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I'm just a fan of MLP, Touhou, LoL and much more and now for a personal quote. "Inspiration is a fickle thing it’s there when you don’t want it and gone when you need it."


Session 4 · 4:21am Saturday

Well that was fun. I got to piss off the party in a good way! So first the the Wounded came back after being abducted from the party by a group of Succubi maids... now if you think he got lucky... nope. he was used as a dress up doll and his Hexblade weapon Ashlark was laughing at him the entire time. After that the bard NPC party member Lulu went off to see what kind of info on the cult she could find at the Bards college and she told them she'd meet them in Spiritmoor in at least 3 days.

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You're welcome. Got a good chuckle out of the ending.:rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the fave on "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts."

All I know about WoW is from the the game and it's been a few years since I've played it.

I, unfortunately, don't know as much about WoW as I would like so any edits that you could suggest would be helpful.

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