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Discord feels like he doesn't have any truly chaotic friends, so Fluttershy encourages him to go find some. Only problem: Equestria is annoyingly low on chaotic individuals who are in the mood for fun.

So he turns his gaze to other universes, to see who he can find. His efforts go horribly, terribly right.

Contains the following chaotic individuals from other franchises: The Mask, Beetlejuice, The Joker, Chara, Bill Cipher, and Tzeentch.

Commissioned by TheDriderPony

-GM, master of CHAOS.

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Discord can create bodies to put your minds into, right? You can come visit! Physically!”

That is the worst plan ever. Of all time.

Discord nodded. “She gets it. Sort of. Like a… a caterpillar gets the idea of being a butterfly?”

I figure there are even odds of Pinkie eventually becoming an alicorn, a draconequus, or some unimaginable combination of the two.

“I need consistent chaos.”

"I assure you, I am fully aware of the contradiction. That's half the fun!"

Interesting that even draconequi are mortal by stellar standards.

“He is me, after all…”

"Me without ever having to grow up. With the powers of a god, for a given value thereof. My goodness, but that's a terrifying prospect."

“I have a Wendigo Queen she might like.”

Welp. Best case scenario there is Chara killing the Queen. And then getting yanked out of that universe before she all-the-nines reality itself.

I can handle some less-than-friendly chaotic types.

Famous last words?

Fluttershy nodded. “That’s it. Discord, we’ve got to do something to be able to help them.”

Famous last words. Just not for Fluttershy.

This will get worse before it gets better. Still, should be fun to see just how bad it gets. Hopefully.

This is going to be an absolute hellfire of chaos and pandemonium. And I am looking forward to every zogging minute of it.

I wonder if this will be part of song of spheres, because it certainly belongs to the same multiverse, considering the stars are a thing here, perhaps the League will appear later on?

Wouldn't flowey be a better chaotic pick from undertale?

Everything I write takes place in that multiverse and follows the same 'rules' of a sort.

...That said beyond that there's no explicit crossover.

-GM, master of rules.


I chose Chara for a few reasons. More brutal than the others, representative more of entropy, Bill was already similar to Flowey in a way, etc. Could easily have been a mistake on my part.

-GM, master of runs.

:rainbowhuh:... :rainbowlaugh: this is gold! pure gold! keep up the good work

i'm interested in this one
but before i begin, two questions
what's the update schedule on this one?
and how long will this one be?

edit: also, why no Jevil in this story?
chaos is like

Every day I don't update something else, this one gets a chapter.
Eight chapters total.
Chara and Jevil would have been redundant. Not character wise, but Deltarune and Undertale are made by the same guy. Same reason we don't have, say, Chara and Flowey, or any of the other Chaos Gods.
-GM, master of Sigmar.

fair, but the jevil fan in me still takes issue

I appreciate the Papers Please reference.


Oh no, it went horribly wrong! Whoever could have foreseen this outcome?

So is the mask supposed to have a mind of its own or is that just something you did for this story? I ask because I'm not very familiar with the original comics.

It, uh... well it acts upon the inner desires of the people it's on. Usually, it completely takes over and fuses with them, but in this case the chaos spell did something weird. So it's both something it's supposed to do (act based on its host) AND something we did for fun (that is, allow the host to still talk).

-GM, master of rice.

Ah, I see so it's similar to that episode from The Mask cartoon where the mask gets split in two so only half of Stanley's face transforms allowing the two halves to talk with each other.

“He’s trying to describe the impossible,” the Mask said.
“It’s his fault this situation happened, right?”
“Eh, mostly.”
“Well, he can deal with a little inconvenience then.” Fluttershy huffed.

They've got you there.

There had to be a way around this.

Determination versus a TV-Y rating. This will be interesting. Especially since it's funnier to see Chara struggle against their current body's safety locks than for them to go on a murderous rampage.
... You know, the thought occurs that I should probably stop commenting on their efforts. They might be able to hear me.

Chara was before my time

Huh. I would've thought it would be the opposite.

In any case, this should definitely be interesting from here on out. Especially considering that this was a swap. Granted, that's Pinkie and Rarity in desolate voidscapes, but the others do have worlds to explore... and reputations to ruin. Just imagine what Twilight could do in and to the Warp. And Dash theoretically has access to multiversal technology... if someone in the Joker's body can convince anyone that they really are a little blue pegasus.

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath on that one. And that assumes I didn't misunderstand the mechanics involved.

Jack Nicholson, Micheal Keaton, AND the Joker are all here and there hasn't been a single reference yet. Shame on you.

Right then. Sympathy's gone, time to send Chara up the river.

It's Genocide Route Chara. Any sympathy for her was misplaced from the start. (For those playing at home, she's the reason her entire world is a lifeless wasteland, and she did it all on purpose solely because she could)


I have absolutely no idea what IP you're referencing, but yes, genocide is usually a bad thing.

Ah. Well then. What I just said is technically a major spoiler for the series Chara is from, but so is any other mention of Chara so... let's just repeat that Chara's world is a lifeless wasteland because Chara killed it. On purpose. Without anything that resembles a reason. Or at least, the player did, but Undertale never really bothers to clarify what the distinction was supposed to be. (Its creator also did music for Homestuck, and it shows on all counts)

Can we get chapters of the Mane 6 in their other bodies, I can see Twilight using Tzeentch's powers to keep an eye on them, and by now she's probably undone Ahriman's Rubric, returned Magnus' soul and revealed several hidden schemes to Tzeentch's more justice oriented enemies.

