• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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“Twilight, are you sure this is a good idea?” A small drake asks as he looked at the other with an eyebrow raised in doubt, and his arms crossed, all the while leaning back slightly. He glanced down down to the magic circle his caretaker had set up in about… a second.

Something about this was rubbing him the wrong way.

“Of course Spike!” A female voice says with some mirth in her tone. A slightly tall and pale ivory skinned girl with long lavender hair with a single pink stripe going through it and matching eyes was holding a rather thick book in one hand, studying it. “As long as I follow the steps, I’ll have my familiar in no time flat.”

As she said this, she adjusts the sleeve of her light blue sweater so they wouldn’t get in the way too much. She also wore a matching skirt with a pattern of purple lines going through it as the skirt reached down to her knees, being met halfway with some stockings with a very light shade of pink.

Finally, she wore some simple slip ons for shoes and a purple star like symbol hairclip with some sparkles on the band. What was strange, though not to her or Spike, was the crystal in the shape of a shard that matched her eye color to a finer degree than her hair. Wings, rather large ones as well, sprouted from her back in all their lavender feather glory.

She had a fairly attractive form, it was more adorably attractive than drool inducing. Her hips weren’t very curvy but there was a noticeable difference and her… assets were just barely below average.

“I guess… but Twilight, I have a bad feeling about this.” Spike says, extending his arms to the side worried, slightly making his jacket open up with his pink shirt underneath. He almost tripped on his baggy jeans, making him rethink his decision on said jeans before pulling them up some so the legging wouldn’t cover his tennis shoes.

Or made his tail uncomfortable. He thanked his subtle scales on his elbows, knees, shins, and just under his eyes for making the fall manageable. Though he did land on one of his small claws on his hand, making him look at them with some pain in his emerald green slitted eyes.

Twilight just giggles a bit, rolling her eyes. “Oh, Spike, everything will be fine.” She said as she rubbed the top of his emerald spiked hair. ”Now, go get me some of those rose scented candles.” She said, looking into the book again and walking away.

Spike sighed, shrugging before putting his hands into his pockets. “Alright… I hope you know what you’re doing.” He said as he climbed a small step ladder to reach a cabinet. “How are the candles going to help?”

“To mask the smell.” Was the short answer, making him blink. “Rituals leave a pretty bad smell when used.” Twilight said, waiting for Spike to place them accordingly. “Now, that’s everything…”

Spike took several steps back, wringing his hands nervously as Twilight stood in the middle of the circle, the crystal on her forehead sparking to life with a purple hue. The magic circle glowed in the same hue seconds later as she struck a pose.

“Why are you standing like that?” Spike questioned.

“Balance, now let me focus.” She answered as the light in the room seem to dim to a very low level, the most light coming from the circle.


“That’s your eyes being damaged, don’t look directly into the circle.” She said almost immediately.

Two seconds later, it exploded. “And that means I” she coughed a bit, “did it right!” Twilight said as she waved the smoke away trying not to breathe it in.

“What hit me?” Groaned the voice of a child.

“Oh, h-” Twilight started, only for a small roar of pain to be heard.

“Owowowowo, getoffgetoffgetoffgetoff!” Another voice chanted at the previous, this one more distinguishable as a young girl’s, followed by coughing from the smoke as it slowly started to dissipate.

“We just got summoned by an incredible dumbass. I've seen Familiar of Zero, I knew what was happening-” the child said again.

“GET OFF!” Followed by the previous omphing like they were harshly pushed. “Ow, ow, owie.~” The other whined in pain.

The smoke then cleared, revealing two young children...one with an interesting feature.

The first child was a short, pale… gender of some kind with short chocolate brown hair that looked slightly unkempt. They wore a green hoodie, mostly just cloth, that had a single stripe of yellow going through it with short chocolate brown jeans and boots.

Their facial features were a tad harder than usual.

The other looked more complicated. She was definitely a girl judging from her choice in clothes, hairstyle and facial features and almost ivory like skin. The girl was blonde, her hair not even reaching below her chin, minus the braided strand of hair that went down to her shoulder. On top of that, was a pink mob cap with a red ribbon tied to it.

For clothes, she wore a sort of red vest like garment over a red dress with a semi-large skirt that cut off above her knees with a pink underskirt. She wore short white socks and some slip ons much like Twilight’s, but more of an older model.

Now, what was definitely strange to even Twilight were the… wings, if you could call them that. The ‘wings’ were branches that sprouted from her back with only the ‘Thumb’ and ‘index finger’, nearly charcoal black as they arched outwards. Even stranger were the crystals hanging off the wings, each one having one color in a pattern; green, light blue, yellow, orange, back to light blue, then light green.

