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I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some from ahead and some from behind.But I've bought a big bat, I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles will have troubles with me. - Dr. Seus


This story is a sequel to Sometimes Monsters Need Love too

All those with debts left unsatisfied have gathered. All with claims will now be answered. The fates spin, weave, and cut. The sins of all come do, and all is wiped clean. What will be the answer in this Second Ragnarok? And What of Slepneir, where has he been and to what task has he set himself? Come now and see the grand end to all sagas

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I think I should feel sorry for Chrysalis, but I get the feeling that this will be a good ending for her.

Only because you have been paying attention.

I didn’t know lesbians existed in Norse mythology.

The Norse Gods attitude towards sex was absolutely and plenty of it. Remember in the ancient world there was no division along those lines. What we consider so important is actually only a construct of the last couple hundred years, maybe. Indeed, Gay and Lesbian pairings show up through out myth and legend as well as in confirmed history. So neither Sigyn and Angroboda are Lesbians, exactly, in fact the very concept of such a thing would probably be foreign to both. The concept that one must chose one over the other would be pretty dumb to them both. They would probably lecture everyone about bringing children forth on the one side, then remark about some urges only being satisfied by a woman on the other, and only if they didn't just scoff and decide to give the questioner a demonstration of what they meant. The only real sexual taboo the Norse had was concerning Incest and that mostly dealt with direct family members and not much else. Oh, and both The Fenrir Wolf and Jormungdr required the same thing of all those that saught their wisdom, men and women. Had to let them fuck you. So, yeah. Old myth is pretty fun when you look into it.

8967119 At least the gods of the Norse pantheon were slightly nicer than the gods of the Greek pantheon.

They took three 12yr olds, dropped the girl into the underworld, mostly just because she wasn't pretty. The oldest, because he tried to defend his siblings, got dropped into the coldest, darkest depths of the ocean. The middle one got betray, chained and then a sword stuck in his mouth. The hilt was in his bottom jaw, while the point was at the roof of his mouth. Pretty much because of what the two of them MIGHT do. Also they bound a father with sinew, made from the entrails of one of his sons, that they made the other kill, by turning to a rabbid wolf, that either killed itself or was killed. All of the olden Gods SUCKED!!!!! Stiil makes for entertaining stories and good crossso

8970226 Guess you’re right after all. ALL the olden gods sucked. But I won’t go as far as to involve religion here and you’re right in that they’re good crossover material.

Agreed, I mainly use the older legends for preference, as for religion, that's for someone else to fight about. I like stories and naratives, like the Myths/Legends of the ancients. Something about stories that are so tied up with Myth, that it is hard to tell where the actual event is and where the embilishment began. Makes it that any part or all of it could have happened. We just happen to be at the end of it after thousands of years of playing Telephone. Which is why most of the characters tend towards their own refrence points, not of religion per se, but societal. I just like putting the spin of, what if no one was right or wrong, and we just happened to have a bias source. My intent is never to villify any side, merely to force a different perspective. One none of us have ever seen. I do want to caution though. Things are about to get dark. Especially, as I switch between the gift arc and the punishment arc. So I hope you enjoy.

Nice! At first, I thought Rainbow was acting . . . way out of character, but then as things progressed I think I got it. Her Element was basically speaking through her. And, once formality was dropped she was acting a lot more like herself. Still, I do wonder, is it that her Element let her know who and what he was? That was my biggest question was how she knew.

Purely the elements. The Asgard have sinned against friendship itself. To such an extent, that the element recoiled and demands that its bearer handle the situation. The element then screams the information right into the bearers mind. Rainbow, for all intents and purposes was channelling Loyalty itself, and it knew who Modi was purely by the depth of his disloyalty. Yeah, elements are NOT happy with the Asgard.

Ok I had some time to think on this chapter. Glad to see that Thrud understands something and that he maybe getting a good friend from someone who understands bits about him.

Thrud is a woman, thought I made that clear. I hope I did, anyway.


That is probably my bad. I may have missed we're the gender was confirmed.

Noice! That last bit between Zecora and Dash was . . . I have to say, a mixture of strange, arousing and hilarious, for some reason. :rainbowlaugh:

And yet entirely within Dash's character! :pinkiehappy:

"You already now who," the voice admonished, "Hurry, before we miss our chance.

I think you mean know not now. Plus the quotation marks are missing on the end. Looks like the stupid auto correct on your phone is gave you some trouble.

Hopefully Applejack is ready to walk a mile in his shoes.

Exactly. The quotation marks might have been me. Still not bad for doing this on my phone eh? :twilightsmile:

Another chapter up and continuing a story I love! :pinkiehappy:
Can’t wait to see what happens next! Also, MARBLE! EEEEEE!!!! :pinkiegasp:

Thanks Edge. Until I can get a cheap keyboard/ mouse combo I am stuck using my phone so things might take a while. However my blog does give the order of updates and links to those stories. I am trying to give my attention to all of them. After August passes I am going to try to get back into at least updating one story a week somewhere. But I will be continuing to chug along anyway. Thanks for the comment man, I appreciate it.

Grabbing Zecora under her arms, the Cyan speedster, jetted off to where Magni lay, the forest itself moving aside. Even the Everfree knew better to get in the way of a Mare in Heat.

Modi not magni.

Sweet move. I think Celestia may not be pleased with it, but it just removed tons of her headaches.

The Children of Loki are beginning to influence the Equestrians around them. Things are going to get interesting.

Fixed, sorry it took so long. Several projects came before this one. I am working on the next chapter as we speak. I want to get this story finished by the end of the month.

I don’t think Zecora and Rainbow Dash are going to be happy when they find out he was all the way back here.

Grabbing a handful of his chesthair, Applbloom smiled as she ripped a chunk off.

As Fenrir howled in pain, Applebloom finished her preparations.

"Alright, stop your bellyaching. Drink the damn potion,"

Grabbing her occasional teacher by the throat, she yanked downward. As his head came downwards, she slammed the potion bottle inside. Pushing him backward, she stroked his throat, causing him to swallow. Laying the much larger wolf next to her sister, Applebloom snarked.

"That'll shut you up. Now just have to keep watch and hope."

Seeing Apple Bloom like this is awesome.

Hey don't screw with the Apple family.

No, they will not. But it's on purpose.

"Oh, Yes, from her descriptions of the one's you've encountered, Ms. Belle seems to have been the only one qualified to call herself such, minus the breeding of course. So I'll be giving Aradinee lessons on the proper behavior of a lady." turning back to Aradinee she asked. "Tell me child, do you favor a Dagger, or a mace to wear at court?"

Uhh Dagger is easy to hide .

Mace is heavy BRUTAL WEAPON


By saying Punishment arc I'm concerned about Fernir , Jourmungar and Hel .


SO Who would punish Who for what .

Well That gave a taste of Fernir's medicine , It hurts Huh .

My compassion with Fernir when got so traumatized

Thurd Deserve a taste , I feel the sincerity to amend but Maybe that would make it truly to understand

Magni stumbled, trying to avoid the pony before him. Crashing to the ground, his face slamming into the dirt. Whimpering he glanced at the obnoxiously pink pony before him. Her hair hung straight over her stern face, covering one of her eyes, her well muscled form was tense and ready.


I guess that is close to Fernir Rage

"We will not see her again," Sigyn mourned, "One such as her can not stay under the authority of another for long. Makes me wonder if Loki ever visited this realm. For their goes one that could be as a daughter to him."

Uhh Yes, No somewhere somehow rarely Loki visited

Well it will be interesting. All the way up to the all sinners

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