• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied Hearts: Chtp 4: Fame, Inspiration and AH SUPEDIEE?!

“Are you sure you guys aren’t letting this go to your heads?” Spike says slowly with his arms crossed, a concerned raised eyebrow as he watched Flandre and Chara.

“No.” Flandre says, finishing up writing her signature on a comic book for some girl who was bouncing on her heels with excitement.

“Not a chance, besides I had Celestia overlook the contract for me and I have ideas for starting a gaming company!” Chara said already thinking of reproducing the games and systems from Earth on Equestria.

“And an Anime, Manga, JRPG company!” Flandre says with a mad giggle, successfully scaring Spike.

“No, better yet let's go and make a company that makes everything!” Chara says giggling with a plan that would make Scrooge McDuck jealous.

This makes Flandre and Spike take a double take. “Uhm, like everything we just listed or…?” Flandre asks slowly.

“Everything from cars to jets to anime to TV to video games and everything else I can think of! Think about it Flan, we're going to be rich rich rich!” Chara says with money signs in her eyes and thinking of The Money Pit she's going to build just to give the middle finger to Scrooge McDuck.

Flandre grabs Chara by the shoulders. “Woah woah woah, slow down, one thing at a time!” She says, but couldn’t help but laugh at her behavior.

“You're right you're right, first video games and manga then the world!” Chara says doing a dramatic pose.

A few seconds of silence before everyone present started to laugh before it rose to high levels of enjoyment. “Your Mettaton’s showing!” Flandre calls out, holding her sides a bit.

“Hey I'm not as nearly as bad as Mettaton!” Chara says with an undignified huff.


Flandre looks around the town as she and Chara were walking through the town. “Woah, we’ve made a pretty big hit haven’t we?” She says, a little nervous at all the attention they were getting.

“Yeah I'm glad I started with the video game though, It's made everything else so much easier.” Chara said as she was swarmed by fans asking how she came up with the idea.

“Wait, what?” Flandre says with wide eyes. “How much progress did you make?” She asks before lifting Chara and flying them away from the growing crowd. “Little hard to talk…” She says a little annoyed at them.

“Well I've already finished the game and have given the comic drawers the skits.” Chara said not mentioning she used Luna to help copy all of the game from her phone on to a usable device for Equestria AKA a storage crystal.

Her phone had been changed a lot as it had become a Super Phone/ laptop / desktop/ tablet with enough memory to download half the internet without strain. Her maniacal laughter after finding that out had scared half of Ponyville.

Needless to say, Flandre worries for her sister by a pretty large margin.

Meanwhile, a shadowy pair watches from afar. “...How many times have we jumped the shark now?” One of them askes.

“Oh I think we're doing just alright, besides this is the first stage. It's supposed to be easy!” Another shadowy figure says.

Oops, we’re not to be focusing on you two, sorry!



Meanwhile, from afar two figures watched on with two different feelings to this.

“So there's where the little brats are…” One of the figures said, his voice filled with a giddy, mocking and almost harsh tone as he read the neutral run Sans pamphlet. “You know if I didn't know any better I'd say the kid likes the monsters.”

The other figure, somewhat taller doesn’t respond right away, choosing to finish using their smoking pipe calmly. “Do I care?” The other answers, female and filled with disinterest, boredom and coldness. “All that matters is that we found them…” She says, puffing some more as a steady stream of smoke rises from it.

“Heh, you should loosen up already lady. Now that we found them, we can take all the time in the world.” the guy says with a chuckle

“I am relaxed.” She says, not seeming to care what he had said. “I can tell where this goes either way. I just hope I can get some entertainment from it.” She says, already turning her back on the scene. “I’m going back to the shrine…” She says with a false yawn. The guy rolls his eyes before following her as a portal appears.

“This had better be worth it.”

“Ho it will be…” The guy says within deep thinking.


Spike ran as hard as fast as he could, coughing a bit after after tripping a bit. “Gotta get rid of this, gotta get rid of this…” He chants, holding a large spiffy book in his hand. “Oh, I hope Rarity goes back to normal…”

“Huh I wonder what that book is” Chara says as she follows him.

It took a while before Spike looked around. “Maybe here…” He says before throwing the book towards a lake and watching it plop into the water. “Now, back to Rarity!” Spike then runs off in a hurry.

Chara fishes the book out before grabbing it and reading what was in it. “Huh says here I can make anything I want happen... let's try it out!” Chara says wanting chocolate and having a chocolate bar fall out of the sky in front of her.

“Awesome! I can have eternal chocolate!” Chara says as she skips back to town happily making chocolate at random to eat and putting the book in her inventory.

Chara walks into town and sees Rarity blindly and madly blasting everyone with some kind of green magic, either putting them into fancy but ridiculous dresses or turning things to gems or gold. “Okay, who beat her with the crazy stick?” Chara asks making, another bar of chocolate appear.

No one answers her though, settling for panicking while Twilight and Luna suddenly rush pass Chara, heading towards a crystallized tower with people trapped inside.

