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Crimson Prose

I've got Shining Armor tied up in my basement for molestation purposes.


I write a clean story? Weird · 4:51pm Oct 10th, 2019

Since most fans don't look at the account I post clean stories too, I thought I'd point at the clean commission I wrote here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450915/zecora, if you want to see how I write when I'm not porning out. I don't expect many from this account will be interested, which is fine of course, but for those that are, it's there.

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Demand for Monies

I have Shining Armor tied up in my basement for molestation purposes. Join my Patreon Subscribestar or buy me coffee or you'll never see him again.

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How have things been?

See this comment was made on April first, so did you REALLY love my bio or... (drama chord) :pinkiegasp:


When commissions are open I'll take requests.
I would love to take more requests outright, but even when I charge for commissions i get swamped when I open them, and just don't have enough time, so sadly I rarely do that.
It was really hard to say no though, your Glimmy avatar looks o hopeful :fluttershysad:

Would you be willing to take a request?

Yo. Merry Christmas.

I occasionally take commissions, will post in my blog on this account if that opens up again. You can always mail me ideas, but I have so many projects right now the chance of me doing one is especially low. Sorry.

Holy shit I found it

Now I get an image in my head of that grinning avatar of yours gleefully humping the side of my OCs confused head.

That's fine, just use plenty of lube.

I'd fuck you in the ear but you'd hear me cumming.

Will you certainly seem to have a a good premise

2442117 This is where the sexy kids go. Cool kids are down the hall, third door on the right. :twilightsmile:

Is this where the cool kids go?

...it's a watch.:facehoof:

...But, it could be used as a cockring, so your petpartner always cums on time.

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