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Me and my best friend were watching T.V while some crazy people were burning a house in the distance. We just sat there until I appeared in a black void, and was greeted by the old Royal scientist, from Undertale, himself. After conversing with him for a bit, he offered me a deal, and I took it. Now I have to help him in an experiment, an experiment that'll help him escape his prison. Now that I think about it, I probably should have considered the fact that over 100,000,000,000 people felt like refusing said deal. But come on, how bad could it possible be? I mean, the dude was thoughtful enough to give me the ability to use Monster magic, though having a monster's body in a human populated world might be a problem. Especially since I'm not the first one here, nor the first person to take Gaster's deal.

I probably should have stated this earlier, but this isn’t a Displace Story. That being said, that’s only at the moment. That could change in the future, but at the start, I never intended for it to be Displace. Though I can see how people could make that mistake.

EDIT: On the matter of whether or not Manny is a displace.

EDIT 2: It’s really important to read about the Save Points when considering a crossover. Please click the link after reading the one before this.

Edit 3: After a lot of thinking, I decided I’m not gonna include this in the whole Displace thing. It would be too difficult to keep track of what the non-canon did and experienced in other stories.

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Comments ( 288 )

To clarify, this will be called a CONFLICT as I don't think it has a name.

Actually, it does have a name. it's called a BATTLE, so you were close.:twilightsmile:

Actually I decided to look up a video and see how Toriel explained it, apparently she said it was called a FIGHT.

(The first 9 seconds)

Thanks for pointing out the initial error I made in explaining it though, completely forgot about it.


No problem, but I guess We were both wrong. :twilightsheepish:

Actually, you're both right in a way, both "Conflict" and "Battle" mean to fight, but in a different way.

True, but I’m trying to keep the explanation close to the game. Since Toriel said it was called a fight, and since she’s basically apart of the tutorial, it just seems correct to take her word for it.

Asgore's guards are better than Celestia's.

One of Asgore’s Guards is so determined to do her job, that she’s able to achieve something that should be impossible for her race.

Not to mention he has The Great Papyrus, which is an instant win over Celestia’s Guard, which doesn’t have him.

While I can’t confirm or deny that (actually it’s well within my power to do so, but I’d rather wait until the right chapter), Are you talking about the mysterious boss or the one who woke up in the strapped bed?

Ok, out of curiosity, what makes you think it’s Betty?

Most likely candidate when all you have to go on is they have hair that is apparently ‘not black’ and they seem to have an inclination towards eating souls.

That’s fair, it’ll be awhile before I actually confirm or deny that, but I’ll keep your comment in mind.

What is? Or do you mean the chapter in general?

Yes the story and the chapter in general . All of the story in the end become espelly interesting leaving me with lots of questions

I guess Many or something wished to happen witth emotion relif from the wound and it happed .

Second maybe when if he learn to write in local language may try to say the name Gaster withought Glichy murkness or should be .

Third Sunset Shimmer is crass painfully honest JERK WITH HIGHT POSSIBILITY TO BECOME A BULLY .
The steps of Darth Vader because it is less likely to have any help being ABSOLUTE MANIPULATIVE JERK the only thing shoud be fear or dislike .
That Jerk should not deserve power up when is not acting like jerk or ...

Sunset Shimmer is/was is currently and the original timeline definition of asshole bully manipulative scheming witch,until she learned her lesson .
-What would happen this time ?

I did not heared what she told about those magicc lessons .

The EQG atmosphere is somethg like a magic isulating sockand with much lesser amount of that mystical energy and to puncture trought that is neesed really A LOT OF POWER but that happened in other universe .

Who and
what was that creature in bed with tons of sedatives or injections and what exactly did to be kept this way.

Did it just incapitate or killed the guards or only the one guard. I know that she got the memories of that guard but did shegot um... stronger with that human soul . even just one human soul should increase the capacity of being living battery and durability .
And again why that creature was restrained at the first place . from that describtion is some sort of monster race but nothing else .

