• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied hearts: Chtp 2 : Poor Sickly Flan, Simple bullies & Visits

It had been four days since Chara had taken her position of guarding Flan and the only spare time she had left was to get something to snack on use, the bathroom and take a shower. And Twilight had to fight for that last one.

Flandre would constantly insist that it wasn’t needed, especially when she was allowed to walk around the house the other day. Though, she wasn’t well enough to go outside but Discord assured them that she’d be well enough the following day. He did made mention she was supposed to be well after a quick nap though.

Though that didn't stop Chara from hovering over her 24/7. Currently, Chara was sitting next to Flan’s bedside playing her DS keeping a watchful eye over Flan as Twilight came in.

“Chara, first thing tomorrow you are going to school.” Twilight said in disapproval that Chara skipped school for the day.

“What are you saying, Flan is less important than School!?” Chara said in anger purposefully twisting Twilight's words.

She pokes her nose. “I’m saying, that you don’t need to act like a Dragon protecting a hoard.” Twilight says. “Flandre is going to be fine.”

“You don't know that!” Chara said not really wanting to go to school and seeing it as a waste of time.

Twilight just rolls her eyes. “What, some girl in a giant bow is going to blast her with rainbow orbs?” She says before putting a hand on Chara’s shoulder. “Look, she’s going to be fine here, nothing's going to happen. If you smother her too much….well…”

She didn’t have to say anymore, as Flandre was starting to get irritated with Chara, as hinted with the tension in her arms and slight scowl as the blonde read quietly.

“...close I was thinking a super powered goat god…” Chara says with a blush and turning her head, crossing her arms having expected something like Asriel. “Besides she is weak right now and she needs protection!”

“Oh for pet's sake!” Flandre suddenly shouts with a small cough before she suddenly grabs Chara by the arm. “Go.” She starts to pull. “Away!” She shouts before Chara is sent through the window and into the horizon. “I can take care of myself!”

“...Overkill?” Twilight says while Flandre just pouts in frustration,


“Now class-”

Before Cheerilee could get in another word, Chara suddenly comes crashing through the window. “...Good...Morning...Chara?” The teacher says, confused and surprised by the lack of any wounds.

“Mornin-” Chara says before being nailed in the head with her giant ass book bag causing her to crash into the wall before getting out without any damage. “Morning…” Chara says cracking her neck before taking her seat.

Some of the fillies were laughing a tad while most of the others were looking at her with wide eyes. All the while, Cheerilee clears her throat.

“Now children I'm going to show you something special!* Cheerilee says taking out some ordinary looking pendants, all looking the same with pearly texture and a smooth light grey. Chara vaguely remembers seeing a lot on other students and non students, those who didn’t have Hair Pins for the girls or Bracelets for the boys.

“Now, who remembers these?” Cheerilee says with a bright smile that seemed strained when only a couple hands raised into the air. She sighs a little bit with a small grumble. “Why can’t they be more interested in this?” She mumbles quietly, having to teach this subject again.

“Now, for those that DO know, you may go and draw or read in the meantime.” She says, some of the kids cheering a little bit before pulling out books and/or pencils with paper. “The rest of you, listen up!” She says. “Now, as you SHOULD know… Everyone is given these pendants which magically appear shortly after a baby is born. No one knows how or why, but we do know that there's a magic that makes it impossible for us to forget and not wear them.”

Some of the students were catching on quickly. “Furthermore, when someone finds their special talent or interest, or both, that same magic transforms them into one of two items.” She says. “Can anyone guess what they are?”

“I honestly couldn't care less…” Chara mumbles under her breath pulling out her phone and fiddling with it.

“Hairpins and Braclets…” Diamond Tiara says, also annoyed at this and rolling her eyes boredly.

“Oh so we're just learning about random jewelry that serve no purpose... great.” Chara says again under her breath continuing to fiddle with her phone having not yet checked the internet connection but found out it has power charging.

She tunes out the rest of the lesson, a lot of the other students doing the same as well. Chara found out she could access the internet but she couldn't upload any videos or do video calls.

“Chara, what are you doing?” Cheerilee says in disapproving curiosity.

“Stuff…” Chara said as she continued fiddling with her phone accessing YouTube and looking through her playlists.

Cheerilee grabs Chara’s phone before looking at it. “What is this thing?” She asks Chara, generally curious. “Actually...save it for Show and Tell for now, just don’t let it distract you please.”

“Eh… I'll just grab my headphones then.” Chara says pulling her headphones out of her inventory and putting them on.

“...That’s still a distraction.” Cheerilee says.

“And have you ever asked me anything that I haven't been able to answer?” Chara says with a raised eyebrow

“History, Geography, Basic Avan, Elementalist and even Reign biology and history.” She counts off instantly and calmly.

“Okay I'll give you that but this isn't that those subjects so I think it's okay.” Chara says in a condescending tone.

Cheerilee wasn’t impressed at all. “And I don’t think it IS okay.” She says. “How much do you actually know about the Pendants and their counterparts?”

“That they're useless to me considering I wasn't born with one.” Chara snarks in deadpan.

