• Published 17th Feb 2018
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Two Bloodied Hearts - Kit-San

After a not so botched but still not fully thought out summoning, two similarly red hearts are pulled into a whole new world from their own and in whole new bodies.

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Two Bloodied hearts: Chtp 1 School Ground Popularity, Rival Included & A Rather Chaotic Encounter

“You did what?!” Both summoned children yelled with varied reactions. Flandre’s voice was joyous and full of excitement and excess energy. She was practically splitting her mouth with a wide smile. Chara on the other hand, was glaring with a blackened hatred far more pure and endless than the Void itself.

Twilight giggles at Flandre’s reaction, knowing that this was exactly how she’d react. Flandre really needed some more friends her age and school would definitely help with that, but school was quite the double edged sword…

“I said that I’m sending the both of you to school!” Twilight says with book in hand, her smile consistent throughout the exchange

“Even demons aren't as cruel as you to send people off to school!” Chara cries out with an outstretched finger and still glaring daggers. Her mind now filled with dastardly thoughts of getting bottles of white out so she could systematically erase each and every one of Twilight's books. Page for page, and word. For. Word.

“Awe, come on Chara.” Twilight giggles, an innocent expression on her face. “It won’t be so bad. It’ll be better than staying cooped up in my house all day.”

“I spent three years in one room with nothing but my TV; I think I can spend a few weeks in here.” Chara says crossing her arms and thinking of all the uses for glue and duct tape in getting her revenge.

“Yeah, and then what, Edgelord?” Spike snarks to her, dusting a shelf.

“Call me Edgelord one more time and I'm gluing you to the wall!” Chara screams at Spike.

The baby dragon just smirks and shrugs nonchalantly. “Sure, once you stop acting like one.” He says, laughing a little bit in good fun. “By the way, got you some chocolate with nuts in the fridge waiting for you.”

Chara soon disappears before running back in with her chocolate, happily nomming on the treat. Seeing this, the gears of Twilight’s mind began to turn as a lightbulb went off in said mind. “Well... I hope you can survive without chocolate then, Chara.” She says disappointedly with a sigh, going back to her book.

“Wait, WHAT!?” Chara screams with a hint of horror in her voice.

“You heard me,” She answers, flipping a page casually to hide her evil smirk. “Flandre, your stuff is back in our room.” Flandre nods, practically vibrating with excitement.

“Bu-but… why!?” Chara said with a horrified look as if someone had just kicked her puppy in front of her after lighting it on fire.

Twilight shrugs in response. “If you don’t go to school, then I won’t have time to get you your chocolate due to having to take care of you, playing with Flandre and all of my Princess duties.” She says, blunt as a hammer head.

“Evil. You’re truly evil. I know demon lords that show more mercy than you!” Chara exclaims only to hang her head in defeat.

Twilight hides her surprise behind the book before clearing her throat quietly. “So…?” She asks with a smug look.

“I will go, but my vengeance knows no bounds!” Chara says, pure venom in her voice. It seems that Chara’d be buying adhesives and white out sooner than she thought she’d have to...

The others in the room just giggle and chuckle in response. “Bag’s upstairs; you and Flandre start tomorrow.”

As Chara leaves in a huff, Spike turns to Twilight. “Think they’re actually going to get revenge on you?” He says doubtfully.

She just shrugs.


“Chara! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Flandre cries whilst atop Chara, shaking them roughly..

“Hate you. Hate you so much.” Chara says, waking up slightly.

Flandre just rolls her eyes. “You hated me anyways. Come on, we’ve got school today!” She says with a loud whiny voice.

“I question your sanity.” Chara deadpans before regrettably rolling out of bed.

Flandre chooses not to retort to that comment and instead runs downstairs. “Twilight has breakfast ready!” She calls out, her footsteps audible against the hard flooring.

Chara grumbles as she starts getting dressed, pulling out a hoodie she had asked Rarity to make. The hoodie was similar her other one, but made of a lighter material, making it better for sunnier and warmer climates. She also put on a white t-shirt to go underneath it.

This hoodie was without a stripe, and had a single central pocket with two entrances to it. Two strings came out the side of the hoodie that were used to tighten the green hood. Chara threw on some long john jeans and put on a pair of brown boots, the jeans covering the majority of them.

Chara throws her hood up over her head, walks downstairs, and heads for the kitchen. There, Flandre while still in her pink polka dot pajama shirt and pants without her cap on, was sitting at the table kicking her feet excitedly.

Chara grumbles irritably as she starts to make a cup of coffee with sugar and white chocolate creamer. “Morning, you two.” Twilight said as she sits at the table, yawning a bit.

“Fuck off!” Chara says grouchily as she takes a big sip of coffee.

“Breakfast’s almost done!” Spike calls out from the kitchen.

They waited for a couple of minutes, Twilight and Flandre making small talk with each other until Spike finally comes out with three plates of food, one in each hand and one perfectly balanced on his dragon tail.

He serves Chara first, tail extending out and dropping it neatly in front of her. In front of Chara was a platter of bacon, cheesy eggs with salt and pepper and four pieces of toast. Chara pulls out a bottle of chocolate maple syrup from somewhere and sets it beside her plate.

Flandre meanwhile is served a tantalizingly large omelette, obviously stuffed with cheese, bacon and sausage...and just a hint of blood. At least it’s mixed into the sauce to make it a somewhat special sauce. A crying shame only Flan could have it...

Twilight meanwhile just had some eggs and bacon with some waffles on the side. Flandre doesn’t wait to devour her food, grinning greedily as she started eating.

“How’d everyone sleep?” Twilight asks as they all ate.

“Great!” Flandre says.

“Eh…” Chara says with a grunt perfectly imitating the Uchiha Clan.

Spike shrugs at her, eating a gem. “Meh, again? You have the worst sleeping habits.” He says cooly before going back to the kitchen. Chara wasted no time in flipping him the bird in response.

The trio ate in silence for a bit, Flandre being a little noisy with her eating before they finish. Without a word, the little loli zooms back up stairs. Twilight levitates a bag over to Chara, setting it on the ground next to them.

“Try and keep the language down with the kids.” She asks politely.

“Eh…” Chara responds with complete indifference.

Twilight suddenly towers over Chara. “I mean it.” She says, serious as all hell before suddenly going back to normal and walking off.

“E-eh…” Chara says, clearly unnerved but trying to play it off as she grabs her backpack.

Soon, she hears the patter of shoes as Flandre runs down the stairs, clothed in her usual attire, but with the addition of a red backpack. She jumps off at the last step before grabbing a parasol that Rarity lent to her.

“Ready!” She bounces with a bright smile.

“No.” Chara says with a deadpan before she’s dragged away by Flan.


