Two Bloodied Hearts

by Kit-San

Two Bloodied Hearts: Chtp: 3 : Three Over-guarded & And The Start of Two Franchises?!


“Yeah yeah whatever, I'm coming!”

Currently, it was a lovely day, though when wasn’t it? The two unofficial siblings were on the road to Sweet Apple Acres, the more brooding of the two not very happy. Though, neither was Flandre what with Chara’s grumpiness.

“Why the hell did you decide to wake me up this early!” Chara asks wiping her eyes tiredly.

“Remember?” Flandre huffs a little bit. “The promise?” She says, floating backwards.

“Oh right the promise, now I understand why Sans hated making promises.” Chara said grumbling as she climbed onto her Gaster Blaster. Flandre rolls her eyes and smiles a little bit as they arrived.

The Apple family, AppleJack, Macintosh and Granny Smith, were set up with three wagon towed Apple Pie filled carts.

The first, easily the largest person around that Chara’s seen, to see them was Big Mac. The towering wall of a man was a heavily built chiseled specimen that looked pretty damn intimidating. However, he wasn’t quite a “body builder mound of testosterone”, but still.

He had pale orange hair that was brushed but still messy. He had green eyes that were surprisingly soft for a man of his build and stature.

He wore a red plaid button open shirt with the long sleeves folded up to his elbows with a white undershirt and some long johns and large boots. He had a strain of wheat in is mouth, and had a bracelet on with sliced green apples as patterns.

Big Macintosh waves to them gently, the air around him screaming gentle giant. Chara wasn't fooled even gentle Giants could be dangerous when angered.

“Ello~!” The old woman says with a small wave to them. The old woman had lost her hair color, so it was just white and put up in a bun. She had a polka dot shirt on with some simple white pants on. “Morn’ Flan’.”

“Morning!” Flandre calls to them. Chara grumbles something and she continues laying on her blaster.

“Sorry Chara, but we need an extra hand.” Mac, of all people, say. “I’ll get yours though out of the barn.” He says. “Remember, Chocolate pie~” Granny Smith joins in the pie.

At The Mention of chocolate pie she suddenly woke up. “Chocolate pie where? Where!?” Chara said her head darting around looking for it.

Applejack chuckles in amusement. “Not till we’re done with our rounds.” She says, patting Chara’s head before looking at Flandre. “Go on inside Flan, Applebloom’s waitin’ on ya.”

“Kay!” The girl says before flying off to the house.

“Let's get this over with so I can get back here and wa- I mean eat my pie” Chara says correcting herself.

“Here you are.” Mac says, pulling a slightly smaller wagon to her. “You all set up, time’s a wastin.”

“Well this was heavier than I expected...” Chara says struggling a little bit with the cart. Before deciding to switch armors to [Asgore's armor] which boosted her strength by a factor of 3 and let her pull the cart with ease though it did give her some golden looking armor with a king's cape.

“Nice.” Granny Smith says, admiring the clothing a little bit before pulling her cart just as easily.

“Thanks it’s a copy of Asgore's!” Chara says with little bit of pride having already absorbed most of the real Chara’s living memories.

“C’mon.” Applejack says as they form a train of carts. Chara falls in step behind Applejack's cart.

As they walked their path, Applejack decided some small talk was in order. “So, Chara how’s the week goin’?” Applejack asks of Chara.

“It's going pretty good especially with practicing with my powers!” Chara says with pride in her voice. Chara figured out how to use most of the useful equipment in her inventory.

Applejack looks back at Chara. “That so, I heard Princess Luna was teaching you and Flandre.” She says to her, smiling and seeming to be distracting herself.

“Well of course best princess would be the one to teach us, besides I think she's one of the only ones who could survive most of the attacks that come with the things in my inventory.” Chara said thoughtfully thinking back on all the deadly attacks that come with her [weapons] and [armor].

She laughs a little bit. “You and Applebloom both.” The cowgirl says.

“What do you mean by me and Applebloom both?” Chara asks with a raised brow.

“You both adore The Moon Princess.” She says, glancing at Chara.

“Well she's got good taste in princesses. Besides Princess Cadence seems more like the big sister type than being a princess, Twilight's too much of a follower of the other princesses and freaks out too easy, and Celestia has made some bad judgement calls that went right only through sheer luck…” Chara says counting off each princess with a finger.