This does seem to make her reconsider. “I suppose so. Well, I still think it's important to know these things regardless, but fine. This is on the test though.” Cheerilee says, leaving to the front of the classroom.

“... okay that is the biggest pile of bull that I have ever heard…” Chara mumbles to herself.

“You’re loss.” She says with a shrug and rolling her eyes a little bit before continuing the lesson. Chara growls before pulling her headphones down and reluctantly listening.


“Alright class, now let's go and take a break.” Cheerilee says as the lesson finally came to an end. “That means, it's time for show and tell.”

Chara was thinking of what she could do to show off. But was wary of actually showing off any powers… Some other kids went before her before Cheerilee pointed her out next. “Go on Chara.”

“Okay everyone I'll let you decide if you’d like to see some technology from where I'm from or if you’d all like to see one of my powers…” Chara says with a smirk knowing exactly what she was going to show off.

“Powers!” They all answered.

“Okay I will explain one of my Powers! The Gaster Blaster!” Chara says, equipping the Gaster Blaster as the eyes negan glowing red now instead of just being white dots. “This is a Gaster Blaster, one of the most deadliest weapons against those who have a high-capacity to hurt others. It has the ability to turn the person's own capacity to harm others against themselves and the effect is called karmic retribution.”

The use of weapon made them go quiet before some took a few steps back while some smiled a bit and agreed that it was cool. “Chara Dreemurr...No more weapons.” Cheerilee says, in massive disapproval.

“Hey it's basically a version of The Elements of Harmony that kills!” Chara studs in indignation not really seeing the problems as it wouldn't hurt more than like a prick from the doctor if you were good.

“Still a weapon.” Cheerilee says, a face saying ‘no buts’. “Diamond Tiara, you’re next.”

“Oh boy, it's time, gather around.” Diamond says loudly, buddied up with Silver Spoon.

The girl was a short lackie of Diamond Tiara, head decorated with short silvery-green hair with a large portion being white and it was tied into a long braided ponytail. Her violet eyes were accentuated by violet horn rimmed glasses and a strand of beads from the corner.

Chara was sure she didn’t need the glasses, they didn’t even have lenses.

She wore a simple purple silken blouse like dress with short sleeves, white collar and with white ends. She wore stockings that matched her hair, white stripe included and...a...pair of of white high heels?

They make them kids sized?

The kids started to gather around as per order. “As you know, I promised a acrobatic display for all of you to see!” She says, getting some eagur nods and skeptical looks.

“No way Diamond can flip.” A boy whispers to a friend. “Rocks aren’t flexible enough.” He and his friend snicker a little bit.

Diamond rolls her eyes, hearing him. “Well, duh.” She says, surprising him. “Do I look like a circus clown to you? Don’t answer that.” She giggles a bit snidely. “Instead, my personal butler will be doing that!” The brat of brats incarnate says with a dramatic gesture to the side.

“Oh look a spoiled brat that only knows how to use her money! What are the odds…” Chara says in her best abridged Popo impression.

Diamond chooses to ignore her, getting a approving smile from Silver Spoon. “Anyways…” She says as a old man approaches, not looking forward to what was going to happen.

Chara had to hand it to him though, he was a professional acrobat and seemed only a little bit inconvenienced. That, or he hid it well. “You like?” Diamond says as she walks in front of him calmly, fingers on her chest.

“The fact that you got your butler to do everything for you like the spoiled Rich Kid you are or the fact that you lied to your class? Yes, I do love the fact that you showed everyone you can't do anything on your own...” Chara says putting her hands on her hips and smirking.

Diamond looked really annoyed and tensed up, shoulder lifting up a bit. “I never said I’d be doing it!” She says with a huff as the butler started passing around drinks, mostly juices and sodas...where did he get all of those?

“Achoo! Oh sorry I'm allergic to bull and you had a huge amount coming out of your mouth just now.” Chara says faking a sneeze with a giant smirk on her face as the Other kids watched on.

Unfortunately, the profanity confuses them. “Bull?” Silver repeats before they both decide to ignore her. “Whatever, must be one of those freaky alien words…” She says, getting Diamond to follow her.

“Yeah freaky like your mother's face, I mean come on. What plastic surgeon did she piss off?” Chara says with a smirk.

Surprisingly, she didn’t react to that. “About...thirty.” A boy snickers a bit, most of the class joining in but went back to their drinks.

“I'm surprised your daddy doesn't ground you with all crap you pull around here. I'm sure if he ever found out he’d be most disappointed and maybe even disown you. That's what Rich families do where I'm from. They disown the disappointments.” Chara says trying to break her having never liked them even in the show.

“So why didn’t you?” She shoots back with a evil grin. “I doubt you-”


Everyone’s eyes widened at the sudden appearance of Discord and a fox, the latter gesturing the ‘Don’t’ at the throat gesture.

“What was that brat?” Chara says with the creepy smile and glowing eyes as the gaster blaster floated right next to her eyes glowing bright and a ball of energy in its mouth.

