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I'm just a fan of MLP, Touhou, and much more and now for a personal quote. "Inspiration is a fickle thing it’s there when you don’t want it and gone when you need it."


A possible compromise for 'From a Mirror to Canterlot High' · 10:49pm Dec 12th, 2021

So seeing the response to the last couple chapters of my story I've been thinking on a way keep my readers happy and still have crossovers. I've come to the idea that I simply redo Chapters 8-10 and move the current ones to a new story called 'Midna's Meetings' which is where I'll put all of the crossovers Midna has. That one will have no baring on the plot of the main story and mostly be just for fun. Would this work as a compromise? Please let me know so I can get started on either reworking

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