Chara raised her eyebrow not really caring about these random ponies seeing as she didn't actually know them, so she just walked off to where she thought plan would be continuing to conjure chocolate after chocolate. She continued walking to where she thought Flan was as she either dodged magic or looked at what Rarity had done to random ponies, until 20 minutes later she had accidentally come across Flan.

“Chara, who hit Rarity with the idiot stick?” The crystal winged girl says in confusion, easily avoiding any laser or some such projectile. Chara burst out laughing as her sister nearly quoted her. “...Uhm, you?” She says with a point. “I wouldn’t be surprised…” Flan says with a deadpanned.

“No I didn't hit her with the idiots dick, but you did nearly quote me. Although I used crazy instead of idiot!” Chara says as she continues to dodge easily thanks to her wearing [Sans jacket].

Flandre lazily moves out of the way of another. “...Let it fix itself?”

“Yeah sure, whatever.” Chara says conjuring another bar of chocolate.

“How did you do that?” Flandre says with a blink of her eyes, starting to fly off with Chara.

“Weird book that Spike threw out as he talked about it like it was the Necronomicon, but I don't see what the big deal is.” Chara says continuing to conjure random pieces of chocolate to eat.

“Okay?” Flandre says, eyeing it suspiciously, not getting a good feeling from it.

“Hey, I'm me! What could possibly go wrong?” Chara says not knowing how badly she just fucked up.

“...” Flandre bonks Chara hard on the head. “You’ve said the forbidden phrase of the Universe…” She replies darkly.

The brown haired girl grumbles a bit as she rubs the top of her head. “But it's true! what could possibly go wrong?” Chara says with a roll of her eyes as she conjures more chocolate.

Another bonk. “Stop tempting the universe!”

“No, you know what? Imma poke the universe with a stick for a third time. What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong.” Chara says, emphasizing each word.

Two seconds later, Chara finds herself frozen in crystal, wearing some ridiculous outfit and unable to move, stuck with a derp face. Flandre yelps, almost dropping Chara from the sudden weight.

Chara teleports out with a deadpan. “Fuck you universe!” Chara says holding two middle fingers to the sky.

Three seconds later, she gets a face full of lighting.

Flandre face palms with both hands. "Keep... Cute... Keep...Cute..."


Chara woke up having just finished another hundred timeline loops worth of memories. “Grr... I really hate the genocide run.” Chara mumbles getting out of bed.

She hears a tired, irritable groan as she leaves the room, seeing Flandre once more dragging a teddy bear behind her. She looked like her sleep wasn’t anymore restful than Chara’s.

“Morning…” Chara grunts as she enters the bathroom and uses her book to get her self clean, not actually feeling like taking a shower or bath and using the book to change her clothes into her storyshift outfit.

Flandre just groans in sleepiness, having a bad case of bed head as she heads to the bathroom with a stumble.

Chara heads down to the kitchen before conjuring herself a pot of coffee made with Red Bull instead of water and pouring herself a glass. Flandre takes a bit in the shower, a little longer than she should have really, but she came down before anyone could worry already in her day clothes.

“So, are you feeling better Flan?” Chara asked conjuring three ever-filling bottles. One full of chocolate milk, one full of her new coffee, and one full of ever-changing soda.

She just groans a bit placing her chin on the table and letting out a yawn. “If it makes you feel any better I'm having to deal with genocide timeline memories…” Chara says patting her head.

Another groan, signifying that she didn’t want to talk about it as she chibifies and lets out a louder yawn, the word itself spelled in Japanese flying out of her mouth like an anime.

“You want some Red Bull coffee?“ Chara says, conjuring up a glass of it for her.

A groan before Flandre weakly grabs the glass and lightly drinks it, making small cute sipping noises.

“You know, I'm thinking of giving this stuff to Pinkie Pie.” Chara says thinking it would be a hilarious prank.

Flandre stops mid drink, not reacting in any other way for a few seconds before throwing a can at Chara’s head. “Bad.” She says before her forehead smacks the table.

“You know what? Just for that I'm giving her a whole gallon!“ Chara says rubbing her head.

She had to duck after Flandre shot a weak laser at her from her hand.

“You're not stopping me!” Chara said as she opens a portal and gives it to Pinkie Pie.

Flandre, still chibi this entire time, just stares before letting her head hit the table again. Some japanese words snake upwards but Chara couldn’t read them anyways.

Chara raises an eyebrow at the words as she hears Twilight coming down the stairs. “Morning you two!” She says, seeming to be fine compared to Flandre. “...What’s up with Flan?” She asks.

“ I may or may not have given Pinkie Pie super coffee.” Chara says with an innocent look.

“...” Eye twitching, Twilight gave a stern glare. “...You’re really trying to kill us all.” She then zooms out the door in a instant.

“...You’re turning into Discord, professional asshole…” Flandre says, voice barely there. Chara just gives a troll face in response, as off in the distance they hear Pinkie Pie scream coffee. “...Fuck this shit…”


“You’re going to form a bruise if you keep doing that…” Spike says drinking an entire pitcher of coffee still boiling hot.