“Kill her and your done here in this story.” the fox says and Chara unequips her Gaster Blaster before it can fire.

“Pssh, whatever…” Diamond says, everyone seeming to suddenly ignore or forget everything. “Hey, Belle?” She pokes another girl who was giggling maddly for one reason or another. “Hellooooo? HEY!”

Sweetie Belle was a really short girl with neatly brushed hair that gives off more of a cute edge than pure beauty and curled at the end. Her hair color was made up of two shades of pink, mostly a lighter one. Her somewhat large eyes were a bright shade of green and she wore a strapless dress, white at the ends and at the chests.

On her forehead, she had a plain circular crystal.

She wore a kind of flip flop like shoes with high bottoms at the end. She had no hairpin, just a plain old pendant.

“Uh?” Sweetie Belle says, snapping out whatever daydreaming she was going through. “Oh, nothing.” She says with a smile, but not friendly to D.T.

“...Weirdo.” Diamond says.

“What do ya wan’ Diamond?” Another girl says, a taller read headed girl with her hair being somewhat lumpy at the ends, green eyes like Sweetie bell and wore a large shirt and some overalls, complete with boots. She also had a large, large bow tying her hair in a ponytail.

Diamond rolls her eyes a bit. “I was asking if your sister was going to take you to Manehattan.” She says, a little tensely.

“Because~” Silver Spoon says, joining in. “If you are, you can meet up with us while we have dinner with a bunch of famous celebrities.” She says.

“...As cool as that sounds…” Another girl, more athletic in build with semi-unkempt purple hair with matching eyes. She seemed a little more thin than the other, but that was most likely due to exercise than anything else really. That and possibly a high metabolism.

She wore a orange hoodie with the hood down, the style being similar to Chara’s with some differences and had a purple sports t-shirt with some lightning bolts on it. She had some really short dark orange jeans and some tennis shoes with some short socks. She had a pendant, like the other two and two rather small orange wings.

The red headed girl nods a bit. “Yeah, that’s awfu’lly n’ce of you.” She says with some hints of sarcasm. “We’re ain’t falle’ for that Tiara.”

“Besides, Rarity hasn't offered me to go yet.” Sweetie Belle says with a small humph.

The two bullies looked at eachother. “Yeah, we figured.” Diamond Tirara said before clapping with Silver Spoon, this seeming to irritated the short girl.

“Like anyone would want to go to that rude and filthy City. Besides everyone famous is usually stuck up unless you count the princesses but they’re the rare exception… but I do believe you would fit right in with them Brat.” Chara said leaning against a nearby tree.

“Yeah, besides we don’t have to go anywhere!” Sweetie Belle says, her cool lost almost immediately. “We hang out with Princess Twilight everyday!” Her voices breaks, making Chara’s heart briefly melt at the cuteness.

Flandre gots a rival it seems!

The other nods harshly as she and her friends started walking away.

“Hey that's not much considering I live with her and Flan…” Chara said with a shrug.

“Who’s side are you on?” The more athletic girl said before almost falling backwards with a yelp when the two bullies were in her face.

“Wait, you mean THE Princess Twilight?!” Silver said, eyes wide in disbelief.

“You LIVE with Princess Twilight?!” Diamond says, directing it at Chara.

“I'm on my own side! And besides it's not like it's a big deal that I live with her...” Chara says To Scoots and Diamond respectively.

“So, wait you hang out with her everyday?” Diamond said to the three.

They chose to keep walking, but the southernmost girl answers. “Once a week actually.” She says honestly.

“And no big deal?” Silver directs her attention to Chara. “That practically makes you royalty!” She says with a point and a hand over her head like she was showing off a crown or something.

“Technically I am royalty, adopted sure but royalty nonetheless..” Chara said thinking about how all versions of Chara were adopted by the dreemurr family.

“Twilight helps us learn stuff. That, you know, we actually do.” The purpled haired girl says, hands in her pockets with a fake smile before getting slightly aggressive at the end. She points to the Butler, balancing on a ball and juggling. “Ourselves.” She finishes, the other looking unimpressed or even frustrated at the other students.

“You know I actually have respect to those who do things themselves even if they are Rich enough to get other people to do it for them…” Chara says giving up a pointed look to Diamond and Silver.

“You HAVE to let us come with you!” Diamond said, getting the girls to stop, look at her, and laugh a bit.

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen.” The red head says before Sweetie Belle seemed to enter deep...villain like thinking.

Chara comes over to them knowing exactly what they were about to talk about. ”Okay we have one or three options get them to do stuff for us and eventually turn them down saying that they didn't do enough option 2 we make them do a lot of things for us and eventually when we feel like it or feeling generous let them come along or option 3 we don't make them do Jack and tell them no.” Chara says butting herself into the conversation.

Sweetie seemed to be thinking the same thing and smirked so much that it was similar to a mastermind villain.

“Oh I think we're going to be great friends!” Chara says noticing The Mastermind smirk and matching it with her own smirk.


The two girls were bouncing up and down in front of a very confused Twilight. “Come in?” She says slowly and in confusion before looking at Chara and the others with a questioning look.

