• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied Hearts: Chtp 5 : Day of Demons and a- A RED SUN?!

Chara was really worried now for Flan as it was getting close to the Tirek incident. Chara decided the best way to go about this would be to stick around Canterlot with Luna, that way she could kill the fucking Centaur off at the beginning.

“Quiet day today.” Luna says, accompanying Chara as they walk, enjoying the fresh air.

“Yeah quiet day…” Chara says, still thinking about what's bound to happen.

Luna notices her thinking however. “Is something the matter Chara?” She asks her, glancing at her.

“Something bad is going to happen soon, I can feel it.” Chara says as she glares off into the distance.

“Hm, you feel it too.” She responds with a small sigh.

“Yes, it feels like something is taking magic that's not theirs…” Chara says trying to give them a warning without saying outright who it was.

“Oddly specific of you to say.” She says, raising an eyebrow.

“You'd be surprised what a red soul can do…” Chara said trying to bullshit her way out of this.

She rolls her eyes a bit. “Even so.” Luna says, nodding to a couple that bowed to her a little bit.

“What, you don't believe me?” Chara asks with a raised eyebrow hoping to try and bullshit her way out of this.

“Quite honestly, no.” She replied smoothly.

“You don't even know what the red Soul can do and I do!” Chara says pouting and Crossing her arms.

“Doesn’t mean I have to believe everything you say about it.” Luna points out, one eye opened and looking at Chara.

“Well I can say with 100% honesty that some red soul users have the ability to manipulate time.” Chara says not saying she could do it but saying it was a possibility.

“Hm.” Luna replied with a smile. “Now then, I believe we could go on and visit a shop or two? Maybe get some ice cream?”

“Can it be chocolate please!?” Chara asks with puppy dog eyes. Over the past few weeks of trying to spend in Canterlot after the games, Chara had become exceedingly close to Luna... but Chara honestly didn't know what she would call Luna.

She was definitely more than a friend, but not in a sexual way. She was more akin to family, but one thing was for sure; Chara looked up to Luna.

Luna laughs a bit, petting Chara’s head. “Of course, come along now.”

“Hey don't mess with the hair!” Chara complained, straightening it back out to her normal look and following behind Luna.

She just laughs some more causing Chara to pout and cross her arms like a child.


“Ah, st-stop…” A woman says before she collapses in a heap, eyes dilated as her hairpin falls to the ground, once more a pendant.

“Ehhhh, good…” A feeble but dark voice says, clearing his throat while holding it and rubbing it. The speaker was hidden in a brown cloak, making it hard to distinguish himself. He burps a bit uncomfortably. “Blasted magic…” He coughs a little bit before glancing back.

“Remember our deal, Tirek…” A female’s voice says unamused, eliciting a wave from him.

“Yes yes, I hear you. I got this from here…” He says, pulling his hood further a bit as the second speaker leaves through the shadows.

“Tirek, I assume?” A voice calls out from above, making the hooded figure smirk.

‘Right as she said he would be…’ The thought goes unsaid as he turns to face the spirit.

---- time skip----

“You do realize Discord is probably going to fall for that magic sucking dick face’s manipulations right?” Chara says to Luna with a deadpan, crossing her arms.

“It is a possibility.” Luna agrees with a slowly nod. “I feel it was a poor decision, but we shall see how it goes then…”

“I swear if Celestia decides to do something stupid like sacrifice your old magic, I am going to rip her a new one! Figuratively of course!” Chara said gritting her teeth and narrowing her eyes as they continued walking down the hallway.

“I doubt she would do that.” Luna says with an eye roll and a giggle.

“How about a bet then, I say sun butt will do something stupid like that and you say she won't.” Chara said with a smirk.

“What’s the reward?” Luna asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Um… if I win I get to ask one thing of you!” Chara said thinking she had this bet in the bag.

“And if I win, you have to drop that fowl mouth of yours.” Luna pokes Chara a bit before holding out a hand.