And beside that W D Gaster is observing with his mind spread throught the multiverse suspecting the void as a middle part trought the multiverse like glue and some thing thhere are pretty frightening but how his messanger/test subject human turned to monster kind is connected . is it because of the same substance of the void or more stabilising anchor across themultiverse gaster could manifest ...only trought his messanger ?

And finaly what are your plans for their future ?

Usualy when it consernes the name to say Gaster needs extreme focus to hear it between the hight extremely vorped warped sound at very slow motion to get sense what is even talking withought reading what it says .

Heck in one video I bearly had to strain my ears to hear Hello from the mought of Gaster .

The things about Gaster and his connection or influence maybe is a bit bigger in some way . But making a gate is much difficult from whatever is it than having a anchor point .

So Many has healing magic huh?
Let's see the potential abouth that ...
1 In advanced form could be either healing power increase
2 or drain health ,maybe drain mana or mistical energy or maybe stamina , drain energy turn it to mana or health maybe similar to vampire attack because (draining of something) if he chose
as healer could do it in both ways ,

3 maybe focus what want to heal
and may end with healing the wrong
or sickness creating things which could do sickness ,create cancer or cancerous like growing flesh if he wish or dangerous side version , hmm like Panacea powers from Worm the comic

, maybe as part kindness maybe could create shields , solid constructs with enought density if those could be shaped beside defaoult either unkown , .

Currently Many is weaker than glass canon . And is not even a glass canon just uncountious healer currently .
Making him that frail .

Well those are possible aplications dangers depending what would happen onece he grasp how to do it . and also how to use it in combat .
oh now to tink of it the human from undertale had about as much HP as Froggit from begining , but in moster body even more frail body even with more Hp the density as you describe is lesser giving that durability as you describe .

And I relatively understand that mumbo jumbo with that analisis .

In order:

1: Like Gaster said, one Monster might excel at doing something another Monster would struggle doing. Manny simple just has a nack for healing, but can’t use it on command yet. But yea, that’s basically what happened.

2: Gaster is more connected to this world than he’s willing to say, so that universe is blocking his name. But with Manny’s new connection to Gaster, there’s enough of a connection to allow Manny to at least say Gaster’s name in Wingdings, though uncontrollably. Only those closely connected to Gaster in some shape or form can say or understand his name.

3: This is before the first Equestria Girls move, so she’s going to act like she did before Twilight arrived. Though she will eventually warm up to Manny, but at the moment she still has the whole “I’m better than you” attitude. Manny (and by extension, Gaster) will have an effect on her to be sure, for better or for worse will have to be seen. But the lesson she’ll learn will hit closer to home than in the original timeline.

4: As for the magic lessons, imagine a brainiac noble girl trying to teach a normal country guy something the country guy has zero experience and knowledge in, there’s a VERY big lingo barrier between them.

5: This version of the Equestria Girls world is very different, magic has been around for a while, but the average human doesn’t know that. The reason will be explained later.

6: That’s going to be explained much later, though I’m curious if anyone can guess who to what the creature is before I reveal it (assuming of course, if the correct answer hasn’t already been said)

7: Oh that dude’s dead, when I released that chapter, I immediately added the death tag. The creature definitely got benefits from eating the SOUL (which will be explained), but the full potential of the SOUL will be hard to unlock. As for the number of guards, there are other guards around, but Traffic was basically a sacrificial pawn. The boss would have definitely promoted him if he had beaten the creature (at the time said creature barely had the strength to walk at the time and had a tracking device, so it was well in Traffic’s favor), but the boss knew Traffic well enough to not be worried.

8: That’ll be explained later, let’s just say after a certain incident, Gaster is keeping some things to himself until he feels he can trust Manny enough.

And finally 9: This is basically a game of chess, with Manny being Gaster’s King piece playing against an unknown player and King. That’s just a simplistic way of putting it, it’s much more complicated, but that’s the general idea.