“Greetings, I'm Chara and do you realize how absolutely stupid it was to try and summon anything? You could’ve summoned a goddamn Old One.” The now named Chara said glaring with their red eyes.

Twilight blinked at them. “Which is why I specifically got a spell that didn't allow summoning those…” She said, moving over to the girl who was holding one of her wings, wincing and gritting her teeth

“What about Void Dwellers?” Chara asked still glaring.

“Aren’t those the same thing as Old Ones?” Spike inquiredwith a raised eyebrow. “Void, Eldritch? Kinda goes hand in hand doesn’t it?”

“Basically, Old Ones are just far more powerful than an average Void Dweller.” Twilight answered before looking at her assistant. “But, how do you know that?”

Spike shrugs. “I read...sometimes.”

“No! No they are not! They are two separate goddamn entities. Void Dwellers are not limited like Old Ones are limited to a specific set of universes! Void Dwellers can go wherever the fuck they please and do whatever the fuck they please! I've seen a Void Dweller be able to make a human being into an Old One! Someone who was basically a teenager with no powers just because of what they were wearing!”

“Aaannnddd tuning you out.” Spike said, unimpressed.

The girl giggled a little, blinking her similarly red eyes that had a hint of a hungry like emotion behind them.

“Oh, God damn it, someone was turned into that being! Or it is that being and I don't know which is better! Someone who doesn't have experience with the powers and hunger or the psychotic b**** that the original is!” Said a really unhappy Chara who just took notice of what the other being was..

“...Why are you saying ‘being’?” The girl said, mocking an offended tone before getting up. “And turning into whaAAT THE HELL!?” She shouted, only now noticing the apparent changes.

“Because calling you a creature would mean that you are not sentient, so I'm going by Harry Potter logic, ‘being’ being sentient f*****s and ‘creatures’ being things that generate free EXP!” Chara said, still trying to cope with their new situation.

“Dude, chill.” Spike said, handing them both a glass of water. “Granted, I do agree a little… no clue what that EXP stuff is, though.” He then shrugged. “Guess my bad feeling was off this time.” He said moving to the kitchen. “Need some stress food?” He asked Chara, trying to defusethe situation.

“Chocolate…” Chara said still grumbling about ‘idiotic d******es’ and ‘things that shouldn't be done.”

Twilight slowly blinked after the tension died a little bit, not quite liking Chara’s attitude but figured it was only natural to be in a state like this. “Okay, how, when, why, and what?” The girl asked, still examining herself rapidly and almost panicked.

“The dumb b**** over there tried summoning without the proper safety measures and was lucky as all God damn hell that she didn't summon a Void Dweller who would have twisted her mind and then sent her to another universe as something else just to see what would happen!” Chara said still grumbling, waiting for her chocolate!

The girl didn’t react like Twilight, seeming to expect this. Said little girl went over to them. “Hey c’mon, it can’t be that bad…” She said, just as Spike camein with some snacks, chocolate included.

“Thanks, Spike.” Twilight said, taking some apple slices.

Chara grabs all the chocolate and takes a big bite out of it “And for your information this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I'm just extremely angry at the stupidity of the one who summoned us. I truly hate mind control and that's what void dwellers f***ing do nine times out of ten” Chara said still glaring at Twilight.

Now Twilight was just starting to get a little mad. “Look, I’ll have you know that I had it all figured out and prepared for unwanted things like Void Dwellers.” Spike rolls his eyes.

“Except Razor Rabbits.”

“Easy to handl-”

“Space Frogs.”


“Fantisas.” Spike counted another claw.


“Rock Lobsters.’

“Spike, I told you those don’t exist!” Twilight says, hand at her hips and not looking amused.

“And that one Dragon God.”

This made her blink then look at the book again. She looks back, thoroughly embarrassed and blushing a fair bit. “Oops…”

“You do know that those do exist just not in this universe right?” Chara sayssaid muttering something about ‘unintelligent mouth breathers’

“Moving on!” Twilight shouts, rubbing her temples, regretting summoning now. “So, you’re Chara and you’re…?” She gestures the other summoned person.

She seemed to think for a moment before shrugging. “Flandre, Flandre Scarlet.” She says with a sweet smile, hand at her hip. “Just call me Flandre or Flan.”

“So why don't we just tell each other our likes dislikes and dreams for the future?” Chara said rubbing their temples.

