• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied Hearts: Chtp 6 : Nobel's are Dumbasses, Chara is Infurated and Discord's pushing it.

Chara had spent her time in Discord’s lands in relative comfort whenever Discord was busy. Of course her bed was a cat bed, but it wasn't like she actually used it.

Throughout her stay, Discord practically treated her like a dressable doll, putting Chara in various clothes ranging from the cute little flower girl to the semi-cute, gothic vampire. However, Chara was just thankful he stayed away from the more lewd outfits.

In fact, a lot of the clothes were what kept the firepit roaring warmly. Chara was just happy that Discord wasn't a lewding lolicon. In fact he had a sign that said ‘lolis are for patting not for fapping’ hung up as one of his absolute rules. It actually shocked Chara the first time she saw that he had rules.

The one thing she hated though, was the scrap book he made, titled “Loli Chara”... But Chara swore she would one day burn that book.

“Alright Chara.” Discord says… in a serious tone and expression. “I think it's time you faced the music.”

“Nuuu I'm comfy here…” Chara says, stretching out on his couch, because in all honesty what else would she need!? She had her devices, she had a nice comfortable place to live, and no school. She did have to be a dress up doll, but it wasn't that bad… at the very least he hasn't pulled from an anime yet.

“Oh, so you’ll stay my kitty?” He says smirking a bit and… holding… up…


In his crooked claw was a white and pink sailor scout uniform, complete with white elbow length gloves and knee high pink high heel boots.

“Fuck this shit I'm out, Nope!” Chara said as she got up and ran towards the door.

“Bye bye, come again soon~” Discord calls out as she stumbles into… Luna. Right back in Canterlot.

“Hi Luna... how are you?” Chara asked nervously as she tried to back into the portal again.

Only for it to close. “Chara…” Luna starts off in a tone of confusion that Chara wasn’t expecting. “What are you wearing?”

“Mini Moon!” Discord cries out.

“Fuck you Discord, with a giant purple dildo!” Chara yells out as she tried to strangle him only to trip over her heels. ”I will beat you to death with your own father's dick after I rip it off of him for having even conceived you!” Chara yells getting back up.

Even her hair was done up in the style!

“Wahahaha!” Discord’s laughter bellows while Luna taps her foot at Chara.

“Um… HI Luna, how have you been?” Chara asks nervously, turning back to Luna as she waves a bit and she tugs on the skirt.

Luna grabs her by the arm. “Canterlot.” She says tensely. “Now.” She says, starting to drag Chara. “You’re lucky Flandre isn’t back yet…”

“So I'm not in trouble?” Chara asks cautiously with a hint of Hope.

“You’re in so much trouble, I might make you wear that for months! OR YEARS!” Luna yells, referring to the outfit.

“But I don't want to be Mini Moon!” Chara whines out as she tries to struggle out of her grip. “First, the skirts are too small, I have to wear heels and they're SO uncomfortable!” Chara continues whining as she is dragged to Canterlot Castles ’s throne room.

The rest of the trek was met with more of Chara’s whining about being stuck in her clothes as she was pulled into the throne room, where Celestia, Cadence, Twilight and Discord were waiting.

“Discord please get these things off of me and take me back!” Chara yells trying to run over to Discord.

He laughs a bit while the Princesses start marching up to her.

“Hey princesses how are you?” Chara asks still trying to hide behind Discord, because if nothing else he would be a good meat Shield.

They didn’t say anything as Discord poofs away. There was a brief moment of silence… before Chara was suddenly dog piled in a large hug. “You have a lot to explain…” Celestia says, sighing while Twilight shook a bit.

“Let me give you a hypothetical situation. If you knew something really bad was going to happen, but a lot of good would come of it afterwards, would you still try to change that one bad thing…” Chara asks discreetly looking for an exit.

“Chara, not now.” Celestia says. “Your mother needs a moment.” She says as she and Cadence let go and stepped back while Luna and Twilight continued to hug Chara.

“M-mother!?” Chara yelled out in fear “where is she!” Chara yells out as she started looking around with fear and hate in her eyes, the memories of her real mother and Chara's mother mixing together.

Twilight hugged tighter and tighter. “Like I said… she needs a moment. “ Celestia says, glancing at Twilight.

“S-sorry I thought you meant someone else.” Chara says calming down. “But anyway, why would she want to be my mother?” Chara asked, knowing that she wasn't the best of kids.

“I’m responsible for both you and Flandre.” Twilight says slowly. “I send you to school, I treat you guys with love… it's been almost a month now, and I can’t help but feel like I’m responsible for you guys.

“Bu-But why do you care about me when even my own family never cared...” Chara asks quietly, tears began to fall slowly, showing a side of her that she always kept hidden and was ashamed of.

“You may be a bother…” She says, hugging her still. “But even so, everyone deserves some love.” Twilight says, rubbing Chara’s back. “And you need a lot still.” Chara cries as she hugged Twilight back letting out all the bottled-up pain she had endured in her life and through the memories of Chara.

“This isn’t getting you out of any punishment…” Twilight tells her slowly..

“I know… *Sniff* I know I shouldn't have used the Asriel wings…” Chara said finally calming down and wiping the tears from her eyes.

Luna speaks up after a few more moments. “Why is it only the Asriel Wings?” She asks.

“To answer that question I need to give you a bit of backstory. You see where I come from monsters are made of compassion, Hope and magic, but there's one thing that monsters can do that nobody knew until it accidentally happened. They can absorb human Souls... now if a monster absorbs 7 human Souls they get infinite power… The [Asriel Wings] are from one such monster, so I forced my soul to produce a little over seven Souls worth of power…” Chara explained wincing at the memory of how it felt afterwards.