“What? They wanted to meet a princess. Besides I don't want to interrupt Luna too much.” Chara says as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Wait what?!” The two said, catching what she said.

“Oh did I not tell you that me and Mooney are good friends? She's actually the one I go to when I need to talk about things… she's a surprisingly good listener.” Chara says with a shrug before heading inside.

“What else haven’t you told us?!” Silver spoon says, almost groveling.

“Well that would be…” Chara says as Silver Spoon and Diamond lean forward “a secret~” Chara Whispers causing them to face plant.

After that, they entered the house finally. “Chara…?” A tired voice says from the stairs, Flandre standing from the top of them and in her pajamas still, dragging a teddy bear with her.

“Flan you're sick get back to bed!” Chara says sternly with her hands on her hips.

“I’m fine, I can walk…” Flandre says, but instead choosing to levitate. “...Chara...Why are those two here…?” She says, somewhat dangerously.

“They all but begged me to see a princess and being the nice generous person I am I said yes.” Chara says that putting on her most convincing Act which if it was anyone other than Flan they would have bought it.

“You live here too?!” Diamond says, jaw dropping. “We had two princesses at our school?!”

“Eh it's not that important at least we aren't brats though.” Chara says shrugging her shoulders.

“Not important?” Tiara says with wide eyes.

“You could have the whole school eating out of your hand!” Silver Spoon finishes.

“So? I never wanted to go there in the first place. it's mostly boring and useless. I could learn everything I learn there by reading here…” Chara says giving a pointed look at Twilight.

She just rolls her eyes a bit before beginning the Crusader’s lessons. Much to their worry.

Chara smirks as she watched the Crusaders mess up having already realized what would happen so sure I thought she saw sweetie Bell giving her a look.

She smiles a bit, almost vibrating. “Soooo, princess?”

“She actually doesn't like the title of princess, same for me.” Chara says with a nod to Twilight as she pulls out her DS getting bored with what's going on.

“So, this still means you and Flandre are Princesses.” She says with a small skip.

“It's not like I haven't been a princess before!” Chara says before covering her mouth quickly and mentally reprimanding herself for letting that little tidbit slip.

“WHAT?!” All the children sans Flandre yelled, Twilight looking fairly surprised.

Chara continued to mentally reprimand herself, frustrated that she let something slip. “Okay look, I was adopted into royalty so it's nothing too big and they were imprisoned because humans are assholes that do cruel things when they don't understand something, so now shut up and leave me alone about it!” Chara says burying her head in her game still cursing mentally.

“Language!” Twilight and Flandre snapped a bit.

“Assholes?” AppleBloom repeated.

“Nothing, no repeating that word!” Twilight says hurriedly.

“It's not like that word hurts anybody, words only hurt if you let them. Now, stones, fists, and sticks? Those things hurt like a bitch.” Chara says shuttering before she hides it behind a smirk.

“It's the principal of the matter!” Twilight yells at her, facepalming. “Come on…” She says, grabbing Chara by the ear and pulling her to the kitchen. “You’re doing the dishes now.”

“Owowowow let go of the ear please!” Chara whines out as she is pulled to the kitchen. “Do you have a dishwasher cuz otherwise I have no clue how to do it!” Chara says with deadpan after being let go, because even before being displaced Chara had never done a dish in her life that she could remember.

“Yes, we do.” Twilight says, putting her in front of a pile of dishes in the sink. “But, you still have to rinse them and scrub the gunk off.

Chara shrugs her shoulders before picking up dishes spraying them and then putting them in the dishwasher not really doing much scrubbing. Unfortunately for her, Twilight checks and makes her scrub more, but there wasn’t many she needed to do.

“Why don't you just get a industrial strength or high power dishwasher like I used to have? Then you wouldn't have to scrub Jack schitt!” Chara says with a huff hurrying to the bathroom to scrub her hands clean.

“We don’t have those!” Twilight yells back to her.

“Then make the damn things because I swear I'm about ready to hold someone at knifepoint to make me an industrial-strength dishwasher!” Chara screams back down because Chara really hated gunk on her hands.

Twilight just groans in irritation before leaving and going back to the main room. Chara continues her vigorous scrubbing up her hands.


“Yay, back to school~” Flandre lightly cheers, looking and feeling much better than the other day.

“Oh God back to school…” Chara says groaning as she floats behind Flan on her gaster blaster.

“Awe c’mon~” Flandre lightly teases Chara, swinging her bag before coughing just a little bit.

“Yep you're staying home now!” Chara says trying to push her back inside after hearing the coughing.

Flandre doesn’t budge an inch. “It's just a tiny cough…” She complains, moving forward suddenly and making Chara fall forward a bit.

“But you coughed that means you're still sick that means you need to get right back into bed!” Chara says still trying to push her back in even equipping [Undyne's Armors] for Extra Strength.

Before Chara could touch her though, Flandre floats up and above her. “What's with you?” She asks, hands at hips.

“I will not have the only person here who is in the same situation as me kill themself because they were too stupid to get in bed when they were sick!” Chara shouts at them.