“It's a deal!” Chara said shaking Luna's hand before they both continued heading to the meeting with Celestia and the other two princesses.

Celestia was looking grim as she and Twilight were the last to enter the room, making the other princesses worry.

Chara snuggled up against Luna, knowing what was about to happen and still not looking forward to it.

The sun princess takes a long breath of air before delivering the news. “Triek, in a game of minds, has convinced Discord to join him in his hunt for our magic.” She says, making the other either wince or gasp lightly.

“I fucking called it!” Chara shouts out raising an arm in victory. “Oh wait that's not good.”

“I thought…” Twilight started to say something but shakes her head slowly. “Nevermind, I know why…” She says, thinking back to how she and others treated him.

“Let this be a lesson for you Twilight, always be nice to people even if it's just in front of them!” Chara says speaking from experience.

She gets some looks, but they go back and focused on the matter at hand. “So… what do we do now?” Cadence asks slowly, worried.

Chara pulls out a bar of chocolate and waits for Celestia to tell everyone her plan. Celly seems to think long and hard on this, humming while massaging her temples.

“...We must rid ourselves of our magic, in order to keep Tirek from stealing it while we come up with another plan…” She says, seeming to almost be in pain from the thought.

“Okay I have to ask where you were dropped when you were a baby, cuz that is up there with the most stupid of ideas that I've ever heard.” Chara lets out a sigh s she holds her face in her hands, Luna staring blankly at her sister.

“Not. Now. Chara.” Celestia says slowly, like her head was going to burst. “Excuse me a second.” She said, still rubbing her head as she got up and left the room in a hurry.

“So Luna, I win the bet…” Chara said not happy at this at all and more than a little worried about Celestia.

“Was it just me… or did she seem in pain?” Cadence says after a few moments of silence.

“She most definitely looks like it… I wonder if she has an ability she's forcing to stay on that was not meant to stay on?” Chara says remembering all the abilities across all the fiction she had read that could cause damage if left on too long.

Luna tenses up, nodding slowly. “I… believe it might be best though.” She says. “At any moment, Discord could teleport us straight to Tirek’s hands.”

“You know it's never a good idea for something that's not supposed to stay on to stay on because it can cause irreparable damage…” Chara says with the word to, remembering the consequences from simply going blind to having your very Soul destroyed or melting alive.

“I know, which is why I’m going to talk to her about it.” Luna nods a bit to Chara, accepting the counter.

“I really hope she's okay, she may not be my favorite princess but she is still important…” Chara says as she watches Luna walk out the door.

“Yeah… wait, what was that about her not being your favorite?” Twilight says, eyes going wide, making Cadence laugh a little bit.

“Yeah she's actually my least favorite out of the four of you. Luna taking my favorite, Cadence second, you third and Celestia last.” Chara said with a shrug.

“...Okay then.” Twilight says in a incredibly tamed manner. “Nothing too big Twi...Nothing too big…” She says to herself, calming her slightly irritated nerves.

“Wow she didn't explode!” Chara says staring at Twilight in astonishment.

Twilight just grumps at them, rolling her eyes and making her sister-in-law giggle some more.

“Darn, I wanted to test that second exploding theory.” Chara says grumbling just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“What did you do…?” Twilight says dangerously in a slightly growly tone.

“I'll tell you but you can't be mad at me…” Chara says carefully as she positioned herself where she could flee easily.

Only to find herself in a mystic hold by Twilight. “What. Did. You. Do. Sweetie?” She says, with a forced grin.

“I haven't done anything wron-” Chara starts but was interrupted by Twilight.

“You just said you’ll tell me.” she says, poking Chara’s chest as her crystal ignites.

“Well, you know how I have that secret thing that I always keep you from noticing or hideaway when you show up?” Chara says nervously.

“And?” She’s pressing noses with Chara at this point.

“It may or may not be super technology that would probably revolutionize this world easily… and I may or may not have kept it from you on purpose...” Chara said nervously glad she had put all of her devices inside of her inventory.

“Where. Is it?” Twilight says as her hair starts to become frizzy.