“Ooookaaaay…” Applejack says, not wanting to deal with Chara’s usual brooding.


“These should be pretty easy.” Flandre says as she looks over at a list of chores given to her by Applebloom.

“Yeah, but it’ll go faster with your help Flandre.” Applebloom tell her friend as she starts up the dishes. “Thanks, by the way you didn’t have.”

The two had become good friends during the ‘Twilight Time’ incident. While the blonde had seen her the other several times before, both during school and at the Library, Flandre was busy dealing with her mob of fans and was always off playing so the three didn't get many chances to connect.

And during Twilight Time, Twilight had asked Flandre and Chara to not bother them while they studied.

But thankfully, the incident let them get along even though Flandre couldn’t help them out with her sickness. And Chara wouldn’t help even when Flan asked her to.

“I’ll get started on the fence!” Flandre says, flying off with a small giggle.


“Uh, Applejack? Ya feelin’ alright?” Mac asks his sister when she started to get fidgety.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine!” She says with a hurried tone.

“Did you just feel that your siblings did something stupid or Reckless too?” Chara said feeling fidgety as well.

“U-uh no?” Applejack lies obviously, glancing around. “Not worried at all… Apple Bloom's old enough to take care of herself…”

“Well that's what I just felt, at least I think so?” Chara says taking occasional glances backwards.

The walk went silent for a while before Applejack suddenly turns around and starts walking in the other direction. “Ah’m just goin’ to go take a peek…” She says with an uneasy smile.

“Applejack, we have to complete these here pies.” Granny Smith says, only to be ignored. “Ah, recon we leave her to it? Maybe she’ll learn a lesson on letting go?” Mac just shrugs, not really looking like he wanted to just let it go. Chara soon follows right behind Applejack.

The remaining two apples groaned or sighed a bit before shaking their heads.


“If you and me just wanna sit around and talk to each other all day…” Applebloom says as she and Flandre got on the table.

“We can!” They both finished at the same time, done with their chores early.

Just at that point Chara and Applejack show up, bashing down the door. With Chara looking around for any type of threat. The sudden bashing of the door made the girl yelp and after a demonstration of the Domino effect, both Applebloom and Flandre were covered in chili sauce along with the room.

Applebloom was left with a slight headache from hitting her head and Flandre a burn on her hand after having it land on the still hot stove.

Applejack was the quickest to react, racing over to grab Applebloom, Chara soon doing the same for Flan. “Applejack? Chara?” Applebloom says, seeming okay. “What are you two doing here?”

“We came to check up on you, and ah’m so glad we did!” Applejack says, looking around the mess while Flandre’s burnt hand healed up in a manner of second. “...Wish ah could heal like that…” The redhead says with clear jealousy in her voice and Applejack was inclined to agree.

“Told you that feeling was something happening!” Chara says as she looks over at Applejack with a nod.

“Ah know!” Applejack says with a small laugh. “No way ah’m going to leave my baby sister alone at home!” She says as she nearly chokes Applebloom with a hug.

“What?” Her little sister gaps a bit.

“And I'm not leaving Flan home alone again! She could get sick or get burned or maybe even forget her parasol and go out in the daylight!” Chara ranted, very tempted to pull out a thing of bubble wrap and wrap Flan up with it.

“Eh?” The two sisters said at the last bit.

“Skin condition, don’t worry about it.” Flandre says as she tries to push off Chara.

“Yes, little flan here is highly allergic to sunlight, so no more time outside for you little missy!” Chara said as she actually pulled out some bubble wrap and started wrapping it around Flan, as she started applying times infinity sunscreen on her.

“C-chara!” Flandre yells, wiggling in protest. “Knock it off!” She screams as Applebloom found herself with a helmet on her head.

“Hey Applejack I think it's time we start making this place safe for our siblings!” Chara says with a serious expression looking directly at Applejack ignoring Flans protests.

“Yeah!” Applejack says, though slightly scared of Flandre’s growing wrath.

“Noooo~!” Both Flan and Applebloom cry out.


“SERIOUSLY, A BABY BED!!!???” The whole house shook at Flandre’s roar of identification.

“You're lucky I haven't pulled out the diapers… yet.” Chara says back with her hands on her hips.

“Do that, and you know why Flandre’s the Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil…” She growls dangerously, holding onto the edge of the door that Chara was trying to pry her off of. Applebloom was already put into one, in fact they were expected to share the same bed.