“Its a cough!” Flandre snaps before relaxing and hugging Chara suddenly. “Thank you for caring though!” She yells a bit with a smile.

“I don't care I just don't want to be stuck in this situation alone!” Chara says a bit too suddenly to actually be true.

“Neither do I, but I’m not going to drop dead from a fly landing on me….Geez…” Flandre says, patting Chara’s head. Chara bats the hand away before turning away and crossing her arms. “C’mon, we’re going to be late.” Flandre says, pulling on a hand.

“You know something I've never done before, skip school…” Chara says smirking as she never skipped school before she was displaced.

“Chara, no.” Flandre says disapproving.

“Think about all the fun we could have!” Chara says thinking about using the Gaster Blaster to fly to Canterlot and meet with Luna.

“Like?” Flandre says with a raised eyebrow.

“I don't know, never done it myself…” Chara says with a shrug. “but anyway I'm in no mood to deal with school so I'mma ditch!” Chara says floating up into the air and taking off towards Canterlot.

“Chara, come back!” Flandre yells before sighing with a growl. “And she’s gone…” Sighing again, she goes the rest of the way to school. “Hi Miss Cheerilee…” She says with a bit of grumpiness.

“Oh, welcome back Flandre.” Cheerilee says with a bright smile before noticing something missing. “Where’s your...sibling, Chara?”

She blinked a bit at the sibling bit. “Skipping.” Flanny says as she goes to her desk as Cheerilee sighs with a hand to her face. “Sorry, tried to stop her…”

“It's...fine…” Cheerilee says before smiling.


Chara was already halfway to Canterlot as she pushed her Gaster Blaster as fast as it would go and it only takes a few more minutes to get to the City landing outside the front Gates. “Who’s there?!” a guard yells out.

“Princess Twilight's familiar to come talk to Princess Luna!” Chara said trying to sound polite.

“...I didn’t know her highness had a Familiar.” One of them says while the other nods.

“Yeah, I know them” The other says, relaxing. “Enter, but we got our eyes on you.” He says. Chara cackles inside her mind as she enters looking for Luna's bedroom.

“Oh, hello Chara?” Luna says, somewhat surprised at the sudden visit. “Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“I came to visit you because I was bored? and besides why wouldn't I want to know the history from those who lived it instead of learning it from a book, and that is the only subject at the school that they can actually teach me!” Chara says hoping that lender will let her stay.

“...You realise it's also to make friends and lose that hostility of yours.” Luna says with a sigh.

“Hey, I have you for that! You're much more fun than those brats. Besides you're a better friend than anyone could ask for!” Chara says with Crossing her arms.

“But you can’t just have me as your friend. “Luna giggles some, sitting up and taking Chara into her lap.

“Aww~ why not? The brats at school fall under three categories. Fan boys or girls, spoiled brats, or just plain ol’ unintelligent.” Chara says looking up at Luna from her position in her lap.

“Chara.” Luna says with disapproval at the intelligence insult.

“What? I literally don't have to think much to answer the questions they give us!” Chara says thinking she may have gone a bit far with the unintelligent comment.

“Just because you’re older in mind does not make the lesser developed minds unintelligent.” Chara gets a boop on the nose. Chara crosses her eyes looking at the finger that booped her. “Plus, it must be nice to loosen up. Don’t you think so?”

“I guess, but that's not really the only thing that has been happening to me... I can tell you anything right?” Chara asks worry in her tone.

Luna nods. “Of course you can.” She says.

“Okay, here it goes. I didn't originally look like this. I was turned into this when I was summoned by Twilight, where I'm from the person I am now is a video game character…” Chara starts off.

“...I assume Flandre is the same?” Luna guess, almost immediately understanding what the problem was.

“I'm pretty sure, but I don't know for a fact... there are two versions of the character she is. One is a psycho and one is the cute little girl that she is right now… but anyway at night I've started receiving memories of Chara… or at least a version of her.” Chara says shuddering.

Luna hugged her. “I see.” She says, petting Chara’s hair a bit.

“She was abused you know, by the humans that she lived with… that was always a theory that went around the fandom... I guess it was true.” Chara said crying into Luna's shirt. Chara always knew that was the most plausible theory for any version of Chara but had always hated it for what it meant chara had to go through.

“And now you have to suffer through it…” Luna says, cradling chara more.

“Oh God I just thought of something. Flandre is going to have to go through a Hundreds Years trapped in the dark enclosed space alone with nobody to talk to and possibly chained up! And I honestly don't know which of us has it worse. Me going to have to watch all of Chara’s family being killed off over and over again as the fucking bastard player resets time over and over again or Flan having to be alone for over 400 years.” Chara says terrified.

Luna tenses up, understanding her fear. “That will be a problem…” She admits but still smiles. “But, so long as you and the others stay by her, she’ll be fine.”

“I really hope so considering the powers that Flan has…” Char said fearfully considering she had the ability to destroy anything and everything at will absolutely

Luna nods a little bit. “I agree.” She says, still smiling. “Speaking of which, we really should get her a magic tutor at some point. Twilight no doubt won’t have a problem.”

