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Just a pone who likes to write about other pones in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between. https://ko-fi.com/scarletribbon


I'm at EFNW · 9:49pm Aug 11th, 2023

I often hang around to CCG and tabletop rooms. Come by and say hello!

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Latest Stories

A Warning to Any Followers

I don't consider any subjects off-limits in my writing, and while many of my stories are relatively tame, content in some stories may be objectionable to many readers. This content may include narcotics, alcohol, foalcon, graphic violence, rape, snuff, and (quite frequently) incest. This is also not an exhaustive list.

I do try and tag everything appropriately, so there shouldn't be any actual surprises if you read the story description, but if you follow my writing and try to read all of it, something will probably bother you at some point.

Current Project Status

Last Updated: 5/4/2024

Writing Status:

Since my last update, I've made a bunch of progress on several stories, and published Lake Flaccid, a contest entry for the Wincest group.

Updates in bold below

Complete List of Ongoing Projects, in order of priority

Filthy Sugar Daddy -- Fully Outlined, Unpublished -- Won't be published until/unless completed
Four completed chapters, fifth chapter in progress. No editing done yet. Expected length around 12 chapters. This is an ongoing commissioned foalcon clopfic with heavy non-con elements.

[Moved Up] Upon a Star -- Mostly outlined, partially written -- Unpublished
Female Human-to-Pony TF story inspired by a few of my favorite smut stories, resulting in incest between human and pony characters. Four Six completed chapters out of an expected eight ten.

Finding Yourself -- Partially Published -- SFW
Chapter Six is nearly complete, Chapter Seven and Eight drafted. Existing Chapters have been revised for a retcon and revision that will go live with Chapter Six. Expected length is around 18 chapters.

Your Love, Your Choice -- Outline and Flowchart In Progress -- Unpublished
An in-progress CYOA-Style clopfic where you are a human suddenly transported to Equestria. FimFic rules won't allow me to publish until it's 100% complete. Emphasis on extensive freedom, and a huge decision tree, with tons of different ways the story can go and 70+ clop scenes. This project is far further along than you might expect for the scope and size, as it is my project for doodling ideas on when suffering writer's block.

Storm in a Teacup -- Partially Published
Chapter Five is completed apart from editing, but I'm reconsidering my outline due to a pretty major plot oversight. Until I have resolved this oversight to my personal satisfaction, I don't want to publish Chapter Five, as it may require restructuring the chapter. I now have a tentative solution to this plot oversight and am re-doing the outline. I expect the full story to be 8 to 10 chapters.

Still Life of an Apple -- Outline completed -- Unpublished
Horrific incest story that was supposed to be a Halloween release in... uh... checks notes... 2021. First chapter in-progress out of an expected four.

For the Long Haul -- Fully Outlined -- Partially Published
Chapter 4 and 5 completed, need editing. The biggest thing stopping me from working on this story is that no one seems to be reading it. Expected 15 Chapters.

Touch the Sky -- Outlined, Early Draft Complete, but Revisions Needed -- Unpublished
A SFW, sad story about Rainbow Dash, Death, and the relationship between a mother and her child. Mostly on hold because I wrote it before Windy was introduced, and I want to eventually revise it to include more of Windy's canon self.

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow -- Outlined -- Unpublished
One chapter written, out of an expected three. No editing done. A Sparity clopfic that takes place roughly 10 years after the events of the show (excluding The Last Problem). Emphasis on grief and loss.

Everything below this line is still firmly in the planning or very-early writing stages. When inspiration strikes, these stories may jump up the list rapidly.

The Price We Pay -- Outlined -- Unpublished
One chapter written, unedited. Expected to be Six chapters.
A SFW Introspection story about how much it sucks to be immortal.

For Love of Love -- Outlined -- Unpublished
One chapter drafted. Expected Four chapters.
A romance/drama heavy clopfic shipping Queen Chrysalis and Discord, hundreds of years into the future, written from Chrysalis' perspective. Emphasis on loss of loved ones.

Like a Mother to Me -- Partially Outlined -- Unpublished
SFW. No writing completed. Probably three chapters. A story about Celestia and Luna's relationship.

The Princess of Lust -- Outlined -- Unpublished
No writing completed. A self-cest story involving Equestria's newest Princess and how she impregnates herself. Heavily OC-driven, expected to be a one-shot.

Pondora's Box -- Partially Outlined -- Unpublished
No writing completed. A T-rated story in the aftermath of Button regretting the decision to sleep with a certain mare.

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