• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied Hearts: Chtp 8: The Trainer from hell...

Chara started to wake up, grumbling about not wanting to leave mamas arms. Chara soon sits up stretching before grumbling and heading to her private bathroom, getting ready for the day as she soon heads to her closet looking through it and grimacing at all the different princess dresses and none of the outfits she actually liked.

She finally decided and picked out a green one before heading to the mirror and brushing her hair, when she was finally done she grabbed her tiara and put it on before heading towards the door.

“Good morning.” A voice says just as she opens it, revealing Smooth Tail.

“Hey Smooth, how are you doing…” Chara says heading towards the dining room with SmoothtTail flanking her.

“Very well. You?” He asks, professionally.

“Eh… Okay I guess.” Chara says as they finally make it to the dining room.

Immediately when she opened the door, her eyes snapped to a large, glistening, mouth watering chocolate cake, just waiting for her. It took all of her effort not to just run and dive into it, while quickly walking up to it, grabbing a fork and starting to nom on it.

“So Princess, I hear that today you and your sister will be returning to ponyville with Twilight.” Smooth Tail says as Discord poofs in, wearing a handkerchief around his neck and chowing into some shrimp.

“Yes, but first I'd like to check out my guard’s training.” Chara says before turning to Discord “Yo Dissy, I didn't know you liked shrimp.” Chara says with a raised eyebrow.

“Seafood in general!” Discord answers with a loud swallow.

“Well that was something I never expected…” Chara says as she finishes her cake. “You busy or do you want to come with me and my guard to go check out their training?” Chara asks as she starts heading towards the door.

“Nah, too boring if you ask me… For the record, the princesses are getting their magic back from Flandre as we speak.” He says to her, eating a crab whole in one bite.

“You know I thought you might want to help me make their training grounds, after all, who better to help prepare my troops for anything than you.” Chara said, hoping that she could get him to help her… At least with the obstacle course.

He waves a hand in disinterest. “I’ll keep the offer in mind~” He tells her with a smirk. “Also, that little wolf is stalking around. Something about an intruder and sniffing it down.”

“Well at least she's good for something, besides I'm sure you and I working together could come up with a great obstacle course that would test my guards endurance to the max!” Chara says as a massive smile on her face formed, it was anything but kind.

He laughs a bit, waving a salmon. “I’ll meet you in the training room, maybe.” He says, eating it whole before pulling it out, leaving the skeleton bare.

“Shall we get going then?” The guard said, more than used to the chaos spirit’s antics.

“Yep I've got to make sure your obstacle courses are in Tip-Top shape!” Chara said that she hurries to the door before stopping. “Um… where's the training ground?” Chara asks with a blush just realizing she didn't know.

“Just follow me.” He says, starting out of the dining room. Chara actually skips behind him as she thinks of all the obstacles she can add for ‘training’ (read torture) and deciding to mix the training ground with Wipeout and Ultimate Ninja Warrior with several other things.

Then she stopped short by Smooth Tail’s extended arm, Chara almost had stepped on… Ammy… who was sniffing the ground intently, nose on the ground and lower body sticking up in the air a bit.

“Where are you…” They vaguely guessed her internal monologuing.

“…Okay let's just keep on moving.” Chara says as she leaves the mutt to do her own thing.

The pup eventually starts moving forward, dashing with a loud growl and bark… followed by a… concerning yelping of something and some loud footsteps. With monkey like noises.

“…okay let's ignore that and continue on!” Chara says completely ignoring what's going on for own sanity sake.

“Right this way ma’am.” He says with a light chuckle. After a few minutes they finally make it to the training ground.

“Well where is the obstacle course!” Chara says looking around.

“Right over there.” He says, pointing over to the left. Chara looks over and is disappointed as it looks like a normal police officer obstacle course.

“Yep, Discord and I are definitely going to upgrade this, maybe even make several different ones.” Chara says with a nod of her head.

“Try not to be too harsh…” He says with a small sigh as a hum was vaguely heard from above.

“Hey Discord, come here! I need to show you my ideas!” Chara yells out as she pulls out her phone typing in Wipeout and ultimate Ninja Warrior.

“Hay is for horses.” Discord says as he teleports...inside of her phone, pixelated with a download bar above his head.

“So my fine chaotic friend, what do you think?” Chara says with a smirk.

“I like. They won’t.” He says simply and shortly.