“You think I'm going to be grounded for this?” Chara says as she sees a pink blur running through the town.

Spike thinks for a moment after Flandre doesn’t answer, drinking more Red Bull. “Yeah, you’re grounded… for the next month.” The dragon-boy says with a roll of his eyes before heading into the kitchen.

“If that happens, I'll probably ditch it and move to Canterlot till I'm not.” Chara says shrugging her shoulders taking another big gulp of her everfull bottle of Red Bull coffee.

“You worry me twenty-four seven…” Flandre mutters, not lifting her head from the table.

“Ah but I'm the one that should be worrying for you. I am after all the big sister.” Chara says with a winning smile.

“...Not with that attitude.” She replied, drinking more Red Bull.

“Aww don't be a little grumpy baby~” Chara says patting Flan’s head teleporting her backpack down there.

“Chara, wanna say hi to Laevatein?” Flandre says, starting to get frustrated at the Red Bull not working as fast as she wanted it to.

“No, now stop being a little grumpy girl. You don't want your adoring fans -” .

“Finish that, and I’m done talking to you, hypocrite.” Flandre interrupts, getting up from her chair and going into the kitchen, probably to grab lunch.

Chara rolls her eyes as she waits for Flan to come back, absentmindedly making more chocolate and sticking it in her inventory.

“...Thanks for the… Uh?” Flandre says, holding up the glass of now empty Red Bull.

“You want more Red Bull coffee? All you have to say is onii-chan is the best!” Chara says with a smirk.

Chibified, she gave a long drawn out “Cheeeeeeeeeee….” As she stares at Chara with blank eyes, Japanese words appearing again.

“Come on say it~” Chara says her smirk widening a bit as she conjures up a bottle.


“Oh well I guess you don't want anymore~” Chara says in a sing-song voice, already having thought ahead and only conjured the bottle and not the actual drink.

“Fwuck off.” Flandre says, going to the kitchen and taking a pitcher of Coffee with her as she exits the door, still in Chibi mode.

“Awww….” Chara pouts, crossing her arms having wanted her little sister declare her best sister.


“...Is it bad I’m liking Chibi mode?” Flandre asks, STILL a chibi and drinking from the boiling hot coffee. “I think I wouldn't be able to drink from this otherwise…”

“Well that's the Japanese for you, there were only two forms of chaos in my book until they came along…” Chara said remembering what happened when she discovered hentei.

She just shrugs a little bit. “Meh, still…” Flandre says, somehow keeping her Chibi Form up for the entire walk. “...I get the feeling coffee doesn’t work on me…” Chara just shrugs as she ignored the stink-eye that she was getting.

Soon afterwards, they get to the school house and enter. “Morning everyone.” Flandre says, going back to normal Flandre with a semi-forced smile,

“Sup…” Chara says as she switches out her ever full bottle of Red Bull coffee for a everfull bottle of the perfect chocolate milkshake.

“Good morning you two, have a good night’s sleep?” Cheerilee asks with a smile, the rest of the class already in their seats.

“...no…” Chara says with a deadpan taking a big drink of her bottle in front of everyone.

“Uhm, what are you drinking?” Sweetie Belle asks the question everyone but Flan was thinking.

“It’s the perfect chocolate milkshake…” Chara replies taking another big drink of it.

“Oh, okay. Please do so quietly Chara.” The teacher says with a nod as the girls sat in their chairs.


“Recess~!” Flandre cheers lightly, still pretty damn tired with a small fist in the air.

“Have I mentioned how much I don't care…” Chara says still sippin on her chocolate milkshake as she walked behind Flandre.

“Now who’s the grump?’ Flandre teases a bit with a smile before flying off with a small giggle.

“Still you, until your onii-chan says otherwise…” Chara says in retort before taking another big sip. Flandre doesn’t hear anything of it though and continues to float lazily.

A few seconds of silence...

Flandre yelps as she was suddenly struck in the back by a tiny silver thing before an explosion followed. She was thrown in to a tree, snapping it clean in half. “Ow!” She cries out, mostly in annoyance as her healing factor cleared her up quickly.

“Alright who's the Dead Man Walking!” Chara screamed out looking around for the attacker pulling out [Asgore's trident].

“...Gone, by now…” Flandre says, getting up and dusting her now dirty skirt.

“Flan, are you alright?!” Twist says as the crystal winged girl is surrounded by others, asking the same thing.

She giggles a bit, gesturing in a calm manner. “Yeah, I’m fine…” Flan says, before grumping at her slightly torn and burnt clothes.

Chara discreetly starts using magic to make a protection bubble around Flan. “The heck, what’s with the bubble?” Scootaloo says as Flandre starts feeling it.

“I have no idea…” Flandre says, poking and prodding it with a hum. When she touched it the magic felt as if it was a protective older sibling with a slightly dark undertone that was barely there. “Chara, shield down please?” She asks, finding herself unable to move around from the spot she was at.