This makes them wince. “Chara… please, don't ever use those again..” Twilight begs a little bit.

“I won't make a promise I can't keep, I'm not going to be like Sans…” Chara says remembering how many times Sans let Frisk die.

This makes Twilight let out a shuddering sigh, nodding a bit.

“But I will make this promise though, I will only use it when I'm face-to-face with something that would otherwise need the elements to beat.” Chara said hoping that it would help.

This makes Twilight smile a little bit. “Alright… I’ll accept that I guess.” She says, ending the hug.

“Now I need to go and cut myself out of this abomination of an outfit.” Chara said as she started to get up.

“Ah, but I quite like it on you.” Twilight teases a bit, though meaning it at the same time. “...Minus the heels…” She winces at them.

“Yeah well, I may use it for kindling later…” Chara says crossing her arms as she will never be associated with that abomination of an anime... DBZ was way better.

“Not if I can't help it~” Discord says, waggiling another set with a bit more detail and hip streamers back and forth.

“If you don't want it burned then take it off me!” Chara yells at Discord as she lunges for him again.

“Whoops!” Discord says, taking yet another picture as he weaves passed her.

“Damn it alright! Please, please get this off me!” Chara says her head hung in defeat.

“...I may get you to wear it during formal events.” Twilight says but frowning at the skirt. “With a longer skirt and tights, those must be cold.”

“Please don't…” Chara begs doing her best puppy dog eyes.

She laughs, petting Chara’s head. “Of course, don’t worry.” Chara sighs in relief happy that she'll never have to wear it again. “But, you still have some explaining to do… Future knowledge, anyone?” She says, getting a firm nod from the others.

“I’mma give you some good advice. Some secrets should never be told and some knowledge must never be spoken of... Future knowledge? that's one of them, especially when it's your own…” Chara says trying to wiggle her way out of explaining anything with her knowledge of time travel from Doctor Who and a little bit of his speech.

“Yet using it to win a bet is okay?’ Luna says, glaring a bit.

“Okay, in my defense that was going to happen anyway… and besides I wasn't going to ask for much.” Chara says trying to defuse that situation not wanting to touch that live hand grenade.

“You’d better.” Luna says with narrowed eyes.

“Okay so now that we've gotten the ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ questions out of the way along with forgetting about certain matters, we can now figure out how the fuck to get Flan back!” Chara says clapping her hands together.

“Oh, she’ll be back on her own.” Discord waves her off. “She’s just being educated at the moment.”

“Okay… now that that weight is off my shoulders I can finally take a break and just relax.” Chara says walking up to Celestia’s throne and taking a seat on it.

This makes them giggle a bit. “Chara, I believe you’re done playing queen for a while.” Celestia says, getting Chara off the throne.

“Aww but I like the big comfy chair…” Chara says Crossing her arms and pouting like a child not getting their way.

“I think you just need some ice cream.” Luna offers.

“You're right, ice cream does fix all problems, especially when it's chocolate.” Chara says immediately getting out of her funk. “Though I do want my own throne, I mean I fought Tirek. I at least get one right?” Chara asks looking at Luna.

The two sisters looked at eachother. “Yes. Then we can start on princess lessons, starting with that mouth of yours.” Luna says As Chara’s eyes start widening in horror at the thought of changing her speech pattern. “Of course, we might need those clothes, they look princessy enough…”

“Nonononono I just wanted a comfy chair!” Chara said as she huddled into a corner rocking back and forth, ‘traumatized’ at the thought of forever being associated with Mini Moon.

They all just laughed at her, patting her head.“S-So no princess lessons?” Chara asks after hearing them laugh. “And I still get the chair right!”

“And those lessons.” They all said in sync, totally serious.

“No I'm too tomboyish to be girly!” Chara cries out as she tries to head for the door.

“Lessons~” They say, grabbing hold her legs and dragging her,.. Chara claws at the floor as if she was being dragged into the pits of hell.

“Tahtah~” Discord says with a amused hum.

“Discord! Please!! I'll be your kitty for life, just don't let them take me to the princess lessons!” Chara Cries Out in desperation!

Discord seemed to actually consider that before looking to four glaring princesses and shrugging. “Sorry Chara, you’re on your own.”

“No! Discord you were my only hope!” Chara says as the princesses drag her off. “Nooooooo!” Chara screams out one last call of desperation before vanishing down the hallway with four princesses.


“Today we are here to witness the crowning of a new princess, who through tactical planning and sheer willpower was able to defeat Tirek with her plan to use Discord as a double agent in case someone other than Tirek escaped, and used her own powers to beat Tirek after Discord had confirmed only he had escaped!” Celestia begins

Most if not all of the people attending this inauguration cheered while the Princesses smirked a bit. “It has been drawn out as well, as Twilight Sparkle had long ago agreed to be her guardian.” Luna ends before the princesses part away to show Chara.

She was still in her Mini Moon, now official Princess Outfit. But it did go through some changes, thankfully. The skirt went to her knees. Not that one would find much, as she wore some pink leggings that were surprisingly warm, and thank God Twilight threw out the heels and gave her some actually comfy shoes.

The moons were replaced with red hearts, the one at the circuit had a flower behind it.

Thankfullying, no makeup or ear rings.