Bill ought to have known better than to get into a contest of absurdity with the Mask of all beings.

Pinkie was very connected to things that didn’t belong in her world. And this gave Chara a lot to work with.

Oh dear, if she drags enough material from the darker realms of the spectrum, she might manage to shift this world's placement, and annul some of the bindings.

Somehow, I'm not surprised that Pinkie's mane would contain boxed sets of more seasons of her own show than will ever exist. Mostly because they'd just be from some other universe where it was greenlit for more seasons.

I have one question.....WHERE! IS! TZEENTCH!!!!

Well, two actually, can you show us the Main 6 are doing, please?

Fluttershy shrugged. “I think if you caught her on the day her red flowers bloom…”

heh Not sure if that's a deliberate Cave Story reference, or coincidental, although with reading Songs I doubt it's coincidence....and I really wouldn't have expected it to be associated with Tree Hugger.

Discord perhaps should have done a bit more digging and learned more about the worlds each of his chaos buddies came from....one of Tzeentch's portfolios, after all, is that he's the Patron of Betrayal.

Yeah, for those who didn't get the hint the last few times, Chara is the anthropomorphic personification of video game completionism, killing absolutely everything in your path just to see how the game responds.

I wonder if Pinkie is going to have figured out how to permanently make Chara's true body non-lethal by the time Chara gets sent back. That would be delicious karma, to leave Chara unable to ever kill again. And....it's not as though Pinkie has a lot else to do in Chara's 'verse. It's utterly empty aside from the shell she's stuck in.

The Joker, on the other hand, was just sad here. Without his partners in crime and Batsy to play off of, and a whole new system of things that are possible that are outside of his experience, he really just didn't have a chance. Also....Celestia is an immortal, that blast wouldn't have killed her even without Discord's shield. With her attunement to fire and solar energies, likely only the concussive blast would have even affected her....and now I find myself wanting to see what his reaction would have been to finding that blowing her up just knocked the wind out of her. Also also, Tia really needs to take to some sort of preparedness training, either guard or battlemage or something, because she is seriously prone to getting captured in traps.

The Joker glared at her.

The mask made it hard to tell, but given the fact that the Joker wasn't saying anything, it was safe to assume he was glaring.

Celestia frowned. “You are never going to let me live that down, are you?”

Nor should she. Seriously, Tia, the filly needs all the help she can get.

As for Chara... yeah, this could definitely work. She's showing up where she has no right to be and throwing a party. Dark and twisted as this is, it does technically fall under Pinkie's domain.

I was worried that this story would be a lot darker than it has been thus far. And now I'm worried that the worst was yet to come...

Celestia smirked. “Never change, Discord.”

"Hello? Giant quarter?"

In any case... yeah, this can't be good. Tzeentch has them exactly where he wants them, utterly clueless. We'll see where it goes from here.

Quite amazing basis. Though Im most interested in how you'll play Chara. From what Ive heard she was extremely spiteful towards humans because she had a strong sense of justice and felt that mankind simply did too much as a whole to ever be forgiven. But, Ive only managed to play the pacifist route myself and most of the stuff you find out in other paths and after resetting I only hear about from others and via random comics. Also, have something amusing.

Basically, the Genocide ending has Chara address the player directly, and ends in a screen covered in 9s and the game closing itself. Start it up again and the world's gone. Most of her dialogue in this chapter outright doubles down on the metafictional trappings of that.

My guess is that trying to bodyswap with the Mask caused something like a divide-by-zero error, since the spell tried to cause an effect too similar to the one it usually has.

Welp, this will soon Finnish unless a new arc begins.

a well-written story, but i feel that more could be done with this idea.

A chaotic fñuttershy Is something new, and having the mask around brings new opportunities for the other girls to do, if they wear mask, if anything, mask is a good ally, sadly they won't get to be in MU, they would have made a great addition, anyway, this was a good story, sadly short, but one entertaining nonetheless :D

That is epic. More in a sequel with this universe please!:pinkiehappy:

“Paradox-BIlliards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth-DImensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker!”

It doesn't make sense in context.

You just didn’t try hard enough.

Wow. That might be the absolute worst thing one could ever tell Chara. Well played.
And comedic death can work, but going by the McCormick Principle, it's funniest when the death doesn't stick. I suppose the question is whether that would further infuriate Chara or introduce her to the delights of EXP farming.

In any case, a bit of a twist out of nowhere at the end, but I suppose that's necessary to catch the God of Plots off-guard. Quite the fun romp overall. Thank you for it.

And Pinkie gets the last laugh, trapping an avatar of slaughter in a world full of beings that she cannot kill or even harm.

Thank you so much for the Lego Movie reference. I really appreciated that.


And now I am left wondering what the amusing side effects will result from Twilight's actions and what Tzeentch's reactions to it will be.

Enjoyable. Even if I don't know who Chara is / where she's from.

You forgot someone ... Also from the undertale universe.
Special character.
He will help Chara, it will be an experiment. Why not create a sequel?
Because there is a character ...

Point. How did Twilight get past all the defences, physical and psychic in the Imperial Palace to get to the Emperor?

You can talk to him through the Warp. She WAS Tzeentch at the time.
-GM, master of Warp.

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