“They will thank me for it later…” Chara says offhandedly as she and Discord got to work. All of Chara’s Guard felt a shiver of dread go up their spine at the matching crackles coming from both Chara and Discord behind a curtain that appeared over the obstacle course.

“Oh boy…” Smooth Tail says with a long sigh and a shake of his head.

“Hey Dissy, I just thought of something! We need to make multiple courses for each level of difficulty!” They hear Chara cry out with a happy tone. “But we still need to work on the design for this one first…” They hear Chara say, her tone suggesting she was frowning a bit.

“We doing this the long way?” Discord says with his arms crossed, causing Chara to nod, mostly because she wanted an intimate knowledge of what she's going to put her troops through. “Fine, this better not take that long.” He says.

“You and me both know you can be in two places at once.” Chara says with a roll of her eyes before they both start getting to work.

“Should we be worried about them?” one of Chara’s guards asked Smooth Tail.

He just shrugs, unsure.


“Whaaa, that didn’t feel nice~!” Flandre cries out as she slumps on the floor after the draining of the princesses magic. Even still though, her strange sun like disk remained floating off her back.

“Well, thank you anyways Flandre!” Celestia says, nuzzling the little girl. “You’ll get that ice cream like I promised, after dinner.”

“Yay!” She says before she bolts down the stairs of the tower, leaving an exhausted Cadence, Luna, and Twilight in her wake. Celestia was equally tired out but she hid it well.

“You three, go on and get some dinner.” Celestia says slowly “I’ll go get Chara.” After that, she walks down the same stairs as Flan. While she walked, she had to wonder why that disc remained on Flandre’s back like it did.

“Chara?” Celestia says as she peeks through the training room, having asked a bunch of guards for directions to where Chara was last seen.

When she looks inside, she saw the room had been enlarged quite a bit and there was now three different obstacle courses the likes of which she had never even thought of. The obstacle courses looked like a blend of serious and goofy, she also noticed that they were all held over a pool and if she was being honest with herself, it looked at least ten times tougher than her old one and that was the one with the sign that said easy.

“Hey Discord, I think we're finally finished with the extreme difficulty course!” Chara’s exhausted reply was heard from behind the curtain. “And now I just need to set up the tactical and battle training next.” Chara says with a sigh. “Hey Discord, you think you can help me with a room that can simulate any environment for that? I'll even let you throw in battlefields of your own design!” Chara asks Discord, hoping that he would help her with that last thing.

“Uhm, what are you two doing?” Celestia asks with wide eyes.

“Increasing the training of the royal guard so they're not noobs anymore… I mean the training they were doing can be compared to basic police level training from my world.” Chara said and the guards looked only mildly insulted by this, looking at each other.

“I… see.” Celestia says with a slow blink. “But you missed Lunch and it's almost time for dinner.”

“I only need Discord to make the combat simulation room and then we're done.” Chara says handing her phone to Discord.”Oh and Discord, you may use anything from the internet to make the battle scenarios and battlefields, but don't break my phone or I'mma break you!” Chara said as she followed Celestia to the dining room, even if Discord’s mad cackle scared her a little bit.

“Come along.” The sun princess says with a light chuckle of amusement.

“You know Celestia, I want to try out that training facility that I helped create when Discord is done. It sounds like it's going to be lots of fun!” Chara said as she skipped alongside Celestia.

Before she could get a response though, Celestia opens the door to the dining room. “Yes, I saw.” She says as Flan waves to Chara.

“Hey sis!” Chara says as she sits down next to her mama Luna.

A little Discord soon popped up on the table with the biggest Trollface Chara has ever seen. “I applaud you.” He says with a very slow clap with a shitty smirk. “I need to borrow that internet for more chaos.” He says.

“Oh Discord, how about we make a deal!” Chara says with a smirk loving the idea of having Discord in her pocket.

“Arf! Arf!” They all hear Ammy’s angry barks and seconds later something burst through the doors.

First thought. Ugly.

Second Thought: KILL IT!

The thing that interrupted the dinner was a tall, charcoal grey ape like creature wearing a Yukata. It had two small tusks poking out of its mouth and its face had just some kind of Asian symbol and had a single horn poking out the top of its head.

To its side, it had a bongo, strangely enough, and three red-orange colored Skulls were floating around.

The thing was in panic, looking around rapidly before jumping at the bark and trying to jog away in a comedic way as Ammy burst in.