“Good morning, class!” A cheerfully pleasant voice called out as students filed into the classroom. The woman was young, but seemed to be older than the Mane Six back at home. She had light creamy pink hair with some wisps of a lighter shade here and there.

Her eyes were a hot pink and her form was average at best. She wore the typical school outfit, glasses not included, and had a hairpin in the shape of a flower with a smiling face.

“Good morning, Miss Cheerilee!” The classroom responds with varying emotions.

The teacher stands up from her chair. “Today I have a special surprise for you all.” This riles the kids up. “Today, we have two new students joining us today and I hope you can all get along.”

This calmed some down in a state of ‘whatever’ but at least they were interested. Others were excited though and chatting to each other on who they were or what they could be like. “Settle down class, we don’t want to overwhelm them!”

“Hurry up!” A voice calls from behind the door, sounding impatient. Instead of getting upset, the teacher giggles.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Flandre Scarlet!” Just as she says that Flandre busts into the room, a wide smile showing off her little fangs

The girl could hardly hold in her energy. “Hi, I’m Flandre Scarlet, but you can call me Flan!” She says, a hand raised in the air. “Really excited to meet you all!” Flan says, getting some hellos of equal excitement though some were found the fangs a might off putting.

“Now, before we sit her down, anyone have any questions?” Cheerilee asks as the kids raise their hands. “Yes, Twist?”

“What’s your favorite candy?” A girls with red poofy hair, purple glasses, blue eyes and a cute little lisp asks.

Flan gasps as her. “Favorite? I love all of them!” This gets Twist to smile and giggle.

“Yes, Snips?”

“What's your special talent?” He asks, the boy at the far corner of the classroom.

Flandre thinks for a moment before shrugging. “I have no idea!” She says carefree like it was normal.

“Diamond Tiara.”

“What's with the sticks on your back?” The girl says with a bored look, in a sort of princess like outfit, complete with a tiara crowning her light pink and white hair, matching her blue eyes.

The underlying insult flew over Flandre’s head. “They’re my wings...not sure why they’re like that.” She says, making her wings flap once and making her crystal jingle in response. “Don’t know if I can fly yet…”

“Alright, I’m sure everyone has questions for her but they’re going to have to wait.” Cheerilee says to the class, getting a chorus of disappointed sighs and aws. “Flandre, go on and sit between Diamond Tiara and Applebloom.”

She points to a light red haired girl who had said hair tied with a big red bow. She has green eyes, a yellow shirt with western designs, a pair of short blue jeans and wearing flip-flops. Flande nods, walks over there and sits down, practically vibrating.

“Next, we have Chara Dreemurr!” Cheerilee says, hand gesturing to the door.

Chara walks in with her hands in her pocket looking around blankly, her eyes flashing every once in awhile “My first impression of you all is... you're all annoying.” Chara says with a neutral tone.

This made Flandre facepalm as the other kids just blinked in confusion. “Oh. Uhm, so Chara would you introduce yourself?” Cheerilee says politely.

“My name is Chara Dreemurr.” Chara says with an eye roll.

“...And? Got anything else to say to the class before questions?” Cheerilee says after a moment of silence.

“I have likes and dislikes, as for dreams for the future...” Chara ponders for a moment, pulling a thoughtful look which somehow made everyone feel like she was being condescending.

“...Okay.” Cheerilee says, clapping her hands. “Questions? Diamond Tiara?”

“What’s with the glowing eye thing, what are you, an Edgelord?” She asks with a small smirk.

“Yes…” Flandre reflexively answers, rubbing her eyes with her finger and thumb,

“For your information I'm just extremely powerful.” Chara retorts as red energy starts flowing out of the sides of her eyes.

The class wasn’t impressed in the least. “Snails?”

“What's your talent…?” He sounds rather bored.

“My talent, now that's hard to say, because there's many things I'm good at though most of it would go over your head.” Chara says with a bored tone of voice as if this wasn't worth her time.

Again, no one was impressed. “Moving on.” Cheerilee says, skipping the third question before pointing to the corner of the room. “You can sit over there or in the front next to Butternut.”

Chara just shrugs her shoulders before going to the back of the class to the corner seat and staring at a random bird outside the window.

She didn’t realise how much time had passed until Cheerilee called out to her. “Chara Dreemurr?” She says sternly.

“Yes?” Chara says turning to the teacher a little annoyed at her bird watching being interrupted.

Cheerilee looks grumpy. “Can you answer this question?” She asks, pointing to said question. “That is, if you’ve been paying attention.”

“Will you repeat the question?” Chara asks with a bored voice.

Cheerilee resists the urge to roll her eyes. “What is seven times four?” She asks.

“Twenty-eight…” Chara says before turning back to her window and staring at her bird.

Everyone blinks at that. “Well...thank you.” Cheerilee says before starting the lesson again. Meanwhile, Diamond Tiara was looking over at Chara with a slight glare before giving a small huff.

“Now then, Flandre, can you answer this?” Cheerilee says with a small smile. “Ten times ten?”

“One-hundred.” Was the immediate and bored answer.

This made the class blink, some of them smiling and looking at her. “Correct, thank you.” Cheerilee says and Flandre beams at the praise, though obviously a bit strained with boredum. “Diamond?” She points to a new question.

Diamond Tiara looks to the problem for a while before shrugging. “Don’t know.” Then she smiled. “Maybe Chara does?” She says.

Chara looks away from her bird with a bored expression “...one hundred and forty-four…” Chara says before turning back to her bird causing Diamond to fume. Some of the class smiled at this before paying attention to Cheerilee.

This went on for awhile before Cheerilee started on History. And for the first time during class Chara paid attention.

Gotta have some idea of the area to keep a cover after all.

“Now, who here remembers yesterday’s lesson?” Cheerilee asks the class, getting a surprising amount of hands. “Good, now we are going to continue that lesson. Flandre, Chara, you will both be given some notes on yesterday’s lesson to catch up. Now, we will begin the Dragon God’s fall.”

Chara interrupts without so much raising her hand. “Miss Cheerilee what was he the god of? What were his powers? Like time manipulation and control, being able to devour worlds or did he have complete control over the elements?” Chara asks actually intrigued about a dragon ‘God’ that she hadn't heard about.

“Those are...oddly specific examples.” Cheerilee says while Flan quietly giggles to herself, knowing the example she listed.

“You still have not answered my question.” Chara says, deadpan.

“Able to use magic without any need for artifacts and able to change his breath.” Cheerilee lists off. “Not to mention control over almost all elements and immune to draining magics.”

“He sounds like a challenging opponent.” Chara says with a frown as she continues listening about his downfall her frown increasing a little as she hears he's not dead and with how Equestria is he's going to escape soon.