“How about you? I think you would be a wonderful teacher maybe to both me and Flan! We can be your students!” Chara says excitedly bouncing a little and letting her guard drop.

“M-me?” Luna says, suddenly nervous. “I don’t think that's a good idea, I’ve never had a student before and have no idea how to be a teacher!”

“You can't be any worse than how Celestia is, just from what I've heard from stories I mean having the fate of an entire Empire be a test!? That just screams recklessness!” Chara said renting a bit.

“...I...Suppose…” Luna says with a gulp. “I’ll need to read up on it first and prepare…” She said.

“I have full confidence in you to be at least 20 times better than 90% of teachers I know of!” Chara says with a big smile letting a bit of her childish self out.

“...I’ll try.” She says, not needing that much convincing. “It’ll be hard to work out a schedule though.”

“Hey if Sunny Side Up can do it, you can do it!” Chara said referring to Celestia.

Luna snickers a little bit. “Alright, alright.”

“Besides I might need help figuring out how to use my powers or at least testing them!” Chara said frowning a bit.

“Of course.” Luna says, agreeing with that statement.

“Besides even if I do get all of Charas memories it won't give me the knowledge on all the things that I have access to now.” Chara said thinking of all the weapons she has at her disposal.

“I realise…” Luna says. Chara starts relaxing snuggling into Luna's lap,the memories had been really bad and she really needed someone to hold her close. The lunarian Princess hugs her some, petting her some more.

“I wish I had someone like you before I came here maybe then I wouldn't have jumped head-first into a portal to who-knows-where…” Chara whispers getting sleepy and snuggling deeper into the lunar princesses hug.

“...I thought you were summoned?” Luna asks after a pause.

“Your summoning works like Familiar of Zero summoning where a portal opens up in front of the one being summoned and they can choose whether or not to jump in… the only difference is there is no voice calling for you through the portal.” Chara explained as you continue to snuggle into Luna.

Luna nods in understanding. “I understand.” She says. Chara rubs her eyes starting to get sleepy. “...I suppose I can you let you stay.” Luna says with a small sigh.

“I can't remember the last time I got a hug before coming here…” Chara Whispers…

She had to wonder if this was the first time Chara’s shared so much information. She did seem rather tired, possibly from the memories at night.

“I wish s-someone loved me, my own mom hates me or at least tells me that regularly.” Chara says.

Luna rocks Chara back and forth. “I wish I had you as a mom...but that's just stupid to ask.” Chara says finally falling asleep in Luna's arms. Luna smiled a little bit at Chara, petting her some more before taking her to her bed and tucking her in.

“Sweet dreams, Chara…” Luna says with a sad smile. Chara grabs the nearby pillow and snuggles into it in her sleep.

Then, there was a knock on the door and Luna opens the door to see Celestia. “Hello Sister.” Celestia says. “Have you seen Chara perchance- Oh.” Celestia spots a sleeping Chara. “Well, that settles that.” She says with a small smile and whispering. “Nevermind.”

She then leaves to write up a letter for Twilight.


Chara sits up rubbing her eyes yawning tiredly before noticing she was not in her room. “Where am I?” Chara says not fully awake before deciding to get up and explore.

She went around, exploring for quite a bit before she was found by a guard. “You Princess Luna’s guest?” He asks, standing up straight.

“Yeah…” Chara says remembering what happened earlier and blushing in embarrassment at the last thing she said.

“You feeling okay?” He asks, feeling her head. “Your face is red.”

“Yeah I'm feeling okay, I just remembered something embarrassing.” Chara said absentmindedly trying to get control of her blush.

“Then I won’t ask. Need an escort?” He asks her. Chara nods her head finally getting her blush under control. “Where are you heading then?”

“Probably to the princesses if you'll lead me there…” Chara said nervously.

He shrugs a but. “I’m not too sure, they could be busy right at this time.” The guard warns her.

“I'll leave if they're too busy but I just wanted to talk to them a little bit before going.” Chara says rubbing her arm and blushing in embarrassment.

“Something wrong?” He asks her, noticing this. Chara shook her head no. “Are you sure?” He says after a bit, tilting his head. Chara shook her head yes hoping that he would drop it.

Thankfully, he does with time and leads Chara through the halls. Chara follows behind him silently hoping that she didn't ruin her friendship with Luna.

It takes a little bit before the guard gestures to what she assumed was the throne room.

“Hey Luna, are you busy?” Chara yells out as she enters into the throne room.

“Yes, I’m here.” She says, looking at some papers along with a really bored Celestia.

“Heya Sunny-Side Up, how are you?” Chara says waving to Celestia as she walks over to them.

Celestia and Luna looks at her in confusion. “Sunny Side Up?” The sun princess says with a small raise of her eyebrow.

“Hey it's better than calling you Sun Butt the Awesome!” Chara says putting her hands on her hips.

A moment of silence. “Alright then?” Celestia says while Luna beckons Chara over with a smile.

