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Error Sans

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I have lost interest in this story for now, but I will return to it one day.

Undertale Crossover if you haven't guess yet.
Set before season 3

A long time ago in the ancient land of Equestria there where five known elements that guided the land. Honest, Kindness, Laughter, Loyalty, and Generosity. These where just the ones known.

A thousand years after the Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon she was released. She once again vowed to shroud the land in eternal night.........

She failed

She failed because six ponies banded together and the long lost element of magic was restored, also freeing the lost princess Luna. Peace was returned to the land once more. More threats arose in attempt to destroy Equestria but, each of them were defeated by the six friends.

Now after almost 2,000 years the last element has returned, the pacifist and the fallen child seemingly forever bound. This element has yet to meet her fellow bearers but she will soon because old threats are going to become much more dangerous

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Comment posted by Error Sans deleted Dec 16th, 2017

.....I'm loving this fic so far!!!!!

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Comment posted by Error Sans deleted Dec 16th, 2017

I am so confused

Wait WHAT! Gaster is not in the Void and a new enemy has appeared...... I am very interested now. Keep up the good work!

Well....that just came out of nowhere.

hey is this going to be continued cuz I thought it might be fun to crossover... at a later date at least

This will continue I just want to do other things right now. I may come back to it soon once school has cleared up a bit.


howdy nice story so far i hope you'll get some time to work on this i'd hate to see it go

Undertale's a masterpiece, free like.

Thank you, I've been thinking of continuing this story. But I'm not really active that much in writing due to a gift I got that only works for a months time, that was given about a week ago so you will have to wait a bit.

hey no problem i just hope to see more from this story... i hope i'm not sounding demanding because that's not my intent.

It doesn't sound demanding at all, the gift I got was something I would have passed down if it wasn't for certain events. (The gift was a month of World of Warcraft which is my favorite game and I am enjoying my time with it.)


No a reference from an Undertale fanfiction.

I can already feel the shenanigans that are about to ensue in the update after this comment has been post.

>A human male thrown into the body of a female pacifist, join her millennia after the indecent and how far she will go.
Incident, not Indecent.

Nup. I think it was either Tirek or Flowey.

How exactly is Frisk considered a demigoddess in this?

Dude...you're gonna get turned into a dorky, b-rate villain. You know that, right?

hay error i am a glich ☟☜☹🏱 💣☜ 💧✋💧❄☜☼

I decoded it!

Dark, Darker, Yet Darker

They are roaming I don't know how long I will last but I have to try if I don't return read this message know that I have failed and learn from my mistake

-------------------Signed, W.D. Gaster

you are everywhere

Wow. This was a while back. Also, I've been on her a few years. I'm not everywhere, but I'm here and there. Glad to be noticed though! :twilightsmile:

"Oh oh oh I know I know!" Said the ever hyperactive Pinkie Pie "Earlier in the morning Twilight sensed what felt like what is a magic surge and contact the princesses but they just got to responding." At which Spike burped out a scroll which Twilight grabbed but Pinkie just kept on going "And because it took them so long Twilight thought that they were captured and a new evil is here but really it----Oppsies I almost spoiled what is going to happen." And she said this all in one breath and started giggling at the faces they were making.

Pinkie don't stop breaking the fourth wall.

Chrysalis just nodded and said "Just checking."

Chrysy this chara we talking about. And I f**king loving chara.

Beware the man who speaks in hands. Beware the doctor who has lost his mind! BEWARE W.D. Gaster

You mean doc g but he is in the void unless he comed with frisk/chara.

well s**t hit the fan faster than I thought. And that coded massage from gaster just says thing are worse than we think they're.

well what I said last chapter has some evidence now.

I couldn't believe it Gaster someone who had been in the void for much longer than me had escaped it piqued my interest. Chrysi and Citalia however was confused on how I knew him "How do you know who this is Frisk?" Citalia said, Chrysi nodded also wanting an answer, I was still shocked that he was out of the void but was able to gather myself "Gaster lived in the void while I was there he said it is impossible for him to leave by himself though." I said answering their question, Gaster chucked to himself than said "I did not do it alone, you, Frisk, helped me by making a small hole in the void big enough for me to escape."

Called it!

Welp I wondered how sansy going to react to g being "alive" and not "died" anymore. And more please. :pinkiesmile:

hay continue it its a good story

do more chapters we all want to see more soon we are not going to sit here and let it die out it's too good to die out yet:heart:

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