They all blinked at them. “Was that sarcasm?” Spike said, unsure if it was or not.

“You know I'm half tempted to tell you ‘yes’ and see if you believe it.” Chara said with the biggest deadpan.

“It's the way you worded it...jerk.” Spike said, saying that last one quietly enough that it went unheard by anyone. “Well, I’m Spike.” He walks up to Flan, claw extended. “Spike the Dragon, and number one assistant to Twilight since she hatched me.” He said as they shake hands.

Twilight steps up as Spike skips Chara. “Hello, I’m Twilight Sparkle. It's a pleasure to meet the both of despite the...rocky start.” She says with a waned smile.

“You forgot your title, Princess.” Spike points out, eating a...gem. This confuses Flandre...and made her look to her own crystals before backing away a bit.

“Oh, right. I’m the Princess of Friendship-” That looked like it bothered her a little bit. “But, don’t treat me like one, okay?” She said, hopeful. “I’m...new to all this and I don’t really like being called that.” She offers a hand to Chara, which she doesn't take due to still rubbing her temples.

“Well I'm Chara Dreemurr and I have a title, I like some things and I dislike things.” Chara said with a thoughtful look.

Flandre took over from that quickly. “You know my name, no title and I like cake, playing games, not being the old me, and I hate being bored.” She says casually, looking around the place. “This a library?” She asks, looking around the slight messy place.

Twilight nodded a bit with a smile. “Yes, this is my house. The Golden Oaks Library.”

“You live in a library…” Flandre says, sounding a little deadpanned with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

“Well I see someone dying a virgin.” Chara says before taking another bite out of the chocolate. They earned an elbow to the stomach.

“How old are you?” Twilight said, eyes narrowing a little bit.

“Ten, but with the internet there's literally nothing that you can't find out.” Chara said with a straight face.

“Internet?” Spike repeats, confused. “What's that?”

“Think of a super library that stores music videos and knowledge and can all be brought up with just a tap of your fingers on certain devices, though there is also a s**t ton of p*** on it.” Chara says with a frown.

Twilight tries to cover Spike’s ears, But he just shoves her off. “I don’t want to know what those are.” He said before clapping his hand. “Right, so Twi! We going to send them back home?”

“Don't you God damn dare or I will f***ing gut you!” Chara says with a voice that says she could do worse if they tried.

Another elbow to the gut… one that accidently sent them to the ground. “Oh, sorry!” Flandre apologises with a sheepish grin. “But, yeah I’m with Chara. Rather stay here instead of the boring, uninteresting world that is ours…”

“I'd probably just try to destroy it before my species nuke themselves.” Chara mutters to themselves not completely audible. As they mumble, Flandre offers a hand to help them up.

“Thanks” Chara says grabbing the hand.

“Twilight!” A new voice joined in from the front door, slightly Southern in tone.

“Oh, God here comes the hillbilly!” Chara whispered to themself.

Another elbow to the gut from Flandre, this one less harsh than before. “Applejack?” Twilight said as an incredibly tall woman walks in.

The woman at first glance looks like a stereotypical cowgirl; blonde hair with a braided bit similar to Flan’s just not as thick, stetson hat with plaid shirt. However, said shirt was obviously folded and pulled up to allow more air in. She looked like she had just gotten off of work...or exercising. Plus, she had a hairpin with three Apples. She had long jeans that were tucked into her boots.

“What's goin’ on here, Ah heard shoutin’?” She said, cool and calm as she approached the little group.

“Two…” Chara says with a calm voice holding up two fingers.

Spike gives them an odd look before shrugging. “Oh, everything's fine.” Twilight says reassuringly with a bright smile. “I was just testing a summoning spell, and it worked!” She says, gesturing to the kids. “Though, I wasn’t expecting these two.”

“Howdy you two.” Applejack says politely with a tip of her hat. “Pleasure tah meet ya!”

Chara twitches a bit not responding except for mumbling something about ‘soulless psychotic flowers’. Only Flandre hears this and she gives them a sort of pouty look before looking back at Applejack. “Hi, I’m Flandre Scarlet. Call me Flandre or just Flan!” She peps with a smile before gesturing to Chara. “This is Chara Dreemurr, the grump.”

“I am not a grump I just hate stupidity and our Summoner was beyond stupid! Plus I'm dealing with a lot of things beyond anything you could possibly comprehend!” Chara says with a haughty attitude.