“Somewhere only I can get to.” Chara said as the only way Twilight was getting her devices would be through her cold dead fingers.


“Twilight…” Cadence starts, getting in between them.

“Damn it you pressed the B button and she didn't evolve.” Chara said with a pout.


Luna sighs a bit as she reenters the meeting room, coming upon a pouting Chara, a ressigned Cadence and a frustrated Twilight. “...Chara, what did you do?” She says with a small deadpan.

“I may or may not have tried to get Twilight to explode…” Chara says nervously as she looks like a child with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Chara, can we not in a time of crisis?” She asks, tired.

“Okay I won't mess with Twilight anymore…” Chara said something thoroughly chastised.

“Princess, how do you keep her in check?” Twilight sighs, desperate to know how Luna gets her in line. Chara sits down in the chair she was in before.

“Honestly I am not sure.” Luna says with a helpless shrug, making Twilight groan and make contact with the table, forehead first.

“If it makes you feel any better, I'm not sure why I listen to her either.” Chara said with a sheepish grin at least hoping to get herself out of trouble at least a little bit.

Twilight rolls her eyes. “You’re still going to show me that device.” She tells her.

“No it's mine!” Chara says stubbornly, ( read childishly) crossing her arms and swearing not to take her things out in front of Twilight ever again.

“But if I can replicate it, everyone could get one!” Twilight says, stamping a foot.

“Yes and the things that could be packed into my super tech are astronomical! Hell, even the oldest versions of my phone can pack jetpacks into them!” Chara says still not wanting anyone to try and replicate human technology at a rapid pace or her magical upgraded version.

“Wait, jetpacks!?” Twilight nearly tackles her. “GIVE~!”

“Mine doesn't actually have jet packs in it!” Chara says struggling to get out of Twilight's grip. “Mine is only made to have a supercomputer smartphone and tablet…” Chara said not actually thinking clearly more worried on escaping Twilight grip.

“WANT!” Twilight pounces towards Chara. Chara ran and hid behind Luna using her wing as a shield, while the moon princess just groans and rolls her eyes slowly.

“Please save me from the crazy mare!” Chara said actually a little bit afraid now.

“For pity’s sake…” Luna and Cadence sigh at the same time.


“Are we sure this is a good decision…?” The Princess of love says slowly, glancing at the others.

“Yes because there are only two people other than Alicorns who could handle that kind of magic that are on our side. One is me and the other is Flan, and even if you did choose me I would probably melt eventually.” Chara says, shuddering a bit not actually wanting to melt like Undyne.

While they winced, the door opens slowly. “Heya everyone? What’s up?” A familiar voice says, nary a footfall to alert anyone.

“Flan, the princesses have a job for you. Specifically, they need you to keep all the Alicorn Magic in Equestria safe and away from the magic draining Centaur.” Chara says looking at her sister, her voice brokering no argument.

“...Oh.” Flandre says, eyes going wide and looking to both Celestia and Luna before looking back to Chara then back to the princeses. “Why me?” She says.

“Because you're the only one other than an Alicorn or myself that could, and even then I would more than likely melt like Undyne.” Chara says as she shudders again.

And then everyone shudders when Flandre slowly started to break out into a smile. “Sooo~ I get to be princess for the day~?” She says.

“No, you're more like Zelda when she went into hiding during Ocarina of Time…” Chara said with a roll of her eyes.

“Aw…” FLandre whines while the others giggled a little bit at her childness.

“Besides why would you want to deal with all the crap that princesses have to put up with? I'd rather be a cat that gets their owners to do shit for them without actually having to do anything.” Chara said with a great deal of respect for cats as they had gotten their asshole behavior down to an art.

“You and Chen both…” Flandre quietly comments, nodding while making a derp noise and poking her head. “You’re right!”

“So will you hide yourself along with the Magic for them?” Chara asks switching back to her serious tone.

Flandre sighs a little bit. “Can I at least play with it? Carefully!?” She adds quickly, aware of the danger she could bring.