Cheerilee chooses to just ignore that comment, the rest of the class looking at her oddly. "Please raise your hand next time, Chara."


It was recess and Chara was laying on the ground crossing her legs and looking up to the sky still thinking about the dragon ‘God’.

“So, know it all Edgelord…” Diamond suddenly says as she appears from around a corner.

“Would you move along you're dumbing up my air space.” Chara says interrupting her and not even looking at Diamond Tiara.

“Excuse me?” She says, oddly calm though obviously tense.

“I'm sorry if you're too stupid to understand the meaning of ‘go away’.” Chara said still looking up at the sky.

She huffs. “I’m the school queen around here, I make the calls not you.”

“Well that would be intimidating if you were... well intimidating.” Chara giggles.

“I don’t need to be scary!” She says, stamping her foot.

“Oh yes I remember, you go crying to Daddy just like the spoiled brat you are…” Chara says taking a sideward glance at her before returning her eyes to the sky, dismissing her as any kind of threat.

Diamond opens her mouth to yell before some playful squealing caught her attention. Over yonder was Flandre, umbrella in hand, lifting a kid up as she inexplicably floated upwards, her wings not using any effort.

Chara takes a look at her before rolling her eyes, deciding to test her powers. ”Inventory.” Chara saysd as a multi-dimensional box opens up in front of her, scaring the crap out of Diamond.

The box reads ‘personal inventory’, ’General inventory’, ‘important items’, and lastly ‘equipment’.

“H-how are you doing that?!” Diamond asks.

“Like I said I'm very powerful…” Chara says opening up important items, seeing her phone and DS. “Yep sounds about right…” Chara says before opening up personal inventory and seeing nothing in it.

“I’d hardly call that powerful.” Diamond huffs then leaves.

Chara opens up the general inventory and sees a lot of random stuff. She then finally switches to equipment and as the page opens her eyes widen as she did not just see the regular equipment from undertale but the equipment from the monsters as well. Such things as ‘Undyne's spear’ and ‘Sans’ gaster blaster’. She equips the latter causing a gaster blaster to float beside her with glowing red eyes.

Some of the kids were scared away from that, but others started to crowd around Chara.

Chara stares blankly then climbs on her gaster Blaster before laying back and watching the sky as it floats lazily above the kids. Then, some of the kids try climbing onto it or just admiring while Flandre just plays with a ton of other kids.

It was during that time that three factions started to form, Chara's being the largest group. Though, Flandre’s was pretty close and was only off by one student. Flandre was enjoying all the attention, smiling widely as she continues to play with the others. Diamond... well, she had quite a bit still wrapped around her fingers.

"No one is taking my share..."


“Flandre, Chara! Over...here?” Twilight starts to call out to them with Spike at her side before noticing that Chara was floating on a freaking skull. “...Chara, where’d did you get that?”

“Inventory…” Chara says as if that answered everything, lazily lying on her gaster blaster.

Spike blinks doubtfully. “Sorry, what?”

“That doesn’t help really…” Twilight says with a sigh, looking at Flandre before noticing that the girl was floating a foot off the ground. “Just how much did you two discover?” She says with a blink.

“I learned I can play happy havoc on the laws of the universe.” Chara says with a smirk before climbing down, opening up her inventory, switching to a glowing spear and then switching back to the gaster blaster.

“Ooookay…” Twilight says nervously. “So, how was your first day?” She asks the both of them.

“It was amazing!” Flandre cries out, still full of energy.

“I'm popular and I hate it…” Chara says with a huff crossing her arms after climbing back onto the gaster blaster.

“Me too, but I like it!” Flandre interrupts with a hand in the air.

Twilight smiles at both of them. “Oh really? Careful not to break any hearts Chara.” She says with a smirk.

“Hey Twilight, can we please stop by the crafts store? I have a few things I need to pick up.” Chara says trying to hide an evil smile.

“No.” She says, having a hunch that it’d backfire from that look she was given.

Chara huffs before turning her back to them and crossing her arms. Twilight rolls her eyes a bit, amused. “C’mon, let’s go home.”

Chara follows them on her gaster blaster still pouting and crossing her arms.

“Yeesh, spoiled brat.” Spike says light heartedly.

“I'm not a spoiled brat! Spoiled means I got everything I want and I was the exact opposite of spoiled.” Chara actually snarls at Spike before she realizes what she said and turns her back to them again.

Flandre just giggles a bit, flying after the others as they continue homewards.

“I wonder if I have options... a menu…?” Chara says as three buttons appear in front of her when she says options, each button having a different word on it. One option read as ‘stats’ one saying ‘abilities’ and the last read ‘inventory’.

“Okay, what is that?” Spike asks as everyone stops.

“Well it appears I have an options menu. Stats will tell me how powerful I am, abilities will tell me what I can do and inventory is basically a pocket space that I can put whatever I want into.” Chara said sounding like she was bragging a little bit.

Spike and Twilight glance at them before shrugging. “Okay.” Twilight says before continuing on.

“Okay, whatever I'll just see what type of abilities I have!” Chara says with a huff as she looks through her list. ”Okay that's awesome!” Chara says as she reads the determination tab.

Flandre floats up to them, looking at what they were reading. “What?” She says, giving it a read.

“Oh I just was reading the save points ability and since I can create multiple I could use them to fast travel around!” Chara says stopping herself before letting out a maniacal laugh.

Only for Flandre to light smack them behind the head. “No. No evil insane laughs!” She says in disapproval.

“I was just thinking of all the goo- okay, no, I'm not going to lie, I was thinking of all the chaos I could bring.” Chara says before laughing maniacally and thinking of all the books Twilight owned that she was going to glue shut.

“Please don’t, we get enough of that from Discord.” Spike says while crossing his arms.

“This Discord sounds like a fun guy!” Chara says with a wicked smile.

The dragon and his caretaker shared a look, unanimously agreeing to keep Discord and Chara away from each other. They then just kept on walking, not saying a word on it anymore. “So, I can guess Flandre’s making friends, what about you Chara?” Twilight says, creating some small talk.

“Nope I didn't make a single friend but I did gain a fan club.” Chara says before her eyes widened. “Oh God I have fans!” Chara cries out in despair.

This makes the other laugh lightly. “Maybe it’ll make you open up~!” Flandre say, casually floating past.

“No, you do not realize the scourge that is fans!” Chara says shuddering violently as she curls into a ball on her gaster blaster.

Flandre responds by flipping upside down, somehow keeping her skirt from falling down and looks at Chara with a deadpan stare. “You’re talking to someone who’s consumed a lot of fanart about Touhou. I know exactly what you’re talking about.” She says, serious. “You should see some of my fanart…”

“Please you haven't even scratched the surface of what fans can do with the internet!” Chara says curling tighter into a ball.