Chara snaps her fingers and made the bubble mobile. “There you can move around but I'm not removing the bubble until I flay alive whoever threw that at you.” Chara said in a way that left no room for argument.

“Then how am I going to play?!” She says, the others unable to get through. “And since when have you been able to do this?!”

“Don't know, I just wanted it to happen and presto you're in a bubble! And I have to admit it's convenient for being the protective older sibling.” Chara says happily before enhancing the protection to survive Planet Busters. Chara having already figured out that it was from the Naruto universe and hoping to all hell it wasn't that Pedomaru.

Flandre growls a bit. “Can you at least make it more spacey, I’m Claustrophobic remember?!” She says, pressing at the sides of the bubble.

“Sure sure sure!” Chara says snapping her fingers again and giving Flan control on how big or small the bubble can be but nothing else. “And now you can control the size, but nothing else!”

Flandre just grumbles, sitting on her legs in a crisscross fashion.

“Hey cheer up sis, I'll let you out as soon as I catch the bastard that did that to you, and besides you can talk and interact with your friends!” Chara says with a winning smile, trying to cheer up her sister before snapping her fingers and causing a pile of plushies to appear inside the bubble.

The girl yelps as she is buried under the stuffed animals, her wings visibly poking out and twitching a bit cutely.

“There you go my cute little sis, all the plushies you could ever want!” Chara says excitedly before starting to look around for any kind of threats to her sister.


Spike blinks slowly as Flandre grumbles inside of her bubble. “Uhm, why are you in a bubble?” He asks while poking the bubble with a sharp nail.

Only to get mildly electrocuted as the voice of Chara rang out “First warning, do not touch da sister!” Was heard as Chara had added the enchantment after seeing how anything could touch the bubble, and thinking someone could have truly broken through it.

“And there's my answer…” Spike says, unimpressed at this while waving his hand out of pain, grimacing. “What’s got the Edgelord all riled?” He asks.

“I got exploded by something and Chara’s on a manhunt now…” Flandre says, thanking Spike as he turns on the TV for her.

“I heard some stupid person touch the bubble! Is everything all right!?” Chara yells bursting into the room, weapon drawn and ready to skewer someone.

“Seriously?” Both Flandre and Spike says, the former Chibing it up again. “That hurt Chara.” Spike finishes, showing the slight burn on his claw.

“Pain is a good motivator not to touch something.” Chara says, nodding sagely as she applies new enchantments to the bubble making the defenses ‘bigger’ and ‘better’. “Thanks, Spike I forgot about dragons and other tough magically dense creatures.” Chara says before leaving again to stand guard outside.

“Ugh!” Flandre says, head smacking into the bubble, doing nothing and not setting anything off. “...Pillowy…”

“Sooo, how is Chara doing this?” Spike asks in confusion, getting a shrug in return.

“HALT! WHAT DO YOU WANT IN THE LIBRARY!” Chara is heard screaming from outside to someone.

“Hi Chara, whatcha doing?” A familiarly bubbly voice asks. “Ooooo, are you preparing for a surprise party?!” Pinkie Pie says, unphased by Chara’s hostility.

“No I'm guarding my sister who got exploded, now who are you and what do you want!” Chara screams out as more sharp pointy objects appear around the pink pony.

“...uhhhhhhh?” Pinkie says. “Are you okay Chara? Did you eat too much chocolate, you're acting like when I ate too much Chocolate, which is weird since I eat candy all the time and I mean all the time! They're so deliciously delicious like vanilla but chocolates better than vanilla, *GASP* wait what if I- wait no, someone's already done that, silly me, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, duh...What were we talking about?”

“You were talking about leaving and not coming back for a week…” Chara lies through her teeth.

“Oh, right!” Pinkie Pie says before bouncing off with a smile. “Thank you~!”

“Welp, that's another potential threat averted!” Chara says happily before standing up straight and watching for more people.

“You can’t be serious…” The two say at the same time, deadpanning harder than ever before.

“Chara, what the heck was that about?” Twilight says, holding a bag of goodies and having seen the little event.

“I was protecting my baby sister from harm! And I must say I'm doing an excellent job! She's in her safety bubble and I'm diverting all potential threats!” Chara says as if this was the most logical conclusion “Wait how do I know you're Twilight and not someone with a potion or transformation abilities! Stop right where you are!” Chara screams out Conjuring up a hundred different spears and sharp pointy objects.

“...That's it missy!” Twilight says, magically taking Chara by the ear. “We’re going to see Dr. Wolf about your behavior!” She says a she drags Chara away, ignoring the spears.


“Sooo, Miss Dreemurr…” A tiny, bipedal White Wolf with blue eyes says, sitting in a chair much bigger than he was. He was holding a notebook and a pencil, legs crossed while in his clean suit and friendly attitude.

“I really don't want to be here, but Sparkle over there won't let me protect my baby sister!” Chara says angrily Crossing her arms.

“Now, now, there's no need to be like that…” The wolf says in a calm tone. “Take a seat, and relax. Miss Sparkle will be waiting outside, so it's just you and me…” He says, glancing down at the paper in his notebook titled script. ‘Why did I agree to this cameo again?’ He said, reading a line.