“Besides I think Luna is best princess.” Chara says going over to where Luna is and curling up next to her.

Surprisingly, it was Celestia who giggled. “See, I told you you’re growing in popularity~” She says to Luna, getting an eye roll.

“You know if this world was a TV show I bet Luna would have her own fan base.” Chara says trying to drop a hint as subtle as possible.

“Oh, come now Chara…” Luna says with a small blush and clearing her throat.

“But I don't know how much good that would be considering how much lewding happens to everything in every single fan base no matter the age or species.” Chara says smirking up at Luna.

Both Princesses blushed. “L-let's not get into that territory…” Luna says, much to Celestia’s teasing laughing. In response, Luna gives her a ‘don’t you even dare…’ look.

“Hey Sunny Side Up don't forget you would be in Luna's place too! And I wouldn't be surprised if they portrayed you as some sort of super pervert.” Chara says in response to her teasing laugh.

“I don’t think that's a bad thing~” She says with a certain...laugh.

“Sister!” Luna yells at her. Chara hides behind Luna mumbling something that sounded like ‘Molestia’. “We are moving on from the conversation!” She says loudly, getting a nod from Celestia, though she was still giggling in a more light hearted tone.

“Is it safe to come out now.” Chara says sticking her head out from behind Luna.

“Hopefully…” Luna says, shooting a look at Celestia. Chara fully comes out from behind Luna but still stays close to her as she gives weary looks at Celestia. Luna welcomes her closely before checking the papers.

“So what are the idiot Nobles trying to pull on you guys now?” Chara says as she tries to look at the paperwork.

“The same…” They both sighed in anger and frustration as Celestia stamps a few papers.

“You know what I would do? I would make them earn their nobility.” Chara says as if it was the simplest thing in the world. “Also I would make a law that states that nobility cannot be passed down!” Chara says as an afterthought.

“That would be nice…” They both say, rubbing their temples and smiling. “We’ll keep that in mind…”

“I'm just saying it would be a lot more easier on you two then having people like Blue Balls around.” Chara says with a shrug having a severe hatred for Blue Blood.

“We know.” Luna says with a huff of annoyance. “But they’re worse than cockroaches…”

“Yeah at least if you blow up the planet you'll kill the Cockroaches, the Nobles will just find a way to escape.” Chara says expecting them to call her out on the Blue Balls comment.

They act like they didn’t hear the insulting name. “We rather not blow up the planet…” Celestia said with a small deadpan, sipping on some coffee.

“Yeah I don't I think we have to worry about planet Busters.” Chara says thinking about the universe she could have been in.

“Hopefully…” Luna whispers softly. Chara nodded her head having no idea what all could show up.

“Anyways, I believe maybe Chara should be getting home?” Celestia says with a raised eyebrow.

“Aww but Mooney is comfy!” Chara whined out snuggling deeper into Luna.

“Mooney?” Both of them said, Luna in confusion while Celestia laughs a bit.

“What you don't like your nickname? At least I actually put effort into yours...” Chara says with a pout.

Celestia just laughs some more while her sister just rolls her eyes and looks pointedly at the Sun Princess. “A-anyways, I still think you best be going home.”

“Why can't I stay here with you two I'm sure it would be more easy to learn from people who actually experienced the history then from teachers who just read it?” Chara whines out with pleading puppy dog eyes.

Celesta hands the schedule they had...it unrolls to the bottom of the chair.

“Damn! Too bad you don't have Time Turner's or Shadow clones here that would have made this a piece of cake!”

“Who?” The moon princess asks with a raised eyebrow.

“No it's a time travel device…” Chara says with a shake of her head.

“Actually, we have an Organizer named Time Turner.” Celestia points out with a smile. “Little nutty, but he’s good at what he does.”

“You know I'm surprised you haven't asked what the hell Shadow clones are?” Chara said with a raised brow.

“Clones made out of Shadows? Sounds simple enough.” Luna says with a shrug. Chara burst out laughing at that.

“Okay I truly needed that. No, Shadow clones are not made out of Shadows they wouldn't be nearly half as useful if they were.” Chara said still giggling at Naruto signature Jutsu being made out of Shadows.

“...We could try and make a spell similar, but we’re wary of Cloning spells.” Luna says, rubbing the back of her head like she was remembering.

“That's the beauty of the Shadow clone, one good hit in they pop while giving you the memories and knowledge they have to the user!” Chara said with a grin.

“Oh. Okay?” Luna says, giving a look to Celesta and getting a shrug in return. “Some research material for later.”

The other nods before returning her attention to Chara. “Well, either way we’re going to be too busy for anything else.” Sunny Side Up says to them.

“Eh... hopefully you'll get a working version of the Shadow clones that way you'll have more free time.” Chara said with a pout Crossing her arms.

“It would a be a Mother Send if we can…” Luna says, groaning loudly as she looks at the list again. “Sister, your Goblin of a nephew has yet another worthless bratty complaint…What did you call him Chara, Blue Balls?”

“Yep because that's the condition he's going to have for the rest of his life if he continues going the way he is.” Chara says with the sagely nod.

