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Shaded Blood

Writer of Ponies with a taste for Flesh!

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Things Are Calming Down!! · 9:10am April 24th

Hey there everyone!

Great news! Or, just news I suppose? Well, it's great to me dangit! :twilightsheepish:

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I would like to give a very special shout out and thank you to one of my fans! This hardcore fan is the one responsible for the creation and keeping up to date of my Story's TVTropes Page for, "The Power of the Equinox."

They do not have a Fimfiction account, but they still read my story nonetheless and reached out to me through my Facebook page, requesting permission to create a TvTropes page for it!

Go check it out!

TvTropes: The Power of the Equinox

The Equinox Gang

Have a Dancing Zalgy Cake

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No probs man, and keep up the good work!

O.o I shall go and have a looksie

Jokes aside, that was a nice short fic. So I heard you like Dark stuff huh? Well lookie at this please. Seems up your alley


I'm glad you like it! xD

The one about the two sisters? Its my favorite~:unsuresweetie:

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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