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ooooh a rewrite huzzah shall move from my graveyard to tracking

Read my blog posts, it'll explain everything xD

Here's hoping for the other Equinox ponies showing up this time!

I can't make any promises about the rest of the Equinox gang, but I CAN promise a dang good story!

I understand that you really want to see the rest of the gang, you're not alone in that as many of the past fans all wanted me to add or do something with the story, and part of the reason my story became so rushed and out of pace was my eagerness to please you guys, I changed things and made aspect different to keep you guys as happy as I could, but I have to put my foot down this time. This is my story, the characters may not be mine, but the story IS. Please understand that I have nothing but love for you guys, but in order for this to be as grand a story as I want, I need to keep the characters in where they are in my original, now reconstructed, design.

I'm not saying the rest of the gang won't show up, but I'm not saying they will either. You'll just have to read and find out!

This has been bugging me: Who are the Equinox ponies?

SHADED BLOOD, your alive. I had all sorts of theory's like maybe your computer was down, you got a new job and after the first two years I assumed you just lost interest. Thanks for coming back, your story was my favorite Canterlot wedding blues story. And even though you deleted those cool old chapters, I will eagerly wait for more, especially if they are as much better then their originals as this one was, no offence but I always felt that Chrysalis's defeat was abit anticlimactic (still awesome) maybe before she is dismembered alive she can get a shot or two in and watch in horror as Dimmed star reassembles herself like a jigsaw puzzle. Your version of Twilight crashing the wedding was more realistic to me, am I the only one who got mad when Twilight's friends completely ignored her concerns when at the very beginning of the season they made a heartfelt promise to never take her worries lighly again. Yes they deserved to get reprimanded, like what happened in your story. Keep the chapters coming, but please don't take as long to update. 💓

I'm so happy you stuck with me all these years! You guys are just awesome! I'll update as soon as I can, but I do have a full time job so cut me a little slack if you please! xD

Everybody's gotta work. Hey I noticed alot of others are commenting about the other equinox ponies, but I will not. I know absolutely nothing about he others except Dimmed Star because other then a few concept arts I could find no other references to the five

Wowee, never thought i'd see this story again, good to know it's alive again, as it's probably the best CW story out.

The Equinox Ponies are the mutated, altered Versions of the Mane Six and Equestria from an alternate Universe.

One of the few things that did bug me from the original is i felt Twilight was a little to fast with forgiving every one. Im more a she is open to fixing things but she's still hurt from it all



200+ likes?

The rating system here is weird as fuck.

Whelp, this is going in my Gems collection, and I eagerly await more!

SHADED! YOU'RE BACK! OH, BY THE GREAT CTHULHU'S TENTACLE BEARD, I'VE MISSED YA! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy: Glad to have you back! Love the new style! Can't wait to read the next chapter! This is one of my all time favorite stories on here. My all time favorites are as followed Past Sins, After That Fateful Night, and then this! I've always been a fan of the Equinox ponies, especially Dimmed Star! :twilightsheepish: Anywho, glad to have ya back and working on The Power of the Equinox again! :twilightsheepish: Keep up the fantastic work!

Thank you so much! I'm so sorry you had to wait nearly 5 years for this! But no worries! I'm not going ANYWHERE this time :twilightsmile:

I dont think Sunshine Ladbugs are going to work this time

Huh , yeah , I don't think the way it was resolved last time is going to work this time.
Also , from what I remember , Twillight ...or should I say Dimmed... sound a lot more monstruous looking. Last time it was only Twillight with some changes making her look a bit creepy. Here , from the description I imagine something that would be at home in Dark Souls or Blooborne. :twilightsmile:

I'm a bit confused as to what you mean/ what you're referring to ^^;

Thanks! I decided that her transformation last time just wasn't enough to equal a Demonic form.

LMAO! :rainbowlaugh:

Now this is interesting, have a 👍!

While I have faith Cadence can get through to Twilight before becoming the newly reborn mare before she becomes a mid-day snack, I can't wait to see what she does to Chryssi and Celestia as well as her friends after their buck up. I never read the original, though I would have loved to, I'm glad I found this little gem of a story.

The reason for all those likes was because this story had already existed for a time, I have blog post up explaining why I didn't update for a long time and that this is a rewrite of the original.

Interesting. The girls are probably going to have an incredibly bad time when the entity formally known as T Sparkle gets there. Also is anyone else getting Darkness flashbacks from the puddle snakes?

Well now...this seems interesting!

I just imagined this "Twilight" becoming a Princess.
Diplomacy and Court would become a whole lot more interesting , given her spontaneous bouts of demonic transformation and her willingness to eat something that bother her. :rainbowlaugh:

No! I thought that this was actually being updated! Not being rewritten! How could you do this!
Fine! Have a video!

I'm so sorry! But it HAD to be done! Not only has my writing improved a tremendous amount since I began to story so long ago, but there was SO much else that needed to be done! It was far too rushed and there were too many instances that were anticlimactic and needed to be drawn out more for suspense. The characters needed to be more fleshed out and the horror aspect of the story needed one heck of a tune up. I'm sorry, but it had to be done. I hope this rewrite is enough to bring back some of the joy you felt from the original! :fluttershysad:

Anticlimatic? I would argue about that, but unfortunately, I can't really remember the original...and now, because of you, I'll never be able to read the original again! Because its no longer there to be read! I guess it's true what they say. You can never go home again.

I'm guessing the next chapter is the battle *cough* sorry SLAUGHTER *cough*?

It never gets old when someone points out the similarity of her serpents and that game. Honestly I've never played it nor did the inspiration for her serpents come from that, at least not from me! If you type in Dimmed Star in Google images, you'll find pics of her almost always with one or two black serpents next to her or coming out of her puddle in some way lol.

That very well could be the reason, but regardless, it's an integral part of her character, so they aren't going anywhere xD

Interesting. Always fun to see something developed independently from multiple sources.

Can someone remind me what this story formerly was, please? Preferably in detail.

This Story was almost the same as what is written, only it was more rushed, the pacing was off, there were grammar and spelling errors EVERYWHERE and my writing style was mediocre at best.

Not only is this Rewrite FAR superior, but I'm aiming for it to be a very long read.

:flutterrage: I wanna read moar! Guess I'll have to be patient. :raritywink: You have a great story going here, I don't think I've seen one like this and it is shaping up to be a must read. The only regret I have is I can't give it a 👍 for every chapter.

Even with the update speed that you currently have, it's still not fast enough for my liking. This is so thrilling, and I want more!

Good one love Twilight's new transformation Chrysalis is gonna shit a brick

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