Note: Doctor Wolf himself did not and is not involved in this story, we’re just lazy.

“Alright alright.” Chara grumbles taking a seat,seeing no way out of this without making Twilight pissed and not being able to protect Flan.

Doctor Wolf didn’t say anything for a few seconds, letting Chara get comfortable with only the ticking sound of a clock echoing in the room. “Now, Miss Dreemurr, why don't you tell me about the issue?” He asks calmly and friendly.

“There's no issue, I only need to protect my sister.” Chara says her arms crossed and looking away with a pout.

“And what’s making you think that? What is there to protect her from?” He asks, glancing at his notebook for a few seconds.

“Someone threw an explosive weapon at her earlier today and I won't stop until I skin that bastard alive and she isn't coming out of the bubble I put her in until they are dead.” Chara says as the rings around her pupils flash green but go unnoticed.

“I see, but do you think she’s happy about it?” He says with a lean.

“You're right she wouldn't be happy trapped, I'll just have to go with plan B.“ Chara says before teleporting out.

“...was that really it, that’s all I’m here for?”

“Plot convenience!” A fox replies!


Flan had only just woken up from a small nap before she notices that her translucent prison was now gone. “Yes, no more bubble~!” She cheers happily.

“Nope there's still a bubble it's just covering all of Ponyville now and everything inside it is safe so now you don't have to feel alone or unhappy!” Chara says popping in with a smile as her eyes flash green again.

“I saw that, what was that eye glow?” Flandre says, her red eyes catching the change.

“What are you talking about? Oh nevermind I still have to make sure everything is safe!” Chara says vanishing in a Green Flash to do God-knows-what.

“...Oh God, she's lost her mind!” Flandre screams loudly in a panic. “Twilight~!” She cries out before running up to the house.

“What’s wrong?” Twilight asks after Flandre comes running into the house.

“Chara’s lost her mind, she had this freaky Green Eye Glow!” Flandre says quickly, pointing out a window to the bubble.

Suddenly a Green Flash covers the town and every surface is as soft as pillows and every cup is turned into either a sippy cup or a bottle. Spike gasps loudly. “The Book!” He gasps. “Chara must have found that cursed book!”

“Wait, what?” Twilight say.

“I saw it too, she said she found it!” Flandre says. As another Flash covers the town, completely baby proofing it before Chara pops back in.

“And now the entire town is safe for my little baby sister!” Chara says happily as she skips over to them.

“...I’m going to go call Luna… and Celestia, while I’m at it…” Twilight says with a groan, stalking away with a grump.

Another flash goes through the town and turns all bathrooms into baby proofed versions.

“Oh for peat’s sake!” Several boys and girls and some adults shouted in unison.

More and more flashes go off as the town is baby proofed more and more as Twilight hurriedly sends a message to the Princesses. Almost five minutes passed before they appeared in the Library.

“Where is she?” Luna says. Another flash goes off as Chara makes it impossible to teleport inside the bubble.

“Up there!” Spike says with a point towards the top of Town Hall. “I knew I should’ve eaten the… screw it, damn book…” He grumbles under his breath, keeping it low enough so they wouldn’t hear.

Another flash goes off from where Chara is sitting in her big comfy chair as all food is babyfied along with the kitchens in town. “OH SWEET CELESTIA WHY~!” She vaguely hears Pinkie Pie mourn loudly.

Another flash and the beds of Ponyville are turned into cribs as all chairs are turned into high chairs. “Chara?”She hears behind her, followed by some wings flapping.

“Oh hi Luna what do you think of my job for making Ponyville safe for my baby sister!” Chara says proud of her work so far as another flash goes off through the town with a snap of her fingers making the town more baby proof by putting pull-ups on everyone.

Luna deadpans at Chara a little bit before shaking her head. “Chara...can you not feel how unhappy everyone is?” She says.

“Yeah… but it's okay! They’ll be happy again when they get used to it... right?” Chara says in a tone that says she's trying to convince herself more than Luna.

“You don’t sound like you believe it.” Luna states out getting closer.

“I do and I'm doing all this for a good reason!” Chara says going on the defensive.

“But do you really believe it?” Luna says, already knowing the reason.

“No… But what else am I supposed to do? This world is too dangerous for my baby sister!” Chara says trying to find something to make her right.

“...Dangerous?” Luna says, sighing a bit. “Not but a few days ago, you worried that she might be too powerful. Now you make her out to be a helpless rabbit?” She says in confusion, rubbing her forehead.

“She can't use the power that makes her dangerous yet!” Chara says with a humph Crossing arms.

“But she will soon, if your progress has anything to say about it.” She counters with a shake of her head. “And we shouldn’t forget her Natural Strength, Speed, Durability and healing…” She lists off. “...I still don’t understand how she convinced a Chimera of all things to teach her close quarters combat…”

“Bu-but she could have been killed yesterday and I couldn't do anything!” Chara says trying to latch onto the last argument she had for this as the book started to lose its grip.