Cue elbow-to-gut number four, this one a little too hard this time as Flandre’s frustration grew. Applejack’s eye narrows considerably. “Now look here little missy, that ain’t right to act that way. I get that you’re upset, but that's no excuse to be usin’ that type of talk.” She says. She then leans forward, accidently showing her off her...assets.

“Yes those are very nice boobs you have.”Chara says sounding sincere.

No one believed them. Applejack rolls her eyes before focusing on Flandre. “Please tell me she...he? Ain’t alway like this?” She says and only getting a unsure shrug from the red-eyed girl.

“I'm genderless thank you.” Chara says with a deadpan crossing her arms.

They blink before shrugging. “Alright.” Applejack says, standing to full height. “Oh uh, just a heads up the others-”

And then someone crashes through the window. “Rainbow!” Twilight yells out, a little mad about the now shattered window. Applejack and Spike just end up facepalming.

“Three….” Chara says from within a shelf with a deadpan voice as they see red energy fading around her and her standing as if nothing had happened.

‘What are you doing?” Spike asks as he offers a claw to help them up.

“Oh nothing don't mind me.” Chara says taking the offered hand.

“Ehehe, sorry ‘bout that…” The newcomer says with some nervous embarrassment. She was obviously younger than Applejack, maybe even younger to Twilight. Her hair was tied into a really long side ponytail...and her unkempt hair was literally colored as a rainbow.

Joining Flandre and Chara, she also had red eyes but they were closer to a shade of pink than the vermillion red the other two had.

She wore a short grey hoodie that was short enough to show off her stomach some. Below that, were some deep blue denim pants that looks slightly torn on one side. She wore some red combat boots that fit nicely on her. Finally, she had a cloud with a rainbow lighting bolt as a hairpin and two blue feathered wings on her back. She also had some bandaids on her knees and elbows.

She was also...rather undeveloped. No bust could be seen and bare minimal at her hips in curving.

“That was most unimpressive…” Chara said with a unimpressed tone of voice.

The young girl gave her a look. “Ah, duh? Since when is crashing awesome?” She says, already not liking the genderless child. She got up before fluttering her wings a bit. “Sorry Twilight.” She apologises with a smirk, hand behind her head.

Twilight sighs, pitching the bridge of her nose. “Its, fine I guess.” She says, looking at the messy library with irritation. “Just needs a clean up, that's all.”

“Rainbow Dash, you simply must be more careful than that!” A new voice says, this time making Flandre of all people groan a bit at the tone.

“Oh god, please don’t be like Remilla…” She whispers to herself.

In came two more newcomers. One was an older women than the others, and was somewhat more developed than the others...except in the chest area funnily enough. She had a sort of french sweater on without any sleeves and had a turtleneck with a long tight skirt below that and a pair high heels. She wore various pieces of jewelry on her person, one such thing being a diamond hair pin. There was a diamond shaped crystal on her forehead, similar to Twilight’s, but pearly white rather than purple.

The second was obviously pretty young. Maybe just as young or a year older than Rainbow Dash. Except, she was far more developed than the rainbow haired girl, and a little bit chubby, but it was more so cute than funny looking. She had bright baby blue eyes and poofy cotton candy pink hair.

She wore a tight pink t-shirt with balloon designs on it. Her shirt goes down all the way down to her hips, being met halfway with her short gym pants that ends below her knees. She had pink stockings as well with matching hot pink tennis shoes. Her hairpin had a blue balloon.

“Four and Five….” Chara says with a deadpan tone gaining everyone's attention.

Then, the pink one suddenly gasps dramatically. Then in a less than a second, she was in the two’s faces with a large smile. “Hi, are you two new?!” She shouts loudly. “Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie! YouhavetobenewbutI’veneverseenyoubeforeIknoweverybodyinPonyville andImeaneverybody!Soifyou’renewthen…”

“My god she’s still going…” Flandre says with a slow blink. “Where’s the off button on this thing…?”

“You seem like the person that throws parties for everyone who comes to town so I'll tell you now I don't party. I don't even celebrate my own birthday so I do not want a party.” Chara says slowly as if talking to a child.

This didn’t bother her in the least bit. “How’d you guess-WHAAAAAT?!”

“My ears!” Flandre cries out, holding her ears as the others winced.

Pinkie then picks up Chara and starts to shake them. “You don’t celebrate your own birthday!?” She demands as she shakes them back and forth before suddenly suffocating them with a hug, “You poor thing, you must have been soooooooooooooooooooooooo lonely!” She says.

“Eh…”Chara says intimidating a certain Uchiha.

“I have to fix this!” Then she was gone, Chara is suspended in the air for a couple seconds before falling to the floor.