The focus could be if it is using dark energy thee best is desperation and fear maybe desperation
if it is light is love devotion , That should give more potency of the ... spells beside just thinking something . even if comes from the hearth and mind not ego .


Dear Manny

As I'm sure you've noticed, your appearance barely changed at all. That's because I decided that keeping your appearance as close to human as possible would allow you to adjust easier to that world. That being said, it might change over time, depending on what you do. As for your new magic. It's simple in concept, but hard in practice. You see, your SOUL is located in your chest. Try to feel it, the very culmination of your being. Feel it resonate with your will, but don't force it. Let it guide your magic into the proper form, it knows you better then you know yourself. Every Monster has an affinity for certain types of magic. You may be able to use forms of magic that you don't have an affinity for, but it's best to consult the SOUL on which path is the best starting point for you.


Let me clarify this as I was trying to write it like I think he would say it. This is basic stuff to Monsters, so he didn't take into account that Manny wouldn't understand it.


Dear Manny

As I'm sure you've noticed, your appearance barely changed at all. That's because I decided that keeping your appearance as close to human as possible would allow you to adjust easier to that world. That being said, it might change over time, depending on what you do. As for your new magic. It's simple in concept, but hard in practice. You see, your SOUL is located in your chest. Try to feel it, the very culmination of your being. Feel it connect with your heart and put you feelings into it, but don't force it. let you emotions shape your magic, don't try to fight or push your emotions down. Every Monster has his, her or their own strengths when using magic. You may be able to use forms of magic that you don't have an affinity for, but when first learning, just let your emotions take over.


Translation: His magic will take different forms depending on the situation. If he feels strongly that he wants something to heal, that's the shape his magic will take. If he wants to hurt someone, his magic will take the form of something that can hurt someone that's most connected to him. (at the moment, I'm still trying to narrow down what specific form that is) like how 'friendliness pellets' are connected to flowey or how bones are spears are connected to Undyne. Right now, he's at the complete mercy of his emotions. Meaning, he could try to heal someone, but if he's upset at someone or something at the time, he'll only end up hurting the person he's trying to heal, even if they aren't the focus of his bad mood. Think of Raven from the original Teen Titans, except at the moment, he can't use magic without emotions. Though things like teleportation will require him to think a lot (assuming he can even teleport, that is, only Sans is shown to be able to teleport in the game, so its not exactly a common ability).

Did you edit your comment, or did I just forget some of your questions? If you edited it, then it would be better to just post another comment next time you have more questions. If I wasn’t checking the comments for anything I missed, I wouldn’t have been able to catch the change unless it was pointed out.

10: Only specific people can hear Gaster and understand his name.

11: Sounds like an interesting video.

12: I’ll admit you’re close, but I can’t explain it yet.

13: His magic will grow and change over time, though whatever shape it take, we’ll have to see.

14: The abilities for SOUL traits are still being decided, but I’ve decided on a few (though just the lower levels of the actual traits). Perseverance will be touched on in the next chapter.

15: He’s not exactly a glass canon, just not as durable as most other boss Monsters.

16: He’ll definitely have to keep his fragility in mind if he wants to survive. There’s other factors working against him, but that will be touched upon later.

17: Well I just wanna be clear in case that wasn’t the case.

Now that clears it out . Happy emotions and the closest person association .
If it is bad emotion like anger
I suspect Healing would unvoluntary hurt by the random ways with unwanted compications .

But if Many is desperate to help and heal would it heal or affect positively ?
if it is desperate to help and upsed would it still be able to heal ?

And finally first those were the qestions I had than based of them got other , until refining to the last question .

Good question, it would heal the target as much as Manny could, but it would cause Manny to involuntarily use way more magic then necessary. The sudden drain could (at worst but most likely) cause him to either fall down and be unable to move or cause him to black out for an unknown amount of time. Basically, desperate magic usage will cause him to uncontrollably use more magic then necessary in order to achieve whatever he needs (assuming he has enough magic to even achieve it in the first place).

