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Just a pone who likes to write about other pones in compromising situations ranging from sexy to deadly and everywhere in between. https://ko-fi.com/scarletribbon


Have you ever lost yourself? I mean in the literal sense.
I have, and I'd like to find myself again.
Instead, I'm stuck in a body that isn't mine, in a world I do not know.

Thousands of years ago, long before the terrors of Nightmare Moon, there was a great evil that threatened to consume Equestria. Princess Celestia and twelve of her most trusted advisors fought day and night to quell the evil, eventually sealing it away, but at great cost.

Now that seal is breaking, and Celestia must face the sins of her past before what was once sealed enslaves all of Equestria.

Writing: Me
Editing: Crepusculum_Scintillare, Mayura Nacht
Pre-reading: annalea753
Cover art: Mayura Nacht

This fic is a complete rebuild and re-imagining of my prior work, Resonating Souls. Although a scant few scenes early on are very similar, the relationship is tenuous at best. Also it was terrible; don't bother reading it.

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Sorry for the clutter if you caught the fic just as it went live! The imported GDoc had some funny formatting that I just noticed I had to fix.

I don't think too many people caught the unpolished release, though.

well that escalated rather rapidly

this is a very interesting story so far, I like all the mystery that it has so far. I'm looking forward to see the next chapter.

It lives!!!!!!!

I'll definitely reread from the beginning to freshen up on thid story again.

Um, normally I wouldn't really comment on old chapters, but is there a section missing here?

"This storm has been going for over six hours! All this rain started some floods down rive

by myself. I wasn't terribly concerned with the lack of power, since almost anything I needed could be emulated with a spell. Normally I’d go help out for the sake of the rest of the town, but at the moment I had a portal to open.

And here?

Today was miserable. I’d tormented Celestia, suffered through a long flight in lousy weather, and now I was trapped in a room with an out-of-control and probably dangerous spell. And now

boiling now. The glowing wire around the mirror was no longer radiating purple, but instead a brilliant white so bright that I had to shield my eyes from it when the pulses hit their brightest.

It's really jarring. I even refreshed the page because I thought text wasn't loading or something.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There was actually a bug with GDoc importing that was cutting out massive amounts of text. I thought I had caught all of the missing parts, but apparently, I missed some. I will remedy the issue ASAP.


Should be fixed now. It's probably been that way for over a year. I wish people would bring this stuff up sooner. I'm going to have to set aside some time today and re-read my work on the FimFiction side to make sure nothing else is wrong.

7911703 Happy to help. At least the missing blocks weren't too important... I think. I mean, I was wondering where the orb went. But hey, at least it's fixed now.


Yeah, starting with chapter six, I've moved away from GDocs for my editing because of all the bugs. I only moved to it in the first place because of the ease of the import function, but since it's proven to be more of a problem than a help, I'm going back to my old methods. Thanks again for your help.

It was a fantasy novel about a land where everyone had a magical talent, and a main character who didn't know what his talent was

I see what you did there

This story is always in the back of my mind. I want to finish it some day, but I have other projects that I want to finish first.

Cutie Mark Crusaders, unsealers of long-forgotten evil: YAY!!!!!!!

> Lydian Mode being the cheeriest pony of the bunch

Nice touch.

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