“I watch the news…” Flandre says, shuddering before snapping back to her bright self. “Okay, done with that topic!” She says, flipping herself up right.

“Do we want to know?” Spike asks, arms crossed.

“Nope!” Flandre says casually.

“No, no you do not.” Chara says still shivering wrapping her arms around herself.

Twilight and Spike look at each other before nodding as they continued on their path. “So, I have a surprise for you two.” Twilight says after a little bit.

“Is it brain bleach?” Chara asks only semi jokingly.

“No, but it’ll take your mind off it.” Spike snarks, slowing down to walking by her side.

Twilight giggles a little bit. “My sister-in-law is coming to visit us soon. Cadence.”

“You really shouldn't be this happy about the in-laws...” Chara says in a deadpan.

Twilight shakes her head. “It’s alright, me and Cadence go way back.” She says, knowing what Chara meant by her usual snark.

Chara looks over and sees the rest of the Mane Six. “Oh look, more stereotypes.” Chara says with more snark than usual.

Rainbow glares at them. “Nice to see you too, kiddo…” She says sarcastically, crossing her arms. Chara shivers a little at the kiddo part remembering a certain skeleton. “What the heck are you riding on?” Rainbow asks, the group not entirely liking the sight of the vicious half dragon half goat skull.

“It's a gaster blaster. Just figured out how to access it today.” Chara says casually as if what she said answered all the questions.

“Oookay? What’s got your pants in a twist?” She says.

“I'm popular, have a fan club and I absolutely hate it!” Chara says cuddling up into a ball again mumbling about perverts and fanart.

“Are you kidding? That’s awesome!” Rainbow Dash exclaims.

Fluttershy, however, had a different opinion. “I know your future pain…” She sighs, head lowering to the ground while Rarity laughs in embarrassment, rubbing the back of her head.

‘What are you talking about?” Flandre asks, floating up to the others and surprising them with her newfound flight.

It took them a couple seconds to respond. “Magic?” Rainbow said.

“Magic.” The girls agreed.

The scarlet eyed girl pouts a bit. “Hey, what were you guys talking about!?” She presses more loudly.

“Long story short, Fluttershy had to experience worldwide fame, and didn’t like it at all.” Applejack says, chuckling a bit at Rarity’s sheepishness.

Chara in a rare show of compassion actually walks over and hugs Fluttershy. “At least you didn't have to deal with the internet…” Chara says trying to comfort her.

“Uhm...thanks?” Fluttershy says, eyes wide and unsure what else to do.

“How bad is this ‘internet’?” Rainbow asked.

Pinkie Pie pops up in between them. “There is one absolute rule of the internet: ‘if it exists, there is-’ wait, what do you want me to say?!” She says, suddenly holding a paper script in her hands. “Yeah, nope!”

“Sing it sister!” Flandre yells.

“What she was going to say is ‘if it exists there is porn of it’…” Chara says deciding to ignore the absolute shattering of the fourth wall.

“Sorry, what?!” Rainbow said before shaking her head. “Nope! I don’t want to know! Opting out of this one!” She says, hands in a blocking pose. The others just nod, Pinkie only sighing and rubbing her temples.

“I hate the internet…” She whispers to herself.

“Sing it~” Flandre whispers lowly, floating passed and behind Pinkie slowly, rotating in mid air. Full on Chibi-fied.

“Hey, at least they don't have you fu-" Chara starts to say before.

“NOPE!” Pinkie says, smacking the sides of her head...with pies.

“Wait, what’d she s-” Spike starts.

“NOPE!” Both Flandre and Pinkie cry out.

“And that's not even the worst! My brother figure and myself count for over half the p-” Chara says wiping the pie off her face, and before she could continue, she was judo thrown into the air by Flandre. Then she got a cake-splosion in her face by Pinkie Pie.

“-orn, so now you know why I hate fans!” Chara finishes her statement, too high in the air for anyone to hear, after she lands and cleans herself off.

Flandre and Pinkie fist bump, their deeds saving gallons of eye, ear, and brain bleach. “You’re welcome.” Both of them say to their viewers as Chara flips them off.

“Oh God they're multiplying!” A random guy says, running as fast as he could and jumping headfirst into a passing trains caboose.

“...what was this scene?” Flandre asks as the others were going through a mental restart.

“It's what happens when Pinkie questions the script and I have to improvise…” Chara says while giving a sagely nod.

The others looked at eachother as a long silence fell upon them. “...mmmmmmoooooooooving on from that…” Twilight pauses. “Whatever that was...Fluttershy’s train should be here soon.”

“Wait what?” Flandre says with a blink, only now noticing the safari themed dress Flutters was wearing.

“Well it's going to be sad to see best ‘person’( read Pony) go.” Chara says before looking at the viewers. “Come at me bitches!” Chara says with a ‘bring it on’ gesture.

“Let's not beat a dead horse…” Flandre says with her arms crossed, getting a sophisticated nod from Pinkie.

Fluttershy misses the dead horse comment. Probably for the best...

“But why would you beat a dead horse?” Chara says trying to look innocent and failing miserably.

“What did you say?”


“N-n-nothing, Fluttershy~” Flandre pulls off with a weak smile.

Chara sees a box pop up in front of her saying [you feel your sins crawling down your back], she shudders at the feeling. “I'm sorry Miss Fluttershy, please stop, Miss Fluttershy.”

The feeling stops, allowing Chara, Pinkie, and Flandre to relax as the train approaches them. “Oh, there's my train.”

“Oh good!” Twilight says as the train screeches to a halt.

Rarity floats something over to Fluttershy.” Here’s a wrap in case it gets cold.” She says with a smile, placing it into Fluttershy’s bag for her as Applejack gives her a basket of apples.

“I hope you have fun.” Twilight says, adjusting Flutter’s hat for her with a smile.

“I hope you have fun, too.” She replies as the whistle blows and Fluttershy boards the train as the conductor calls out.

Then as the train drives away, Pinkie runs after it and kept pace with it for a bit. “I’ll never forget you~!” She yells.

“...Cue distraction.” Flandre says, hoping she was on point.

Nope. Five seconds off. A big red balloon appears and Pinkie follows it cheerfully.

“I feel like I've seen this before, have I seen this before?” Chara says looking thoughtful.

“What do you mean?” Flandre asks as the others were talking about something.

“I don't know I have this feeling of complete deja vu!” Chara says as she continues thinking.

Flandre chooses to look at her strangely, her wings giving a random flap and making the crystals on her wings jingle again. “So, any ideas where Flutters is going?” She asks.