“Come on Flan it's for your own protection!” Chara said switching to the Undying armor and equipping her strongest weapon which just barely gave her the power to pry her off.

“PROTECTION?!” Flandre screeched loudly, flailing madly.

“I swear to God I'm about to pull out the flowey vines!” Chara says warningly, equipping [Flowey’s flower].

“I am not a baby, knock it off Chara!” Was her reply as she struggled in her arms, kicking wildly.

“Well you are baby to me!” Chara said getting tired of this and using Flowey's vines to drag her along.

“I HATE YOU!” Flandre cries out as she dropped in the baby bed, growling loudly.

“You can hate me all you want but I'll always have your well-being in mind.” Chara says trying to suppress the hurt she was feeling. Flandre tries to get out immediately, not tolerating this at all but the vines had been wrapped over the top of it as Chara knew she would try to get out.

Flandre growls before whining like a child and choosing to give up and flop on the bed. “Chara, you’re so mean~!” She cries out childishly.

“And this just proves that you're a baby that needs to be taken care of.” Chara says as she leaves the room going to where Applejack is.

“Hey Chara, mind helping me out with this?” She asks as she wraps some bubble wrap on… everything.

“Sure I'll be happy to, and you're right everything needs to be bubble wrapped.” Chara said pulling out her own bolt of bubble wrap.

Applejack nods and they soon get to work, rapidly baby-proofing the whole house and both rapidly exchanging ideas on how to make the house safer.

About three hours later though, they heard a knock on the door.

“Were you expecting someone Applejack?” Chara asked looking over at said person.

Applejack shakes her head. “Nnnope.” She says before heading over to the door and opening it up. “Oh, heya Twilight!” She greets as she lets Twilight step into the house.

“Don't mind the bubble wrap Twilight!” Chara says as she finishes the latest idea to child-proofing the house.

“Uhm…” Twilight says in high confusion, both at the large amount of Bubble wrap and the fact Applejack was still here. “Applejack, are you finished with the delivery already?”

Applejack laughs a little bit. “I uh forgot something I needed to do. Glad I came back though.” She says before noticing a bag she was holding. “Whats the bag for?”

“Flandre, she forgot some stuff in her excitement.” Twilight explains to her with a small giggle.

“I'll be happy to take it up to her!” Chara said, a little nervous at what Twilight would think about what they were doing, but she thought it was all for Flans protection which made it okay.

Twilight was none the wiser at this and she hands her the bag. “Okay, thank you Chara.” Chara sighed in relief before Twilight spoke up again. “So, why is there so much bubble wrap? Everywhere?” Her voices turns a little bit deadpanny.

“Bubble wrap play time?” Chara asks more than says.

“Actually it was just some prank from a bunch of kids.” Applejack says, thinking quickly and for once pulling off a lie, though still hating it. “But me and Chara have it covered.”

“Yeah it was a prank!” Chara says nodding her head.

“Oh.” Twilight says looking around. “You sure you don’t need help?” She asks the both of them.

“Nope you can go now.” Chara said as she got back to work putting safety plugs in the sockets.

Twilight doesn’t notice this as Chara was behind a wall at this point. “Okay... where are Flandre and Applebloom?” She asks.

“Oh they're up in Apple Bloom's room in bed.” Chara said conveniently not mentioning that the bed was a crib.

“Heh, sharing some stories first before playing?” She asks with a smile before heading the door. “Well, I’ll leave them to it then.” Chara sighed in relief as she headed for the door. “See you guys later.” Twilight says before leaving. Chara heads upstairs before entering Apple Bloom's room.

“Applejack they're gone!” Chara screams out seeing the crib having the bars broken out.

“Whaaat?!” Applejack calls out. “Is the window open?!”

“Yes, yes it is!” Chara screams out looking out the window and seeing the carts gone. “And the carts are gone!”

“The carts?!” Then Applejack gasps. “Chara, there's a note… Oh Celestia no!” Then she busted out of the front door from the sounds of it.

Chara quickly switches to [Sans’ jacket] before teleporting to Applejack and switching back to her [Asgore’s armor]. Applejack raids the barn for a couple seconds before dashing out with a bunch of other crap. “C’mon, I know where they’re going!”

“Lead the way!” Chara shouts, following close behind.


“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Flandre asks Apple Bloom as they traversed about a swamp like area, but with fire plumes erupting from the ground every now and again.