“Very carefully and not in a flashy way.” Twilight says relenting on this little bit, Chara nodding with her.

“Alright, Flandre?” Celestia asks with a smile pointed at the little girl. “I’ll treat you to some ice cream of your choice later.” She promises the girls.

She responds with a bounce and nod. “Alright, got it! Zap me up!” Flan cries out loudly.

“Really you choose ‘zap me up’ for your response?” Chara asks with a deadpan.

“Oh shut up!” The other princesses giggle a bit at this, starting to approach Flandre.

“Now remember Flan, whatever you do… you have to hide and not come out!” Chara says seriously, already coming up with five different backup plans for the battle to come.

“I know, I know!!!” Flandre says as the princesses started to float up, their crystals igniting. “...Getting a weird DBZ vibe here…” Flan says slowly.

“They're basically pulling something like what Goku did in the fight against Super Android 13…” Chara says with a shrug of her shoulders causing confusion to run through all four princesses.

“Wait, who? I thought there was only 17 and 18 and whatever number Cell was…” Flan says, further confusing the princesses.

“Oh 13 14 and 15 were from a movie! I'll never forget them… the purple midget, the gray giant, and the Android trucker…” Chara says remembering those three.

“Oh, then-” Flandre starts before she flinched when a loud boom was heard above, making Flandre look up at a large sphere of magic. “...This won’t turn out like a Spirit Bomb, right?” She lightly laughs nervously, sweat drop included. Chara looked on, nervously hoping that this would work.

It then shrunk as it poured into Flandre, who tensed up and yelped with a surprise.

“Flan are you alright!?” Chara yells out barely keeping herself from running to flan.

The light cleared and Flandre was floating in the air while twitching, hair turning starry and sparkly while some electrical magica raced across her. “O-o-o-ohoho~! T-tingly!” Flandre laughed a bit, twitching again as she stopped glowing, hair returning to normal and her eyes no longer glowing red.

“Aww she returned to her base form…” Chara says jokingly.

“Except for that…” Twilight says blinking.


Behind Flandre was a sort of Disk like object. It was large, almost covering her spine completely and looked like a red sun with a golden border. It glowed a dull light with a faint hum and had four prongs at the center points, the one closest to the bottom being hooked and larger.

The others were just wavy and all four of them sparkled like stars with the reflective nature of a moon.

“This has all the makings of something bad happening…” Chara said not expecting this and really hoping that it didn't change anything too much.

Her unofficial sister involuntary twitches at another zap as the princesses collapse all at once, their hair pins turning into pendants. “Woah~” Flandre says, a little dizzy and falling backwards and ended up sitting on the hook, floating up out of habit, still sitting down.

“Flandre be careful!” Chara yells out reaching for her.

“I’m fine~” Flandre says, not noticing the sun like chair thing she’s got. “Just a bit of a headache, give me a second.” She says holding her head. Chara was worried as she hoped Flan did not get whatever charm Celestia was keeping on.

The princesses slowly stood up looking at Flandre. “Uhm… Flandre, sweetie?” Cadence begins, getting close. “Are you feeling alright?” She asks eyeing the disk.

“Yeah, I’m good now.” Flandre says recovering slowly as Chara sighs in relief.

“You do realize Discord is going to know we did this…” Chara said as she crossed her arms hoping that they would get Flan out of there.

“I’m on it, I’ll just Teleport!” Flandre says raising a hand and putting her fingers together.

“Flan NO!” Chara yelled out but it was too late as the blonde snaps her fingers and she was gone…

In a thunderclap.

“Dammit Flan! You don't use teleport without absolute control!” Chara yelled out knowing that the only reason she got around that rule was because of Sans’ equipment.

The others, no such luck.

“My ears!!!” All four of the Princesses cried out in pain holding said sound recipients.

“Guards I need you to do something for the princesses!” Chara yelled out right before the guards came in.

Only two came in through and listened. Being both Luna’s friend and Twilight’s technical child had its perks...