“Thank you everyone, you are too kind. As for becoming a princess, I still say it's too much. I only did what was right.” Chara starts out blushing a little bit at the outfit. The outfit was better than the original but she still didn't like it.

Thankfully, the crowd liked the tone of humbleness and mistook the blush for the attention she was getting. They cheered with increased vigor, some aww’ing and taking pictures.

“Anyway I only did what was right. Anyone in the same situation would have done the same though, and since I am a princess now I will try to be the best I can.” Chara said still blushing and pulling random lines from random speeches that she remembered.

As the crowd cheered, down far below and in alleyway, two familiar shadowy figures stood. “Hm.” The female says, not bothered by this development.

“How did she defeat tirek? Her LV is not nearly high enough!?” The insane male says as he stares up at her.

“A cover up, most likely.” The girl response, still cool and uncaring.

“But they weren't lying about her fighting Tirek and beating him…” the bloodthirsty male said looking directly at Chara with a glare. “ and the kid is not acting right…” the male said his glare gaining a hint of confusion.

“I doubt Discord draining Tirek counts as her beating him.” The girl reponse smoothly. “Tirek had her, then Discord turned coat.”

“Wait you know what happened and you didn't share it!?” The male said turning his glare to the female.

“I was there, after all.” She says, nodding while taking a puff of her smoking pipe again.

“Then what happened!?” the male growled out not at all pleased.

Tisking in annoyance something appears in front of the male, like some sort of mirror it reveals what she saw during the fight.

“That kid is nothing like what I faced… she is something much worse…” The male said as he started walking through the portal hidden in the alley.

“Why’d you think I picked her?” The girl response.

“Then you have picked the worst opponent, because she has something to fight for…” he says

“My point exactly.” She says to him. “It’s given things some actual entertainment… I don’t like breakable toys anyway.” The male just starts to get lost in thought, not responding.


Chara sat In her new comfy throne as Nobles lined up to talk to her and Celestia.

And by talk, we mean politely make demands. Expect for Fancy Pants, best noble in Equestria.

“Hey Celestia,when did we get a bunch of squabbling toddlers for Nobles?” Chara asks in the most innocent of tones.

“I wish I knew…” She replies, sighing tiredly while shaking her head.

“Yes, as do all of us…” Fancy Pants agrees wholeheartedly with them.

“You do realize you're the only Noble here that actually deserves their title?” Chara said with a straight face, all the while she ignored the demands of the ignorant brats- I mean Nobles- no no I actually mean Ignorant Brats.

Darn writers squabble...

“I’d say there's at least auple of decent few.” He mentions, humming with annoyance.

“You know what would be fun? Giving all the Nobles a test and seeing if they deserve their titles…” Chara said with a thoughtful look.

“That would be nice, if I could get it approved.” Celestia says with a groan. “But...not much longer~”

“Oh that's pretty easy all you have to do is put something big and flashy in front of them with putting in the small print about having to take a test about if they stay a Noble or not…” Chara says with a smirk, she really should have been a lawyer instead of a princess.

“...That might work.” She says with a smile. “Devil in the details after all.” Chara returns the smile.

“I wouldn’t mind having a hand in this.” Fancy Pants said, looking amused.

“I think I found my favorite Noble.” Chara says looking at fancy pants.

“Why thank you.” he says with a bow.

“Chara?” Luna says, entering the throne room. “Why do I have a feeling you've done something that’s going to cause me headaches?” She says.

“Probably because it's done something that will piss off all the corrupt Nobles…” Chara says with a deadpan.

“I’m in.” She says almost immediately. “Worth the headaches.”

Chara’s ensuing smile would have scared most of the weak-willed, luckily the four in the room weren't weak-willed. “So, what should we put down as the big flashy Prize to trick them into signing this.” Chara says as she starts rubbing her hands together like a stereotypical villain.

“Oh do I have the perfect bait~” Discord says, suddenly appearing and holding a piece of parchment and quill while wearing a scribe’s outfit.

“Discord? Ehy do I feel like I should be worried…” Chara says looking at the piece of paper with a bad feeling in her gut.

“Oh, you’ll see…” He says. “But I’ll say this, it has a safe word.” He tells her. “I’m not that evil.”

“Just a little bit… or else you wouldn't be able to do lawyer stuff like me!” Chara says sighing in relief but also grinning at Discord.

Discord laughs a bit while the Princess look at the papers. “Discor- oh wait...That could work…” Celestia says, after at first being appealed.

“Let me guess, I'm the bait…” Chara says with a deadpan.

The things Chara will do for a comfy chair.

-------- time skip--------

‘Yep I thought so…’ Chara thought with a deadpan as she literally had all the Nobles in Canterlot & Beyond sucking up to her.

“Flowers?” A noble says, holding a bundle of pretty pretty flowers to her.

“They're lovely but I was put off flowers a while back…” Chara says memories of Flowey coming to mind.

Many, if not most, of the nobles looked to their presents and grumbled before leaving to get something other than flowers.

“And the truth shall set you free!” Chara says with a smirk as she had noticed most of the Nobles had flowers with them.

All except one, some middle aged man with a calm smile tapping his foot. He wasn’t bad for a middle aged man, but he wasn’t very handsome either. His orange hair was a nice shade though, and his neon orange eyes were filled with patient confidence.

“So what are you going to present to me to try and buy my love?” Chara asks just barely resisting to roll her eyes.

“Oh, I bring nothing at all but casual conversation.” He says with a smirk.

‘Damn it, the bastard actually passed the first test.’ Chara said as she moved on to the next test she had in mind.

