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Long has it been the duty of the chosen Undead and Ash to Link the Fire, and keep the flame alive with their sacrifice. But now that this Sentinel has fulfilled his duty, what more lies beyond the Kiln? New horizons await in a distant land filled with strange magical creatures that he has never seen.

First story on Fimfiction! Been a while since I wrote anything, hope you like it.
Update: I have decided the story will take place before the end of Season 7.
[Featured on the Front Page, 11/26/18] UM, I HIT THE FRONT PAGE, THANKS GUYS :pinkiegasp:
[Featured on the Front Page, 11/25/19] Less than an hour after updating and it's back in the feature box :pinkiegasp: MyThanks.jpeg

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color me interested! good luck with your future writings!

Well this is an interesting start, let us keep an eye on this.

Glad to hear it!

My Thanks! I plan to continue this for some time, I could use the good luck.

Please, do. I hope that the rest of the story interests you just as much.

Oh thank GOD, a language barrier. I always love a good language barrier. Seeing how it is over come is one of the funnest parts of HIE stories.

This was featured fairly quickly, and for damn good reason. Liked, faved, and stared at impatiently for the next chapter to devour.

Interesting use of Philomena as a device to transport our hero to Equestria. Does that mean every other time an Undead/Ash has chosen to link the flame, they've been sent to Equestria? If no, there's some magic fuckery going on here, and methinks it'll play a role in the story.

Thank you for more Dark Souls pony stuff. I will take it as a personal gift.

It was featured?? Wha- huh?!? Where??

I think one of my favorite stories to feature a language barrier between humans and ponies was this one, Arrow 18, shown to me by a good friend of mine, God_of_Awesome.

There is a chance that our hero may or may not meet up with some previous chosen or champions, but I will say that he isn't the only thing that came from a different world and is now in Equestria.

Well, early christmas gift for both of us in that case, I am more than happy to keep delivering.

This looks amazing so far.
love how descriptive your writing is.

Dark souls
The most frustrating game ever since i played it
Watched waaay too much memes about it XD

"Let me go and get Fluttershy, she'll know what to do."

She does remember what happened last time, right? It would have been better to call Dr. Fauna.

My Thanks! That's actually the first time someone has complemented the descriptiveness of my writing; usually that's the thing I'm lacking most in. I will give you :ajsmug:/:twilightblush:

Personally, I don't think Dark Souls is annoying, save for a few select instances in the series. Definitely seen too many memes about it as well *parry king*

Glad you think so! That's actually my favorite of the two Fire Link Shrine themes.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the later half of season 8, so I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to? Unless it's something from a previous season, that I just don't remember.

I love it , great work! , I hope your planning on making this a long fic cause is good AF

Intrigued. Happy to see this crossover. Hopeful it will see completion. :3

Wanderer D

I'm curious where you're going with this, although it strikes me as unusual that Celestia's first instinct is to consult Twilight's gang. Most of them are basically useless when it comes to actually knowing anything relevant to this situation. Twilight I see doing some research, but "Must consult the Elements of Harmony" is a bit of an odd leap of logic.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the fic, how the chosen one was struggeling with himself with the dilemma as to what he should do, and asking himself the very question so many before him have asked themselves, is there any worth in sacrificing yourself for a dying race and keeping up the endless cycle of sacrefice and pain.

When Fluttershy first met Filomina, she had no idea Pheonixes existed. Fluttershy nearly had a stroke when she burst into ashes.

107 likes on NO dislikes
This story is gonna be good

Looks interesting do far, hope you stick close to the lore. Also I'm a bit put off on how celestia handled that situation, it felt a bit robotic.

Once more a crossover between two of my favorite things (Soulsborne and My Little Pony specifically) has begun and once more I must squee in anticipation. It doesn't hurt my desire to see this story through to the end that not only is everything given excellent detail, but both sides of the story feel as they should be. The Ashen One's lamentation over what he has sacrificed and has yet to sacrifice to light the fire, or even whether it's even worth it to prolong the Age of Dark is exactly as thoughtful and somber as it should be. On the other hand prior to Philomena's unexpected use as a Bonfire (I imagine she's going to be punch drunk for a while, I doubt that was one of her intended purposes) I got a genuine chuckle at Celestia's exasperation in dealing with an endless throng of petty requests from the nobility of Canterlot and Discord's usual mischief.