“Nope.” Chara says dully as she equips the bad time eye and made bones surround the little shit where his only way to go was towards Ammy.

The pup didn’t even let it have a chance to turn around, bouncing the thing and starting to bash the thing down with her ‘shield’ hard and even somewhat ferally. After the tenth or twentieth hit, it screams a horrible noise as its back was shattered and it turns into petals and flutters away.

Chara doesn't even give it a blink before returning back to Discord. “So about that deal!” Chara says cheerfully as if the wolf didn't just bash something's spine in.

“Wait, what was that!?” Twilight says, highly disturbed.

“That, was a Black Imp. A demon, basically.” Ammy gives the short version as she sits on the table close to Flandre. “Don’t feel pity for it, those skulls are imprisoned souls it stole.”

“Figured those skulls were bad.” Chara says before shushing the wolf and everyone else so she could finally make the deal with Discord.

“Conditions~?” Discord askes, also unbothered.

“For every hour you use the phone you owe me a favor. Or a big favor for every day.” Chara says not really sure what she would need, so she user the broad spectrum of favors.


“What?” Celestia says with a raised eyebrow, concerned at his instant agreement.

“Oh this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship!” Chara says happily before settling back down in her seat next to her mama, content with the way things are going.

“Perhaps more~” Discord jokes a bit before teleporting off.

“God dammit you pervy spirit!” Chara yelled out as her face lit up with a blush.

His laugh just makes everyone’s forehead connect with the table with a loud bang.

After a couple seconds, Ammy of all people speaks up. “So Dreemurr, what have you been doing all day?” She asks in a formal and unfriendly manner,

“Just fixing up the obstacle course, making it a lot more difficult~” Chara said with a grin before she continued eating.

“The training room for our guards…” Celestia adds to that before starting to eat her food. Meanwhile, Flandre ate and shared her food with Ammy.

“Sounds a bit to me your taking on a little burden.” Luna says drinking some wine.

“Oh it's no burden at all! Besides I will not have my guards being as weak as Basic Police from my old world!” Chara said with a frown.

“If you’re sure.” Luna says with a approving nod. “Now, we need to be ready for Flandre’s inauguration…” She says, getting a confused hum from the girl in question.

“You do realize she's not ready for this responsibility right, she's not mature enough.” Chara says with a deadpan as she finishes her meal.

“We do, which is why we’re not going to be placing any responsibilities yet.” Celestia says with a smile. “But regardless, you are her sister and Twilight’s her guardian. That alone is enough to make her a princess.” She tells her with a small grin.

“How’d you think Blue Blood was called Prince despite being a spoilt child?” Luna grumbles, more than glad to have him lose his title.

“…okay I'll give you a point on that…”

“Plus, Shining Armo-” Twilight starts.

“Okay what has he done other than make a shield and throw his wife at a monster?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow, no she did respect him for at least trying to be a good ruler.

“You just argued against yourself.” Ammy points out but snickering at the sputtering Twilight.

Celestia giggles a bit. “I think you get the point. Besides, you’re done with your punishment. Your responsibilities are going to be put on hold until you’re older.”

“Oh thank God! At least now I have time to focus on my guard and make them the best!” Chara says with a smirk as she was going to make sure her guards were better than all the others, where it would take 10 Celestial or lunar guards it would only take one of hers.

“No one’s ever going to keep them down~” Flan lightly sings with a giggle, Ammy slightly amused and shaking her head a bit.

“Welp time to go inspect the training grounds then start my guards training!” Chara said leaving with a giggle. Chara knew the training she was going to put her troop through was hellish so she was at least going to join them as best as she could.

“May Faust have mercy on their souls…” Ammy says quietly to Flandre, making the little girl laugh a bit.


“My little ponies, we have an announcement to make once more. Today, we are here to announce the next heir of Princessdom, Flandre Scarlet!” Celestia says proudly. “She may have no trait to speak of now, however, due to her ability to hold under intense pressure both physically and mentally, she has potential! She has our blessings and hopefully yours as well!”

As Flandre starts to walk out, Celestia finishes her speech. “Introducing, Princess Flandre!” She calls out.

The blonde was wearing a red dress similar to a Victorian style, with puffy shoulders and black trimming and frills. The frills were at the end of the short, shoulder length sleeves, at the ends of her skirt and collar. The trimming was lining down her torso in a criss cross diamond pattern, which would have shown off the barest hints of skin weren’t it for the yellow underskirt she was wearing.