“So you want to go to a restaurant…” Chara says with a raised eyebrow nonchalantly. “At least you're better than most of these suck up's.”

“I suppose… If you're buying.” He’s obviously joking a bit. “Quite the sight it would be though, correct little lady?”

“Of course and I know exactly where we're going…” Chara says carefree, but inside she was smirking evilly thinking of the fast food restaurant she's going to bring him too.

“Led on then.” He says with a mock bow.


“Fast Food?” The man says in general confusion.

“Yes! They always have the best candied milkshakes!” Chara said smiling innocently up at him as she was laughing maniacally inside her head.

“Eh, fair enough I suppose…” He says in a tone that suggested a hint of both disgust and… jealousy?

“But the other foods are pretty good too…” Chara says as she walks up to the counter.

“Hey princess, the usual?” He says with a smirk.

“Hey… you don't have to call me Princess, we've known each other since before I became a princess so cut it with the title crap.” Chara says with a roll of her eyes as she waits for her usual, which consisted of the largest cup filled with a mix of each of their Ice Cream drinks and filled with every type of candy they could dump in.

The nobles eyes widen a bit on the sight. “...I’d hate to see the crash.” He says, snickering a little bit.

“Eh, I don't get crashes.” Chara said as she takes a big sip as one of her eye starts twitching a bit. “But I am not immune to ice cream headaches!”

This makes the noble laugh while just ordering a salad with cheese.

“You know you're not what I expected in a noble…” Chara says with a raised eyebrow as she only had one test left for him.

“I’d like to think I’m a cut above the rest.” He says with a shrug. “I still don’t like things like this, but I won’t whine.”

“Well I guess we can skip to the next part. How about we introduce ourselves? Follow up with likes, dislikes, dreams for the future?” Chara said hoping to come up with something for her to say no about him.

“That we should.” He says, clearing his throat a bit. “Just call me Tangere, that’s what everyone calls me.” The noble stops for a second to think. “I don’t really have a goal, not anymore at least. I fulfilled my dream a long time ago.”

‘Oh fuck nuggets, I have an Orange in front of me.’ Chara thought knowing she would be hard-pressed to find anything she could use to not get engaged to him, as the Oranges were basically the Apples of nobility. “You still haven't told me your likes and dislikes.” Chara asked.

“Meh, nothing too interesting. Can’t stand carrot cake, I'm okay with pears, sometimes rough housing though those days are gone…” He reminisced for a second. “I enjoy the energy children have, usually. The noise is a bit much though.”

‘God damn it... he's just too perfect! There is no flaw in there I can use.’ Chara thought to herself really, hating that it was open invitation. “Well I guess it's my turn. My name is Chara dreemurr. I like my new family, chocolate, and adventuring.

I dislike anything that takes away free will. my ‘old family’, and I use the term family really loosely… and those who hurt the ones I care about.

As for dreams for the future? Don't really have any of those except for getting rid of the corrupt Nobles... but that will be done pretty quickly.” Chara says with a smirk at the end.

He chuckles a bit, nodding. “I suppose.” and Chara soon finished up her ice cream.

“So you ready for a little bit of Adventure.” Chara asks as she gets up mentally praying that this works.

“Adventure?” He repeats with a raised eyebrow.

“Yep! If you're going to be my husband, you're going to have to be able to be right beside me when I fight ancient evils or just go exploring the world!” Chara says with a smirk hoping that this would drive him off.

“...If I can keep up that is.” He says with a slight bead of sweat.

“Yep, I'm not having no eye candy or Damsel in Distress as my husband!” Chara says with a nod, thinking back to all the times she had seen in the show of Shining Armor either being a Damsel in Distress or just having had his butt saved.

He huffs a bit. “What, I don’t look good enough for you?” He fakes offense, Chara just rolled her eyes in response.


“So, if the guards coordinates are right, then the giant wolf thing should be right up ahead!” Chara said as she had [Gaster's Hands] equipped in case she needed to just throw a shield around her ‘future fiance’.

“Not entirely sure what I can do, not really trained.” Tangere says with a cough.

“Well, mostly I'm just impressed that you actually came out here instead of running away in fear.” Chara said with a little bit of respect in her voice. ‘Maybe marrying this Noble wouldn't be so ba- no! Bad thoughts Chara! Bad thoughts!’ Chara screamed mentally.

“Eh, I could use a little exercise and some kick in my life.” He says, groaning a bit. “Might not be able to enjoy either in the near-future.”

“What do you mean by that?” Chara asked, a little worried about him as he was the only Nobel who had even come this far in her tests and the fact that she was related to the Apples made it even worse.

“I have an operation coming soon on my hip that’ll most likely put me in a wheelchair for life, and I’m not as young as I look.” He tells her, only a little upset with a sad smile.

“Huh, I'm sorry I guess…” Chara said now feeling bad that she's taking him all over the place.

“Like I said, better enjoy them now before it's too late.” He says with a shrug, ruffling her hair in a way that didn’t mess it up.

“You know, now I just feel like a bitch… and funnily enough you're the only Noble who has made it past the eatery stage.” Chara says as she looks down at the ground.

The two heard the rustling of bushes then, like something moved through them quickly.

“Get behind me real quick!” Chara yells out as her Gaster Hands glow green.

“Wha?” He says in confusion, slow to react. Chara grunts as she moves in front of him Conjuring a green Soul shield around them and pouring a lot of power into it.

Giant jaws bit around the tree in front of them, uprooting it and tossing it aside, revealing a giant monstrous white wolf.