Truncated or...?


I-I clicked on the wrong button and didn’t realize until now, please ignore and forget that, I’d really appreciate it.

So Cold Traffic provably is monster race or hybrid , those soul chains ... could be idea from Naruto soul chains . Batle usage whip or if it is with sharpened end a spear blade . or immobilising .
So the soul chains absorb the ...magic/soul trait ,similiar again to Kushina's chains
So it can choos e whatever or not absorb the soul trait ot could be depending if it consider like enemy or ally . So can Absorb with the chains , is it other way beside that ?
(The unpleasant thing is They did it prodding withougt it's/her knolidge with their research .

(, reminds me of Perservence which could be basicly COPY CAT .)

The ability "checking the souls is possible like the judge had it " beside night vision ,detect/see life , detect/see soul

So can Absorb with the chains , is it other way beside that ?
Canceling phisical pain can be useful for example like magic anestesia , but could also hide how much damage it did , I forgot about phantom pain that could be distraction and ilusion ,especially effective would be with illusion

Taking emotion pain is a healer trait unless if it can cause emotion pain ,

Is SHE a good charecter ? She reminds me of victim !

That was actually just a coincidence, I honestly forgot about the Naruto chains. As for the battle aspects, that’s the general idea of it, yes. As for what Trafic was, what makes you think he’s a Monster or hybrid? Not confirming or denying it, just curious.

"You're right…I guess…." She finally conceded, for now at least. "But I will find out what happened to her, even if I have to search all of Equestria or beyond this country!" She says with a smile. The concerning part about that is, I know her well enough that I knew she could and will actually pull that off.


'……I'm sorry…I can't let you throw yourself in danger for somepony who might already be long gone, especially if Discord's journal was right about those bloodthirsty creatures in that world. It's better to let trained professionals handle something like this, I hope they find something on her whereabouts soon.' I think to myself.

Not too bloodthirsty and not all .

Depends of the time line. UNDINE MADE A SECOND WIND AS ONE WING ANGEL. Metaton... Alphis maybe fought, next is the judge and finally was ASGORE, Than goes even Flowey trying to awake the... Doer and than... Nothing exept the condemned and the price.

I'm confused.

Now is that school safe enough.
How would those in school react?

The danger of becoming familiar!

What are you confused about?

Yes the school is safe, at the moment the mysterious organization doesn't have a reason to get aggressive with Manny and Equestra Sunset. As for everyone's reaction, given the fact that Equestra Sunset Shimmer is going with the alias Abbey Osric, they'll just assume that the two just look identical and sound similar, save for Eris, Luna, and Celestia (remember, this is still a MLP alternative timeline, so the people there won't catch on as well as someone from our world would. Of course that's only gonna go so far). Right now the organization is just observing, and as long as human Sunset doesn't seem to be in direct danger, the organization won't see a need to make Manny and Sunset 'disappear', if you catch my drift.

There's definitely danger, but at the moment, no one is completely aware of it, not even Gaster, the agency or the organization.

Oh. I assumed the worst.
Soo Celestia in EQG is fine something like the guiding hand of Dumbelledore.
The College there is now similar to wizardy college? Still in the cloud of WIERDNESS is safe.

And the rest of the people are fine.
That is good.

There was still suspicion from the locals and the MLP representatives making the situation confusing way too much and just I got afraid and confused generally .

How it goes further? My ideas are blank. I'm speechless.
I need some developmened.

At least it's safe there. And Sunset Shimmer the run away is behaving...
Better meaning the brown points so Manny is having good influence.

I suppose comparing Celestia to Dumbelledore is accurate enough. Her only goal is to get the students in a better mindset for magic. Of course, she can’t be to direct in her methods.