The dress had a pink underside and at the low cut collar was a cute little red bow tie. She wore a diamonded trimmed choker, also with a tiny red bow tie. Two more tiny bows were at the shoulders. Finally, on top of her head was an adorable little crown that tilted to the side, no bigger than the size of her fist.

Her ribbon tying her long side tail was replaced with a flayed out ribbon, almost looking like a set of butterfly wings.

And on her feet she had some socks with a frilled fold and two ballet flats with raised bottoms, colored red and two roses at the toes.

And as a side note, one could swear someone shined and polished her crystals and the Sun Disk.

Chara was off to the side, and if she was honest with herself, she was a little jealous of Flan getting an original outfit instead of having to go with something like Mini Moon.

“Hi!” Flandre says quietly, forgetting the rehearsal. But, the crowd loved it, especially when the background turned sparkly with flowers appearing.

Chara discreetly glanced at the mutt, who just returned it with a knowing grin.

“I’m really happy to see you all here, to know you are all so happy for me!” Flandre continues, completely disregarding her speech. “And I’m really happy for all of you now too! I’ll try to be the bestest Princess for all of you, that’s a promise!” Flan then surprises with a cute little bow, making the crowd go wild in adoring.

“I may not be very good, so I maaaay need some help along the way!” She admits innocently. “But hey, that's life! Help a little, get a little!” Her wisdom surprises quite a few here and there.

Chara again discreetly looks at the wolf giving it a glare for half a second. Ammy just smirks.

The crowd cheers as Flan bows one more time.


“Aw come on Chara!” Flandre whines, meeting Chara in the castle hallway. “It's a party, you need to attend~!” She pouts at Chara, careful not to knock Ammy off her shoulder.

“You and I both know I don't do parties, plus I have training to get back to.” Chara says as she starts to walk off. Chara didn't hate parties she just wasn't good at them as she didn't like being in big crowds.

“You’re just scared of crowds, aren’t you?” Ammy says with a flicking on her wrist.

Chara tenses for a moment “Nope I just don't like being in large crowds…” Chara says casually ‘I'm not terrified of being in crowds, I'm not scared of anything! I only hate certain things.’ she thought to herself as she would never admit to being scared.

The pup just nods slowly, choosing to let it go there. “Aw fine, go train instead being with your sister!” Flandre says, half-serious half-faking it with a pout and stomping out.

“Hey, you don't need me, you have that mutt to do everything for you.” Chara says with a joking manner that was a facade for something else. It wasn't just because she didn't want to go to the party.

The wolf catches what Flandre didn’t, but did nothing to say about it. “Well I'm going to go train see you.” Chara yells over her shoulder heading towards the training grounds.

“Right!” Flandre calls back, in her normal pep. “You are so coming to the next party though, especially if I plan it!” She says.

“Not likely.” Chara yells back before equipping [the bad time eye] and teleporting to the training ground.

Flandre looks to her, worried for a second as she catches the hint.

----- meanwhile-----

Chara appears in the training grounds before heading to the battle simulation room. She soon enters the room walking to the middle of it.

“Room give me a list of the OP level battles!” Chara calls out as a glowing holographic screen appears in front of her with dancing Discords on it.

Chara starts looking through the list, seeing a bunch she didn't know but also a bunch she did, including a battle between Alex Mercer, evil Delsin Rowe, the Legacy bosses at level 99 from Dragon Quest 9, the One Winged Angel, The Overlord and Obito Uchiha as the Ten tails jinchuuriki.

“Okay the only one on this goddamn list that I can see myself fighting without dying instantly is either Mercer or Delsin Rowe and maybe that fucking Overlord.” Chara says with a deadpan. “You know what, Imma kill me an Overlord!” Chara says out loud as the training room changes to the Overlord throne room in the Nether Realm.

Chara turns to see the overlord standing in front of her with 50 minions in front of him “Hello misplaced aggression!” Chara says equipping the true knife and charging it, knife at the ready and already glowing blood red.

“Hello understatement!” The Overlord surprisingly replies, giving the impression that he was rolling her eyes.

“You may not be that goddamn mutt but I'll enjoy killing you.” Chara says as she decapitates a minion beside her before vi-secting another one, she is then nearly hit in the back of the head but was able to dodge, unfortunately for her she dodged into a fireball causing her to yell out in pain.