“And yet the worse she got was an annoying Big Sister.” Luna delivers with a shrug.

“Bu-bu-bu-....fine you win.” Chara says as the green magic empties out of her mouth and eyes before going into her inventory.

Luna snapped her fingers as her crystal glows and the clothes on her disappeared, returning to her normal attire. “Feel better?” She asks Chara with a smile.

“Yeah! But... I don't know why I went totally batshit insane. “Chara says frowning in confusion.

Luna holds out a hand. “Did you find a strange book? One that Spike tried to throw away?” She says.

“You mean my chocolate book? The one that Spike was talking about like it was the Necronomicon.” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow.

She nods her head. “Yes, its the cause of your brief fit of madness.” She says. “Hand it over, please.”

“Okay, but can I please keep my ever full drinks? They were made with it.” Chara says pulling out the book and handing it to Luna.

“I suppose, but notify me or Twilight if anything seems amiss.” She says, rubbing the top of Chara’s head.

“Yes, my eternal Red Bull coffee is safe!” Chara says doing a little dance before stopping abruptly and looking at Luna. “What I just did never happened.” Chara says with a serious expression.

“Good luck with that…” She says, pointing to the bottom of the town hall, a bunch of upset people looking back up at them.

“I wonder, if I get determined enough can I rewind time?” Chara says with a frown.
“Hey guys I was not in control of myself as I had touched something that Discord made when he was evil! Fo beat him up!” Chara yells down at the people not knowing if what she said was the truth or not.

“We’re not falling for it!” Some guy yells.

“Good luck~” Luna says, flying away slowly with the first smirk Chara’s seen on her face.

“I'm not lying I was possessed by an evil book! The same one that Rarity was possessed by!” Chara says as she equips [The Bad Time Eye] and runs away using teleports.


Flandre shivered slowly, taking a breath at the sight of layers of snow landing on the ground outside of the train car she and several others were in. “I hate the cold…” She says.

“You're not the only one, sis.” Chara said under 5 different sweaters and jackets.

Flandre chuckles a bit. “Least I got natural resistance~” She teases, in her usual clothes but with the top having long sleeves, some mittens and some tights.

“Hey, I'm a normal human if you don't count having a red soul!” Chara says as she pulls out a blanket out of her inventory to cover up in.

“I thought Red Souls were normal, if a bit rare?” Flandre says, finger to her chin in thought.

“There's literally only one red soul in existence at a time, it's like being the chosen one…” Chara says pulling out a second blanket.

“Wonder what my Soul looks like.” She wonders out loud before shrugging a bit.

“I don't know because I don't know how to initiate a soul battle…” Chara says pulling out a third blanket.

Twilight steps in front of them. “Okay, what's this about Souls?” She says in a serious tone, looking over at them, thankful that it was only her, them and Fluttershy. The others were eating in the dining cart.

“Humans have a natural affinity for soul use.” Chara says with a shrug as if this was a normal everyday topic.

“Well, their version of humans anyways.” Flan says with a giggle. “In Gensokyo, Humans don’t have that advantage.” She tells Twilight.

“I… see?” Twilight says in confusion. “But, you can only use your own Soul, and it doesn’t damage it or anything?” She adds to the question.

“Only when I die will my soul break, and then I come back to life due to the type of soul I have.” Chara said pulling out a fourth blanket to put on herself.

“And the part about ONLY your soul being… did you say come back to life?” She says with a slow blink.

“Yep, it's the curse of the red soul. I can die in any way possible and I'll just come back… some versions of the red soul Can rewind time to do this.” Chara says pulling out her fifth blanket still trying to warm up.

Twilight’s eye twitched a little bit. “Nope, not going to bother…” She says, taking a deep breath and doing a motion when breathing out to calm down.

“Hey you're the one that asked the question.” Chara says with a deadpan pulling out a sixth blanket.

“Where are you getting all these blankets?” Flandre asks with a slow blink.

“I packed them before we left.” Chara says pulling out another one.

“Did you raid a store?” She adds with a look. “No way we have that many…”

“I can honestly say that I never raided any merchandise from any store” Chara says with 100% honesty while pulling out a blanket with a familiar-looking pink butterfly.

Flandre looks at her, not believing her in the sightless but lets it drop. “Chara....” Flandre says with her arms crossed.

“What, none of our friends were currently using them.” Chara says pulling out a fancy looking blanket next.

Flandre and Twilight just groan.


“Hate, hate, hate.” Flandre says as she, Chara and the mane six trudged through the snow.

“I was not born with enough middle fingers to describe how much I hate this…” Chara says shivering.

“Oh buckup you two, it's not that bad.” Rainbow says lazily, wings twitching a little bit.

“Okay let me rephrase this, if I had the power to do so I would cause global warming just so I wouldn't have to deal with this shit!” Chara says glaring at Rainbow.

“Global… what?” Applejack asks in confusion, the rest just as curious.

“A problem back at home that people keep ignoring, don’t worry about it.” Flandre says with a smile and a shrug.

