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What is Displaced? Well...

A Displaced story is Displaced when a character is "Displaced"(Teleported) from one universe to another, be it by fate, by Discord, a summoning spell in Equestria, or one of the Merchants. While many Displaced stories start with a human visiting a convention while dressed as a fictional character, purchasing the perfect thing needed to complete the costume from a certain Merchant, and finds himself or herself transported to Equestria in the body of whatever he or she was dressed as at the time, this isn't a hard and fast rule.

The only rule on Displaced is that your human character must appear in Equestria, either armed with a fictional weapon/device, or transformed into the body of a fictional/historical character. Of course, there are no rules on which Equestria you end up in, or what Earth your character comes from. This simple mechanism allows for many variations and near-infinite creativity! And unlike other Displaced groups, we don't use nonsensical and poorly-described rules on "Crossovers" as a club to attack new writers. Just write your own story, and do your best. If your friends want to crossover with you, they can.

AUs welcome! New folders can be made for these new Alternate Universes, if you have an original and interesting spin for them.

And now, for a disclaimer on Drama: Conflict is a part of life, and so is learning to handle that conflict maturely. "Drama" is a pointless pissing contest that one person starts with another whether he/she wants it or not, it's when an idiot declares war on you and seeks to slander and harass you, and it has no place here. When conflict arises, handle it maturely and seek to resolve it on your own, but contact a group administrator if things escalate. If someone is harassing you, contact a group administrator so the hammer of bannings can see some action.

1. No harassing writers.
2. No insulting one religion unless you insult at least two others at the same time.
3. If it has sexual content(Suggestiveness/Adult Jokes don't count, on-screen lewd action does), it goes in the NSFW folder. If not, it goes in the regular folder. Violence only lands your story in the NSFW folder if it has excessive Cupcakes-tier torture-scene gore or more. If in doubt, throw it in both.

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Quick question. I now one of my stories fits the displaced definition but I want to know of my other one does as well. Does someone dying and being reincarnated into another world with all their memories as my character in Let the Game Begin does count as Displaced? or is the "Eye of Omens" giving me hope beyond hope? :rainbowhuh:

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