Discord fic that really tackles the sensory deprivation he went through while in stone, as opposed to it him just being very bored by it. Also, you really nailed the general tone of love in the piece without having to clarify what kind it was, which really shows how beautiful their relationship is because they’re so close. Adorable :)

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