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Just an aromantic, non-monogamous pone who likes to write about ponies in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between.


What I've Been Up To (State of the Author) · 12:54am May 1st

Anyone who has been in contact with me personally over the last few months knows that my life has gone through a lot of turmoil lately. Medical problems (multiple cancer scares, Covid-19, my youngest breaking her leg), changing jobs (goodbye post office, hello cushy work from home job), relationship problems (divorcing my primary partner and my secondary partner decided to go mono with her primary), moving, finding new roommates to replace my (ex-)wife's share of the financial burden. Life is

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A Warning to Any Followers

I don't consider any subjects off-limits in my writing, and while many of my stories are relatively tame, content in some stories may be objectionable to many readers. This content may include narcotics, alcohol, foalcon, graphic violence, rape, snuff, and (quite frequently) incest. This is also not an exhaustive list.

I do try and tag everything appropriately, so there shouldn't be any actual surprises if you read the story description, but if you follow my writing and try to read all of it, something will probably bother you at some point.

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