I think what I am most excited to see is just how else Equestria and Lothric are about to entangle, ESPECIALLY depending on what choices this particular Ashen One made during his journey. For example, did he do what I did and give himself fully over to Hollowing for a few easy levels, therefore running the risk of the Curse of the Dark Sign beginning anew in Equestria? Did he venture beyond Lothric to the Painted World of Arianna and the Ringed City? Honestly just the idea of having any of the darkness of the Ashen One's world find it's way into a land as comparatively tranquil as Equestria is ripe for possibilities. I'm just hoping the lack of a Tragedy tag means we won't see our beloved ponies be put through TOO much of an ordeal...

Oh who am I kidding, they are ROYALLY screwed :twilightoops:

I've never play that game before but I can tell this is very interesting.

I do plan on making this story as long as I can, without the use of too much fluff or chaff to virtually extend it's length.

I couldn't be happier than when I see people happy. I refuse to let this idea die; if you start something, see it through to the end.

True, it was a bit of a leap. It's mostly for threat assessment, since she got so close and got jump scared, almost like in Irithyll Dungeon; better to have them and not need them, rather than not have them and need them.


It's something I like to roleplay a lot when running through the game. Very rarely do I make decisions that aren't "in character". Glad you liked how I've presented the character so far.

Oh yes, now I remember. Discord probably just assumed that she was experienced enough to handle an animal that was in pain, or have something to help. She will likely check on Philamena's condition, after/if she reforms, before heading to the dungeon.


I plan to stick close to Dark Souls lore, as I understand it, with only a few tweaks here and there to make it work in Equestria. I am also not super proud of how I wrote the second half of the prologue.

Again I am praised for my detail! I'm pretty sure I'm actually blushing :twilightblush: . I am so glad I could deliver something that has so many people excited, and I'm glad to hear that it sounds like you'll stick around until the end!

Yet again I am glad to see people share my enjoyment of the astounding weight of that choice; unless one had nothing else to lose, Linking the Fire seems to high a price to pay.

I'm glad that someone else got a chuckle out of the court scene. I'm not exactly proud of it, but I figured it might get a few laughs.

You're fairly close with your guess about his run in with the sorcerer of Londor, and the Painted World of Ariandel, but this particular Champion of Ash has never visited the Ringed City. I suppose we'll have to wait and see if anything else may have slipped through to Equestria, however.

Oh, and I may or may not be finished tagging this story; there are things that have yet to come to pass that may warrant additional tags.

I'm just amazed there's such a good image of a pony Soul of Cinder out there.

On a related note to my comment before, I wonder how the Equestrians will react to news of the cycle of Fire & Dark. Will they be horrified? Will they turn their questions inward, wondering what decision they would make when forced to choose? This has to be why I love the Dark Souls series so much. There's so much room for personal interpretation and roleplay. For example, in my recent replay of DS 2 SotFS, I finally paid attention to what Aldia says. That the cycle is naught but an illusion, covering up the chains that man is bound with. And yet, the illusion is peaceful, and people are able to be happy, even if only for a little while. What would the mane 6 do? Shatter the illusion, break the chains that shackle them, and in return lose themselves to the unknown? Or would they continue their almost idyllic peace, content to live their lives by the motto, "ignorance is bliss." Lovely series Dark Souls is, but sometimes it gives me conniptions.

Cover image is misleading... I thought he would be reborn as a pony. Still good though, can't wait to see what happens next. Like is Philomena dead? Is the creature bonded mentally with her? Does he get transformed into a pony by the elements? Does the Ashen One fight to escape the dungeon like in DS1? Who knows what will happen?!
Also How often do you plan on updating this? daily, weekly,monthly...semi-annually.... yearly......
All in all, I have high hopes for this story!

Hey this is really good, hope to see an update soon!

Will there be shipping in this awesome fic?

inb4 he updates on a tri-yearly basis, with only one chapter per update, no more than 2.5k words.

