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Flash Notion

For October, I won't be going by Flash Notion... BEHOLD MY SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE AND MASTERY OF WRITING! MWAH HA HA HA HA- (ack) (cough) (cough)- urgh, I think I pulled something...

My Gifts To You Mortals

  • Octavia Meets 2Cellos Human Octavia has a chance to meet her idols- but things don't go as smoothly as she'd like. by Flash Notion 3,362 words · 261 views · 13 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Serenading The Fading Light Sunset Shimmer and Sonata Dusk have been living together for a while now. But hard times will test the strength and depth of their friendship, and their lives will be changed, forever. Written for Changing Seasons shipping contest. by Flash Notion 13,232 words · 366 views · 34 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Pony la Pony: Shattered Lives Kill la Kill based. Replaces EQG 1 chronologically. When Twilight chases a thief through Starswirl's mirror, she finds herself in a world without friendship, with new rules of magic. Will she succeed in recovering her Element of Harmony? by Flash Notion 75,679 words · 417 views · 19 likes · 10 dislikes

Get Inside My Head- If You Dare

Look over there. Do you see that tiny pin-prick of light, in the distance? That is Equestria Prime. Or, as you might know it, the My Little Pony universe. The one where it all started. The events that happen there are what you might call "canon".

What is this place? This is my domain. I am one of the Writers; we are many, but not equal. We are... well, we are gods, for lack of a better term. We create and define entire universes, using nothing apart from our words. Some universes are small and close to canon. Some are vast, interconnected, and so far from canon they almost become a new canon themselves.

For example, over here is the Blink-verse. It started quite small, but is quickly growing. I'm proud of my contribution, and the horrors I inflicted there.

Of course, you can find out more about those by reading. You want to know about me, something you can't learn from my stories. Oh, where to begin...

I am male, by the standards of mortal beings. Fairly young, too. I suppose, casting aside false-modesty, I am intelligent. I never feel as intelligent as others tell me I am, but there is evidence that I'm smart.

I have some fairly strong opinions about the characters in Equestria Prime. Of the Element Bearers, Rarity is by far my favorite. She possesses creative brilliance and charm nearly matching my own!

Her companion Pinkie Pie, however-

Hiya Flashie!

Oh, um- Hello, Pinkie. H-how are you?

I'm great! Were you maybe about to ask me something? (Eye Flutter)

Hmm, herrr... N-no. Nope! No questions here!

Oh. Okay! I'll see you later then.

Is she gone? Yeah, she's gone. Thank goodness. I uh... I suppose you might say I have a crush on her. What? Like you've never done something similar. (Grumble) Unfortunately, Pinkie can only observe this realm. She can't remain here, nor can I enter Equestria Prime. Even Writers are not omnipotent. If it were in any way possible...

Alas, that's not how the multiverse works.

I think that's enough for now. If you'd like to see or hear more from me, you can find it by activating the following links:
My YouTube Channel
My Facebook Page
My FanFiction.Net Profile

Flash's Library Catalog

I've taken it upon myself to review each and every story saved into my bookshelves- which is 99% of everything I've ever read on this site. Enjoy the entries so far:

Volume I:
The Phantom

Volume II:
Attack Of The

Volume III:
The Return Of
The Reviews

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2446462 ah, okay. took a look at your story list. :facehoof: to be honest, I hardly ever look at author names unless i'm specifically looking for more stuff by that author.

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Hey there, thanks for adding "Remind Me Why This Was a Good Idea Again" to your library! I appreciate it!

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