“Yep! Say’s righ’ here!” Apple says as she and her friend pull the cart along together. “We’re goin’ the right way, don’ worry.”

Flandre yelps as a plump of fire sets her skirt on fire and she pats it out as qucikly as possible, her healing restoring her hand pretty easily. “I hope you’re right… hope they don’t have any giant rats or anything like in video games though…”

“Ew.” Applebloom says with a small shudder before they continued on in silence.

That’s when they heard a growl and turned look to see a large mass of fur leap at them with a roar. Applebloom panics while Flandre readies her fists. “Come at me furball!” She yells, meeting it halfway with her flight and pulling out Laevatein.

The Chimera, a beast with a body of a tiger, tail of that of a serpent and head of a goat slapped on growled. “Brave…” The snake comments as it pounces at her, only for her to slide underneath and grab the tail before lifting it.

She spun it around before throwing it into a tree. “Yeah bring it you failed arts and crafts project!” Flandre calls out before yelping and moving out of the way of yet another plume of fire.

“Little brat!”


“This way, they can’t be too far!” Applejack yells out as she gallops through the swamp.

Chara ran right behind her having already switched to [Grillby's vest] giving her minor fire manipulation and immunity to all heat. Then they heard something talk in the distance. “Over there!” Applejack cries out as she jumps a bush. “...What in the sam hill…?”

“Well I didn't expect this to happen I actually expected to have go in fire blazing.” Chara said her left eye twitching.

“Oh hi guys…” Flandre says with a grumpy look at their arrival while Applebloom just gulps a bit with a nervous laugh.

“Who’s the cowgirl and her friend?”

“My other sister and Flan’s unofficial sister…” Applebloom answers from the top of the chimera’s back.

The goat head snorts a bit. “The ones that won’t get off your ba-a-a-ck?” She says with a raised eyebrow and glancing at them with her her turned away.

Chara look at the chimera with glowing red eyes. “Oh what do I see here a chimera that wants to be skinned?” Chara asks with a sickly sweet voice as the flower in her hair glowed.

“Back off.” Flandre was the one to respond. “Aurg, Muse, and Siyth here are just here for a chat.” She says, starting to get fed up with her.

“And from the sounds of it, you two have been treating them like newborns…” The tiger, Aurg, says with an eye roll more than used to such threats. “Take it from three sisters that ALWAYS have to watch each others backs, you don’t baby them.”

“It was for their own protection!” Chara yells out, red Flames actually coming out of her eyes.

The serpent tail snorts. “Yeah, sure.” She says in disinterest. “From the sounds of it, it's more for the greater good or some rubbish like that…”

Chara winces a bit as she has always hated that phrase.“It's nothing like that fucking phrase!” Chara shouts out.

“Sure… Guess trust isn’t part of your family…” Sythe says with a shake of her head.

“Chara, I can take care of myself…” Flandre says with a loud grumble unknowingly her pupils turning into slits and the vermillion red starting to glow slightly.

“No you can't! Remember what happened with Discord, and if you die, you die permanently! You don't have a cheat ability like I do!” Chara says referring to her save and load ability.

“So? That’s literally everyone, you special snowflake.” Flandre points out. “But, you don’t see Twilight lose it over Spike. You don’t see Celestia freak over Luna. You don’t see Rarity freak out over Sweetie Belle…bad example she loses it over dirt or mud...” She couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the last one.

“I just don't want another sibling to die on me or do you not get that!” Chara said having had gone through the memory she was dreading the night before.

Flandre was quiet for a bit. “Yeah I do… but do you not get what your doing is the equivalent to what my sister by blood did to me and locking me in a basement for my ‘protection’... You’re protection is coming at the expense of me being happy…” She says as the tension started to lessen as her eyes returned to normal slowly.

“I can't let you die too…” Chara said quietly to herself.

Flandre surprises her with a hug. “I’m not Asriel, I won’t let myself die.” She says, rubbing Chara’s back. “I won’t die, not with you and everyone else with me to make me smile.”

“Don't make promises you can't keep.” Chara whispers to her just barely keeping herself from crying.

“Try me.” Flandre says back, hugging tighter. “You can trust me.”

“You can't keep a promise like that, no one can… and then I'll be alone again ” Chara Whispers out.

“Chara, look at me.” Flandre says to Chara, making her look at her. “What do you see, a piece of china? Or the Scarlet Devil?”

