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Tempest Shadow has come a long way since her days in the Storm King’s army, and helping her oldest friend, Glitter Drops on the frontier of the Frozen North has helped her find her place.

So what does she do when the one thing that ties her down, the one thing that reminds her who she really is, is in danger of being torn away? The only thing that her training and experience can allow.

She goes hunting.

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Comments ( 3 )

Pretty good Edge! I think this would have benifited from being longer, but it was excellent regardless. First comment and first like.

Thanks, Mina! Personally, I think pretty much ALL of my stories could benefit from more length, but as I said, I’d been working on this one, on and off for . . .probably about six months, or close to it, so, yeah. Still, this may not be the last we see of Tempest in this universe. :raritywink:

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