“You know when I came looking for a giant wolf, this is not what I was expecting…” Chara says, not that intimidated due to having faced Tirek.

“...Nice doggy?” He jokes a bit with a small laugh.

The wolf strode forward slowly and calmly, no signs of aggression in its features. It walked right up to the shield, staring at the Noble.

“You're not touching him…” Chara said getting in front of him and staring the dog in the eyes as she poured more power into the shield.

The shield evidently was pointless, because the Noble suddenly screamed. Strange marks went over his body for just a moment, but only a moment, before the marks exchanged to the wolf, a strange looking mirror appearing that hovered over its back aflamed.

“Hacks! I call hacks!” Chara yells out pointing dramatically at the wolf.

The wolf yawned, curling lazily, as if Chara posed no threat to it.

“That… may have been an overreaction on my part.” Tangere says as he slowly gets up. “What happened?” He says, slightly dazed.

“Clifford the big white wolf over here did something to you and now you look a lot younger, around 16 or something…” Chara said even as the force field is increased in power.

That is not my name,” A voice called out in their minds.

“Well it is now!” Chara says giving a troll face and Crossing her arms.

She felt irritation from the wolf before three cherry bombs appeared in front of her. In the shield.

Chara tried to grab them, but the three explode on contact right in her face.

They… hurt, but it was more a heavy sting than anything damaging. Like a punch in anime from a tsundere.

“You know what, just for that I'mma tell everyone your name's Clifford the big white wolf!” Chara says glaring at the wolf.

She got six cherry bombs for her trouble.

“You know, I'm half tempted to change it to Snuggles or Fluffy.” Chara tried to threaten… Failing horrible. “Or maybe I'll just tell them your name’s is Orochi.”

The wolf snarled a little at this. Heavy, deep slashes appeared all over the shield.

“Ow!” Chara says holding her head before shaking it off and pouring everything possible into her Shield.

“Maybe it's not best to tease the Giant Wolf.” Tangere says, having been distracted by the fur.

“He started it!” Chara whines pointing at the Wolf. Somehow, the wolf managed to deadpan at her.

“And you pressed it further.” He says, crossing his arms in a no nonsense way. Chara just crossed her arms and huffed. “Now, apologise.” He says, chastising her like a child. Before surprising her and the wolf when he turned his gaze to the wolf. “You too!”

The wolf just rolled its eyes and got up, as if disinterested, moving to go away.

“Well that just shows he doesn't need an apology!” Chara says planning on spreading the word that her name was that of the 8 headed snake demons.

As if the wolf had read that thought, a tree grew from under her chin, uppercutting her and shattering the shield from inside.

Chara yelped in pain as blood was dripping from her nose and eyes. “Now that’s enough!” Tangere snaps at the both of them. “We’re not here to make enemies and there's no reason to act like children!”

“Well technically I am a child…” Chara says with a raised eyebrow.

The wolf was paused, sitting on its haunches and looking at them.

“Now, I think I can guess the Wolf has no intentions of causing any trouble now.” Tangere says to Chara. “Now please, don’t make him start considering it. And please Mr. or Mrs. wolf, I understand if she pressed a button, I would appreciate if you handled it in a less… violent way?”

I will consider it,” The neutral voice spoke into their heads.

This made the noble recoil in shock while Chara just had a twitch in her eye.

The wolf yawned a bit, standing and tilting its head at them.

“Well I'm going back this was obviously a waste of time… Even if some good came of it.” Chara said turning around and leaving.

“Sorry for all the trouble, I hope we meet again in better terms.” The man says with nod to the Wolf before following after Chara. “Hmmm, strange my hip doesn’t hurt….” He murmurs to himself.

“Well you are physically 16… so yeah. How are we going to explain that?” Chara asked rubbing her temples.

“Wait, what!?” The noble shouts in surprise and shock as he looks down at himself, only now realizing that everything seemed just a little bit bigger.

The wolf followed them, strangely quiet as it walked. It seemed amused at her annoyance.

“I got it! we tell the asshole nobles who want to know how you did it that there is a blue plant that gives this effect!” Chara says with a massive troll face.

“...I know its bad, but I approve.” He says with a smirk before looking around.

He saw the wolf following the two silently.

“Shoo Mr. Wolf, go on back to your little den thing.” Chara said doing the shooing motion with her hands.

She got a lick across her entire front for her troubles, making the now young Tangere laugh a bit.

“I will get a newspaper for you!” Chara said threateningly.

And I will burn it in your hand,” The wolfs voice shot back calmly.

“Don't make me whack your nose cuz I will! I know how to train dogs.” Chara said, having already raised a few dogs in her life.

Meanwhile, Tangere started to move away a bit, going towards an up turned log.

Yes. Little three foot tall dogs. I am a twenty foot, at least, wolf. Dogs are genetically domesticated. I am not.” The wolf said, shooting that down in a instant.

“Nonsense, all you need is a good trainer. I mean if Fluttershy can tame a manticore I can surely tame you…” Chara claimed just a tad bit cocky.

That is a terrible argument. That is a different race with different abilities with an entirely different animal. You could tame me as well as you can wind. You cannot control it, merely go with its desires.” The wolf replied, walking next to them now slowly.

Well if we're getting technical about this, pegasi can control the wind.” Chara said.

“What takes them many for shorter, I can do alone, longer, and better.” The monstrous wolf said, no boasting in its tone.

“Well technically the Alicorns could make an entire destructive storm and I fought something that they couldn't take on themselves.” Chara says boastfully.