“Oh now I remember! Also to answer your question Flan she's going to watch something called the Breezies!” Chara says casually before relaxing on her gaster blaster.

Flandre blinks a little bit. “The wha?” She says, poking her own head with a finger. “The Breezies.”

“Basically imagine little fairies.” Chara says with a shrug.

“...Hope their not like Gensokyo’s Fairies.” She says, crossing her arms and lounging in the air.

“Hey at least they're better than the Hellboy version of the tooth fairies…” Chara says with a roll of her eyes.

“Who?” Was the confused response before they heard the worst train sound ever as a crystalline trains screeches to a halt.

“That is the most gaudy looking train I have ever seen.” Chara says with a bored expression while the rest rub their ears in minor pain.

The train then opens up with a bright light and two golden clad guards step out and to the sides.

Soon afterwards, a semi tall young woman comes out. She was older than everyone else, but not by that much. She looked to be maybe ten years older than Twilight at most.

Her hair was somewhat wavy as it extended down to her bottom and curled at the end, with three different colors, the first closest to the side towards her head was a soft violet, then it goes to a soft pink and a light lime green color.

Her eyes were baby blue in color, almost blindingly bright… still doesn’t match up to Pinkie’s. Matching her eyes was a baby blue strapped tank top that exposes much of her mid-rift and a ridiculously short skirt held onto her with a leather belt.

Flandre instinctively holds her skirt, not much of a fan of mini mini skirts like the newcomer’s.

The girl wore some stockings, white in color and extending to just below her knees and has some tennis shoes on. Her hair clip was just a crystalline heart, looking like it was actually made of crystal, what with the light reflecting off of it pleasantly.

Like all the other Princesses, she had wings and a jewel on her forehead. Her jewel was shaped like a heart, almost exactly the same as the one on her hair clip and her feathers were a lovely pink.

And she was… very… developed. Possibly the most developed so far, but thankfully still ignorable.

“That's a pretty informal outfit, Princess.” Applejack says, with a small bow before smiling. “Ah approve.”

Chara says with a deadpan holding up seven fingers. “Seven…”

“Cadence!” Twilight says as the bow to each other before Cadence laughs and cuts the bowing off short.

“Oh come on Twilight, we’re sisters in law, you don’t need to be so formal.” She says good naturedly and moves to hug Twilight. “You don’t need to bow to me.” Twilight giggles a little bit and she hugs back.

Then she notices the two kids. “Who are these little ones?” She says, going over and lifting Flandre up, making the little girl laugh a little bit. “Especially this cute one.” And cue the pouting and cheek pinching… and the.. Chibi… ish… ness?

“I am Chara dreemurr and that is Flan you’re pinching.” Chara says still relaxing on her gaster blaster.

“Flandre Scarlet…” Flan says, rather unhappy with the cheek pinching.

“I think I’ll call you Flan.” Cadence says before looking over at the gaster blaster. “What is that?” She asks, pointing at it.

“It's a Gaster Blaster, my new personal transport…” Chara says rolling over to lay on her stomach with her head resting on her hands.

“Oh, okay.” Cadence says, putting Flandre down who flaps her wings a bit in agitation before de-chibifying. “So Twilight, I bet you’ve got plans.” She says as she starts to walk off with Twilight who chuckles a little bit.

A few seconds before Applejack speaks up. “Hands for keeping their day goin’ strong?” She says and the others, including Flandre, raised a hand into the air.

“I think I'll join you, I got nothing better to do.” Chara says before lazily floating after them.

“Wait, what’s that?” Rainbow says, pointing to an oncoming rapidly spinning object.

“Wait, where’s-” Flandre starts to say..

“Duck!” Rarity called out loudly as the thing dived for them, making it drop to the ground and get stuck in a tree.

Then, it was followed by some sneezing and groaning. “What the…?” Rainbow says before the tree is suddenly engulfed in flame. “Oh no, Discord!” She says with a facepalm.

There, laying limply and looking rather blue, was everyone’s favorite Spirit of Chaos.

“Who?” Flandre says with a point. “And why does he look like Sheogorath?”

The tall, tall...TALL man had white hair that was messy in all terms of the word and with...interesting eyes. Both were a dull yellow with bright red irises, with one of the irises being bigger yet having a smaller pupil. He had a goatee on his sharply shaped chin and some black spectacle glasses that rested on his finely shaped nose.

He wore a large sophisticated duster-like jacket with a semi high collar, a set of golden buttons and a tucked in scarf. The collars were a bit weird, the colors being split down the middle vertically. One side was a brownish red color and the other a dull green.

The vest was normal, dark grey and with a white undershirt. His dark, almost black, brown pants reached down to his ankles, perfectly snuggling his black shoes.

He bore wings and horns. Yes, plural at the horns.

Two different type of wings, one feathered and one batlike, and two different horns. One like a mangled goat horn and an antler. He had a single snaggle tooth from the top of his sickly expressioned mouth. He had a tail, which was draconic but with a tuft of white fur at the end.

And his skin was blue.

“ACHOO!” The being sneezes, sending his glasses sky high. “Oh dear~” Discord says with a woozy gesture. “I seem to have come down with the Blue Flu.”

“What in the world are you doing here!?” Rarity says aghast before relaxing a bit out of confusion. “And why are you cerulean? It… really doesn’t work with you dear.” She says.

“Cerulean? What does a cereal have to with anything?” Pinkie Pie asks, popping into frame.

A second later, Flandre leans in out of frame with a finger up. “Actually, it’s just a shade of blue.” Before going out of frame again.

Rainbow goes up to the sickly being of chaos, glaring a bit. “Well, whatever color it is, it means trouble.”

“Oh Rain-” A loud cough escapes him. “-bow Dash, you surely remember that I’ve changed?” He questions before turning into jelly and moving down the tree to its trunk. “Unless you suffered another crash, then I understand...No, that’s not a joke.”

“Why, you!” The girl says.

“And I have lovely Fl-fl-fluttershy t-to~!” Discord inhales like he was going to sneeze. The girls ready to cover their faces, while Flandre’s eyes widen at the sight of a building in the distance floating up into the air. “...oooo…. To thank for!”

“Are you...sick?” Applejack says. “Can draconequus get sick?”

“Uhm...Blue skin, sneezing, wheezing voice?” Flan says, analyzing Discord. “I think it’s pretty obvious, AJ.” She earns a pat on the head by Discord, making her giggle and cup her hands.

“Then~ Why didn’t you stay home?” Pinkie Pie asks, with a tilt of her head.

He blows his nose before throwing away the tissue as it turns into a pigeon...looking quite upset. “...Hope this doesn’t go cuckoo on our tails…” Flan says, watching the bird fly off.