Chara didn't answer because she honestly didn't know how to answer that. Flandre doesn’t say anything either, waiting on Chara’s answer and when she didn’t, she let go. “Do...Do you really not care how I feel?” She says, starting to tear up.

“I do I want you happy and safe.” Chara says emphasizing the word safe as the memories have already kicked her protective side into overdrive.

“What you're doing isn’t keeping me happy.” Flandre pokes her lightly. “What your doing is locking me away in a dark vault. I can’t be happy in there.” She says seeming to want to joke to lighten the mood a bit, but couldn’t quite figure out how. Chara didn't comment due to actually thinking of making a penthouse inside of a vault for her with enough security that it would make Fort Knox look like a straw house with no locks.

She gets a flick on the forehead. “Stop it, I know what your thinking.” Flandre says. “Doing this won’t make me happy...You’re lying aren’t you, you just don’t want be lonely, my feelings be damned…” There was no anger. “You’re so selfish…”

“I'm not selfish, I'm considerate and protective!” Chara said knowing the protective part was true at least.

A teardrop falls to the ground. “You’re only thinking about yourself, aren’t you?! Why don’t you want me to be happy, did I do something wrong?!” Flandre was starting to cry, get hysterical.

"Shouldn't we...?"

"Let them."

"Jussst be ready..."

“I want you happy Flan and you've done nothing wrong. I'm just a selfish protective child who doesn't want to lose one of the few things they have left.” Chara Whispers were only Flandre can hear.

“Can you just… protect me in the old fashion way, not like… a hovering Toriel and more like a Sans?” Flandre says, using her limited knowledge on Undertale as she starts to get a hold of herself unsteadily. Chara giggles a little at the odd if not completely accurate analogy. “Casual, but protecting me from a distance?” Flandre continues.

“Yea that sounds like Sans… okay I'll protect you from a distance but anyone who hurts you is going to have a very bad time ” Chara says and her eyes glowed brightly at the last three words.

“...From you, or from me?” She jokes, pulling out Lavetein again from thin air and twirling it. The chimera flinches a bit, seeing it causing Chara to raise an eyebrow. “I threw it at them once.”

“It hurt.” All three heads said in a deadpanned tone but the Tiger had to laugh a bit. It was oddly entertaining having a throw down like that.

“Oh boo hoo you got a bump on your head, come back when you eat some buttercups then talk to me about pain.” Chara says with a deadpan.

They all growled a bit with a roll of their eyes. “Well, we better get g-o-o-o-ing.” The goat says.

“See ya next week Flandre.” Augre said with a slight gesture of her paws.

“Bye!” Flandre says with a wave as they start leaving the group.

Applejack looks to Applebloom before tossing away a helmet she brought and hugged her sister. “I think ah got some pies to deliver… and some grounding you need to do.”

“Aw!” Applebloom whines.

“That reminds me Flan, you get some grounding to!” Chara says with an overly Happy Tone.

“Oh c’mon Chara, that's not funny at all!” Flandre complains to her chara but Chara smirks in response as she continues on.

-----Episode end-----

-----Episode start-----

“Chara, can you put that box over there?” Twilight asks as she organizes some books carefully in their boxes from inside of her booth. “Yes, right there.”

“Are we done now Twilight, can I go set up my booth?” Chara asks as she looks at Twilight after she places the box of books.

Flandre pokes Chara. “Our booth?” She corrects before setting up some books for a display.

“Yes yes, our booth.” Chara says waving Flan off. This makes her giggle a bit and roll her eyes as a wing twitches, making her crystals jingle a bit.

Twilight also couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Well, you two go off and set up then.” She says, floating some books over. “I can take it from here, let me know if you need some help though!” Chara just waves her off as she went to set up their booth.

Chara brought out over 100 figurines from Undertale with her own common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and ultra-rare with their own little title and pamphlet. The only character that any experienced Undertale fan would notice missing would be herself . The only reason she even had all of this was because Luna took time out to help her, and she even went as far to enchant them to play their theme songs and quotes from the game.

Flandre nearly dumped all of her figures, each one being a different Touhou character from what she told Chara. She had set a Rarity system for the figurines, so she made more of some of the characters while some were more rare. Mostly because of their different and numerous theme songs.