I'm glad you've taken an interest~

To be honest, so was I. This was one of the first images I found on google image search :twilightblush:

That was something I was considering as well, but haven't given a whole lot of thought to as of yet. I'm very sorry to admit this, but I haven't actually finished Scholar of the First Sin yet, though I've seen most of the bosses through speed runs. I'm sure that the ponies would chose to live in reality, after having dealt with Discord's nonsense long enough though.

Who knows? He might turn into a pony :rainbowderp:
Patience, friend, all will be revealed in time. As for when I intend to update this story...

Don't tempt fate; the last story I wrote was over 10 years ago. Though, I do plan on updating this regularly. One could say I'm... almost done with the next chapter already :twilightsmile:

Thanks! As I said, I'm almost done with the next chapter, so you'll be getting your wish soon enough.

I've had some ideas, but I'm leaning towards yes. At the very least some light flirting~

I definitely think you should give SotFS a run through. While not as good as 1 or 3 imo, it still has a pretty good story to tell, and Aldia has quite the imaginative view on the cycle, along with the rest of the cast. The gameplay is less good imo (looking at you ADP and AGI), but it's still recognizable as a Souls title.

I used to think rather poorly of DS2 because of how different it was; the running, the way weapons were held and swung, the way the stats and infusions worked. However, after giving it a second chance, and having someone to point me in a general direction, I actually found that I liked the Power Stance mechanic immensely, and I generally dislike dual wielding. Once a get around to playing it, maybe in between chapters of this story, I can get a better understanding of the lore that came from this game.

Not to mention the DLC bosses are some of the best in the game, and even the series as a whole

I really wouldn't know, but I'll take your word for it.

Well I’m really proud that your story manage to make front page I have a bit of advice for you as well.

Be.Super.Carefull :trixieshiftleft:

This is Dark Souls man. This is the game that everyone to die hard gamers to talentless hacks point to and say “this is one of the best games ever”.

Now I’m not saying there right to do so but I’m almost CERTAIN that what ever you do or whatever you write SOMEONE will be mad.

Other than that just have fun I guess. Personally I could care less where it leans so long as you learn from and enjoy writing it!
Happy hunting! Oh, try to remember to avoid swords while you’re at it:moustache:

This is the beginning? AAWEE COME ON! :applecry:
Nonetheless this is a very GREAT start.
I'm looking forward to it :pinkiehappy:

[Keep us Posted, out!] :rainbowdetermined2:

I do greatly appreciate the advice! I am one of those die hard fans who loves the series to death, and has played the first and third games to death, and while I do think very highly of the games and series as a whole, I know they are flawed. I do also appreciate the reminder that, no matter how hard I try, I can never please everyone. I definitely intend to have fun with this story, and I'll be sure to dodge roll through swords :twilightsmile:

Oh yes, this is just the beginning. I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much, and are looking forward to more!

The worst part of this story is that I've started when there's only one chapter...

Keep 'em coming! :rainbowdetermined2:

I feel you man, I've done that with a lot of stories.

*Insert misspelling of Dunkey meme here*

Just wait for actual character interaction, your mind's gonna get blown.

I'm afraid to ask what kind of tags are yet to be added given how notorious Dark Souls is for being, er, dark...I swear that sounded better in my head. :facehoof:

But yes I can make peace with the fact that things are going to go SPECTACULARLY wrong once things start rolling, and I am grwatly excited to see what happens. I'm just hoping we don't lose too many of our little ponies....or you know Spike either :twilightsheepish:

Front page with the first chapter of your first story. Well done. Add that it is extremely well written so far and you have yourself a jewel.

But I will lay down some constructive criticism and say be careful with your pacing. Many stories start out amazing but due to feeling rushed and plot points being solved too fast, and a story once great Falls into garbage. Same with too slow as then it just drags on and on, plot not going anywhere in what feels like endless filler chapters, even if each is important.

I'd like to say you do not suffer from those problems yet. Currently you have a gem of a story that on its first chapter has stayed on the featured page for a few days straight. Keep of the good work and try not to stress. Yes you now have a bar set on you, but go at your own pace and the story will continue on to greatness. Write what you want at the end of the day and just have fun.

A sublime comprehension of Dark Souls lore? Shocking portrayals of animal cruelty resulting from random magic? My current state of abject boredom? When can I have more! All my thumbs are belonging to you!

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