“If I succeeded in global warming, this place would be a warm and happy place like Ponyville… while Ponyville would become a barren desert.” Chara says with a deadpan.

The others stared at her. “Edgelooooord~” Spike says slowly and lowly in a joking manner.

“Hey, I'm not the one who caused the first global warming event, I'm just trying to repeat the process.” Chara says with a shrug as she continues to head towards the Crystal Empire.

Flandre just gives her a two fingered slap. “No, bad Chara.” She says.


“Yes! Finally somewhere that's warm!” Chara says stuffing all of the extra blankets into her inventory again.

Flandre sighs a bit in relief, taking off her mittens. “It's a little bright though…” She says, looking at the crystalline structuring.

“It's not the worst place I've been through, but it's a lot better than being cold.” Chara says remembering the memories of Snowden in Hotland.

“I guess.” Flandre says with a shrug.

Suddenly, they were all surrounded by a humongous crowd of crystal people, it was mostly around the hair and eyes that seemed to be shining like crystals. “Its them!” A large part of the group says. “Welcome back, Hero Spike!”

“I wonder what they mean by ‘it's them’?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey, it's also Chara and Flandre!” A guy says, holding a figurine of… Flandre...

“Oh God, we have fans!” Chara yells out as she ducks behind Twilight as soon as she spot a doll of herself.

“What, I thought you were excited about this part?” Flandre says in confusion.

“They have dolls of us now! That means that we will eventually be lewded!” Chara says trying to use Twilight as a human shield.

“...Should I tell her I made the figurines myself?” Flandre silently asks Spike, slowly. Spike just shrugs silently.

“You are now my human shield and as such you will take the brunt of the rabid fans!” Chara says still hiding behind Twilight.

Twilight rolls her eyes slightly, shaking her head quietly. “Chara…” She says while Rainbow just looks on in a somewhat envious grunt. “Anyways, we should get to the colosseum...” She says while Spike and Flandre soak up the attention, though Flan was a hint nervous.

“Okay let's go, hi ho Twilight away!” Chara says climbing on Twilight's back and using Twilight's shoulders as handles.

She just grumbles, setting Chara on the ground with her telekinesis before she lead the group forward.

“Aww, but I wanted to ride you!” Chara pouted as she crossed her arms falling behind.

“Hey, they made a statue of me!” Spike says as they got close to one, made out of crystal and him holding a heart.

“Spike, what did you do to become Town Hero?” Flandre asks, unaware as she just started a long, rambling story. Chara rolls her eyes not caring as she’s still pouting over not getting to ride someone.


“And that's how I saved the city!” Spike said as he finishes his story.

“Okay let me see if I got this straight… you basically carried a magical artifact down, that's the Crystal Heart, after Twilight gets herself stupidly trapped, and then you start falling to your doom and are saved by the princess that seems more like a babysitter…

After an ancient evil that has clearly gone insane came back, barely able to mutter a single sentence without the word crystal or slave in it.” Chara says with a deadpan tearing the story apart in seconds having had seen the episode.

Spike shushes her. “Don’t ruin it for the people.” He says, waving off some girls who almost overheard.

“I'm just saying if Som-bitch was truly in his right mind, there would have been over a trillion different ways that he could have won, and that's just with normal Magic.“ Chara says, purposely making fun of Sombra as she had never considered him as a real villain as real villains had the capacity to speak.

No one else besides their little group heard that. “Anyways, here we are now.” Spike says, gesturing to the colosseum. “This is where the games are going to take place, right Twilight?”

“Yes, little bro!” A male voice says, suddenly grabbing Spike in a headlock as he was given a noogy. “Hey everyone, sorry I’m late.”

There stood a surprisingly tall Shining Armor, his hair much like Twilight's but without the pink stripe and had purple eyes. He wore some kind of casual white suit with a tie and nothing else of interest beside a shielded bracelet and his shield shaped crystal on his forehead.

“Greetings I am Chara…” Chara said holding out her hand hoping to at least make a good impression on the local guard.

“Hey, nice to meet you.” Shining says with a smile.

Flandre then chooses to bounce into view. “Hi, I’m Flandre Scarlet but you can just call me FLandre or Flan!” She says happily and bubbly.

“...Wait, you mean one of the figurines that's been popping about?” He asks, taking a Flandre Figurine out of his pocket. “Was really hoping for that Marisa one though, aw well…” He says, petting Flandre’s head, making her giggle.

“...yes but I don't know how that one got through…” Chara said with an eye twitch.

“Hm? Several have gotten through, though she is a Super Rare.” He says as Flandre gives a small laugh, hiding it with a hand and small blush with almost ‘Nihihi’ like noise.

“So anyway… What are we doing now or can I just explore?” Chara asks as she looks around.

“I prefered if you stayed with us… just, don’t cause any trouble or shatter someone's dreams.” Twilight half teases, half orders Chara with a smile.

“I promise I won't intentionally cause any trouble.” Chara says intending on not causing trouble herself.