“Simply dreadful…” Discord agrees, making her look at him. “Regardless, look at me. I can hardly take care of myself…”

“You could hardly take care of yourself when you were healthy.” Applejack says dryly, Rarity giggling a tad.

“Shush.” Discord responds before releasing a large sneeze on them. “Sorry.” He says before the two start sneezing. “Side effect, it’ll wear off in the next hour or two.” He says as the two run off, coughing and sneezing.

“So I came to… oh wait, what day is it?” Discord says, a very familiar, to Flandre anyways, silver pocket watch appearing in his hands. “...I wanted a calendar-ACHOO!” He drops it and Flandre grabs it and pockets it.

“Pun intended?”

Shut it Dissy.

“Uh, thursday.” Rainbow says.

Discord snaps his fingers in a displeasure. “Rats, that means she’s gone to her safari with the Breezies, hasn’t she?”

“How do you know that?” Flandre asks innocently and with a tilt of her head.

“She told me in a letter.” he says, showing it to her, making her ‘huh’.

“You two write letters?” Rainbow says, her arms crossed with a raised eyebrow.

Flandre and Discord share a look. “Kinda obvious.” They both said, Flandre sharing the letter with her.

“So, who’s this little angel?” Discord says, pulling at her cheek, chibifying her and making her pout. “Or should I say little devil?” He winks at her.

Regardless, she smiles. “I’m Flandre Scarlet, but Flan works!”

“Pleasure, I am Dis-cough-cord! Spirit of Chaos.” He says, holding his chest as he starts wheezing.

Flandre winces a little bit, holding her chest. “Reminds me of when I had Asthma…” She says, sympathetically.

“Well then, will you and little Flan here take care of me?” Flandre tried not to sound undignified by that. “After all, that’s what friends do right?” He wheezes and coughs harshly before hugging the remaining ponies.

“Not it!” Rainbow says, dashing off.

“Okay, now I know that was intended~”


“Well, Pinkie Pie?” Discord shrinks into the size of a puppy and gives her the puppy eyes. “Dash seems to not know how to treat a friend in need. So much for loyalty…” Discord grumps a bit.

“Sorry! But I gotta help make everything work out with Princess Cadence and Twilight’s get together!” Pinkie Pie says with a bounce before patting Discord’s head.

“Oh, that’s actually good for them to be visiting each other once in a while.” Discord says, returning to full size and hands behind his back. “I’ve often worried after their relationship, wonder if they’re as close as they actually are~” A few seconds of silence. “Well, guess that would makes sense, ruling separate kingdoms and all that. Aw well, if not then they will with this visit and a future visit.”

“Totally!” Pinkie agrees with Discord.

“Unless…” Discord says, and Flandre did not like that grin on his face. “Oh, by the way.” Discord says, poking Pinkie and pointing.

“Who keeps leaving these out!” Pinkie says following a red balloon.

The chaos being laughs a bit. “Oh no, now no one will take care of me whatever shall I do-ohoho-~” He say, dramatically.

Flandre raises a hand in the air. “Uhm.”

“Maybe...Twilight.” He chuckles lowly to himself before facing Flandre. “Sorry little Devil..ACHOO!” He sneezes all over her.

“Ew…” Then, instead of turning blue, she turns pale and starts sneezing and looking pretty ill. “Not…” Flandre sniffs, nose stuffed up. “Funny…” She says. “Have… fun… Home… please?”

Discord shrugs after a few seconds before snapping his fingers. “Well, only because you’re cute.” He says.

“Bye bye…” Flandre says as she poofs away, Discord rubbing his hands together.


“It’s...not as grandiose as I thought it was going to be…” Cadence says as she and Twilight looked over some kind of candle in a display case.

“Looks kind of cheap to me.” Chara says looking at it upside down.

“ACHOO!” The glass broke as someone comes slithering out. “Sniff...Hey Twilight…” Said Discord, clearing his throat a bit, head on the ground.

“ I can already tell this is going to be extremely hilarious or disastrous!” Chara says actually sitting up, stretching.

“Discord, what are you doing here?” Twilight says with a small glare, followed by Cadence.

“And...blue?” The princess of love says.

“Wait you are Discord!? Can we be friends!” Chara says with a wide grin and eyes filled with mischief.

“No.” Twilight immediately answers.

“Can’t blame her.” Discord chuckles quietly to himself. “Oh, come now Twilight~ It can’t be too big an issue to have a new friend. Especially when I came down with the Blue Flu~” He whines almost before sneezing onto a Shield Cadence creates. “Health shield…” He sniffs. “Handy.” He then blows his nose on a...very...familiar...sweater...

“Did anyone ever tell you you're already an asshole?” Chara says before switching her armor to {Sans’ jacket} making her have perfect dodging but no defense.

Discord then takes out her tongue and salts it. “Careful, unless you want more purifying.” Discord says, breaking the rules of the jacket.

“Blue Flu? I’ve never heard of that…” Twilight says, as Cadence chases a gagging Chara floating a drink to help with the salt in the background. A few moments later, Chara was stomping back, pissed off.

“You know what? I nominate your ass for the biggest douche in the Multiverse Awards.” Chara says finally getting the salt out of her mouth.

“Want some soap with that?” Discord asks, a bar of soap appearing in his hand.

“Discord, get to the point. Why are you here?…” Cadence asks, already feeling exhausted. “Shouldn’t you be at home then?”

Discord teleports and was suddenly hugging her, much to her discomfort. “Oh, but I need a friend to take care of little ol’ me~” He says, shrinking a little before returning to normal again. “So, Twilight~?”

“No.” Twilight says again with a large frown.

Discord frowns. “Aw, but isn’t your job-oh blast the script!” Discord says, time pausing and grabbing a different script. “People always complaining...word for word…wah wah wah…”

Hey, I worked hard on that script!

He resumes time and continues to talk. “But taking in the sick and the desperate, isn’t that what Fluttershy would do?”

“Isn’t that what fr-friends do for fr-friends?” He gives the puppy dogs eyes before realising something. “Unless of course you’re saying we’re not friends.” The harshness in his voice was dead.

“Well aren't you the manipulative one.” Chara says with a deadpan having already seen through his act.

Another Discord appears out of her head and shushes her. “All fun and games.” He says before retreating back into her ear.

Twilight grunts, not seeing or hearing the exchange. “I’m not saying that...Fine, you can come home…” She says, looking to Cadence with a disappointed look and being met with a look of pity.

“Let's go then, I don’t want to get somepony else sick.” Discord lies, smiling and perching on top of the health shield. “Carry me?” He says, falling off and looking to Chara. “High LV means higher STR~ Wait, wrong game…” Discord says.

“I want an endless supply of glue, white out, and duct tape for this; maybe an endless chocolate bar, too.” Chara says picking him up.

