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I just had an idea for a story a guy goes to equestria with the powers of alucard from hellsing ultimate(after he absorbed schrodinger), SCP 682 from the SCP Foundation, Talion from the Middle Earth Shadow of War game, the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel, the seven swords of the mist and rinnegan/eternal mangekyo sharingan from naruto, tessaiga tenseiga and bakusaiga from inuyasha, and the blacklight virus from prototype as well as becomes the king of the everfree forest and changlings. the pairing has to be a harem with chrysalis, eris(female discord), and gaea everfree with anthro or humanized characters. if anyone can co write this with me i would be really grateful because i am not the best writer please contact me

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You can add it through the groups button at the bottom of your story's chapter window, just above the comments and next to the download buttons.

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