They might, together, but it’d still be weaker and last less than what mine would,” The wolf as is stating fact.

“I'm wondering if you have ‘adequacy issues’ considering you're having a power argument with a little girl.” Chara says with a smirk.

“Says the one keeping it going…” Tangere says… standing on his head.

That point loses all value when said little girl has mass amounts of power,” The wolf retorted, not riled in the least.

“Yes, but still. You're a giant wolf and I'm a little girl…” Chara said as she crosses her arms.

Who just nullified her own argument,” The wolf said simply.

“Can you two please stop?” Tangere says with a small groan. “I know you have prides to weigh, but its… aggravating to listen to.”

I am only ‘arguing' because this conversation amuses me,” The wolf stated, seeming to grin.

“He's the one that started it and found it amusing to argue with the little kid.” Chara said, frowning.

“Chara… please, just stop continuing the war.” The young man says, almost falling over as he jumps to his feet from his head stand. “I’m getting a headache just from you two arguing so much.”

And from the terrible logic you employ,” The wolf commented.

“And the fact you won’t just let it go.” He comments to the wolf and Chara. The wolf shrugged. It reacted, nothing more and nothing less.

“Well it's not my fault the mutt won't just go away!” Chara says with a glare at said ‘mutt’. The wolf said nothing, just continuing to smirk.

“Well, maybe he… or she?” He looks to the wolf with a ‘help’ look.

“And this is why wolves are endangered where I come from. They just don't know when to go away and get hunted for it!” Chara says turning away from them.

Once they reached the edge, the wolf stopped. “No, wolves are near extinct because humans do not respect territory. I was seeing you out of mine.” The wolf thought before a sudden strong wind blew the two out of the treeline, the wolf turning and going back into the forest, trees appearing to block the entry into the forest.

“If anything you're invading Celestia's ‘territory’…” Chara said as a final shot back. The weak retort evidently did not reach the wolves ears, because no reply came.

“Well, that was interesting!” Tangere says, stretching and jogging in place a bit.

“Yes it was…” Chara said frowning and for the first time upset she didn't create a nuke just to shoot at her enemies.

“Chara, let it go.” He says with a groan. “He’s not going to cause trouble, what's the problem?”

“He just rubs me the wrong way.” Chara said but really she just didn't have any knowledge of him, and believed he shouldn't have existed here.

“Well, please don’t do anything rash because of that…” He says, patting her head a little bit.

“If I was going to do anything rash I would have erased him from time after equipping the things I promised I wouldn't…” Chara said with a roll of her eyes before going back to thinking.

Tangere sighs a bit, before following after her. Chara was so busy thinking about this but she had forgotten completely about the marriage test…


Chara walked into the throne room still deep in thought as she was rushed by more Nobles who were giving her gifts of clothes candies and toys. Tangere was there, standing at her side with his eyebrow raised a bit at the gifts.

“...I’m not liking how they're looking at you…” He mentions, Fancy Pants also next to her but not participating in the contest. He was a married man before anyways.

“Yes, it seems they see me as a piece of meat…” Chara said with an eye twitch. ‘And this is why nobles almost always fail the first fucking test’ Chara yelled in her mind.

‘Before the wolf I could have at least used him being stuck in a wheelchair as something to make sure he didn't beat my test… sure it would have made me seem bad, but I don't want to get married anytime soon or ever’ Chara said continuing her mental rant.

“Is everything okay Chara?” Tangere asks, noticing the irritated look on her face.

“I just hope all this stuff is over soon…” Chara says as her eye twitches again.

The now sixteen year old pats her head a little bit in sympathy. “How much longer again? Until they lose their titles?”

“I-I don't know what you're talking about?” Chara stuttered a little.

Before they could continue the talk, there was a loud BOOOONGGGG!!!! Noise that filled the room. “How about this Princess Chara?!” An aggravatingly familiar voice calls out. “Look out the window and see my present.”

“That'd be five thousand bits for Iron Will, Mister Blueblood.” Another voice interrupts.

“He bought me in airship!?” Chara said in shock as she looks at the giant airship outside.

“...Somehow, I feel this is tame for Blue Blood.” Fancy Pants deadpans.

“That’s not all!!! This comes with an entire plot of land, mansion with maids and butlers ready to serve!!!” He shouts over the mic.

“There’s the Blue Blood I know.. . He wasn’t missed.” Tangere says.

“... I don't know whether to be impressed by the amount he spends on one person or worried about the plot of land and where it came from…” Chara says as she looks at the Airship with her face on it.

“I’d say both are acceptable.” Fancy Pants says, glancing at her. “Well, once he’s turned down, you’d still get everything…”

“I'm actually kind of glad that they included that in the contract now…” Chara says to Fancy Pants before turning to Blue Blood. “ Prince Blueblood I must say thank you for the gifts, but I must say I already have a place to live. Though it was a nice try…” Chara says respectfully as she hears Blue Blood talk about getting something bigger and better.

“I will impress you!!!” Blueblood shouts as he flies away.

“Yeah, good luck with that…” Iron Will says, swinging a bag of bits in his hand.

“I wonder what he'll try next… maybe he might try buying the moon, I do so love the night.” Chara said just loud enough for the Nobles to hear.

They all bleached a bit, shuddering at the thought. “...The ultimate insult to Luna…” One says, sharing his fear.

“I wonder if Luna will let me have a house on the moon…” Chara said forgetting about the Mini Moon outfit she was wearing.

“Doubt it.” Both nobles said honestly, deadpanning a little bit.