They were in different poses to match their personality, and like Chara’s they played their theme songs, up to three since more than three quarters of the character had more than one theme song. She even set it up so that they gave a random quote with her voice being used as a template, having Twilight tweak the voices.

She overdid it a fair bit, making about 70 commons, 54 Uncommons, 21 Rares, 10 Super Rares, and only 2 Ultimate Rares. Of course there were some repeats, like she had made two Cirnos, but that was part of the plan. The tiles they stood on had prints of their most powerful and beautiful Danmaku pattern at the top and bottom.

And around the sides was their name and their title.

Finally, each tile was in a different color, depending on the rarity and the names would be in the figurines eye color and possible formatted with their elements or personality, such as Marisa’s name being decorated with stars.

“So I think we're finally open for business!” Chara happily.

Flandre claps a bit in excitement, bouncing a bit as she sets up some Rares for display, one was a wolf girl by the name of Momiji Inubashiri “The Watch”, one by the name of Kogasa Tatara “The Kaaba” and another Patchouli Knowledge “Mage of the Scarlet Devil Mansion”.

Above that, the two ultra rares, Marisa Kirisame “The Ordinary Magician” and Reimu Hakurei “The Lazy Shrine Maiden”. There were copies of the two, put into their own separate bags.

Chara herself set up an ultra rare on display in the form of the absolute god of hyperdeath Asriel Dreemurr in all his glory with a little sign in front saying “Not for trade only for exhibit” along with one for each Rarity. Monster kid being the most common, Undyne being super rare, pacifist run Sans being rare, and lesser dog being uncommon. Chara and Flan had both put the rest of their figurines that they were trading in little bags that were not see through.

“I wonder how much of a hit they’re going to be.” Flandre ponders with stars in her eyes. “This is going to be so much fun!”

“You know it, but if it does take off I'm glad we left our characters out.” Chara says someone started coming up.

“Uh. Yeah.” Flandre says with a smile, having already made her character.

After about five minutes, a young boy comes over and looks over at the figurines. “Wow, these look awesome!” He says, looking at the Marisa and Asriel figurine. “Do you make these?” He asks.

“Yep, we both made our own but we did have a little help!” Chara says with pride puffing her chest out a bit.

“Can I have one from both of you? What should I get you?” He asks with excitement.

“I honestly don't know.” Chara says with a shrug, not really wanting anything except chocolate maybe.

“For one, I bet Chara wouldn’t mind some chocolate.” Flandre giggles a bit while rolling her eyes a bit. “Why don’t you just go and get whatever and we’ll decide?” She says, hand supporting her head with her elbow on the table.

The boy nods before running off. “...Think he’s a little too excited with my characters?” Flandre says, noticing that he was eying Marisa a lot during the conversation.

“I wouldn't be surprised.” Chara says with the deadpan as she puts her arm on the table with her head in her hand.

It doesn’t take long before the boy comes back, handing Chara a bar of chocolate and is offered a small chocolate brown colored Teddy Bear. Of which Flandre takes it with a smile, having a thing for stuffed animals and plushies.

“Enjoy.” Flandre says, handing him a bag. “The character and rarity is random, so feel free to trade them for others.” Chara hands him a bag as well as she starts nibbling on the chocolate.

“Okay, thank you~!” He says as he runs off with a small laugh.

Chara suddenly had a shudder go through her body “Oh no I feel as if we just Unleashed the worst plague in existence.” Chara says as her body continues to shutter.

“What do you mean?” Flandre asks with confusion, still excited from the first sell.

“Fans…” Chara says as if she uttered a forbidden word.

Flandre just blinks in confusion, just as more people come to their booth. “Hi~” She calls to them as Chara just waves.


“I honestly didn’t think we would trade this much!” Flandre says as she nuzzles a stuffed fox with a happy smile. “I mean, look!” She says, pointing to some a group of people trading figurines, even if they were a lower rarity. Some of them just liked the characters.

“Yeah I mean I didn't think I'd actually sell out!” Chara says looking at their empty booth.

“Good thing I made so much more~” Flandre said happily, taking some more bags out.

“Maybe next time I'll have more…” Chara says with a shrug as she starts nomming on chocolate.

“Maybe.” Her unofficial sister says, relaxing on the seat she brought.

“I’m just saying, Touhou’s powers are ridiculous compared to Undertale. None of them would stand up again Satori, Remilia or any of them!” They heard some guy say, discussing with his friends.