“I need you to move the princesses somewhere safe where no one can find them, also have a guard with them that has scrying magic so they can know if things go wrong with my plans.” Chara said, her tone letting them know there was no room for argument as she already had the five backup plans in place.

They nodded again as the Princesses couldn’t help but agree. “We can do that, but we don’t know how long until Discord reveals their location…” One guard says accepting the command.

“And I'll just have to keep that bastard busy along with the centaur.” Chara says having already moved from back-up plan A to back-up Plan B.

“And what do you plan to do to defeat them?” Twilight questions, seeming to almost fall asleep.

“That's what plan E is for…” Chara said her tone ominous making all four princesses worried.

----- time skip-----

Chara had been sitting in Celestia's throne for a while now, having already equipped what she needed for Plan B. Which included [Gaster’s hands] and [Sans’ bad time eye].

It took a while, before the large double doors were slammed open, a far more bulky and confident Triek strudding in before blinking and sneering at the child before him. “Is this supposed to be humorous?” He growls, fists at his hips.

“Oh, well hello Chara~” Discord says, appearing behind Triek. Who’s eyes widened, a frown turning into a faint smirk in recognition.

“Hello bitch one and bitch two…” Chara says casually not very impressed with Triek but she was still ready for the attack when it comes, muscles already ready to move in an instant as her left eye glows.

“What are you doing here, child?” Triek starts, arms folding while glancing at various stained glass windows.

“Foiling your plans.” Chara again says casually as she pats her mouth with a yawn.

“Yes, like you’re the one to do so.” Tirek chuckles with hidden meaning in his tone.

“You won't get the Alicorn magic, it's probably not even in this universe anymore.” Chara says with a chuckle “and I do mean all four Alicorns worth of magic.” Chara finishes looking directly at Tirek.

Tirek’s smirk grows a bit. “Four you say? Interesting…” For a moment there, it sounded like it wasn’t interesting to him. “Regardless, I’ll get what I want.”

“Just from the behavior you're exhibiting now, I can tell someone told you about future events…” Chara says with a deadpan. “But I wouldn't mind knowing who I have to kill for this as no one should alter time, not even me.” Chara says, her voice cold as ice.

“Good luck trying to stop them.” Tirek rolls his eyes slowly. “Shall we skip the pleasantries?” He says, unfolding his arms.

“Oh they will be stopped and thank you for telling me it's more than one... now I have a question for you… do you think even the worst person can change? That everybody can be a good person if they just try?” Chara asks chuckling a bit as she stood up from the throne with her hands in her pockets.

“If you did, then well…” Tirek doesn’t finish, letting his response hang.

“Well then I have another question for you... do you want to have a bad time… because if you keep on going the way you are, you're really not going to like what happens next…” Chara says her left eye flashing brightly as all seven of Gaster hands appeared around her.

“Quotes are annoying.” Triek says, though not knowing the actual quote, his horns lighting up.

“Birds are singing flowers are blooming... on days like these parasites like you should return to h-.” Chara says her voice becoming demonic at the end.

“Should be ruling this miserable world!” Triek interrupts like a jackass, firing a plume of magic at her before teleporting behind her and back handing her, barely missing.

Chara teleports to the other side of the room as she conjures up three gaster blasters. “What, you think I was just going to stand there and take it?” Chara says as The Gaster Blasters fire at Triek.

He back hands it, deflecting it but still doing damage before snapping his fingers, causing the Gaster Blasters to explode.

“Oh no, you destroyed my toys! Oh whatever shall I do!?” Chara says putting her hand to her head dramatically, making Discord fake a swoon before chuckling, before snapping her fingers and causing a good sixty more to appear.

“Oh wait they're replaceable…” Chara said with a deadpan as all of them charged up simultaneously with her making a Gaster hand float stealthily behind the two.

“Clearly.” Triek tisks loudly, stomping his four hooves and launching another plume of magic before adding a exploding floor effect.

Chara teleports onto a conjured Gaster Blaster in response as more Gaster Blaster shot a blast downward towards the attack.