Chara was sitting down eating her dinner looking through the list of gifts that she has packed away in storage. “Man this is a massive haul,l I've got like 50 different houses, 49 businesses, a couple of airships and 100 different thrones!” Chara said happily as she continued to read through the list.

Not a few seconds later, Luna burst through the door, gurgling loudly as she stalks to the table and sits down.

“Hey Luna what's up?” Chara said still smiling As she slices herself another piece of butterscotch cinnamon pie.

Luna grumbles more, glaring at Chara little bit. “Blueblood happened.” She says.

“Why is Blue Blood bothering you? I thought he wanted to get a present for me…” Chara said having forgotten about that comment about the moon.

“He tried. To buy. The Moon. From me!” SHe growls out, rubbing her forehead.

“Oh… sorry about that. I commented about wanting the Moon earlier…” Chara said sheepishly rubbing the back of her head.

“Why?!” Luna shouts at her, verging on the Royal Canterlot Voice.

“Nighttime is my favorite time and owning a home on the moon would be awesome, but I honestly didn't think he would go for that…” Chara says holding her hands up in defense.

Luna just grumps and hits her forehead on the table.

“It's okay Luna you can always rent moon property to me!” Chara says happily and teasingly.

“Don’t. Push it.” Luna warns, groaning a bit while shaking her head at the same time.

“Alright alright… so anyone other than Blueblood decide that they want to try buying your moon.” Chara asked wondering how many Mooks she actually tricked into trying that.

“No, no one.” Luna answers.

“I thought at least one other then just Blue Blood would try…” Chara says with a raised eyebrow. “So maybe next I'll try and suggest someone try buying Celestia’s sun…” Chara continues with a thoughtful look.

“I doubt that will end very well.” Luna says while Tangere sighs a bit and shakes his head slowly.

“Why, do you think I'm going to do it? It will be the start of a prank war and it will be a Great Prank War!” Chara says with a troll face and raising her hand in victory.

“...I hope not to expect pain.” Luna says quietly as Celestia comes in.

“Did I miss something?” She said.


Chara was once again surrounded by nobles as they all brought more gifts to her. “You know what would be fun? If I owned the sun. Always wanted my own star and what better than the brightest!” Chara said with a thoughtful expression as the more suicidally dumb Nobles decided to try it.

Unfortunately they were in the minority as many of them grimaced and shook their heads.

“You know what, I could use a good read! maybe something from Twilight's personal Library.” Chara said tricking a lot more than she was expecting.

“Huh, welp lets sit back and watch what happens!” Chara said that she pulls out the ‘Chara special’ from her favorite restaurant.

“I feel so bad for so many of them…” Fancy Pants says with a slow shake of his head.

“I don't. This is my first prank on Celestia.” Chara says with a smirk.

“...You’re enjoying this a little too much.” Tangere says with a shake of his head and small smile.

“You’re playing a dangerous game.” Fancy Pants continues.

“Probably, but Celestia and Luna really shouldn't have tried to put me in the marriage contract.” Chara said before chuckling menacingly.

“Wasn’t it Discord who did?” Fancy Pants says.

“Yes, but the princess could have vetoed the idea.” Chara says her eye twitching a bit.

“...Who’s to say Discord isn't pulling some strings.” Tangere offers, chuckling a bit.

“He is really pushing my limits though. I was half tempted to send the Nobles after him too…” Chara says her eye twitching violently at this point.

“But, he’d just have fun with them really.” Tangere says with a roll of his eyes.

“And I'll say this, it's the only reason I didn't send the Nobles after him…” Chara said as she headed for lunch.


“Chara, you’re upset, aren’t you?” Celestia asks as she sat down at the table.

“Noooo I'm not upset... not at all. It's not like I sent Nobles to try and buy your symbols of power for me…” Chara says, sarcasm almost literally dripping from the words coming out of her mouth.

“On the other hand~” Discord’s voice comes in before a hand holding a mirror shows up in front of Chara. It showed her… a crazy eyed and disheveled Twilight almost strangling a guy, a wing twitching wildly.

Chara burst out laughing “Oh God, that poor bastard! Hahahahaha!” Chara says that as she continues laughing, falling to the floor.

“Sooo worth it, isn’t it?” Discord laughs along, appearing on his thumb.

“I'm still getting you back… and since I am a princess I can give you an order. You have to get rid of all the loli books!” Chara said with a smirk.

He smirks and flicks her nose. “Not going to happen.” He tells her. “You maybe a Pwincess…” He purposely says while snagging a cheek and pulling a bit. “But it takes more than a ti-hah-tle to get me to do anything.” He says cheekily.

“Well the Photoshop Flowey power may not be as strong as Asriel but it still is strong enough to fight someone like you.” Chara said a disturbing look in her eyes.

“I feel as though you’re underestimating me.” He teases a bit. “For the record, the trial is almost up~”

“You know, I don't know whether to strangle you with your own intestines or praise you for the magnificent trolling bastard you are…” Chara said with a deadpan but was secretly relieved

“Both are normal reactions, edgelord.” He teases a bit.

“Strangled with your own intestines it is!” Chara says lunging for him again.

And he grabs her in a hug, squeezing her like a teddy bear. Chara tries to struggle to get free but can't.

“CHARA!” A loud voice calls out.

“Whoops, gotta go~” Discord says, dropping Chara and teleporting away just as Twilight teleports into the room.

“What’s this about a Wedding Trial?!”

“It was Discords idea! He was the one who came up with it and made the contract and the princesses didn't veto it!” Chara yells out literally throwing everyone else under the bus.