The loli-esk Moon Princess and her older sister shuddered a bit. “Hopefully. Pray he doesn’t meet a Mistress…” Celestia said.

“He’d probably go bankrupt just trying to keep her around.” Chara said giggling at the thought.

“Offspring?” They both mentioned before a guard enters the room.

“Your highnesses…?” He says, sounding very, very, very annoyed. “Its Prince Blue Blood…” Both Princesses groaned, rubbing their faces.

“Oh goody I get to meet the spoiled brat myself!” Chara says her sarcasm literally being felt throughout the room.

“Auntie~!” Celestia winces at the whiny voice as a...okay, Blue Blood’s not half bad as a human.

Still, he looked like an asshole…

He was very tall, possibly getting close to Loli Luna, and had a nice build. His hair well kept but wasn’t in a overly fancy style, maybe even humble if anything. His eyes were pretty meh, even the green color couldn’t do anything.

He wore an stereotypical white prince’s outfit, the only thing not subtle or humble, but no added accessories. His shoes were just white and he had his bracelet on but it was mostly hidden under his sleeve. He had a crystal on his forehead with a simple and silvery circlet decorating it.

His posture though was anything but humble. “Hello Aunty Tia, Aunty Lulu.” He actually says politely before glancing at Chara and flashing a smile. A slightly strained one, but at least there wasn’t anything behind it.

“Greetings I am Chara… Chara dreemurr.” Chara said politely holding her hand out.

“Oh, hello.” He says and shakes it briefly. “Why are you here? And in the throne room no less?”

“I came here to visit Mooney seeing as we're good friends…” Chara says using her nickname for Luna to emphasize this.

He snorts a bit. “Mooney?” Blue Blood says with a small laugh. “Sounds like a bedroom pet name…” He mumbles to himself.

“Hey no lewding the lolis! Lolis are for petting!” Chara says remembering a meme.

He looks at her with wide eyes. “E-excuse me, who raised you?” He says.

“Well that's a difficult question, not anyone until about a year before my summoning and after that the king and queen of the monsters.” Chara said remembering how things went in most timelines for Chara.

“She had the resources…” Luna provides the prince, getting a slow shake of the head.

“Oh yeah almost forgot about the internet. There was a song I once heard that perfectly describes the internet in a nutshell.” Chara said with a smirk, thinking about the song ‘The Internet Is for Porn’ before she started humming the tune.

“Please don’t hum it…” Blue Blood says before facing Tia again. “So, Aunty about that proposal.”

“I said no.” She says, not even looking at him.

“Oh and what's this proposal!” Chara asked her curiosity piqued.

“Some revenge on Miss Rarity.” Luna says before anyone could say anything.

“Doesn't he realize that if he does anything to Rarity he would have the entire set of The Elements of Harmony on him and if he does succeed it would have destroyed a necessary part of this nation's defenses…” Chara asks with a deadpan.

The princesses facepalm. “Chara...why do you assume everything has to be solved with Bloodshed?” Celestia says while rubbing her forehead a bit whole B.B looked ready to call a psychiatrist. “We’re not some kind of war race bent on murder and blowing up planets for the heck of it.”

“Well good, that would make you the Saiyan race and quite frankly they were a bunch of space pirate monkey men at best and battle hungry maniacs at worst… and the weakest of them could destroy planets.” Chara says causing everyone to look at her.

“Chara...just stop.” Celestia says with a groan while her nephew gulped a bit in fear.

“Hey, don't worry Blue. They're not in this universe or at least I don't think so.” Chara said with a shrug before trying to climb into Luna's lap to snuggle back into her. “Besides the Saiyans were not the strongest but they had the potential to be…” Chara said thinking about the bullshit that was the Saiyan zenkai boost.

“Stop.” Celestia said, shutting Chara’s mouth with her magic “Anyways, my answers no Blue Blood.” She tells her nephew, making him sigh in aggravation.

“Hey look at the bright side Blue, if you buy up all the loose shops in Canterlot that could be a form of Revenge!” Chara said trying to direct him to something manageable to keep them from doing something stupid.

“I...guess?” Blue Blood says with some annoyance.

“Hey what's the matter, my revenge not good enough for you?” Chara says with a raised eyebrow mentally cursing him not taking the bait.

“I’m...just going to say yes to make you stop talking…” He says backing away and leaving.

“He probably will regardless.” Luna says with a roll of her eyes. “He’s dumb like that…”

“Well at least I directed him at something that is manageable instead of doing something stupid.” Chara said remembering how many pompous spoiled assholes decided to do stupid shit like going and messing with dark magic.

“Hopefully…” Celestia says in annoyance.

Then a scroll appears and Celestia reads it. “Oh dear…” She said with some amusement and some fear at the same time. “You really should be getting back.”

“Okay but why though?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Flandre’s got a new toy it seems…” She says. Chara equip sans jacket before teleporting back to Ponyville.



“Why is she swinging a clock arm around?!” Spike cries out.

“What the hell happened here!?” Chara screams out coming out from around the corner using Sans’ shortcut to get back.

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