“Aaaannnnddd memory repressed.” Chara says turning back to the others dusting off her jacket and shorts.

“Seconded…” Flandre nods slowly.

Then there was a knock on the door before someone peeking through the front door, long flowing pink hair that almost hits the floor. “U-uhm, Twilight? Girls is everything okay…?” She asks as she enters the room before noticing the other. “O-oh...um...hello.” She said with a soft smile.

This girl looked like she was just starting her twenties. Almost like a fashion trend so far, she also wore a sweater, colored yellow but it was held on by strap instead of sleeves at the shoulders. Said sleeves were detached.

Below that was a mini skirt, pink in color and most certainly the shortest out of the others. She also had some pink tights and a pair of cute pink slip ons. She also had a bracelet on her right wrist, matching Rainbow’s in color and design. For her hairpin, she had a yellow butterfly and had yellow feathered wings sprouting from her back.

Her development was average at best, though it was a little better than Rarity.

“Hi.” Flandre says more sofly, waving a bit while her other hand was behind her back.

“Six…..”Chara says crossing their arms and smirking.

“Okay kid, what’s with the counting?” Rainbow asks while crossing her arms, wings flapping lightly as she hung in the air.

“Oh whenever I go somewhere new I love counting the stereotypes I see. It's a hobby of mine.” Chara said, her smirk growing.

Flandre just shrugs. “Nice to meet you, I’m Flandre Scarlet, but call me Flan.”

Chara introduces herself again to the newcomers giving as little information as possible.

“So uh, where are we for the record?” Flandre asks innocently, looking out of the window.

“In a Library…” Chara says with another deadpan tone as if it was obvious. They earned a two fingered slap on the forehead.

Twilight steps up as the others took some snacks offered by Spike. “You’re in Ponyville, in the land of Equestria.” She says with a patient smile.

Flandre looks as equally unimpressed as Chara. “...Ponyville? Seriously?” She says with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms. “...Alright. Then I guess a tour is in order?”

Rarityl thinks carefully for a few seconds before nodding. “I think that's a marvelous idea.” Rarity says pleasantly. “Help you get familiar with the town.” She says before the girls start to leave.

“Yeah, we can take you around.” Rainbow says, lounging in midair. “And by we, I mean them. I got practice to do still.” She says before flying off in a blur.

Applejack tips her hat. “Sorry ya’ll, but Ah got work back on the farm to do still.” She says, turning to leave. “You two take care, ya hear?” She says, waving as she takes a left turn out of sight.

“Guess that just leaves me, Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike. “ Twilight says with an amused shrug. Then she blinks at Flandre. “Why are you bringing an umbrella? There's not a cloud in the sky.”

Flandre doesn’t answer immediately. “Because reasons.” She finally answers.

“Because she has a rare skin condition that causes her pain in sunlight.” Chara says as if it was obvious.

Twilight blinks before examining Flandre’s skin. “She doesn’t look albino... “ She then shrugs a bit before nodding. “Alright then, come on then.” She says, opening the door for them. Flandre leaves first.

Chara follows behind them, her eyes flashing red as she looks at everything.

“So, miss Flandre I can't help but notice your choice of attire…” Rarity says politely, striking up a conversation, one that the girl didn’t seem to be looking forward to.


“And here is Sugarcube Corner.” Rarity says, gesturing to a house that looks like it was made almost entirely of sweets. Flandre was staying away from her, earlier Rarity had tried to get her into her Boutique to get some measurements for some new clothes.

That in itself wasn’t too much a issue with Flandre, she just didn’t like the idea of having to strip down. So they skipped that and pinned it for a later date.

“Oh God this thing looks like it gives diabetes with its looks alone!”

“Chara...:” Flandre says, rubbing her temples tiredly.

Twilight chose to ignore the snippy child. “This is where Pinkie Pie lives and works.” She says, stepping up to the door. “You guys want some snacks?” She asks, getting an eager nod from her assistant.

“I guess I want chocolate…” Chara says a bit more eagerly than their usual tone.

“Come on in then.” She says after Flandre nods with a smile. With that they then enter the building...with its lights off.

Chara rolls their eyes as she follows them inside.

“SURPRISE!!!” A bunch of people yell in sync as the lights flick on, a banner read “Welcome to Ponyville SLASH Happy all your missed birthdays Chara!” Surprised they fit all that on there… Balloons and confetti flew up into the air as Pinkie literally bounces to them.

