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The three monsters birthed by Angraboda and Loki, reviled by the gods and unjustly imprisoned get a offer from their brother Slepneir the Odin's Steed. Since their purpose on Ragnarok has been fulfilled they may follow him to the land of his daughters. The Land of the Diarchs. The Land of Second Chances. The Land of Equestria. Their to earn their chance via their own actions and deeds. What obstacles will be set before them and how will they handle it when the children of those who wronged them the most learn of them and decide to see what mischief the monsters are working?

Also has a Companion now called Monster's Parole

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I'll be the first one, eh? Okay.
Firstly I came here with pretty low expectations, but left pleasantly surprised.
There is some typos, but they're negligible. One thing that I hope you will describe better in future chapters is what happened with Hel and Blue. Didn't quite understand that.

I'll be hopefully waiting for future updates, bit in the meantime..
Your characters reminded me that I still have to finish " Sleipnir's Big Adventure " by BlackRoseRaven.
It was left for too many years on "I'll finish it later" shelf.

The next chapter is up and in it Luna asks that very same question. In it we also examine who that young child is and how Hel has decided to view her. But still I am glad you where pleasantly surprised by this. I honestly just write what I chose and see where it goes.

Also that story is know in my read it later as well.

FINALLY!!! Someone that appreciates Norse Mythology and MLP as a good inspiration for a story.:pinkiehappy:
I thought I was the only one.:fluttercry:
Good story, my only complain is that is too short, anything else would be nitpicking.
Love the connection between the characters and I know knew only two stories besides my own on this site that has Celestia and Luna as Loki's granddaughters. If you are curious here, the last one is mine:

You should join more groups and advertise your stories more, I only found this story because you joined Crossover and I Just Want A Comment groups recently.

Mm-kay. . . . . I like where this is going, so far. Love the idea, and you’ve captured what I’ve always felt made this particular terrible trio cool. . . . The fact that they look like monsters, are feared by everyone, but were never really given a chance to prove who they really were.
You have yourself a reader. ;)

Awww, poor Fenny. :(

That. . . . .
That was beautiful. I am crying right now. THIS is how Loki should be remembered. Not as the sum of all evil, but as a poor, doomed figure, just a flawed and confused as the rest of us.
I am now following you, and this story, and I hope that you right more, soon. :raritywink:

Which their appearence on Eqeusria won’t matter for squat. I appreciate the complement. I always thought these three got a raw deal. So I’m giving them a better one. By the way. I have another story about Loki’s children on Fanfiction.net entitled Heroes of Babysitting. It has a more comedic feel to it and uses the avenger-verse.

I might have to check that out, then! I have finished what you have written so far, and, as my comment on the last chapter says, pretty clearly, loved it. I also cannot wait to see where this is going. Also, if that was who I think it was, in the last chapter, she might wanna be careful who she messes with. :rainbowdetermined2:

Yes because despite everything else, they still love their mommies. Heh heh

Awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:
I can’t wait for the next part!

Did you like Slepneir’s little trick?

Holy hell this is a good story! I just wished that it was longer but it was definitely well thought out and very creative. Good job!

As I said it will be continued in Monster’s Debt Paid. Which will pick up shortly after this last chapter. There may even be a third. It all depends on what happens in the next. However I am just getting over some serious writer’s block, quick tip never tell the universe that you intend to devoute an entire week to writing. She is a plot and has a nasty sense of humor. So I have yet to begin it, but I now the story, it still whispers to me and runs through my mind. It will be done. It shall be done.

I haven't read this but, aren't Fenrir and the snake dead, killed during Ragnarok? Hel would be just fine chilling in her underworld

All your answers are in the story. After Ragnorak Hel’s Underworld would be trashed. It is unclear in the Norse Mythos whether or not she gets to leave it or not. But either way, Balder and Nanna are the ones that take over and all the dead go to them, not Hel. This is entirly based on my own twist on Norse Mythology/Theology coupled with the idea that none of these children of Loki deserved what they got. When Hel was cast into the underworld, at best she would have been 12 maybe 15 but honestly that would be stretching it. The Norse Underworld Hel ruled was cold, Dark, and nasty. All the food was rotten, there was no place of comfort. Not even for its Queen. She is being punished merely because she is not as pretty as the other gods/goddesses and because of the fear of her parentage. So read it, then comment again. I look forward to what you have to say.

But again, Fenrir and the snake died, that point of Ragnarok was that most people freaking died. It's poetic that Thor and the serpent killed each other.

Yes they did die, Ragnarok happened. But Part of this story is based on a little known or thought of fact about Ragnarok. The final battle was more then just a big giant battle, it was when all of the debts of fate had to be paid. All grudges settled, all fates finished. It is why the new world can comeforth, because all the things Odin and the other gods did to piss everyone off, made that final battle required. Fenrir, Jormngdr, Hel where the end result of those actions. Because of that their fates made them what they are to balance the sins of the gods and their enemies. So after they die, they are given a chance to live their life properly. By another child of Loki, Slepneir. Who does survive, but is another that no legend I have found is clear on what happened to him after. So the three monsters get shifted to Equestria after their demise to have a chance. If they don’t take it then their fault. Equestria is a place of second chances, this story is just about giving those that most need it one.

It's just very different from how I tend to see them and portray them.

This story is cool so far, but where did you come up with Jormungdr representing unbound knowledge? I haven't heard that in any of the myths.

The Orobourus is a symbol of knowledge the world over, in particular the knowledge that is at the boundary of all things, That symbol is a serpentine Dragon eternally eating its own tail. The Alpha and the Omega as it where. Jormungdr is a serpent that dwells beyond all things and is so big that he has to hold his tail in his mouth. So for me, Jormungdr represents the alpha and the omega, beginning and end, he's the fear of what lies beyond the boundaries of the world, ie; all that humankind can know. Beyond him is unknowable because he is the boundary of everything. Thus since he is everywhere, he is aware of all, therefore knows all.

This story is cool so far but I have one question: why does the Midgard Serpent (can't remember how you spelled his name) make references to Greek mythology even though he's a Norse monster?

Because he’s the spirit of unfettered knowledge and has pretty much observed everything that has happened ever. So he’s not so much referencing Greek mythology as he’s reporting what he witnessed.

And it's spelled Jormungdr.

Ok, got it.

So, does this mean that Jormungdr is Odysseus’ true form?

We will have to see. Not even I know the ends to the tales I have written, not until the last word is written.

Draconiques Addition."


"women effected in such a way"


Good Catch, will correct that post haste!

So Applejack smells like Tyr. Is it connected to her tendency to use a lasso? Or is it connected to the Elements? Well, it's complete so I guess I'll keep reading.

Tyr is the god of oaths and law, Applejack is the element of honesty. They are very similar beings. Enough to trigger Fenrir's trauma.

This is good!:rainbowdetermined2:

Thank you very much.

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