While Chara was busy, Tirek charged an orn of energy from his horns, unleashing a large beam at Chara.

Chara teleports again sweat dripping down her face “You know bitch I really didn't want to move from Plan B…” Chara says pulling into plan C and equipping [Metaton's armor] with [Undyne's spear].

In short, she had a veritable Iron Man like suit of modeled after Mettaton with a giant glowing blue spear in her hand.

The large centaur just launched another beam of magic that practically filled the hall.

In response, Chara put a wall of bombs in front of her as she ducked out into the hallway.

He charged out, destroying the door in the progress like a rampaging toddler.

“God dammit!” Chara yells as she continued to leave bomb after bomb and many Metatons holding spears and bombs behind her as she charged her way through the castle using the jetpack.

Tirek blasted the robots away with ease, charging through the rest carelessly, focusing on blasting the murderous brat.

“God dammit god dammit just a little more time and then I can go to plan D!” Chara says turning around and sending over a thousand spears at Tirek, hoping to slow him down just a tiny bit.

Tirek, remembering that magic was indeed a thing and quite handy, teleported in Charas path.

“Oh fuck you!” Chara screams out sending two giant blue Spears directly towards his eyes.

He leaned back slightly to avoid them, since she had to shoot up, swatting at her with a swift swing of his arm.

“And now on to plan D! Hopefully this will be enough!” Chara said as she was suddenly in her normal clothes, flower in her hair and a giant red Trident in her hand.

Unfortunately, she seemed to forget about the arm as it smacked into her, sending her flying into a wall.

“That's not going to be enough now!” Chara exclaimed, sending an entire wall of friendliness pellets before burrowing underground, going behind the bastard centaur and stabbing him in the dick.

Tirek teleported out of way of the pellets, accidently dodging the stab. He turned when he noticed an absence of the child, unleashing a beam that tore through the hall, unleashing a rebel yell in the process.

Chara continued to try and stab this bastard in the dick to take his fighting skill away. She missed Tirek each time, a combination of teleportation and the centaur using Earth Pony magic to stomp and shake the floor.

“Damn it I have one shot before plan E!” Chara said as she popped up before activating the full power of Flowey the Flower, a crown of flowers appearing around her head and her outfit becoming a… bathsuit with a spaghetti stringed top that looked tight on her with an equally tight bottom with a buttercup flower on the back.

“Uhm…” Both Triek and Discord say, momentarly put off by the sudden change. The latter was hiding inside of a lamp, wearing an army issue trench helm.

“Now let me show you the power of a six soul Flowey!” Chara says, trying to hide a light blush, just as millions of vines appear and wrap around Tirek.

Tirek’s magic flared, bursting away from him and cutting up the vines, allowing him to start moving.

“How are you this goddamn strong that even six souls isn't enough to beat you?!” Chara shouted with clear frustration.

“I ate a lot of spinach,” Tirek replied sarcastically, somehow grabbing her by her lower garments and flinging her into a wall.

“Ehkekekek~!” Discord cackles, in a sailor’s suit with a corncob pipe in his mouth.

“You know what, fuck it! Killing you both now!” Chara says using her last resort and equipping Asriel's wings with Undyne's armor.

“A ...You’re fucked, B: You're quite fucked, C: You’re incredibly fucked or D: ...You’re royally fucked. Toodles!” Discord counts off before teleporting away with a suitcase in paw.

Tirek charged a large orb, firing at Chara and destroying whatever portion of the castle in its way. Chara lifts a single finger and stops the beam. “For all of your sins and for the fact that I can't feel Flan in this entire universe, you're going to pay!” Chara yells out, appearing in front of him through sheer speed and punches his gut.

“Gah, always the gut!” He eeks out, holding his gut before swiping at her with a hand. Chara with a mocking smile blocked it with a finger. “Now do you see the power of Infinite, Tirek?” Chara says before flicking his horns and cracking them.

He shouted out in pain, trying to headbutt her. It wasn't very effective.