A guard soon walks up besides Smooth Tail who had been watching the entire thing. “You know, I have to wonder what the hell pissed off our princess.” The guard said standing next to him watching as Chara dispatched three more minions.

“Its Princess Scarlet’s new pet, Ammy.” Smooth Tail said with a sigh, feeling she didn’t learn her lesson from earlier. He really hoped it was something else and not the same thing.

“I guess sir... but didn't she say never to fight the OP opponents in there?” the guard asked as he remembered Chara saying at one point that unless they could flawlessly defeat any other level they were to never challenge the OPs. The guard did wince when Chara cried out in pain again after being hit with lightning from the Overlord.

“True.” Smooth Tail said, remembering that tidbit before contemplating turning off the simulation.

“Sir if I may be honest I really hope we never run into the OPs…” the guard says, shivering as Chara finishes off the minions and heads for the Overlord.

“Agreed…” Smooth Tail says with a nod and flips a switch on the machine. “I need to talk to her anyways…” He says, just as Chara’s knife clashes with the Overlord’s Infernal Greatsword, actually making the knife crack just a hint.

“W-wha?” Chara says as the Overlord disappears, giving her the middle finger, before she is hit with her exhaustion making her collapse to her knees breathing heavily.

“Chara.” Smooth Tail says after closing the door to the simulation and telling the guards to leave. “What has you worried. Is it the new Royal Pet?”

“It's nothing, I'm just exhausted.” Chara says given the problem she has now, not the one that brought her to the room in the first place.

“Yes, but what drove you to come here in the first place?” He says, knowing the answer and continues. “I hope you aren’t ignoring my advice.”

“I'm not, I'm just not going to stay where I'm easily replaced by a mutt of all things.” she says getting back up and getting ready to start the simulation again.

“Replaced.” He repeats with a shake of his head. “Chara, what makes you think Ammy is replacing you? What’s given you the impression that Flandre doesn’t recognise you or is forgetting you like some amnesiac?” He states, somewhat harshly, seeming to particularly hate this kinda problem.

“W-well, she doesn't need me anymore, she has that mutt that can do everything better.” Chara says, his harsh tone surprising her. Chara was thinking she was useless to Flan now since she had that mutt. “What use can I be to Flan now…” Chara whispers so lowly that her guard barely caught it.

“So, you’re going to give up on the role of Sister and a loved-one just because you feel like you don’t like that you’re sister is getting more independent.” He says with a sigh and another shake of his head.

“Chara, you worry too much honestly. Ammy can’t, nor wants to replace you. First of all, have you noticed that Flandre has Ammy at the palm of her hand practically? In fact I think she has most of us…” He jokes a little bit at the end. “My point is, while she’s getting independent, you still have the power to put your foot down and keep her grounded. She is a kid still, who knows how much of this is going to her head.” Chara nods her head but is still unsure.

“Okay… you know, this is why you're my favorite guard.” Chara says before she brings up the simulation screen again. Chara then picked evil Delsin Rowe to fight as she got into her fighting stance, not noticing the crack in the true knife.


Flandre was sitting in her own, slightly oversized red throne that was placed up some stair in front of a party. Of which she really, really, really wished she could actually enjoy with the others. Instead of being out there, playing and having fun, she was told to sit down. And do. Nothing.

Her. Flan. Playful and wanting Friends.

Do nothing.

But sit.

And Watch.

“Maybe Chara made a good call…” Flandre says with a whine, indescribably bored and slouching notably.

“Something wrong?” Celestia says as she enters the garden from above, looking around before focusing on the bored Flandre. “Where is Chara?”

“Hmmm, Training…” Flandre says, two fingers on her forehead and not looking happy. “...Better than this…” She groans, hands going to her face.

Celestia shakes her head in understanding as a couple stops by and bows to Fland while their little girl asks them where ‘Princess Chara was…’ and they leave with the girl disappointed.

“Oh screw this, I’m part of this party!” Flandre says, jumping to her feet from the throne. “I should be allowed to enjoy it with the others, not sit on a chair and watch!” She waves her arms childishly. “Even Ammy’s gone out to play~!” She stomps her foot, causing Celestia to laugh a little bit.

“Well, go on then.” The sun princess surprises Flan with a gesture. “Go enjoy it.” She says, taking the throne for the blonde. “I can take over from here, go and play.”

“Thank you Aunt Tia!” Flandre says, floating up and flying into the party with a excited giggle.