“I'm sorry Twilight, It wasn't my idea to make a marriage contract, but they're just such nice shiny prizes!” Chara said trying to appease the Raging Guardian.

“I know, I know… Its just, so soon?!” Twilight says, calmer than before and grumbling.

“Hey if I had it my way, I wouldn't ever be married so I'm with you on this…” Chara said as she remembered Twilight going after Discord shooting beams of magic at him.

“Yes, yes…” She says, calm now and hugging Chara a bit. “Well, todays the day isn’t it?” Twilight says.

“Yep…” Chara said glad she remembered that she could veto literally everyone if she wanted to… And frankly she did.

“Who’s the winner?” Twilight asks with a tilt of her head.

“By one! Tangerine was the only one who past the tests and he was more of a friend by the end of it…” Chara says happily.

“Then we should go tell him then?” Twilight says with a smile.

“Yep.” Chara said with a nod, happy that this nightmare was finally over even if she did get some cool stuff.

“Let's go then.” Twilight says with a small sigh. “At least you get a good man…”

“Who says I have to pick anyone?” Chara asks before leaving.

“True.” She nods to Chara, following her out.

“You know it's lucky I remembered that or else I would have picked someone.” Chara said as she continued to walk down the hall towards the meeting room.

Only Celestia and her sister were there with Discord and Tangere arriving a little late.

“Hello there Tangere, first let me say you are the only person to pass all but one of my tests… my last test was to stay out of the friend zone which by the way you failed miserably at so I'll say this. I won't mind being friends with you.” Chara said as she shook his hand with a smile.

He laughs a bit in jolly. “Of course!” He says, surprisingly cool with this. Meanwhile, The princesses were giving Chara a knowing look, knowing she just pulled that out of nowhere.

“You did way better than the other Nobles at least, they didn't even make it past the first test!” Chara said laughing as she remembered how all the Nobles gaped at her when she told them the real meaning of the first test.

“Of course.” He says before looking at her in a way. “But… you do realise that you are too young to be married off anyways, right?”

“Wait what!?” Chara yells out not knowing this while Discord laughs knowingly.

“Yes. In fact, the only reason I did this was to have some fun is all.” He says, looking to the Princesses. “I have a feeling why you three forgot…” He glances at the laughing Discord, the princesses and even the guards present all glaring at him with disdain.

“Ohohoho boy!” Discord says while whipping a tear away.

“That's it Discord I'm carving you up with a rusty butter knife!” Chara yells out as sha lunges at him for the hundredth time that week.

“Why rusty…?” A random guard yells as Chara phases through… a magic mirror and pops out of a dish, upside down.

“Well, I think I’m done for awhile~” Discord yawns like he was exhausted, suddenly in pajamas with a night blind and teddy bear. “I think I’ve more than made up for the lack of chaos during my time stoned now…”

“Well to answer your question Mr. guard it hurts more you Silly Billy.” Chara says in an overly sweet tone before taking one final lunge at Discord.

Discord’s nose lets out a snot bubble. “I’ll see you some other time Chara…” He says as Chara was put into slow-mo, funny voice and even funnier face included. “Good night…” He waves goodbye and melts into the air with a wiggling noise, Chara returning to normal speed. Chara falls face-first on the floor before sitting up, Crossing her arms and pouting.

Twilight goes up and pats her head. “Well… look on the bright side?” She says.

“What brightside?” Chara said her pout deepening.

“One, you drove of hordes of corrupted Nobles.” Celestia shouts while faking a tear of joy. “THANK MOTHER!!!!” She shouts with the Canterlot voice.

“Two, you brought down Blue Blood a couple hundred thousand pegs.” Luna says with an evil snicker.

“You have plenty of gifts that now belong to you.” Fancy Pants says with a chortle.

“And you made a friend and even restored his youth even if it was by accident.” Twilight finishes, rubbing her head after Celestia’s outburst.

“Okay, so I did do some good things… And now I have my ship that I can go on a world tour with!” Chara said her eyes lighting up.

“...Now if only Flandre wer here.” Twilight says with a small whine while Celestia and Luna… break out some bottles of some kinda alcohol.

“Are you two getting drunk?” Chara says as she raises an eyebrow though she was kind of jealous.

“...why not, no Nobels to deal with!” Celestia says with a celebrity shout.

“Yes that is a true reason to drink but I never figured you for a drinker… you seem to me more like the one to go out to the club and dance or a binge cake eater.” Chara says taking a small jab at Celestia.

“Very funny Chara.” Celestia says with a roll of her eyes.

“I mean you certainly have the ass for it!” Chara says with a smirk before pulling out her most expensive chocolate.

“Watch the language.” Tangere says with disapproval.

“But how am I supposed to watch sound waves?” Chara asks innocently.

“...What?” The princesses say simultaneously.

“I was asked to watch my language but how am I supposed to do that when it is sound…” Chara says as if she was talking to a particularly slow child. “Oh yeah I keep forgetting that you're all in the stone age compared to my species in technology…” Chara said with a facepalm.

“Technology that we can replicate if you’d just-” Twilight begins before Celesta puts a hand over her former student’s mouth with a smile.

“Come now Twilight, let's worry about this later.” The sun princess says as Discord, being in charge of the Sun and Moon till Flandre returns with the Alicorn magic, moves the sun down a little to sunset.

“I believe now we should just celebrate the fall of Nobility… for the most part.” Luna giggles a bit at her sister’s enthusiasm.

Author's Note:

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