“Tirek your horns are very important are they not? Don't worry, I'll leave those for later.” Chara smirks maliciously as she rips his arms off before breaking his legs.

“You know, bastard... you took something from me. Maybe not directly, Hell, not even intentionally...” Chara said as she started putting pressure on his broken legs. “But you still did it.”

“T-ck!” He smiles juuuust a tad bit. “You’re making yourself out to be exactly as I was told!” He tries to teleport but fails as his cracked horns began acting up.

“Oh no, you're not getting out of this punishment. You took someone I cared about and now you're going to suffer the consequences…” Chara said as she breaks his ribs.

“Now see here you bitch... I don't like killing and I don't like harming others unless they harm or take someone I care about away. I then take GREAT pleasure in exacting retribution.” Chara says as she shatters his Barrel not realizing her timer was about to run out.

Blood spits out of his mouth, making him cough.

“Look at you, you're nothing. You're vapor, a waste of perfectly good yearbook space. Anyway, guess it's time to end you” Chara says as she raises one of Asriel's swords to behead the bastard. Of course, right as she was swinging it down, it disappeared along with her wings and armor.

Triek’s eyes widen as a smirk grows on his face. “Heheheheee…” He laughs at her, glancing behind him a bit for a second.

“Y-you'll use up most of your power just healing from what I did to you! I-i mean come on, your horns are still cracked!” Chara bluffs, knowing that she was almost completely powerless.

“True, true. Why’d you think I came with back up?” He says, glancing back at a stream of smoke slightly crawling to him. He breathes in heavily, groaning as he slowly starts to heal completely, though it looked painful as all Hell.

“God damn it, why did I have to go all Gohan on you!” Chara said with a sigh, knowing full well he was probably going to kill her. “I'm sorry Luna, Flan, Twilight... I guess I just wasn't good enough…” Chara says with a sigh waiting for the inevitable.

“Oh, no.” Triek says, grabbing her by the arms with one hand and lifting her up and into the air. “For all of that… I’m not going to kill you.” He says slowly, smirking as his yellow eyes glow. “I think you look quite fetching in that bikini… you might have ‘other’ uses.” He says, hinting very heavily.

“Oh you better just kill me…” Chara said, seriously knowing that all she had to do was let her soul heal.

“Maybe, but then again, all I need is a couple spells…” He says. “Who knows, you may enjoy it!”

“You wouldn't dare! you're not like Orochimaru!” Chara said but started to get nervous.

“Ohoho please…” Triek says, sounding offended. “We’re drinking buddies after all!” He says with a booming laugh.

“Oh... so what do you talk about? How you kidnap little girls while he talks about kidnapping little boys.” Chara asks sarcastically.

“Yes, actually.” Triek… purrs...

“Well then I guess I'm going to happily castrate you later!” Chara yells out as she starts struggling to get away.

“Okay, that’s enough of Pedo Tirek!” A voice interrupts as Triek is suddenly lunged into a wall by a boxing glove.

“You know what, I should be kicking your ass, but just because you saved me from the pedo… I’mma give you a pass.” Chara said truly relieved that Discord was there.

“Yeah, of course!” Discord says as he lunges at Tirek, plunging a claw into the centaur and pulling out a black and red orb. “I’ll be taking this~” He says as Triek screams and rapidly shrinks back down, feeble once more.

“Would it be cold blooded murder if I killed him now or would it just be the timely execution of a criminal?” Chara asked as she looked at the feeble Centaur with a finger on her chin.

“I’d say murder.” Discord says with a shrug. “Honestly, he’s going to fade after a bit once he returns to Tartarus.”

“Which do you think is worse Discord, fading or being killed…” Chara asked, looking up at Discord with a raised brow.

“Fading, definitely fading…” Discors says while Triek growls.

“Why?!” He demands simply.

“Simple, it was to teach the people to be nicer to me. Also, I know you were going to do the same.” He pokes Triek’s nose.

“Oh so you know future events too?” Chara says, casually thinking about breaking a few of Tirek's bones.

