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True Edge

"Bad things happen. There's never gonna be a time when everything's perfect, but that don't mean we stop tryin'!" - Applejack

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Newsies #46: That's Life · 7:38pm Aug 30th, 2022

So. There's been a LOT happening in the life of this one sad brony, lately.

Started with me and my mom being forced to change shifts at work, due to her medical issues, which left me with what felt like no time to write anything.

Then, I got diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, which I'm now on meds for.

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Thanks for liking and adding Bats, Books, and Bad Mojo to your lists!

Thanks for the fave on Polyamory:heart:

Thank you! A friend drew it for me, of my OC, Edge. :raritywink:

Bro, that's a really cool profile picture. Goddamn that equine is ripped. I love it and I just wanted you to know that.

Thank you! I didn't get a notice, in fact, so this worked out as you intended.

Yeah, I was trying to think of who they all might point to. I feel Magic has to be either Tirek or Starlight, at this point, as they both have a strong tie to it, and . . . Magic feeling off to Twilight and Celestia, less of a threat than the rest, actually makes me think of Starlight more. Some pony just a strong as Twilight, but misguided and twisted up by her past.

I guess we'll just have to keep reading and see! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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