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Just some Touhou Brony who's become obsessed with Foxes and who wants to see you smile!


After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies. Seriously, no con this time around!

Surprisingly, no ones going to die this time around too!

And neither of them want to go back home either!

Special Thanks to the Editors
The Fairy Editor

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“Oh god, please don’t be like Remilla…” She whispers to herself.

Wondering which version of Remi is she refering to, because the ones I know are all awesome (except for the one in that certain celebration, which should never be mentioned).

Other than that, nice :twilightsmile:

Chapter 2 please!!!

Tracking now

Dis gon b gud


Comment posted by Kit-San deleted Apr 4th, 2018

As soon as I get an editor! :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, I am just a giddy and impatient (no offense) as you are.


I have a strange opinion on Remilla, putting it short a very love-hate opinion. I guess.

Lol none taken, I'm known for being impatient XD

An incredible masterpiece! Liked and followed.

Sorry for the lack of more chapters.

Still waiting on a editor to offer and not much luck...

I think this site has groups for that, try the Writer Support and Writer Advice groups.

Please continue

I can't really say anything else because I am sleepy as ****, whooooo Insomnia~!

YAY NEW CHAPTER! I love how Chara and Flan work off each other, and how in just a single day they spread the Touhou and Undertale fan base to Equestira. :pinkiehappy: Although Satori can only read someones mind while Koishi can read/manipulate the subconscious. if they wanted someone who can control someones mind Kaguya's could. just flash a paper with something written on it and have their mind replay that moment for a while and BOOM. mind control.

“Well that's the Japanese for you, there were only two forms of chaos in my book until they came along…” Chara said remembering what happened when she discovered hentei.


Its a reference to an anime.

A very...very...very...very weird anime. Weird even by anime standards.

Which one? Because I don’t think that was in Bobobo.

“Oh, God here comes the hillbilly!” Chara whispered to themself.


“It's what we call people who like to aggravate people for the fun of it and/or cause problems for others. They're also known as griefers.” Chara says having fun explaining the concept.

Stop greafing my Minecraft world!! REEEE

“Discord? Ehy do I feel like I should be worried…”

I think you mean

“Discord? Why do I feel like I should be worried…”

Good riddance of the nobles man, I personally never saw an fic take on this kind of route with them

Themself. Genderless. Duh.

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