As for Sunset, yes Manny (and by extension Gaster) is a good influence. That being said, remember, Sunset came to that world for one single purpose. And she’s got the attention of some very bad people. And Sunset is still a very influential, it’s up to her whether she takes Manny’s words to heart, or if she’ll chose a darker path. And it’s up to Manny to be a good influence for her. Remember, he’s still a Monster in a world full of Humans, and he doesn’t have Papyrus’ mindset.

I didn't said Manny as Papyrus even if it is close to, it is one of the better parts a human mind could offer.

Even if Manny technicly could be considered sort of pretty Good person bordering Priest and saint.
Even if it is not Papyrus level but close enough.

I know you didn’t, I was just using him as an example. What I was trying to say was: Unlike Papyrus, Manny’s belief isn’t unshakable, so Manny will have to have enough determination to stay true to his ideals.

I pointed that weak point and why it is a weak point

Law order or corrupted order reminds me of Chaos disguised as it's oposite but in control of the result giving impression of Order branch.

"Depends on what we learn about them. If they're useful, manipulate them into working with us long enough to fully gain any benefits they could offer. And if they're not, we can still use their bodies for any projects you might have. I heard you and Rosary were having a fight about some big project you were working on, maybe this 'Manny' would be useful for whatever it is. And my lookalike could act as a scapegoat for the future if I ever mess up to badly, or a second body if I really mess up." Sunset said with a thoughtful look. The man nods in approval.

That would be a TECHICAL irony in literal sense just what the name says, but if the note book for healer appear that should be pretty pricy because it affected pretty wide parts of multiverse in basic princibles.

The question is what are the plans for that organisation or whatever in That university.

What is the need for those bodies.
Healer should be... Seeked aways more for obvious reason.

That’s up in the air, it depends on where the story goes.

I have an idea for the book, it’ll be safe. Also what is technically irony?

I can’t really say what they are.

At the moment, all they know about Manny is that he has horns, and is with someone who they think only looks like Sunset. And even if they knew about Manny’s healing magic, right now he’s barely considered a genuine healer, he has a long way to go before they take notice of his healing abilities (even if he’s had more accidental success than most upstarts who know what they’re doing). He’s not the only healer, he just has a knack for it.

This was my thought process for the name:
Order is normality, Law is absolute. Order is encouraged to be followed, Law is enforced to be followed. Order has the choice, Law doesn’t without punishment.

Weak point?

I think the weak point was basically hiding in the strange when unusual things are seen as normal events.

Which may be overlooked in the every day strange.

Which meant the riddle I said before.

I don't know much of tat EQG university about need for bodies or MANIKENS And the name of Many is the Name Maniken which is technicly irony.

The average person doesn’t know about the strange events, as far as the average person knows, Magic and magical creatures don’t exist. Only magical creatures, organization members, and the agency know about magic (not including Manny, Sunset and Gaster) in that world. The only way they’d be able to blend in, is if they weren’t causing any strangeness.

She meant that if something where to happen to her body, human Sunset could take Equestria Sunset’s body and upload her consciousness and SOUL into it. Basically she’d have an extra life. If you’ve seen Rick and Morty, think of Rick’s project Phoenix, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend looking it up.

And Manny wouldn’t be a manikin, he’d be in the same (or similar) situation that ??? is in. Basically another test subject.

I see. About the bodies.

Unless if the strange events appear way more often
in open
than is Better not to reveal in public.



The Organization Seems more treathening
And??? Reminds me of evil stronger shadow of Many. If the plan is to take the body and other one is on the driver seat

Right now ??? is still in the testing phase, she doesn't have a set path outside of the experiment. As far as she knows, she hasn't killed anyone (she doesn't know that the weird glowing heart she ate was a SOUL). Whether or not she's good or evil, as long as she's on borrowed time, she doesn't have a real choice. If she is able to get rid of the mind control, then she can decide what her true alignment is.

Btw, human Sunset only made the suggestion, what makes you think ??? has any ties to Manny?

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