A butler brings a goblet to Celestia and she accepts the cup of wine… casting a spell she used not so long ago to keep an eye on Chara. ‘They haven’t been here for very long and all ready they’re Princesses… Shame they're just too young for it to be of real benefit.’ She thinks to herself.

Celestia glances into the goblet. “...Why do you have to be such an edgelord…” She then sighs, seeing a pretty beat up and bloodied Chara and her opponent, recognising the simulation. “I wonder if this would be similar if Nightmare Moon hadn’t been turned back…” She says, rubbing her temples and making a note to speak with Chara.

She smiles afterward, watching the youthful energy Flandre was spending around, the people smiling mostly gladly if a bit nervously. Already Flan had gathered a small group of kids who were rearing to play with the new princess.

She couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy.

‘...If only I could enjoy those days again…’

Then pity.

‘Enjoy it while you can Flandre…’


Chara limps back to her room with one arm being held by the other and her left eye swollen shut. Her clothes were barely clinging to her body and you can see blood on her, she knew she looked horrible as she was an absolute mmes. “I really hope I can get to my room without getting caught.” Chara whispers to herself as she peaks around the corner into the hallway her room is in.

And right in front of her, face to face… was the last person she wanted to see. “Hey Chara!” Flandre yells as she hugs Chara, not noticing the blood at first due to being so close.

Chara winces in pain before quickly hiding it and hugging her back “H-Hay flan.” Chara says her voice obviously strained.

Flan notices the strain and pulls away, her nose twitching. “...Why do I smell blood?” She says, pulling back and gasping loudly at the condition Chara was in. “W-wha?” She says, her eyes briefly snapping into cat like slits.

“I-It’s nothing Flan, just training.” Chara says trying to wave it off before trying to continue on to her room.

Flan however grabs her by the wrist. “No.” She says sternly, though seeming more...repulsed from the blood than usual. Especially when her eyes kept flashing into their cat like state.

“I'm okay, I just look worse than it seems.” Charas says, wincing as Flan had grabbed her sore wrist. Chara knew that she was lying through her teeth, but honestly did not want Flan to worry.

“You’re lying.” Flan says, despite not seeing any of the usual signs. “Chara… Why?” She asks.

“i don't want you to worry about me, and besides I was training…” Chara says not wanting to deal with anyone about her condition right now.

“Chara.” Flandre states in a forceful tone. “You worried me since I came back.” She tells Chara, forcing the other into a more gentle hug. “Why? Why are you so scared all of a sudden?” She asks her sister.

“I lost flan... I lost to Tirek and if it wasn't for Discord I would be nothing more than a sex toy right now...” Chara said as tears started streaming down her face. She had lost control in her fight against Tirek and she hated that about herself. She hated herself even more for having to be saved. She felt fear even thinking about that pedophile defiling her.

“...Is he dead?” That tone of voice really worried Chara, further exemplified by the sudden heaviness in the air.

“I don't know. I think he faded after returning to hell…” Chara said not telling her about those that actually helped him.

This calmed Flandre down before the blonde starts to drag Chara to her room, flying to make it easy on Chara. Chara tries to protest but is completely ignored.

After they get to the room, Flandre sits her on the bed made for Flan and hugs her. “Chara. Is there more?” She asks her, almost begging Chara at this point.

“I nearly burnt out my soul fighting him.” Chara says shivering at the memory.

Flandre whimpers a bit before wanting her to continue.”And then this mutt comes into our lives saying she's a goddess when only Psychopaths or delusional people call themselves that!” Chara says, angrily wiping the tears from her eyes.

“...I believe that true gods are people who love just as much as they have power…” Flandre says quietly with a small smile.

“War gods and the like aren’t true gods to me. Ammy’s a true god, because she loves the world. Maybe a little too much.” She giggles at the end. “Sure, she might not be even close to ...Reality God levels, but still.” Chara just looked away before continuing.

“I'm sorry I wasn't good enough and you needed to replace me…” Chara says as she tries to turn around.

“Wait, WHAT!?” Flandre shrieks into Chara’s ear by accident. “H-how could you say that?” She was less angry and more in shock at this. “Chara, replace you?! My Sister? No, I could never do that!” She says quickly and almost in a panicked tone, possibly really scared and upset that she made Chara feel that way.

“But having the mutt that can do everything better than me…” Chara says quietly not daring to look at Flan.