“You're forgetting about Asriel, the absolute god of hyperdeath! You know the guy with infinite power.” the other guy snarked.

“Emphasis on god.” He responded. “Those characters, at least by the ultra powerful terms, shouldn’t count because they’re hardly fair.” He says with a scoff. “Sure Touhou has a few, but nothing like Asriel.”

“What about Omega Flowey and Gaster? Omega Flowey has control over time and gaster can't really be killed due to his-” He gets interrupted

“Same situation.” Was the response. “Side’s, Sakuya has control over time on a finer level. She can let Paradoxes happen without the universe exploding! For the record… she scares me...” The man jokes a bit.

“You can't say that about Gaster seeing as he both exists and doesn't exist at the same time!”

“... Well, about that one character with Absolute Immortality?” He snaps his finger. “The one with the weird name who can’t die no matter what? Plus her rival.”

“Shouldn’t we…?” Flandre says, getting a bit worried.

“Okay, what about bad time Sans he can turn your own sins against you and Asgore who can take away your ability to fight or run away ?”

“What about the character who can manipulate Fate itself?” He thinks for a moment. “Remilia, Remilia Scarlet.” He says after a bit.

“What about the anomaly who can completely control others like puppets and destroy entire universes?”

“Sakuya can destroy and create timelines and universe.” He points out. “The Satori sisters can manipulate minds… or make their heads explode in the case of the younger one… wonder how she and Gaster would interact?”

“Yes, but it says here that the anomaly can literally take control of anyone no matter who they are…Wow that is scary!” the guy says showing his friend the character sheet.

“I think it’s safe to say BOTH series are ridiculous.” A girl says with a giggle, watching the two argue.

The first guy raises and eyebrow. “Okay? Literally that doesn’t argue against the Satori sisters being able to control minds.” He says, arms crossed. “Granted, I’ll give it that the Anomaly has it easier…” He shudders. “Freaky eyes…”

“ I'll give you that they do have freaky eyes but just thinking about the anomaly gives me the shivers…” the other guy says shivering violently. “I mean just think about it, you could be minding your own business and then all of a sudden bam!! The anomalies in control and forcing you to kill off all your friends and family!”

“Yeah, same could be said for a good half of Touhou.” He then laughs. “Least their cute, hot, or both!”

“Yeah but you'll see them before they attack or at least they have a physical presence unlike the anomaly… it says here the anomaly is a multi-dimensional being.” The guy argued back.

“You know the Anomaly counts under the bullshit category with Asriel right? Kinda Unfair to compare them with others.” He mentions and before they could continue the argument, either really winning, a song starts up.

“Awesome!” Someone calls and when he was asked what he did he explained that he took four characters and they reacted to each other and all four started singing a song.

“Seems like someone found a surprise I hid in the figures!” Chara says just loud enough to be heard.

Flandre nods and smiles. “Both our works have little secrets, see if you can find them all!” She says as the others started to get excited over this and already they began to mix and match the figurines together. Twilight shows up a few seconds later.

“Hey girls, hows the booth?” She says, looking around with inquisitive eyes.

“Oh it did great but we may have started entire fandoms on accident.” Chara said looking at the people collecting all of their figurines with a nervous glance.

Flandre giggles. “I for one think it's a good idea!” She says with a… concerning laugh with her palms rubbing against each other.

“You know if we can get someone to sponsor this, we’ll be filthy fucking rich!” Chara says that she starts rubbing her hands together too.

Flandre claps her hands. “Maybe I can get Touhou into a comic series!” She says. “Oh, I’m just thinking of the fanart!”

“And maybe I can get undertale turned into a video game here along with a comic series!” Chara sad knowing that they had video game systems here, even if they weren't as advanced as Earth they would still work.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that ...Touhou is as simple, it could work on a game.” Her sister seconds as their heads were filled with all kinds of things, from games, to comics, maybe getting the songs on radio.

Twilight wasn’t sure if she should be worried about their plotting giggles and snickers. Though the odd cackle from Chara was very concerning.

“Uhm, are you two okay?” She asks them after a couple seconds, looking in between them.

“Oh we're just planning on taking over the world through our franchises!” Chara says and she continues her plotting.

Twilight looks between them as Flandre goes full chibi mode and her eyes turned into stars.

“Hey Twilight, when I take over the world through my franchise you mind doing all the work?” Chara asks Twilight.