“I’m going to explore too!” FLandre says, flying upwards. “Nice meeting you Shining Armor~!” She calls out before flying away, parasol in hand.

Chara heads to the crystal Castle to explore hoping to find something interesting. Chara started searching around for thirty minutes before finding a lone abandoned corridor… it also felt quite wrong.

“Okay, I have two options. Go down the spooky corridor to God knows what or I can turn around and be bored…” Chara says very seriously considering her options.

“Well let's go down the spooky scary corridor…” Chara says heading down the corridor knowing that this was probably by far the dumbest thing that she has ever done.

There was nothing, not a lit torch, not a spike trap, nothing but dust. Lots and lots of dust.

“Huh I thought there would be something more here…” Chara says with a deadpan, looking about and finding a door at the end of the hallway.

Then she heard a clicking noise and something swung at her… and completely missed. Chara didn’t even need to move as the stick that once was a swinging axe trap snaps from the momentum, a rusty axe head wedged in the ceiling.

“That was surprisingly mundane for the dark evil unicorn overlord.” Chara says with a deadpan looking up at the axe head before going into the room. As she went, she noticed that there were traps other than that, but they were so old that they either didn't work properly or failed outright.

The worst she got was a light bruise from a blunted arrow that barely had enough speed to cause said bruise.

“WHERE'S THE FUCKING MAGICAL TRAPS!” Chara yells, irritated at the lack of life-threatening dangerous traps.

She then triggers a fireball trap that explodes from the inside of its crystal. Chara gets thrown back, her clothes slightly singed. “Okay I guess I asked for that…” Chara says coughing up some soot.

There was another explosion, but not close enough to do anything but ring her ears a little bit.

“Okay oww!” Chara says getting up and rubbing her ears and trying to fix her clothes.

She then hears an electrical charge from behind her.

“Oh, oh shit…” Chara says as she looks behind herself. Eyes widening at the electrical spell charging. Only for the old crystal to explode, too far to even ring her ears. It did set off another trap, this one working and shooting small bullet like fireballs. Lots of them.

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!” Chara says as she dodges all the bullets by the skin of her teeth. They stop as the trap wears out with a groan, the crystal falling off of it.

“Okay now that was what I'm talking about!” Chara says after catching her breath.

Three more magical traps fail simultaneously, ruining other traps at the same time.

“Okay now this sucks, I expected better of you evil overlord unicorn!” Chara said as she continues with crossed arms

She hears a noise coming from behind her before she nearly loses her arm from a beam of shadowy magic.

“Okay that was a little too close for comfort, I do not want to be an amputee!” Chara says as she looked at the sleeve of her ruin shirt.

Not five seconds later, she was suddenly dumped with acid… that only worked on her clothes. Underwear, included.

Thank you random crystal, blocking our view~

“... If that bastard wasn't already dead he would be introduced to the Fine Art of feminine torture…” Chara says, eye twitching as she opens her inventory to look for more clothes.

Thankfully, she found more than enough and no trap tried to interfere with her reclothing. In fact, one tries and another fireball shoots it… with a tick mark?

“I feel one of the authors of the story is an extreme pervert but at the same time trying not to be!” Chara says looking at the ceiling specifically where the authors are.

“We’re just bored!” A fox says, a bucket of acid, now empty, in its mouth by the handle and a tail wishing back in forth.

“Hi bored, I'm Chara. How are you?” Chara says with the deadpan of dead pans.

The tail stopped wagging and acid instantly refilled the bucket as the fox gave her annoyed look.

“Please don't destroy my clothes again.” Chara says with a frown putting her hands out in front of her.

“Very tempted.” The tiny fox says, turning around and leaving.

“Oh thank God, don't need to give my fans anything to work with.” Chara said, utterring the word ‘fans’ as if it were poison.

“You know there's going to be experts right?” The fox says, almost out of the hall and taking a left.

“I honestly don't care as long as they don't have my actual looks to go on.” Chara retorts before heading right to the door now that the fox stopped setting off the ancient traps.

And came across a bedroom, the same fox sitting on the bed. “AH, Supatee Supatee~” A very strange looking fairy like creature chants, holding some flags with Japanese wording.

Chara ignores the strange creatures as she looks around finding armor and fancy-looking capes along with dark looking crowns “Well, I'm looting Sombra’s room to the fucking rafters.” Chara said as she grabbed Sombra’s stuff and started stuffing it in her inventory.

“For the record, he’s saying ‘Got nothin’, I think. Heh.” The fox says as more join in and circled around his head.

“Then what do you call this?” Chara says holding up one of Sombra’s many crowns.

“I was talking about ideas.” The fox clarifies, the ‘fairies’ still chanting.

Chara finished raiding Sombra’s room before heading to town square and setting up a stand. “Everyone gather round gather around! For a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to burn the Tyrant King Sombra’s things!” Chara yells out pulling out a gaudy expensive-looking thing she got from the shadow king’s room.

She got more customers than she thought.

“Sorry guys, but we really got nothing else!”

“Aahhhh, Supediee, Supediee, got nothin’ got nothin’~!”