“Oh please, I don’t need that to predict the future.” Discord says, slithering around her shoulders. “I’m the spirit of Chaos, trickery is well within my zone of power.”

“You want to tell about me using future knowledge to win a bet will you?” Chara asks, forgetting all about the scrying magic that was being used to watch as she sits down, her body hurting all over.

He hums a bit before shrugging. “I guess I do owe you a little bit, but I might decline.” He says, flicking her nose a bit.

“I nearly burnt out my soul fighting him! The least you could do is keep it a secret!” Chara yells out glaring at Discord.

He flinches a bit. “About that…” He murmurs, looking up.


“She did what?!” All four Princesses yelled out as Discord glances up at them.The guards looked at Chara in pity, wincing at the shouting women.

“Nearly burnt up her soul?!” Luna and Twilight cry out.

“Future knowledge?!” Celestia and Cadence say at the same time, eye just as wide as the other princesses.

The guards were split on this, half of them respected Chara for what she was willing to do and the other half wanting to know why she didn't stop it.

“She’s got a lot of explaining to do!” Celestia yells a bit.

“And a lot of grounding to do!” Twilight adds.

“They're watching this aren't they…” They hear Chara say in the mirror after she remembered about the scryer.

“Eeyup.” Discord says with a shrug.

“I'm completely and utterly fucked aren't I?” They hear Chara say in deadpan.

“Define “Completely”?” Discord says, carving a tombstone slowly.

“I'm not going to get out of this with my usual word play am I?” Chara asks, not at all prepared for the consequences.

“Eenope!” Discord said, nailing a coffin.

“Hey Discord? You think I could move in with you until the heat blows over?” Chara asked as she started to get nervous.

Discord, now wearing preist’s clothes with a lit candle and a book in each hand blinked. “Maybe~” He says with a smirk.

“Thanks, my secrets must never be spoken of and my knowledge never told!” Chara says giving Discord a hug.

He chuckles a bit, snapping his fingers and they were in his home. “But…” He then grabs her by the shoulders and spins her, rapidly and repeatedly in toon like fashion.

“Wohohoh!” Chara screams out as she spins around.

He then takes a pair of shears and starts snipping randomly before stopping at her head. “And, voila~” He says, Chara now wearing a white floral sundress with straps.

“Okay… but why though?” Chara asked with a raised brow, not really minding the sundress considering he could have done a lot worse even if it did feel weird.

“Oh, because cute, kitty.” He says, patting her head and… some ...new assets? She felt them on top of her head… and something swishing behind her.

“Di-did you just turn me into a Neko!?” Chara yelped, a little freaked out as her new ears went flat.

“Yep!” Discord says, holding up a bowl. “Milk~?” He says.

“Nu~ I want to be human nya!” Chara proclaims with a fist in the air before blushing after she heard what she said.

“Oh you still are.” He says, scratching her behind the ear. “Mm… mostly.”

Chara unconsciously purrs as he scratches her ear before catching herself again. “Damn it Discord change me back.” Chara says as she got her mind back on track.

“Oh really~?” He says, scratching her chin.

“Nuuuu!” Chara said stomping her foot like a child not getting their way.

“Yaaas~” Discord responds, snapping a picture.

“Pwease Discord I no wanna be a kitty…” Chara said giving the best sad kitty face she could.

“Would you rather puppy?” Discord says, holding up a pair o- “WOAH, crimson, no! Bad fox!” He says, burning something black and leathery. “But, back to puppy~?”

“Pwease let me be human again?” Chara pleaded, her eyes watering and her lower lip sticking out.

He laughs. “You forget, I used to live with Fluttershy~!” He says, flicking an ear. “But, for the record… HERK!” He falls over, clutching his heart.

Literally, it popped out of his nose and he caught it.

“You're messing with me aren't you…” Chara said ditching the cutesey act and just deadpanning at him.

Author's Note:

I keep getting this feeling that I'm messing up somewhere and yet I just can't identify it...