Everyone could tell that Chara was surprised by this as she stood still as a statue with wide eyes. Flandre just blinks in surprise, recovering nicely. “Were you surprised, were you, were you?!” Pinkie Pie asks excitedly.

“Actually yes I can't remember the last time I've had a party birthday or otherwise…” Chara says, gaining their composure.

“Good, that means you’re happy!” She cries out with a jump and a large smile.

“I honestly don't know if I'm happy or not…” Chara says, unable to come to a sound conclusion..

Then Flandre taps their shoulder before pointing to some chocolate cupcakes.Chara went over to the table and started snacking on the cupcakes. Flandre giggles a little bit before going off and interacting with the others, folding her umbrella.

The party went on for about twenty minutes, Flandre playing with some of the kids energetically, meanwhile, Chara was still nomming on cupcakes ignoring everyone, even when they tried interacting with her. All in all, they were making some pretty bad first impressions.

However, the party was given its own surprise when two more people joined the party. Two that made a lot of the others drop to their knees and bow in respect.

Chara pays no attention to what's going on as she continues her nomming of cupcakes.

The first was a young girl, though only by appearance who had long teal hair that seemed to glitter like there were stars in her hair. It also seemed to...flow, like in an invisible wind. Her eyes were a sort of teal color and she wore a long gown with semi puffy shoulders that mainly consisted of dark blue and light blue with a little black here and there.

She wore dark blue gloves that went to her elbows with matching tights under her skirt with some kind of translucent slippers. “Hope those aren’t glass…” Flandre whispers to herself, a ‘wing’ twitching and making the crystals jingle quietly. Her hairpin was a crescent moon and she wore a black tiara.

Like Twilight, she had dark blue wings and had a crystal in the shape of a full moon on her forehead, a circlet crowning her head. Finally, she had a black cloth choker with a moon pendant.

She was undeveloped to all h***, even Rainbow’s form was more defined. This gave her a more childlike appearance.

The other was much older in appearance and had very long hair. Her hair as it went down started to change colors, at the beginning it was a nice pink, then it goes to blue towards the middle and just as it starts to end a pleasant hue of green. It also sparkled and flowed just like the other newcomer’s did. Crowning her hair was a golden tiara.

She wore a large silk robe with a low collar and detached sleeves without straps to hold it up. Around her waist was a belt like accessory made of cloth with a sun emblem towards the middle. The robe hugged her body nicely. And cosily. Her shoulder was covered by a short cape-like clothing that hung by a choker around her neck that was a bit loose.

For shoes, she wore golden colored high heels without any socks or tights to go with it. Her skin was slightly tanned.

On her back she had beautiful white angelic wings that were quite large, though then again she herself was a giant compared to the rest of the people here. On her forehead was a yellow-orange jewel in the shape of a sun, small shards disconnected to imitate sun rays.

She was very developed, but it wasn’t overwhelming...or making her front heavy.

The first thing the newcomers noticed was the child still eating chocolate, not giving a s*** about their presence in the room. The younger one didn’t look very happy at first, but the taller one put a hand on her shoulder, calming her down with a patient and easy going smile.

“Hello everyone.” The taller one said.

“G-greeting, P-Princess Celestia.” A random guy says, stammering a little bit. “W-welcome Princess Luna.”

“Princess Celestia!” Twilight says excitedly, running up and hugging the princess, who returns it wholeheartedly.

“Hello Twilight.” Celestia says with a small chuckle. “You don’t have to call me princess, remember? You’re not my student anymore, and a princess yourself.” She says, getting Twilight to giggle and nod.

“Uhm, Twi who’s this?” Flandre asks innocently enough with a tilted head.

This made everyone but Celestia, Chara and Luna gasp. The latter was a bit put off by her, however no one was sure why.

“Uhm...Sorry?” Flandre says, unsure of what she did wrong here.

Celestia however just laughs a little bit. “Oh, that’s quite alright little one.” She says, rubbing Flan’s head a little bit, making the girl pout some. “I assume you’re the familiar Twilight tried to summon?”

Flandre’s smile return and she nods “Hihm! I’m Flandre Scarlet, or just Flan.” She then points to Chara, who was still not paying attention. “And that's my friend Chara...careful with them, they’re not in a good mood…” She warns quietly.

Celestia giggled while Luna looks on in confusion. “Why would thou not be in such a merry mood?” Flandre blinks at Luna’s odd way of speaking. “This party is partial in their honor as it is yours, is it not?”

“Uhm. Yes?” Flandre responds, unsure of her answer.