“Like what?” Flandre says, hands on her hips and pouting. “Spoil me rotten?”

“The fact that she gives better advice, the fact that she can protect you better, the fact that she has madhavin able to walk in the fucking sun.” Chara said, tears streaming down her face that she finally looks at Flan.

“Chara, she can only protect me against demons. If some normy was to attack me, her powers would be almost useless.” She tells Chara with a hand on her shoulder and a hug. “Yeah, she gives me advice… that I want to hear. I know for a fact she won’t give me the tough love kinda advice...” Flandre continues, the sun disk slightly darker now. “And I don’t need her to walk in the sun… Its the Disk that does that, after I absorbed all that magic from Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and Cadence…”

Chara just sits there crying, still not able to think of a response, partially due to the pain she was still in and partially because she couldn't actually think of a response. Flandre just hugs her more. “You’re my sister. I could never replace my sister.” She says with a smile. Chara was relieved when she said this and started to get up and go to her room.

“No.” Flandre says, pulling Chara back into the bed. “No sleepy alone.” She says somewhat childishly and somewhat serious. Chara chuckles a bit before getting into bed. “Bathy first…” Flandre says, gesturing to the blood and ruined clothes.

“Alright alright…” Chara says as she heads to the bathroom to get cleaned up, but remembering she didn't have any clothes in her inventory.

“Sis, I don't have anything to wear!” Chara said sticking her head out of the bathroom.

“You can borrow some of mine!” Flandre says, surprising Chara since she was right in front of Chara and pushing into the bathroom. “After the bath I mean.” She tells Chara as she turns on the water for the large tub.

“Um…” Chara says blushing, having never taking a bath with anyone before that she could remember.

“What’s wrong?” Flan notices as she starts to take off her dress.

“I've always bathed by myself…” Chara says, her voice barely even audible and her face glowing as red as her soul.

“We’re both girls, so it's fine.” Flandre says, having a little trouble with her dress. “...Little help?” She says, having tried to take it off incorrectly and getting herself stuck a bit. Chara, still blushing, starts to help Flan out of her dress. “Thank you. Want me to help you?” She says, gesturing to the still clothed Chara. Chara squeaks and nods her head.

---Moving on from any awkward details…---

“Fuaaa~” Flandre cooes as she sinks further in the hot water, chibied and totally in bliss. Chara was still red faced and trying to hide herself in the bubbles, her head barely peeking out of the top.

“I love hot water~” Flans says, a hand towel on her head as she sank her face into the water, blowing out some bubbles. Her response was a squeak from Chara as she tries to hide further into the bubbles.

They sat in silence for a bit before Chara was surprised by Flandre suddenly popping up in front of her with a brush and soap. “Here, I’ll clean your back.” Chara eeps and falls back into the tub, her head going under the water for a bit before popping back up. Flan was lightly giggling at her sister before turning Chara around and started to scrub her back.

Chara just sits there as she was unable to process anything due to sheer embarrassment.

“So, what was the training you were doing?” Flandre decides to ask, still washing.

“I fought evil karma Delsin Rowe…” Chara said, trying to get her mind off the situation she was in.

“Was it fun at least?” Flandre asks carefully, still smiling.

“It was on the hardest setting and I did that after fighting the Overlord on the same setting…” Chara said with a deadpan.

“...Oh.” Flandre says, momentarily pausing in her scrubbing. She then shakes her head a bit and continues.

“So how was the ‘party’?” Chara asks as she starts twirling her hand in the bath water.

“Pretty good! I got to play with lots of kids!” Flandre says with a big smile. “Though, I wonder why some of them were blushing…” Uh oh. Puppy love much?

“Oh really, can you point me to them?” Chara says in a sickly sweet voice. Chara will be damned if she lets anyone get any ideas about her little sister.

“Why?” Flandre says, wary of the tone of voice she was using.

“Oh I just want to have a little talk, nothing more.” Chara says, her tone suggesting that it was anything but a little talk.

“...Uhuh…” Flandre says with a roll of her eyes. “I had a lot of cake too! And punch!” She says with a grin.

“Oh well that's alright!” Chara says as she turns around briefly to pat Flan.

“And there was this one boy who was super nice to me!” Flandre says innocently and bubbly. “So was his sister, they played with me for the entire time!”

“...” chara sits there as her mind goes to a worst case scenario of someone trying to put the moves on her sister.