Discord sniffs. “Done.” He says before whispering in her ear. “Elephant or Gorilla?” He asks, pulling out the different types of glue.

“Which is better for gluing people to walls?” Chara whispers back with a smirk.

He throws them away. “This one.” He says.


“Here...you can take my bed Discord.” Twilight says with a grumpy face.

“Oh no!” Spike says, interrupting whatever Discord had to say. “Sorry, but the bed is already holding someone right now.” He says, hands at his hips.

“He can use mine.” Chara says causing everyone to look at her suspiciously.

Spike was the first to reaction. “Uh, okay?” He says before grabbing a tray of food and… medicine.

“Uh, Spike who’s got the bed?” Twilight asks, confused.

“Flandre, she came home really sick.” The dragon answers, at the stairs. “Could barely stay awake too.”

Twilight, Cadence and Chara all gave Discord varying degrees of glares. “I guess I might need to pull out the old human remedies for what you have! Twilight, can you get some leeches?” Chara said with a creepy smile.

“If we had any…” Twilight says, greatly disappointed before taking Discord up stairs to Chara’s room, Cadence instead going to go visit Flandre.

Chara glares up where Discord went before going to check up on Flan.

She hears small coughing as she approaches the door to the room. After she opens the door, she sees a paler than usual Flandre in her pajamas and without her mob cap, that being set to the side and under the covers.

“I swear if I could get away with it I would kill that mother fucker.” Chara says furiously already thinking of sneaking into Discord’s room and slitting his throat.

Flan coughs a little bit. “Hi Chara…” She says, still somehow managing to pull a sweet smile.

Chara’s L.O.V.E. starts rising purely on what she wants to do to Discord. But Flandre’s smile was enough to melt it while Spike helps her eat some bread.

“Hey princess, do you think I could get away with the murder of Discord?” Chara asks as if she's asking about the weather catching everyone in the room off guard.

“What? No!” Twilight yells at Chara. “Why would you think that?!” She says.

“Edge lor-woah. Hate stools…” Spike says, nearly falling off his stool while Cadence just looks at Chara, aghast.

“What, that's how most versions of me across the Multiverse deal with problems. True, I haven't actually killed anyone but as Chara I will kill anyone who hurts those who I care about!” Chara says with a shrug having seen plenty of Undertale stuff with evil Charas and overprotective Charas and just playing yandere versions of Chara in them.

Twilight slowly breaths in, hands together. “Chara? I worry about you…” She says.

“Yeah, don’t start making us consider putting you in an asylum.” Spike snarks in a teasing way, trying to lighten the mood.

“... like they could hold a red soul user.” Chara mumbles not meaning for anyone to hear but tenses up knowing exactly what kind of hell holes asylums can be.

Cadence glances at Chara, a eye raised before focusing on Flandre who started to cough again.

Chara leaves before heading to Discord’s room equipping the gaster blaster and the (Temmie armor) before opening the door and glaring at Discord. He was currently under the covers with a sleazy grin. “Yes~? Some warm milk for little ol’ Dissy~?” He said, sounding delirious.

“ You know there's an interesting thing about gaster blasters. They cause the sins of those hit with them unimaginable pain.” Chara says as if talking about the weather.

“And make good record players!” Discord say, opening it up and placing a vinyl, scratching it in its mouth as it played Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata.

“They do make good record players too but let's think on that a bit, how much sin do you have crawling on your back? But then again, today is your lucky day. I would get in an immeasurable amount of trouble if I did kill you and that's counting if I could, I'm not stupid, I know you're more powerful than you let on and at your current level I would have to go all out forcing my LV to go psychotic and I don't know if I'd come back from that...” Chara says still glaring at him knowing that she gave a shit ton of exposition.

Discord stuck out his tongue in displeasure. “Dear me, Silver Quill would have gagged at such an explosion!” He says, flicking Chara’s nose. “You simply must lighten up my dear, you’re far too serious!”

He then snaps his fingers. “And, I don’t rightly know my LV. But I know I didn’t commit genocide or get a sibling killed for some petty revenge~” He mocks a bit before looking surprise. “Woahkay, that's going a little far…” Discord says, script in hand and tossing it out a window and into an waiting furnace.

Chara starts tearing up a bit having always found the story of Chara and Asriel’s death heartbreaking. Chara turns and leaves quickly trying not to let anyone see.

Discord holds out his hand and a fox poofs into his hand, hanging by the tail. “You and I are going to have a talk…” The chaos being said, nose to nose with the now terrified fox with an abnormally large tail.

It swallows.

--- The library basement---

Chara was hiding in the basement, her form shaking from silent sobs as that insult had hit far harder than it should have.

“Hello Chara.” A very familiar voice says, entering the basement.

“W-What are you doing here?” Chara says quickly trying to wipe her tears away but not really succeeding.

“Discord dropped a letter by, speaking that someone by the name of ‘Kit-san’ said something rather personal.” The voice says, coming into full view of Chara.

“Bu-but it shouldn't have hurt as much as it did.” Chara says hugging her knees tears still streaming down her face.

“And do you know why?” She was asked.

“I don't know Moona!” Chara said looking directly at Luna before putting her head back down.

Luna blinked her eyes in confusion. “Moona?” She says, withholding a giggle before sitting next to Chara. “Tell me everything from the beginning, please?”

“Well you know how I know about the Multiverse? Well, I know a lot more than just the basics. I know what happens to a bunch of different versions of me… and one of the most constant things is that they end up in Mount Ebott… finding a family and then trying to free them by giving their soul to their adopted brother after killing themselves from Buttercup poisoning.” Chara says knowing she wasn't originally Chara but saying enough to give an idea.

Luna was already hugging Chara at the family bit, rubbing her back. “I… see.” She says, a little perturbed.

“And the worst part is their plans almost always fail horribly ending up with Azzy dying so those versions of me end up dying for nothing…” Chara says openly sobbing now.

The Moon Princess nods slowly, hugging tighter. Chara hugs her back crying into her chest. “I-I read up on Buttercup poisoning and it's one of the most painful and slow ways to kill yourself and those versions of me went through it for their family. So when they said all those Charas got their brothers killed for petty revenge...” Chara couldn't bring herself to finish as her crying intensifies.

After a couple of minutes, Luna spoke. “Feel better?” She asked. Chara nods her head wiping her eyes free of tears. “Want to talk about something else now?” Luna asks, smiling at her.

“I guess…” Chara says still snuggling into Luna feeling more comfortable then she had in a long time.

“How’s this day been progressing for you?” Luna asks. “With Discord here I can imagine it being…” She grimaces a little bit. “...Interesting…”

“Oh he's not so bad he's just a massive troll who just needs to learn how to pull back more. Besides I've met worse trolls than him...” Chara says happy to get her mind off of things.