‘Well, they mustn’t bet the best character then.” She says with a small humph. Then she clears her throat before addressing Flandre. “You may’st call me Princess Luna, co ruler of Equestria.”

“And I am her older sister, Princess Celestia.” Celestia said… before bending down and then pinching Flandre’s cheeks. “Oh, are you the cutest thing.”

Flandre whines, hands going to her cheeks.

After a while, she stops as the party resumes. Celestia then looks to Chara and without a word, leaves Luna and Flandre alone and approaches Chara. “So, chocolate’s a favorite of yours?” Celestia asks, sitting next to them.

“It's one of the few things that makes me happy…” Chara says before putting another piece of chocolate into her mouth.

“And your friend?” Celestia asks, looking over to the girl conversing, or trying to, with Luna.

“I don't know them personally but I know of them, or at least the original version.” Chara said with a grunt.

This made her raise an eyebrow. “Original you say?” She says, leaning forward.

“The Multiverse is a fact, there is an infinite number of versions of each and everyone of us, some better, some worse and I know for a fact there are versions of me that could wipe timelines out of existence with but a flick of a wrist.” Chara says with a grunt before shoveling more chocolate into themselves.

“Oh. Okay?” She says with a slow blink before patting their head. “Well, it didn’t happen. So there's no need to worry about it.”

“Great, now my stomach hurts. Really God damn f***ing lucky that she didn’t summon an Old One, or a Void Dweller, or a god, or demons, hell, even angels would be bad…” Chara says before sighing and setting the chocolate down. “Idiot could have summoned something that could have destroyed this universe in a trillion different ways, I mean she could have summoned f***ing Zeno”

“Easy with the language.” Celestia warns, stern and motherly. “Or no chocolate for you.” She adds.

“You would be cussing too if you knew half the crap your student could have summoned, like things that can summon meteors from the sky and cause supernovas to incinerate planets, or a f***ing dream demon that could rip reality asunder and has no known weakness other than being erased while inside someone's mind. Then there's my “brother” Asriel Dreemurr “the absolute god of hyperdeath”. If you even knew half the stuff I know that could have been summoned you would be telling her off for not preventing anything with a certain amount of power from being summoned, or having at least a thousand guards around the summoning circle ready to nuke whatever came out!” Chara rants grabbing another piece of chocolate.

“Feel better?” Celestia asks Chara after a few seconds.

“A little bit… you know most people don't realize how dangerous the multiverse is, there are literally infinite possibilities…” Chara says trying to hold in a shiver.

The sun princess nods a little bit. “I understand.” She says, putting a hand on Chara’s shoulder. “But it's in the past now. Better to leave it be now.” She says.

“Stop ignoring me!” Flandre cries out brattily at Luna who was openly glaring at her.

“We should probably stop them before she destroys the town…” Chara says with a deadpan tone before getting up and heading over to them.

Celestia giggles a little bit before standing up herself. “Which one? Luna or Flandre?” She jokes before going ahead. “Is something wrong?”

“This child is pestering me.” Luna says with a grumble, Flandre pouting at her.

“And you expect anything else from a child?” Chara asks with an ‘are you dumb’ look

“I expect for a child to behave herself with adults when asked to.” She responds with a ‘watch it’ look. “Now, if thou excuse us…” Luna then walks off, not letting Chara get a word in.

“You’ll have to forgive her...these last few nights haven’t been the kindest to her.” Celestia’s smile grew a little waned at this.

“Yeah I don't care for sob stories. I can tell you 15 different ones that would cause you to go on a murderous rampage against those who did it” Chara said with a roll of their eyes.

“Dude, knock it off. It’s like you’re purposely trying to make everyone miserable for kicks.” Spike says, now glaring a little bit. “Seriously, Mister Edgelord.”

“I'm genderless.” Chara shoots back with an emotionless voice.

“And you missed the point.” Spike says, shrugging and leaving.

“He’s right you know.” Flandre adds before walking away back to the group of kids from before.

Chara leaves the party, instead choosing to sit outside, “I hate parties…” Chara says as they sit and stare at their glowing red knife with circles moving around inside of it.

After about five minutes, the knife was suddenly flung away from Chara’s hand, shimmering in a pale blue light. “And just what was thou was planning to do with this?” Luna asks, crystal glowing. Strangely, her tone was more neutral than aggressive.

“That's none of your business now give me back my true knife.“ Chara says glaring at Luna, their eyes glowing.

Luna narrowed her eyes. “Thou expects us to hand a familiar a weapon when they are not bound?” She questions. “When thou art clearly distressed?” After a few seconds, she sighs a bit. “What’s wrong?” She says calmly, knife lowering.