“His sister’s a little weird though…” She says with a tilt of her head and humming. “Really weird…”

“Really, what did she want…” Chara asks, though any dad could see and hear the danger lurking beneath her voice.

“I’m not sure exactly, but she was pushing me into her brother and she was kinda annoying…” Flandre frowns a bit. “A couple times I thought she was being a bully to him.”

“Well, you mind introducing me to her tomorrow?” Chara says as anyone who had a sixth sense of danger would be running for the Hills right now if they were anywhere near her.


Luna jerks up from her seat at the dinner table.


“If you can get her to be a little nicer to her brother…” Flan says, semi-agreeing.

“Oh I'm sure when I'm done with her she will be the nicest of people.” Chara replies, her voice resonating with a tone of unspeakable Horrors.

“...Please don’t kill her.” Flan says, Chibifying again.

“Don't worry your little head, I promise I won't kill her…” Chara said before giggling evilly.

“...” Flan believed she made a horrible mistake in telling Chara this. “Wash my back please?” She asks, holding the brush and soap to Chara. Chara started washing her back, but kept her mind on what she was going to do to the one trying to put her little sister into a relationship.

“Oh my God, I almost forgot!” Flandre suddenly yells out.

“What?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow.

“I went to another world, another Equestria with someone like us!” Flandre says, whirling around to look at Chara. “We’re Displaced!”

“...” Chara face Palms hard as she had forgotten all about the displaced.

“Yeah, and I met this displaced girl name Angel!” She tells Chara, waving her arms a bit. “She’s kinda like a person with respawn on… I may or may not have accidently killed her twice…” She says, poking her fingers together at that. “She helped me make a token that can let us be summoned by others and I can summon them too!”

“So you're now going to show me how to make a token?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Uhuh!” She says with an eager nod.

“So how do I do it?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow having already an idea but not really knowing exactly how.

“First, we get something that’s kinda tied to your character.” Flandre says with a large smile. “I used Laevatein.”

“Huh, well I don't use the heart locket too often…” Chara says pulling out the heart locket to make her token.

“Aright, now you just focus your energy and then record a message!” The blonde continues, eager to see her do it.

Chara started pouring her determination into the necklace: “Greetings I am Chara, if you aren't genocidal Maniacs or mind controllers then summon forth the demon that comes when you call her name!” Chara says dramatically. “Okay now how the fuck do I send this thing to the void!?” Chara snapped irritably before throwing it against the wall and it melting into it.

“...Like that.” Flandre says slowly as the item was dispersed. “And that last question may or may not have been recorded into it.” She says with a giggle. Chara just rolled her eyes and response.


“Now… wear this!” Flandre says, still unclothed as she hold up some pajamas for Chara to wear after they were done drying off.

“Do you have anything else that's not… this?” Chara said holding up some kitty footie pajamas with a hood.

“Hey, you skipped out on a party, you owe me this!” Flandre says with a pout before she starts to put on some underwear with a nightgown going over it.

“But why can't I have a nightgown like you!” Chara whines out crossing her arms and puffing out her cheeks showing her more childish side.

“Because I said so.” Flan says with an equal pout, crossing her arms in her nightgown with puffy shoulders and long skirt.

“But I don't like Pink Kitty pajamas!” Chara says looking at the Kitty pajamas again.

“Do you wanna go naked than?” Flandre counters with a question, leaning forwards as she undoes her ribbon tying her hair.

“No…” Chara said admitting defeat “but do I at least get underwear?” Chara asks not wanting to go bare bottom.

“Yes, but not if you’re not wearing that.” Flan says, crossing her arms still.

“So I only get the Kitty pink footie pajamas or just panties…” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow “Let me see the panties first before I decide.”

“Here, take your pick.” They looked a bit small for her, but they weren’t that different from Chara’s own minus a few patterns and designs.

“I'll take the panties.” Chara said picking the lesser of two evils in her mind as she took them from Flan and put them on though they were a little bit tight.

“...Alright.” Flandre says with a shrug and a pout, really wanting to see her in the cat outfit. “Hope you enjoy being a little chilly.” She says as she sits on the bed, cover folded out. Chara stretches as she gets into the bed before cuddling up next to her sister.

Flandre pulls the covers over them and snuggles up with Chara, hugging an arms. “Goodnight…” She says, yawning a bit.

“Night.” Chara says hugging her close as she starts falling asleep.

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