“...Trolls?” Luna says, raising a eyebrow.

“It's what we call people who like to aggravate people for the fun of it and/or cause problems for others. They're also known as griefers.” Chara says having fun explaining the concept.

“Oh...dear?” Luna says, unsure how to react to that. “Uhm, how is Ms. Scarlet?”

“She's sick because Discord decided to be a dick.” Chara said frowning still wanting to kick his teeth in.

Luna blinks before looking up the stairs. “Oh dear, maybe a visit’s in order then…” Then Luna furrows her eyebrows. “Strange though, I thought she would be immune to sickness due to her uniqueness. Normal for Discord to break such rules I suppose...”

“Unless it was magic induced by someone like ‘Discord’.” Chara says emphasizing Discord’s name so she can keep her agreement with Discord because she wasn't actually telling on him.

Luna just had to nod in response. “Why don’t we go check on dear Scarlet? I have some time, but little remaining.” She informs.

“You know I kind of like spending time with you…” Chara says getting up and leaving the basement and heading for Twilight's room.

“That so?” Luna says with a small smile.

“Yeah, I don't know what it is but you just have this calming, safe and soothing presence.” Chara says right before they entered Twilight's room.

Luna looked like she had a response but was interrupted by Twilight greeting her. “Hi...Lulu…” Flandre says with a small wave, looking fairly better than before.

“Well since you're getting better quicker than I expected I might not have to castrate Discord with a rusty butter knife.” Chara says feeling a little better knowing that she was getting better fast.

“...Way too…” Flandre coughs a bit before drinking some water. “Too graphic Chara…” She finishes, looking unsettled. “Don’t need images in my head…” She says, yawning a little bit. Chara starts feeling a little bit guilty but decides to focus on something else instead… like what she's going to do to Discord in revenge.

“We think thou should get some rest, young Flandre.” Luna says, the others seeming to agree.

Cadence rubs Flandre’s head a little bit. “I agree, sleep is good for getting better.” The princess says to her. Chara nods her head even as she continues to go through revenge schemes. Everyone starts to leave after that, Spike giving her one more sip of water before Cadence gives her a kiss on the forehead. Chara follows them out as well as giving one last look at flan before leaving.

However, unknown to Chara, Cadence was purposely letting her leave before herself. After which, she begins to follow after Chara, telling Twilight to go on and she’ll catch up.

Chara goes to a corner of the library before pulling out her DS and turning it on.

“Chara, can we talk?” Cadence says as she approaches the younger girl.

“This isn't about the comment of killing Discord earlier is it? I know I'm not strong enough to kill that bastard.” Chara says with a deadpan as she put the DS away.

“Red Soul user?” Cadence corrects quickly as Spike walks passed them and going into the kitchen.

Chara tenses up a bit as she hears that. “You heard that?” Chara asks as her mind started going a mile a minute trying to think of a way out of this without revealing anything.

“Just about.” Cadence says calmly as she knelt down to Chara’s eye level. “Mind clarifying before misunderstanding commences?”

“The Red Soul is one of seven soul types and is also the strongest considering it's the only one that can give you the power to come back from the dead and depending on the version gives control of time…” Chara says with a sigh and giving up on trying to squirm her way out as she brings her soul into her hand in the form of a glowing ethereal red heart.

Cadence’s eyes were showing signs of shock but she had her face schooled. “I see.” She says, thinking. “It is your Soul, right? No one else's?”

“Not that I know of.” Chara says glad that she could keep at least a little bit about determination a secret.

Cadence takes a deep breath. “Can I trust you not to use it?” She says carefully.

“I won't use it unless I deem it important.” Chara said with absolute seriousness leaving a giant loophole.

Cadence however added to it. “And ONLY if it helps others. No revenge or personal gain.” She adds sternly. “Self defense doesn’t count though.” The princess says,smiling and patting Chara’s head.

Chara grumbles as she tries to fix her hair. “I promise that I won't use it for just personal gain.” Chara says realizing there was still a lot that can be done with that.

Satisfied with the answer, Cadence sits up and leaves the library, intending to go catch up with Twilight...with a somewhat apprehensive look on her face.

Chara sighs before grabbing a pen and paper and writing a letter to Luna.”Hey Spike could you send this to Luna?”

Spike nods, having done this a couple of times before. “Gotcha.” He says, blowing magical fire on it. “There it goes.”

“Thanks Spike…” Chara says going back to the secluded spot she found.

“No problem.” He says, walking away before freezing midstep. “Wait, did you just thank me?”

“What, I can't say thank you without being suspicious?” Chara says with a glare.

“It’s you.” Spike response equally before moving on. “You never say thank you.”

“I can be polite when I want to be I just usually don't want to be!” Chara says as she continues to glare.

“Oh for Celestia’s sake, take a joke Edgelord!” Spike snaps, hands in the air and leaving.

“Whatever…” Chara says pulling her DS back out.


“AHOOO! ACHOOO!” The sound of heavy sneezing sounds and the others return from whatever trip they were on...with a green and polka dotted Discord, looking actually miserable and in a bubble.

“Oh karma you get us all in the end don't you!” Chara says smirking at Discord with arms crossed.

Discord just chuckles it off. “Always been a firm believer in the laws of *COUGH* k-karma!” He says, laughing a bit. “No one is safe from it.” He said, clearing his throat as Twilight carries him off. “No one.” Comes the fake whisper of fear.

Cadence and Twilight giggle a little bit while Cadence stays downstairs. “Hope you weren’t too bored.” She says to Chara.

“Not really… I had my game to play!” Chara says with a shrug as she continues playing her game.

“Well, sorry to say but I have to leave now…” Cadence says with a smile. “Flandre still sleeping?” She asks, looking up the stairs.

“Yea…” Chara responds with a sigh.

Cadence’s wings wilted a bit in disappointment. “Darn. Well, can you tell her I said goodbye?” She asks with a returning smile. Chara nods her head. “Thank you.” She says. “Goodbye Twilight, hopefully my next visit isn’t as chaotic!” She calls up to Twilight, getting a response from Twilight and a ‘toodaloo’ from Discord.

“Well I'm going to take a nap on the couch while you deal with the idiot.“ Chara says grabbing a cover and laying on the couch.

“Love you too~” Discord replies to Chara.

“ I have one word for that Fluttercord…” Chara says with a deadpan before disappearing to the couch.

“...Mind helping me out with a reservation, ohohoho~” Discord replies, Spike groaning in irritation.

Author's Note:

HOOOLLLLYYY CRAP, sorry this too so long! There was some issues that I'm not going to get into, but hooray the chapter is up!

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