“What, no I have duties as a Princess first!” She says with a fake frown but meaning the decline. “Sorry girls, but I’d be too busy either way.”

“Aww.” Chara says in disappointment.

----Along the way home----

“Aw yeah, first edition of Daring Do!” Rainbow says, holding her comic book close to herself.

"And I got enough chocolate to last me a lifetime or at least until next year!” Chara said looking at her inventory and seeing 15 stacks of 99 chocolate bars.

“Can I have some?!” Pinkie Pie askes, bouncing up to Chara and passed the the stacks.

“No! My chocolate all mine!” Chara said closing her inventory

“Uhm, where’s Flandre?” Fluttershy asks in confusion. Chara pointed to the plushie pile beside her.

A couple seconds of silence before Flandre pops out of the pile. “Here!” She says, scaring Fluttershy a little bit as she hugs a teddy bear. “I think I have a new obsession.” She giggles cutely.

“Hey it's better than the Trio of friends you hang out with who have the obsession of being covered in tree sap.” Chara says with a deadpan.

Applejack laughs a little bit, knowing what Chara was talking about while the others just looked at Chara oddly. Or in Rarity’s case, shuddered. “It was a nightmare for me to get it out of poor Sweetie’s coat…” The woman says with a small dramatic groan.

“So, you had fun I’m guessing?” Spike asks the girls with a smile, holding a bag full of other comics.

“Yep we even started two whole franchises with just figurines so if we can get a sponsor we can start making music, video games, and comics!” Chara said excitedly before rubbing her hands together in a very villainous manner.

This weirds out everyone but Flandre, especially when she joins in the laughter. “Ooookay?” Spike says, disturbed a bit. “So Twilight, I heard you had to defuse something.” He says trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, some jerk tried to get me to sell Fluttershy to indentured servitude!” Rainbow says angrly. “Twilight talked sense into her though, so it's all good.”

“Well that's good, because if she did take Fluttershy then I would be forced to show my displeasure.” Chara said her tone becoming dark at the word displeasure.

“Same…” Rainbow says while the others just sighed a bit.

“Well, I think we can all agree today was interesting.” Twilight says with a smile, albit a tried one. “But I’m ready for home.”

“Me too!” Chara said before plopping down on some stuffed animals that came over to her side.

“Hey, do you guys have some spare figurines?” Spike asks in curiosity.

“Not right now, we're all sold out. They were way more popular than we thought they'd be.”

Chara said as she lays on the stuffed animals that she's commandeered from her sister.

“Aw man.” Spikes says as he snaps his fingers a bit. “You’re going to make more though right?”

“Totally!” Flandre says, only a little tired. Chara nods her head laying down on the stuffed animals completely exhausted.

----At home---

Chara climbs the stairs sluggishly before plopping down in her bed. “God damn today was exhausting, is this what Toby Fox had to go through when making his game? If so I honestly don't envy him.” Chara says to herself having had to deal with fans hounding her all the way to their home.

“Yeah, him and ZUN both.” Flandre says, sliping her shoes off slowly with a small yawn and a stretch.

“Flan I need you to listen to me you need to promise me if I tell you to run and hide when a threat shows up you need to run and hide. There is a threat that's going to show up soon and it eats Magic.” Chara said looking at flan with a serious face.

“Uhm… Okay?” She says with a blink, confused at the warning with a tilt of her head.

“Thanks, at least that's one less thing to worry about in the future.” Chara says sighing in relief before laying down. “Also don't tell anybody, it would cause problems for both of us.”

She just blinks in confusion, nothing slowly at this. “I think we really should just go and get some sleep now…” The crystal winged girl said.

“Yeah good night little sis.” chara says sleepily before relaxing and closing her eyes.

But just as that happens, they hear a knock on the door. “Can you two get it?” Twilight asks.

“Someone better be dead or dying I shit you not!” Chara grumbles grouchily as she gets up and goes to the door.

“Hello, you must be Chara Dreemurr and little Flandre Scarlet!” A tall ass man said with a bright smile. “And I’m here to talk about the figurines! I see opportunity, and trust me, I think you might just hit gold!” He says as Flandre approaches the door. “So, I have a proposal, one that I assure you that you really can’t say no to…”

“Let me get my lawyers Celestia and Luna!” Chara says with a smirk and sharing a look with Flandre who was giving her a similar look.