“If you must know I don't like being around large crowds of people, it makes me anxious.” Chara said turning her back and crossing her arms.

However, Luna shook her head. “No, I mean what’s really bothering you?” She says as she drops her Royal We and walks closer. “You lash out at everyone with various degrees of hostility, or just pretend they don’t exist.” She points out to Chara.

“You want to know what's wrong? I've been dimensionally displaced, and I'm alone with one of the very few beings that could kill me in a hundred and one ways. The only thing I've got going for me is that my soul gives me near immortality, and even then I may never see the few people I actually care about again!" Chara says as tears start to streak down their face.

Luna closes her eyes slowly before the knife floats to them carefully. Then, before they can react, they found themselves in a hug. “I know the feeling.” Luna says slowly. “While I may not have been thrown away from my world permanently I have been separated from it for a millennium. Nothing here is the same as I remember. Only my sister.”

“You're lucky you even have a loving family.” Chara whispers, but Luna hears it anyways.

“I know...But I didn’t see it that way even before the separation.” Luna says. “I was, how do they say it? A fish out of water?” Neither of them were sure if she was using the term correctly. “Regardless, I know what it's like.“ She says. “But...what do you mean by lucky to have a loving family?”

“N-Nothing.” Chara stammers, obviously trying to deflect the question.

“Obviously, there is something.” Luna replies cooly, sitting Chara down on the steps before sitting next to them.

“I-It's not like I had an abusive mother and was abandoned by my family or anything!” Chara says trying to put her tough front back up and failing.

The hug only got tighter. “That’s behind you now.” Luna says.

“W-why do you care? I've been nothing but mean to you guys.” Chara asks tears in their eyes.

“Even so, you must be cared for.” She says. “I know what happens if one is left to wallow in anguish.” Okay, Luna was getting a little over dramatic.

“Thanks, I guess, and I'm sorry for how I've acted.” Chara says leaning into the first hug they would’ve received in years.

Luna giggles a little bit. “Want me to stop?” She says and Chara’s cheeks lit up when she realized what she was doing. “Is that a yes or a no?” Luna asks.

“I-I'll let you hug me just this once.” Chara says snuggling back into the hug. Luna just giggles and holds them tighter. “Fran is going to need some blood packs.” Chara then says offhandedly.

“Wait, what?” Was Luna’s response.


Celestia hid her frown well from the rest of the guests, her crystal glowing faintly as she looked into a goblet offered to her. With her magic, she turned the water into a sort of seer’s pool, allowing her to eavesdrop on Chara and Luna’s discussion.

This was a little worse than she had thought, but she couldn’t help but smile, swelling with pride at her sister being able to handle this. “Miss Celestia?” The Princess looks to her side.

“Yes, little Flan?” She said with a kind smile.

“Where’s Chara?” Flandre asks her, sounding a little worried.

Celestia smiles before pulling Flandre into her lap. “Why do you seem so worried?” She asks, petting the girl’s hair lightly. “You didn’t seem too happy with her attitude.” This made Flan look down a little bit.

It took Flan a few seconds to respond. “Yeah, they are kinda mean.” Flandre started. “But I think they’re just scared.” She says innocently enough, swinging her leg.

“Oh?” Celestia says with a raised eyebrow.

Flandre nods a bit. “Yeah. I was kinda scared too, but I got excited later.” She says. “I think Chara just needs a friend.”

Celestia chuckles a little bit, stopping her petting. “Well, I think you’re right. Smart little girl, aren’t you?” She asks. Then she went wide eyed as if hearing something shocking.

“Miss Celly, what’s wrong?” Flandre asked with a tilt of her head.

The princess shakes her head, pulling a smile. “Oh, it's nothing.” She says, making the little girl shrug. “Well, I wouldn’t worry for them right now...They’ll be fine.”

“Pri- I mean Celestia?” Twilight says as she approaches the two. “I’m really sorry about Chara’s behavior…”

Celestia waved her off. “It’s fine, really.” She says with a smile. “It's understandable. Call it a hunch, but I think everything’s is going to be just fine.” Celestia says as she glances into the goblet again and smiles more before drinking from the cup.

“Where’s Luna by the way?” Twilight asks, noticing the now missing Princess.

“With Chara.” Celestia says casually.


Author's Note:

Hey guys, heres the new story! I had already started writing this when I made the blog, didn't really think forward by a lot, my bad! Still waiting on some responses XD

And just to let you know, this is a collab with another writer.